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Amy Kremer @AmyKremer Atlanta or Airplane

SouthernBelle luvs politics, cooking, gardening & traveling. Former #Delta Flight Attendant. Auburn! Opinions my own #LNYHBT #TGDN

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Porsche 911 GTS Club Coupe Celebrates Porsche Club of America - Business Insider http://t.co/1ggzM5sYJP http://t.co/Tf14Q2QClU
Retweeted by Amy KremerVideo: GTS Club Coupe at Daytona, members get first look: http://t.co/Ck6JZ5ihe6 #pca #porsche @DISupdates http://t.co/Q9B5frvCFB
Retweeted by Amy KremerGreat evening at @deltamuseum w/ #Delta airplanes & #Porsche cars to celebrate the 55th year of… http://t.co/3aKT2xB1fxBreaking: Whitney Houston's daughter found unresponsive in bathtub http://t.co/dzwY48f9Zo #prayforher
@Wellfonder Happy for you! Take care of yourself and get some rest. We need you healthy. :)@TFinn82 @FrankDio @AmyKremer @HouseCracka Ds have 1 issue voters, we have 1 issue non-voters. That's a loser and it better change
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@HouseCracka @AmyKremer don’t understand this. Don't want Jeb and won’t support him. But, if he’s the nominee, preferable to Hilary
Retweeted by Amy KremerSeems to me, that our side would rather lose than work together. Pity but it is what it is. @FrankDio @AmyKremer @HouseCracka
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@Wellfonder On my way. Party on chica!Had a great conversation w/ @MittRomney. He's a good man. Thanked him for his interest in opening the door for fresh leadership in America.
Retweeted by Amy KremerDetroit in 1955 when @JohnDingell joined Congress, and Detroit today. Quite an impressive life's work. http://t.co/ewVW0Dh0af
Retweeted by Amy Kremer“@HouseCracka: I will not vote. Its a promise if Jeb is the nominee. RT @AmyKremer: Bush vs Clinton #DejaVu #ugh” That makes 2 of us
Retweeted by Amy KremerMe too. I've chosen: #TedCruz2016 I'll fully support him to the end cuz he's the only1 I really trust @HouseCracka @AmyKremer
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@HouseCracka @AmyKremer I don't want him either haven't you learned anything from the last election? Do you really want Obama on Steroids?H?
Retweeted by Amy KremerI will not vote. Its a promise if Jeb is the nominee. RT @AmyKremer: Bush vs Clinton #DejaVu #ugh
Retweeted by Amy KremerBackatcha! @gerfingerpoken2! Thx 4 SO. #FF @CoolChange80 @KarlKroshinsky @51Prentice @EDinCali @XtyMiller @repub9989 @GretchenInOK#FF #tcot #GOHTeam #SecureTheBorder @ChrisSBurgard @BackToTheBorder @StephaniScruggs @AmyKremer @ChargerJeff
Retweeted by Amy KremerThx @jslconsulting! Have a good wknd #FF #tcot @JREakin @Wellfonder @TheBrandonMorse @brodigan @GayPatriot @DonlynTurnbull @KylieJaneKremerMitt is a patriot and I join many in hoping his days of serving our nation and our party are not over. https://t.co/mMBB9Ukzbk
Retweeted by Amy KremerMr. Obama, wonder why my concern about poverty? The record number of poor in your term, and your record of failure to remedy.
