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ADAM LAMBERT @adamlambert on tour with QUEEN

Singer | Songwriter | Actor | Host

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brianfriedman's video http://t.co/GaoXoQvhVxThinking of you Joan. Sending LightJust posted a photo http://t.co/odxOyBWg8y
But We'll Always Be Royals http://t.co/9bYZ8Ph0PdCall n Answer Jam in Perth: http://t.co/yGms7dSczxKiller Solo drbrianmay http://t.co/8Wku3uua2wThanks for number 2 Melbourne !!
(Better View) @ladygaga @QueenWillRock Another One Bites The Dust http://t.co/fW4uc4SWMeBam! http://t.co/Of2nMffhUGIt's the last week of my tour w @QueenWillRock! I'll be posting some of my favorite moments this week... Vegas: http://t.co/bif1kRDrdCThank you Melbourne !We Modeling! @JaredLeto: NOTES FROM THE OUTERNET Photo Flashback: the 2013 #VMA's http://t.co/0KaNcWCXQb #NFTO #fbf http://t.co/eXSg4n2stl”... Ok I'll try to stop geeking out over that moment now. ;).@queenwillrock @ladygaga http://t.co/IAH2bWI69V... @ladygaga @queenwillrock http://t.co/gOpiyrB6jz
Sydney w @queenwillrock and @ladygaga http://t.co/SaG0aK4tfrQueenπŸ‘‘ http://t.co/tGaeZNVFLW
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTladygaga's photo http://t.co/88HkxYrxJtSo much fun tonight! @ladygaga http://t.co/JdoF8N0sQ5This hot GAGA moment. @ladygaga @queenwillrock http://t.co/eYQ1b5zJXK
Thank u Sydney!
Perth, Australia http://t.co/XRckuhWZAaPerth http://t.co/aCpE9bUK0ILay me down and fold me up. http://t.co/2G8Q00MkdQPerth http://t.co/dHUUDtYRat
Perth http://t.co/7pZJOX1FJlAnd continued!! ! @drbrianmay http://t.co/3jyRRQYODr@drbrianmay accepts his challenge ! http://t.co/aojPrGcZ97
.@queenwillrock drbrianmay @officialRMT @spikesSASBand rufusttaylor and the beyond fabulous @ladygaga… http://t.co/cca1Kab1dV@queenwillrock and @ladygaga http://t.co/UytYXxTmMADonate at http:/www.als.org http://t.co/8A8UPxywFZGet it @JohnnyLabs https://t.co/E8wwh6ek9F
Yaaaas Kween. Thank u for capturing this @ferras! #WWFM http://t.co/NBkvO53tXCThanks @chriscolfer @thecharlbrown @matthewstephensmith ! Nominating @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT and @RuTTaylor1 http://t.co/cAfvLFDir9Radio Gaga ! http://t.co/RZWLrpq4vtMe and Brian May from QUEEN. They came tonight to the artRAVE and I'm so PROUD of Adam Lambert singing… http://t.co/PMjrOsdSuO
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTAPPLAUSE! (I migrated) lol http://t.co/lREXxzp6WU.@ladygaga I'm here girl! I wanted a birds eye view ;) you're killin it!
Livin for this @saskoktz shirt. #ktz http://t.co/phNqVigF4GBeautiful Perth Sky http://t.co/kNKG70Fzh3
@taylorty and I kickin it on Tokyo. http://t.co/4hJaDUwBI3
Airport arrival http://t.co/N50yuqNo6lVenus! http://t.co/snGxcjzXkQBrethren http://t.co/7KFwb1OtOVSelphie http://t.co/pseCBENAwYTokyo! Vanity club!!!leecherry's video http://t.co/36g5lLA61BThank you SUMMER SONIC Tokyo and Osaka ! I had a ball!!!
