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One Direction are our heroes. They are the reasons why we are here. We'll always support them whenever and wherever we are.

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THIS time – find the #StealMyGirl single cover to uncover the GIF... #StealMyGIF http://t.co/ihCw4kEQvt
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDSteal My Girl released besok jam 4pm (UK time)Who We Are audio clip - Harry https://t.co/S23TBCxtApWho We Are audio clip - Zayn https://t.co/L3uMmKbQcJWho We Are audio clip - Louis https://t.co/UtqW5K9ku3Harry yesterday in Cheshire! http://t.co/gARNmfL7HuLouis and Zayn on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #4 http://t.co/OmFK6CDd3GZayn on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #3 http://t.co/OidqGUth2aLouis on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #2 http://t.co/xO4rGQQXutLouis on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #1 http://t.co/q6hQ7xh9nLSMG teaser videos Liam: http://t.co/ftkfnu1zWI Zayn: http://t.co/qAUxFqVecO Harry: http://t.co/PoibfYdtty Niall: http://t.co/GEgKHZOwjPVIDEO: Steal My Girl (2 DAYS TO GO) https://t.co/IRIaT1MEOQVIDEO: Steal My Girl (3 DAYS TO GO) http://t.co/cLrTWYYJAXVIDEO: Steal My Girl (4 DAYS TO GO) http://t.co/Jth3jDFvxK
@JessieJ marry me !
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDVIDEO: Steal My Girl (5 Days to go) https://t.co/5MawfJSzxMI'm so sorry I haven't been updating for a while. -PHaiiiii maaf baru on... 3 hari yang lalu hp ilang.. ILANG!! -P
Harry with @lexigirl98's cousin http://t.co/BkTMFrgcP2One Direction's Liam Payne gives Cheryl Fernandez-Versini's new single 'I Don't Care' the Big Payno remix trea... http://t.co/UrXyCaGHt4
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDYou can't go to bed... http://t.co/myNBeZl0PlMORNING! http://t.co/kmYeBXsqfr
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDHarry in LA last night http://t.co/sd5kCWI5uRNiall at Ed's concert in London last night! #3 http://t.co/NWtOwV1QViNiall at Ed's concert in London last night! #2 http://t.co/kjXUzYnnoWNiall at Ed's concert in London last night! #1 http://t.co/nLs8CcUHlvNiall launching RTE’s 2fm orange ticket! (A competition to see the boys perform in Orlando http://t.co/Wzv7jKuHop
Sepertinya aku mulai ngeship sophiam Walaupun sophia... You know lah. Tapi lama kelamaan mereka sweet. It's all about time.Sophia answered to a fan on IG! http://t.co/Q6qsqRD7q3Harry for the 1DWWABookApp! #7 http://t.co/aHdXeDsacbLouis for the 1DWWABookApp! #6 http://t.co/Km6ydOwW2lZayn for the 1DWWABookApp! #5 http://t.co/i4Brr0wLPYThe boys for the 1DWWABookApp! #4 http://t.co/eJJG7ZjqzYThe boys for the 1DWWABookApp! #3 http://t.co/wGBtQJKtPRNiall for the 1DWWABookApp! #2 http://t.co/bClPJOaSWpLiam for the 1DWWABookApp! #1 http://t.co/J63VGzYWfhCan't wait!!! http://t.co/HkHIsxYR9qMiss the WWA concert film this weekend? Pre-order the #1DWWADVD. Out Dec 1st! http://t.co/IRMaqKauOe
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_ID@xtiaraanggarx bukuuuVIDEO: Steal My Girl music video teaser https://t.co/1fl0e5vTZ1Eyes eyes eyes.. beautiful eyes♡ http://t.co/gmwQ8FVxliUnseen picture of Liam http://t.co/5n4sJThKGRUnseen photo of Harry and Taylor http://t.co/2RLbDpcIrIThe boys thank you message in the FOUR's album booklet! #7 http://t.co/maOdGFxkstThe boys for FOUR's album booklet! #6 http://t.co/5kkMq7X5rfZayn for FOUR's album booklet! #5 http://t.co/UBeqbACYKENiall and Harry for FOUR's album booklet! #4 http://t.co/IPDdX88FJMLiam for FOUR's album booklet! #3 http://t.co/fMnfAPmG7aNiall for FOUR's album booklet! #2 http://t.co/XaVASMnqhELouis for FOUR's album booklet! #1 http://t.co/uGpKwluvtbVIDEO: A little girl’s reaction after meeting Harry https://t.co/3y1ApgRKPk http://t.co/ZhfTXMj1odAUDIO: Steal My Girl (Acoustic Version) https://t.co/b0Atg8JoYe
Liam favourited these tweets recently! http://t.co/MoVoiGSo1FHarry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California http://t.co/9t1onwWHT4Liam ganti bio nya.. lagi. "99% of the time i have no idea whats going on"Good morning x