Retweeted by Amy KremerScott Walker. 😙 "@AmyKremer: Bush vs Clinton #DejaVu #ugh"
Retweeted by Amy KremerBush vs Clinton #DejaVu #ughRomney on call: "A Republican candidate who is just getting started” will emerge to beat the Democratic nominee
Retweeted by Amy KremerRomney: "I’ve decided it is best to give other leaders in the Party the opportunity to become our next nominee." http://t.co/I6iWH2nxw3
Retweeted by Amy KremerMore on Romney's decision not to run from @rickklein. He's abt to share the news on a conference call w/ supporters: http://t.co/n6sGIBB7Ic
Retweeted by Amy KremerRomney: NOHere we go! Sounds like @MittRomney talked @AnnDRomney into giving it another run. https://t.co/Ld4r2W4828 #2016
How to Put Parents Back in Control of Their Child’s Education http://t.co/D3o8nn2NGi @DailySignal #SCW #SchoolChoice
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@SenTedCruz 2 @JohnKerry Has President Obama Launched a Political Campaign Against Israeli PM #Netanyahu? http://t.co/2XBKtcMAZM.@TexasGOP chair Steve Munisteri to step down & take position w/Rand Paul's political (presidential) team http://t.co/Wbmlmdue5d #2016If Senate confirms #AGNOM #LorettaLynch every1 voting yes 4 her confirmation is complicit in @BarackObama's executive #amnesty lawlessness.National Review Editors: Resist #AGNOM Lynch Nomination http://t.co/rKE2EzsKJ8 #DOJYou can't make this stuff up! David Duke is considering challenging Steve Scalise. http://t.co/ZTvwYGC7C5Senate approved #KeystoneXL w/4 votes shy of veto proof. Now 2 the House & then 2 POTUS. He will have to actually make a decision.Senate demands @BarackObama & his admin turn over all communications w/ #IRS since 2010. Deadline Feb 20th http://t.co/esvrEhMF6FDefinition of Treason: the crime of trying to overthrow your country's government or of helping your country's enemies during war. #TalibanReleasing these terrorists & allowing them 2 return 2 the battlefield is aiding & abetting the enemy. Is that not treason? #Taliban #GITMO.@jaketapper & @CNN reporting that one of the #Taliban 5 has returned to terror activity. Way to go @BarackObama!@AmyKremer 309- (IBD) Obama WH Hiding Bowe Bergdahl Desertion Charges -- Treason Too? http://t.co/R42IWjPmKu
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@RepRepublic Unbelievable!.@SenWhitehouse #AG Holder had an opportunity 2 defend himself & refused 2 turn ovr requested info hence the contempt charge. #AGNOM.@SenWhitehouse I'm wondering who you work 4 as a U.S. Senator? The citizens want answers & accountability 4 #DOJ misconduct & lawlessness.Am I understanding that the Dems on Senate Judiciary don't think discussion about the conduct of #DOJ is appropriate in the #AGNOM hearing?
Obama shouldn't be rewarded for his unconstitutional executive amnesty. I'm leading the fight to block his #AGNOM. https://t.co/EyPHwYKtiJ
Retweeted by Amy KremerObama admin refuses to call #Taliban terrorists. So we released 5 #Gitmo terrorists in a swap with an armed insurgency group?! #ISIS@AmyKremer @SenatorSessions At least someone has guts in the senate. Thank you Senator Sessions! One of the few who I trust.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer.@SenTedCruz called #AGNOM's immigration views dangerous & ?ed if McConnell shld evn have chamber consider nomination http://t.co/zGdwAmNjIC.@SenatorSessions will oppose #LorettaLynch for #AttorneyGeneral. #AGNOM http://t.co/V44tdSRf1fThe comments of Loretta Lynch were disturbing and showed a true lack of acceptance of our constitution and the law. http://t.co/WOFsTvxK0X
Retweeted by Amy KremerMembers Senate Judiciary #AGNOM (2/2) Mike Lee Klobuchar Cruz Franken Flake Coons Vitter Blumenthal Perdue TillisMembers of Senate Judiciary #AGNOM (1/2) Grassley Leahy Hatch Feinstein Jeff Sessions Schumer Graham Durbin Cornyn Whitehouse#AGNOM hearing is underway and @ChuckGrassley's first question is on Obama's #Amnesty.
.@joniernst knocked it out of the park! She was fantastic...so proud of her! #SOTUResponseI think Obama gave a great #SOTU campaign speech, but it is the biggest hoax perpetuated on the American ppThe best part about tonight is there is only one more #SOTU from Obama.This #SOTU speech is one that he should given in his first two years, not his last two years.
Good Monday morning Tweetie pies! It's that day when I can't do anything until I go buy some new reading glasses. So frustrating!
Watch our prebutal to the #SOTU http://t.co/X4Wdzv718E #tcot
Retweeted by Amy KremerCongrats to @joniernst for being chosen to give the @gop response to the #SOTU. I know she will do a great job! #Iowa http://t.co/Anq6K9DAfJ@boogeywithstu40 @AmyKremer quantitative easing for 4-5 years propped up stocks GDP below expectations. Full time vs part time upside-down
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@boogeywithstu40 @AmyKremer 18 trillion in debt. 38 year Record non-participation in the workforce. Actual unemployment is around 15%,
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@boogeywithstu40 @AmyKremer pic proves you are moron! Stocks higher because Fed printing fake $ and buying treasuries hello 18trillion debt
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@boogeywithstu40 @AmyKremer only a complete mongrel would equate us to jihadists!