sacred geometry @AZEALIABANKS http://t.co/WeGDj2om0pleecherry's photo http://t.co/3lsHNzQaUs@adamlambert IS THIS THE NEW ALBUM COVER http://t.co/8Aq4R4iXJI
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERT
Feels so fulfilling to have different projects all in motion at once. Multitasking is so chic! LolSpent the past few hours working on new lyrics for my new album. Getting so excited! Can't wait to finish it when I get back to LA.!Happy Birthday OG QUEEN of Pop @Madonna !Congrats! @kris_allen's photo http://t.co/NtjRiiTaJS
Hahaha this is funny! @RealLindaPerry: So I decided to do a spoof called AMERICAN't IDOL :) enjoy http://t.co/hvON1sIQRv”
My thoughts go out to the folks of Ferguson. Let's pull for the violence to end and truth n justice to prevail.Thanks lovelies !!β€œ@JessicaTofalli: @adamlambert if you could ask Freddie one question, what would it be?” Wanna get a drink?β€œ@piercethejuya: @adamlambert what are your thoughts on @TacoBell?” GLUTENβ€œ@liamseyebrows: are you a fan of one direction? pretty hot band at the moment, apparently” they have good songs and seem like nice guys.β€œ@TwoTonedSlaying: @adamlambert The question everyone wants to know... Adam... are you dating? xD” not really, no. I'm on tour !β€œ@TheOrigFRODO: Hey how long is this party gonna last? I'm already late for a date! (lol) #ItsAdamsFault” OMG GO ON UR DATE!!!β€œ@GlamShitCrazy: Totally random but Team Edward or Team Jacob ?πŸ˜‚ I was watching an interview were this was mentioned” girl what year is it?β€œ@themegd: @adamlambert do you miss singing theater” I miss the theatre community most of all.β€œ@sechariaddict: have you seen or are you going to see @katyperry for the prismatic world tour?” Yes I saw it in London! Very impressed.β€œ@VinMooreKoiv: @adamlambert what do you think about Kerli? http://t.co/qDNeCTlx1a” super sweetβ€œ@misspietersee: @adamlambert describe @NayaRivera in one word.” Spiceyβ€œ@ChomiksCoffee: @adamlambert Thoughts on @ddlovato ?” She's got a killer voice. We get along really well. ;)β€œ@SabrinaLuvsAdam: @adamlambert what's your favorite song by @Ferras” aliens and rainbows.β€œ@LexCorrin: @adamlambert thoughts on @ArianaGrande ? ❀️16” she's so pretty! Great voice.β€œ@christy0907: @adamlambert Gauge size?” ZERO. ;)β€œ@midori12K: @adamlambert Do you drink a special throat coat tea before/during performances ?” Yeah during. Raw honey too.β€œ@Mermaidmodel526: @adamlambert Will you ever go back to the WWFM look?” Prob not honey. That was sooo 5 yrs ago. Lolβ€œ@sandraAML: @adamlambert who is your celebrity crush? x2” omg I have so many. Lol. I'm Boy crazy.β€œ@bertab88: I read somewhere that Gene Simmons said that you coming out hurt your career. I don't think it did but do you?” He's an assβ€œ@glamftswag: @adamlambert you speak spanish?” No. I should learn that too.β€œ@whoevenischloe: @adamlambert what record label are you signed to?” Time will tell. ;)β€œ@iMJulianM6: you get more handsome/cute/hot/etc as time goes by, what's your secret?” Thank u. I think so much of it comes from the insideβ€œ@ARTPOP_123: @adamlambert thoughts on miley??” She's a rock star and a badass. Also very real in person, genuine. ;)β€œ@bellesxxoo: @adamlambert After the shows what do you like to do?” Eat. Lol.β€œ@02louise: @adamlambert What do you think of your french fans ?” I want to come perform for u more. ;)β€œ@MauricioGFA: @adamlambert any suggestions for coming out?” Just get it over with!β€œ@ChloeFilice: HAVE YOU BEEN WATCHING TRUE BLOOD THIS SEASON ???? Im so sad that it's ending :(” YES! I love it. I'm sad too. But it's timeβ€œ@binkleywtf: @adamlambert do you have multiples of each piece?” Some pieces yes.β€œ@ritzy0525: @adamlambert What happened to the white tour pants?” I saw a photo and I didn't like the way they looked.@adamlambert @midori12K why are you even wearing pants at all
Retweeted by ADAM LAMBERTβ€œ@glambertparty: @adamlambert current ringtone” Another One Bites the Dust ! Haha no lie.β€œ@theresaevansx: @adamlambert what's your favourite thing about the glamberts? πŸŽ‰β€ passion and enthusiasm.β€œ@spreckles: what's the trick to a quick costume change especially with tight pants?" There's only one very fast one. I have helpers.β€œ@midori12K: @adamlambert And how DO you clean leather pants throughout tour?” I'm not wearing any leather pants on the tour. Look closely.β€œ@radical_lambert: @adamlambert worst place to get a tattoo?” Up near armpit is really painful.β€œ@layalidx: @adamlambert favorite Robin Williams movie?” Toss up tween Hook and Ms Doubtfire.β€œ@Silliegirl Do you still drink those "5 Hour Energy" shots or does juicing give you so much energy? Kale :)” I love those things!β€œ@lambertlicious: does it piss u off when fans demand u to shave and be glam-rock? And who says glam rock is clean shaven? ain't no rulesβ€œ@MayaJMKing: @adamlambert what made you decide to have a twitter partay now :)” Jetlag has me in and out of sleep. Lolβ€œ@shininglbs: @adamlambert how old were you when you spoke first?” I was an early talker. Like 2 I think.β€œ@lambertlicious: does it piss u off when fans demand u to shave and be glam-rock? or do you not give a shit?” Haha it's MY fuckin face.β€œ@AmandaGlamberts: @adamlambert Can we hope for a world tour that includes Europe for the next album ? :)” if the new album is popular there
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