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDEvolution of Harry's hair http://t.co/WRb1cxH2A6Niall backstage at X Factor in London! http://t.co/AmbFftQpFn@widhi_prawidhi throwing upHarry muntah di pinggir jalan 101 Freeway di California karena dia abis minum pas malam sebelumnya :(Harry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #6 http://t.co/HiEceCqkldHarry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #5 http://t.co/SyIMmfCSRzHarry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #4 http://t.co/qpg0mi2NDZHarry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #3 http://t.co/jE0U3Z7253Harry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #2 http://t.co/mag0S3GG1wHarry on the side of the 101 Freeway in California! (October 11) #1 http://t.co/v5lpMOboCCThis week on twitter: 4 new followers, 16 new unfollowers and followed One person via http://t.co/l46vDtUlGt
Good day today, With some sumos ..
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDOwwwwwww
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDI have a cold :(
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDThe boys on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #11 http://t.co/38kyvQ2KnHHarry on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #10 http://t.co/pjZzqts2wyLiam on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #9 http://t.co/WOjE5DFZyjZayn on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #8 http://t.co/5r7sri49GhNiall and Harry on the set of the Steal My Girl music video #7 http://t.co/LtKbGyKJWuVIDEO: Behind the scenes of Steal My Girl! http://t.co/EB1rzyhxhq#1 AGAIN!!! 18.522.260 votes #EMABiggestFans1D http://t.co/oySf2HZVdV
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDTAKE A LOOK HERE!! #EMABiggestFans1D http://t.co/qGNK8fR40q -shakila#EMABiggestFans1D fans in detroit for the 1d wwa film!! https://t.co/6IiADqDq4E
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDFULL REMIX of 'Steal my girl' by Big Payno: http://t.co/gADTbQm8ixHope everyone enjoyed the film today
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDHope any of u who went to the movie 2day enjoyed it.Sorry we couldn't put all songs in so boys made the tough choice! They'll all be on DVD!
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDBuat yang gabisa nonton WWA Film..... Kita samaaaa :( :( :( -PForgot the WWA movie comes out today! I'm not gonna get chance to watch it as I'll be busy being a Zombie, but I hope people like it!
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDI'm in the cinema watching the film.. In little things people in HERE started waving there phones?!?! What is happening! Hahaha
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDThat film brings so many awesome memories back to me... That's the sorts thing ima watch in 20 years and remember the good old days aha x
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDSo excited for you all to see the steal my girl video ! One of the best days I've had in the band !! Amazing day !
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDNew song titles and who co-wrote! (via @1DFAMlLY) http://t.co/XT4EksO23gThe sun has got his hat on... It's cold.
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDThe Sun Has Got His Hat On And He's Coming Out To Play :D
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDThe sun has got his hat on.
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_ID@NaughtyBoyMusic ham nahee chorangay !
Retweeted by 1DMyHeroes_IDHarry's coat - Saint Laurent £2655 http://t.co/4hbonuaKYmThe boys on the set of Steal My Girl #6 http://t.co/qdbFDMxLYXNiall on the set of Steal My Girl #5 http://t.co/OQjiYYZ8q4Louis and a monkey on the set of Steal My Girl #4 http://t.co/Lqglw82pugThe boys on the set of Steal My Girl #3 http://t.co/nmz3Rdp4weHarry on the set of Steal My Girl #2 http://t.co/bm6Q46J7CZThe boys on the set of Steal My Girl #1 http://t.co/mlzBpwbMVH
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