Retweeted by Amy KremerU r completely wrong about Ted. He is trying 2 get Washington out of the way, so all of our lives can be better. @boogeywithstu40 @AC_BOwenDash, do u not even know how 2 say good morning first? Kindness, manners & etiquette go a long way my friend. @boogeywithstu40 @AC_BOwen
This should go around the world. We will not live in fear. Long live @Charlie_Hebdo_ ! #JeSuisCharlie http://t.co/QUQ73uJdPL10 Things to Know for Today to Get Your Day Started http://t.co/X6RWr02ZLGCameroon govt says 143 #BokoHaram militants killed http://t.co/LcQm1s7dOv #BokoHaramKilled2000PeopleCharlie Hebdo Puts Muhammad on Cover of Post-Attack Issue - Wall Street Journal http://t.co/ziuGkEQUKf via #Conservative orgs
Retweeted by Amy KremerAl Qaeda-North Africa to France: 'Undermine our prophet' and you'll get 'the worst and more' http://t.co/VVLxXOZgwH #Paris #CharlieHebdo
Retweeted by Amy KremerSenator @jeffsessions pens 25 page roadmap on #immigration for GOP majority. http://t.co/oydqPzMewq #amnesty #ImmigrationActionMitt #Romney invited to #RNC winter meeting in San Diego: reports http://t.co/6z6AFpW1jb #2016 #GOP
Retweeted by Amy KremerThx 2 all of my Twitter fam & friends 4 ur support. The authorities have been contacted & FBI is on this. No fear of whackamoles here.Good morning Twitter! Today is going to be a great day. Rise up, shine and be the best that you can be! #grateful
I will not be silenced, even with threats on my life. Liberty will prevail. http://t.co/sueMOnnXDP.@FBI @FBINewYorkNY see this tweet, terroristic threat ---> https://t.co/dqO9NMrEBc http://t.co/prtzcSHl8WAfter Obama's snub 2 the French, American people & the world yesterday, I'd say his presidency is over bcuz he is irrelevant.Breaking: California AG @KamalaHarris announces she will kick off campaign tomorrow 4 Barbara Boxer's seat. #GameOn http://t.co/JQV2Q1eCYA.@kimguilfoyle @TheFive The NFL player is a former dolphin! Of course he can swim that far. Lol@opedanderson @AP Looks like it....Hell has officially frozen over ---> White House: US should have sent other officials to Paris (from @AP) http://t.co/N2tcwUjJ8I #ParisMarch.@BarackObama's JV squad has hacked #CENTCOM's Twitter account and is now posting pro #ISIS messages. http://t.co/ekRMe6TmStChris LaCivita to be senior adviser to @SenRandPaul in 2016, will oversee SC and natl comms http://t.co/k4caksWiII
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@markknoller @AmyKremer Un please. Bibi security detail was probably just as "distracting". Lame excuses again.
Retweeted by Amy KremerI'm sick of the excuses from this White House & admin. U are an embarrassment 2 this country & this term can't end fast enough. #spareme@markknoller really??? More than Israeli PM?!
Retweeted by Amy KremerAn Admin official who declined to be identified said security requirements for the Pres or VP might have been distracting from the march.
Retweeted by Amy KremerNeed to find a legislator? Pre-session, we’ve updated our office maps http://t.co/8PW189jxmN & #txlege directory http://t.co/GNvUwPMtnD
Retweeted by Amy KremerWhere Was Obama? (Update: Steve Answers) - Power Line http://t.co/mKsjwgXDmD via @powerlineus
Retweeted by Amy Kremer"I thought it was a mistake not to send someone" from US administration to #ParisMarch @senmarcorubio @CBSThisMorning #newsisback
Retweeted by Amy KremerGolden Globes: The Complete Winners List http://t.co/1aGonn6Y8u http://t.co/P4uzaqNZvx
Retweeted by Amy Kremer#AirAsia experts focus on in-flight upset, such as a stall, as likely cause of crash http://t.co/4jo1Zm0r7j http://t.co/SEYp7Ybjk5
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer @gov He aint dead. You will hear the music from Miami wherever you are when he is.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer@AmyKremer @gov Official account is @RaulCastroR. Fake account is @RaulCastroCuba.
Retweeted by Amy Kremer. @JohnKerry says criticism over US not having high-level official at #ParisMarch is "sort of quibbling." http://t.co/C8l2cEySCE
Retweeted by Amy KremerCockpit voice recorder of #AirAsia8501 has been located but not retrieved yet, chief investigator says.
Retweeted by Amy KremerAirAsia Flight QZ8501 exploded after hitting the water, Indonesian official says, citing analysis of debris.
Retweeted by Amy KremerNot sure this is actually an official account for Raul Castro. Maybe @Gov can confirm. http://t.co/jzjqpQhwFO
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