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Accepting that I'm more of a nerd than I thought, one piece of technology at a time.

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@WilliamShatner I'm starting to think you just really like Popsicles and want them celebrated as much as possible. ;-)@michaeld2323 HAHA! Exactly.Good to know.So what you're saying is waking up with the sheets soaking wet and a freight train running through the middle of my head means I'm on fire?@KelsieVosburgh @wilw That is adorable!Effective? Yes. Super effective? Settle down, buddy. That's a bit of a stretch.@LunaWheaton You're on the cover as well so there's that. ;-)@nucks_fan @rickygervais @pupaid @AllDogsMatter @BDCH I can see why. DAT FACE.@NikaHarper BEST. BIRTHDAY. EVER.@jeffsaporito THANKS.@NikaHarper Happy birthday, lady! DRINK ALL THE BIRTHDAY DRINKS AND ALSO ALL THE WATER. ;-)@BillCorbett I don't think those are the family jewels people are hoping to see.@BeardOfFire I'm so glad you like it!@jeffsaporito GET.All questions regarding why I made a rescue pet calendar, what it's for and how you can get one will be answered in a video I post tomorrow!@NowhereChrissy Yay! Thank you!@johnborder This calendar is something I am shipping to people who donate to @PHS_SPCA for the Wiggle Waggle Walk and not available on site.@frakkinvulcans @trutriciahelfer She did! Two of her ten adorable kitties are featured in it. :-)My 2015 rescue pet calendar will be available the entire month of September so no need to worry if you can't get it tomorrow. :-)YAY!! “@cherrypie23uk: @AnneWheaton 2014 hanging proud :) http://t.co/iCC9pQmMK6@LunaWheaton That's why you and Watson are in it this year, silly. :-)@AnnerChisline @2p2TrollCat It's for the Wiggle Waggle Walk that @PHS_SPCA does every September!@bigfogiefan Yay!!If you liked my 2014 rescue pet calendar, my 2015 one featuring all new people and their rescue pets comes out tomorrow! I'm so excited!!I love how many of you are so happy that it's September and you get to see me and Wil and our pups in the 2014 rescue pet calendar I did!@paulandstorm God, that's adorable.Remember, if you're thinking of getting a dog, the best breed is Rescue. #adopt @pupaid @AllDogsMatter @BDCH http://t.co/nrPmg8m8Ma
Retweeted by Anne WheatonHAHAHA! “@pourmecoffee: Twitter should redirect every tweet of a stolen nude celebrity photo to this http://t.co/v64ZQW2JrAHAHAHA! “@clockwork_ctr: @AnneWheaton I miss that face. And ass.”#IfMyPhoneGotHacked There would be an embarrassing display of this crazy bitch w/ her ass in the air for all to see. http://t.co/jnpJr63Bql
@Quoylette @wilw YAY!!@wilw Says the guy who, with panic in his voice said "Anne Anne ANNE" when I emerged from an unfortunate multi-wave tumbling disaster. #O_o@NikaHarper BIRTHDAY!!!! YIPPEEEE!!@bonniegrrl PUPPEH!@AurorVincent Seriously.Family beach day is NOT the time to find out my cute, new Batman bikini is not-play-in-the-waves safe. Sorry, kids. #traumamommaWow, I ate a lot of food just now. #foodbaby@DebbieGibson Happy birthday, sweet lady! I hope you're enjoying your day. :-)@chris_rivas90 I don't know firsthand but you could ask your local vet or possibly ask @PHS_SPCA for some advice!
Listen, lady. If he's like thunder AND lightning and the way loves you is frightening, I think knocking on wood isn't going to help much.@gates_mcfadden Tuesday! I'll email you all of the info. I can't wait!@hava_suvian @PHS_SPCA SO CUTE!@SpaceScott Yay!So excited & relieved that I finished my new rescue pet calendar for @PHS_SPCA. I love how it turned out. Can't wait to share it on Tuesday!It's a mimosa kind of morning.@wdevoe ;-)@kristensays @feliciaday @KimEvey HAHAHA!@gavinstenhouse @feliciaday I'm so glad we saw you both again! Congratulations! That was one hell of a reception. ;-) Enjoy New York!!
