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@EvvyKube Wil has done that before. HA!@asylum31 3 blocks!@courtcan Woops. :-)Went to the dry cleaners and paid for my cleaned clothes, got in my car, and drove away without the clothes. Yep. I sure am special.@DerekActual Yep. ;-)@_RealityBiter_ I will see her again in a couple of months when I come back to visit. :-)@stealingzen I know. I love it! :-)I did the same pose with Lucy six weeks ago that I did today. LOOK HOW MUCH SHE'S GROWN! http://t.co/2iE6Hw3ivOTime to say goodbye to sweet, little Lucy. Love this baby girl. http://t.co/RLG1rz0afN@Wyldlyfer NICE! ;-)
@wilw ๐Ÿ™‰@bigburcie @wilw @bonniegrrl That was intentional for photo continuity. :-)She's playing Qwirkle with me. She did this 6 weeks ago too. SO BIG. @bonniegrrl http://t.co/ZlkNlmuZTB@wilw ๐Ÿ’ฉ@wilw I am ughing and eye rolling on behalf of the pets.@CodePlumber Totally.๐Ÿ‘The plan was to eat healthy and exercise while visiting my friend. The reality is all day in pajamas, eating chocolate & drinking champagne.@Lorisay I'm sorry to hear that but good for you for being proactive about it. :-)@lieutfaber Seriously. She's a tank!@kmcgivney Sketch used to sleep that way too. It's the best spot on the furniture!This couch cushion is 24 inches wide (puppy for scale) http://t.co/X4ixHSo56n@megbrays Yay! I'm super excited to go. :-)@AlexisTic ;-D*ppbbfft* http://t.co/oELddRP1fw@scalzi Your story made me cry for the awesome cat she was, and for the loss you're all experiencing. Giant virtual hugs to TeamScalzi.@AmyBGood It's the best part. :-)I did this in September of 2012, but it's still one of my favorite #VandalEyes. http://t.co/RTkFMxqxR2
@lartist She is so snuggly I can hardly stand it.@kimberlyannefl I KNOW. ๐Ÿ˜‰@cattaber The snores and snuggles that kept me awake all last night but I'm doing again tonight because they are the best. :-)@ramie_k I know I will. :-)The puppy snores. https://t.co/PX6x8JvyWIThe best Saturday night, ever. http://t.co/ud6uqzFHxG@kmcgivney Please hold all calls.@elizarbreath Qwirkle, Blockus, and Bananagrams!Totally. ;-) โ€œ@HowlOfCerberus: @AnneWheaton I bet your sons are happy Twitter wasn't around when they were babies.โ€PUPDATE: Lucy REALLY wants kitty to play. Kitty is ignoring her requests because he has important window business. http://t.co/kI6ijoUhUS@loganbonner I'm using it for a Kentucky Mule. NOMS.Who's a cute girl? LUCY'S A CUTE GIRL. https://t.co/C5zwQWQJaLThat's what she said? http://t.co/PvYn3prEMDDear lady in the quiet spa: Maybe now is not the time to crunch on handfuls of Tic-Tacs. #SkullFood@Fyuri13 That smile is adorable. :-)No need to pretend you liked toe socks anymore. We all know the inability to feel your other toes in your shoes was creepy.@JoyceArtadi Whoa, it sure is. :-)@wilw PUPPEH TEETH.Spa day because yes.Completely exhausted because I spent the entire night kissing on a puppy who couldn't get close enough and kept hugging me. WORTH IT.
@cdh111 I know. She's huge now!@crobaricus It's just the lighting. :-)@SolarDawnB She's so stinkin' sweet and snuggly. :-)Lucy was 5 pounds, skin and bones when we first fostered her. Now at 12 weeks (my friend adopted her) she's 19 pounds. PUPPEH!PUPDATE: Pic on the left is 6 week old Lucy (She's an American Staffordshire Terrier mix) and today, at 12 weeks. http://t.co/DgjzrJZnC4Lucy is so happy, healthy, and loves her home (with my friend) so not its totally worth not being able to snap tons of pictures of her. :-)Wil texted me "your lack of pupdates is disturbing" but I haven't been able to get a good pic of Lucy because she's been playing all day.Do you even puppy? I PUPPY. http://t.co/7cM9qF7ePN@techie128 So much snoring.EEEEEEE! Puppy sleeping in my lap on our road trip back to Sacramento! http://t.co/Gm5PjiaQFL@rebeccawatson I'm so glad we got to meet! Your presentation at Wootstock was AWESOME. See you in a couple weeks!@Fraize LUCY IS!!HAHA! My timeline is trying to tell you something, @wilw. http://t.co/MqXvoIMOAoPUPDATE: LUCY IS SO BIG AND ADORABLE AND SNUGGLY WITH PUPPY BREATH! http://t.co/qZ31hPBW44Their coffee maker placement is as good as me forgetting the *a* in my last tweet. We both thought "Eh, they'll figure it out"Our hotel room has coffee maker placed on a counter nowhere near an outlet. It's like they thought "Eh, fuck it. They'll figure it out."@hankgreen Holy crap, Hank. I would have had panic face on, but you did a great job!@JosephScrimshaw It's the Twinkies of in-flight shopping scares. They have no intention of taking it away. It's just a threat to boost salesSOOOOOOON...... http://t.co/hoQqUn1aRuHappy Friday! Or as I like to think of it, T-minus two hours until I get to see Lucy pup EEEEEEEEE!!!@TheBloggess An enchilada on a plane.@BLeisner Hahaha! ๐Ÿ‘I know the rule is not to read the comments, but godDAMN is it funny to read them in Comic Book Guy's voice. This is FANTASTIC.
Wootstock Founder's Night is about to start! http://t.co/iruFBLEFHl@jag8472 @wilw No. Shut up is disrespectful so I never say it, and my husband's name is Wil. Wesley is a character on a 25 yr old tv show.SAN FRANCISCO I AM IN YOU! *oontz oontz oontz*I can see my plane from here! http://t.co/5NegPw42jLYAY! http://t.co/4C5PuZfoWP@GeekyPinup @tabletop @GeekOutGame @wilw @bonniegrrl @ClareKramer Funny, I remembered singing but completely forgot about making Bananaman!New episode of @tabletop with @wilw, @ClareKramer, @bonniegrrl and meeeee! http://t.co/yhpldXWSwt@greasykid1 @tabletop @wilw I think they upload new episodes at 10am west coast time.@rickygervais What a dump. ;-)@amy_geek @starwars Ok, that's pretty awesome. :-)@GeekyLyndsay Especially not this early. Seriously, have some consideration when plotting to kill, you damn birds. Sleep now, kill later.@Jimmy_Sledge Today it really sounds like Kookaburras out there. SO LOUD.@ItsKaraCake HAHAHA! ๐Ÿ‘The 200+ parrots that just landed in these trees are back to plot my murder. Good morning! https://t.co/yr1Uu10iqqHappy Thursday, you magnificent skin bags of mostly water!
@B33fSt34k That's very sweet. Thank you. :-)My apologies for the unintentional dick move of following someone and then immediately unfollowing. My scrolling thumbs are having issues.@Stickabutter Aww...@gates_mcfadden There's a guy working in our backyard so Seamus is holding me down but kissing my face while looking for the guy. So sweet.I hear something outside. Wait here, I'll protect you. And smoosh you. http://t.co/IEJy8supF9Dear obnoxious dude driving a large truck and yelling inappropriate things at me as you pass by: Girlsโ€ฆ http://t.co/Oy4wlgLXj7@marseakay They're so cute!!@marseakay THAT FACE.@Jimmy_Sledge I love that line. HA!Spam comments on my blog are really funny, so I read them on video! http://t.co/rMTh7LvDjWThe DNA test used on Lucy (we used the same on Marlowe) is Wisdom Panel 2.0. Seemed really accurate for both dogs. #TheMoreYouKnow@feliciaday Totally serious: my mouth is watering.OH BOY! โ€œ@tabletop: Excited for new #TableTop tomorrow! @Bonniegrrl @AnneWheaton & @ClareKramer play #GeekOut w/ Wil http://t.co/afwF8TseqHโ€@AndrewSBowen HA!
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