Ultravox, Thompson Twins and Howard Jones. My ears are ringing and my entire self is already aching from all the dancing. Best. Night. Ever.Alright, @feliciaday, @kristensays and @Kim Evey. I'm ready for our 80's concert. LET'S DO THIS. http://t.co/C6pynE4gPZGoing to an 80's concert tonight dressed as 16 year old me. HA!@lifeisjustthis Hehehe...Wow. When you word it like that, it sure sounds fancy and totally worth the purchase price. http://t.co/Ay68UUwvPOThat first paraffin dunk. #selftorturegirlytweet@ClareGrant I can't even tell you how many restless nights of sleep I've had because of our pets. Totally worth it. ;-)@irateferret @wilw Almost there! :-)@splunge2000 Total. Bricks.I would apologize to him for there being an entire bed but he only gets the edge, but I have no sympathy here. http://t.co/KDSlVFQbsxI couldn't stretch my legs out most of the night. Turns out the space where my legs were supposed to go was occupied. http://t.co/ow5xCNsFLZ
Do you hear that fly? I HEAR THAT FLY. https://t.co/A0qOCNX4OHApparently, I'm on one side of the house talking about eating dog biscuits while @wilw is on the other side talking about feminism. DOH.He said yes, but they would be bland. He was right. ;-) “@FlyOpineMonkey: @AnneWheaton @StoneBrewingCo @StoneGreg still a valid question”@tahliab HAHAHA!HAHAHA! “@TippyNorth: @AnneWheaton I was going to eat one once but it had a hair baked into it and THAT was what turned me off of it. :D”@Bruce35dc HAHA!@Stepto @thevowel THOSE ARE BISCUITS.Last time I bought peanut butter dog biscuits from @StoneBrewingCo, I asked @StoneGreg if I could eat them. He said "You could, but why?"Since I took two bites of the Milkbone, I dared my friend to eat the cuttlebone from my bird's cage. She said it was salty. #confessionsTHERE. I SAID IT. GAWD. GET OFF MY BACK.Confession: when I was a kid, my friend dared me to eat a Milkbone dog biscuit. I took 2 bites. It tasted like an unflavored Wheat Thin.DAT NOSE. “@CatFoodBreath: It's National Bow Tie Day. http://t.co/E8Ny1Xbw6wThe "top interests" for my followers at 92% is comedy. How does Twitter know that?You can find it here! “@tara: @AnneWheaton you can log into the Twitter analytics dashboard http://t.co/rhCgiXJkeGWow, that Twitter analytical thing is nifty. 57% of people who follow me are men, 43% are women. Neat!Search that led someone to my blog; "My heart belongs to tattoo." Man, I hope that search was from Mr. Roarke. #TweetsFrom1978@wilw O_oYea. That's what I thought.Am I the only one who stands around, starving, waiting for her husband to finish photoshopping himself into photos so we can eat dinner?Now that's a winning endorsement.Costco sample guy: "This pre-workout drink boosts metabolism & energy & tastes great!" Customer: "Have you tried it?" Guy: "Actually, no."Consult your doctor immediately. “@BradWillis: Anne, my vida has been loca for more than four hours. I’m not sure how to proceed.”If you or someone you love is livin' la vida loca, you are not alone. Talk to your doctor about the right treatment for you.@seanbonner @tara @verified Normals FTW!@tara Nifty!@BillCorbett IT'S PARODY, BITCHEZZ.@tara How do you figure that out?@JDCarmona91 HAHAHA!!!:-)@BackpackingDad I don't think I can make brown and white with nuts in the middle work. HEYYYOOO.<------#girlytweet*Dresses in white shirt, pink pants, brown sandals. Walks outside, realizes she looks like Neapolitan ice cream, goes back to change.*@BrianThomasWise @Lerona1974Hicks ;-D
Lights out, climb into bed to sleep, the soles of my feet scream in over-exfoliated terror at walking barefoot 7 miles on the beach today.@ClareGrant I love how her look is all "I'm cute while simultaneously plotting your doom.""Nothin' much. You?" http://t.co/iud4uLXVvb@hillraiser2 GROSS.Someone's getting in the way? I LIKE GETTING IN THE WAY. http://t.co/9tQqTlTsR0You trying to take a video? I LIKE VIDEO. http://t.co/f4IK9e5Y39When you're trying to make a video but your pets keep walking through it. http://t.co/CTMxFx4Zql@alyshaba I've gotten comments like that too. Sounds like a frustrated teenager to me. HA!I don't have a public Facebook page and it's so easy to quickly block someone on twitter. I just rarely use google+ so I don't see it often.
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