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I care about Animals & the 99 Percent. I am an Anon. I do not forgive, I do not forget. I support my Anon Brothers & Sisters around the World. We are Legion.

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http://t.co/tnXfc06mu0 Magician cut in half prankhttp://t.co/3ur844qM7O Craziest Scare/Prank Trick Ever! Magician Sneezes Head Off!http://t.co/K5WFxosIWz Bronx, NY Man Commits Suicide by Pulling His Own Head Off ( I guess he just "lost his head" that day)http://t.co/VYWYvWF9l7 CNN TechAnalyst Thinks 4Chan Is A Person: ‘He May Have Been A Systems Administrator’ (LULZ..yeah, me & 4Chan iz buds)Redditors Who Viewed JLaw’s Hacked Nude Photos Now Raising Money for Prostate Cancer http://t.co/qHq7qDfwVrHome Depot's credit cards may have been hacked http://t.co/TKRqYYTYPuSo the gofundme account for the injured girl AvaLynn. I will say the injuries shown in her pics, did not look like a mere playground fallHey @anon99percenter >>> http://t.co/eufwmeLhGB
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousHague still faces potential criminal charges in Vancouver, the company said. I would urge authorities 2 go forward w. criminal charges now.http://t.co/yy0Lodwgos Des Hague resigns as CEO of Centerplate. Chris Verros has been appointed the new CEO effective immediately.If @centerplate has fired Desmond G. Hague, I take away my call for a boycott. We wanted them 2 do the responsible thing in this matter.@Centerplate If you indeed terminated the employment of Mr. Hague, I salute you for your courage in doing the right thing. Thank you !@anon99percenter today I believe he's fired bro.
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousMUST READ! --->Inside Anonymous....The Masked Avengers! @Anon99Percenter @olfashdeb @k_m_allan http://t.co/XkvyJygIuQ @newyorker
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@GeorgeNooryC2C George, I know u r covering martial arts & self defense. After my 40 yrs involvement, sent you an email w/ my perspective.@StargardtEyes ...and courageous... #Respect #MuchLuv. I dont often say this...but I hope for a miracle for you 2 spare your sight my friend@StargardtEyes I know many may not have heard of Stargardt disease...so including a link http://t.co/TEdvmN5bPo. U seem 2 be kind (continue)@2itteh @anon99percenter @queenwaldorff YES!!!!!
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @queenwaldorff See what you all started :-) #muchlove
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousSeptember 8-9, Super Harvest Moon http://t.co/KjQR6ToyDo Neil Young / Harvest Moon@queenwaldorff YES !@anon99percenter #BREAKING NEWS announcement to be made tomorrow- #DesHagueFired! source Global News Network Toronto
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousCan we knock this out of the park in 16 days for Sean? He. Is. That. Amazing! HeB1ofus https://t.co/EJbvEU2dsg @leahida @anon99percenter
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter http://t.co/wQbUjg3S8v RIP Jimi Jamison #Survivor dies
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @YourAnonCentral @MClyburnFCC & @JRosenworcel R women who hold future of web in their hands! #netneutrality BOMBARD THEM!
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousPls RT and help this young lady. http://t.co/4dW1pfWMdJ #autism #helpsavechloe http://t.co/EgXor616kV @anon99percenter @anoncdn @4thAnon
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousTHX1138, LUH 3417, 4 EB Is Out! https://t.co/nix0DidajG @InfowarsUpdates @whatwakeup @anon99percenter @Jesse_sDad http://t.co/NylVsMKjQ9
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter Why the Growth of #Temp Worker Industry is a Serious Problem for Millions of Americans #Labor http://t.co/vi7wAgrk6J
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousQuote by Edward Bernays Read: http://t.co/Qgh7ixvIL2Thanks for the RTs this week! @anon99percenter via http://t.co/t4ehwmC5NA
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousIslamic State video purports to show beheading of second US hostage, Steven Sotloff. ( SADISTIC BASTARDS !)Quotes by Edward Bernays, some call him Father of Modern Propaganda Read: http://t.co/7I2J9YCPyg@9riest_ @Ymtise @Scrawnburke @anon99percenter Priest you always make me LOL. Am too hold to hit on you but can you be adopted?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous.@Ymtise @Scrawnburke @anon99percenter @RealZiggyFlo HERE YA GO http://t.co/dbUlHREMCa
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@RealZiggyFlo @anon99percenter Yes Truly Awesome :)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous.@RealZiggyFlo @Ymtise @Scrawnburke @anon99percenter I’M EVEN HOUSEBROKEN (ALMOST)
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/JDavtr51Qp Viewing The World Through The Eyes Of A Polar Bearhttp://t.co/0tjSLyca6w Conservationists Want Ban On Products Made From Polar Bears@donarndt248 Next 10 minutes =)@anon99percenter by future you mean tomorrow?
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/AIY6NeDZsN Tennessee ernie Ford - 16 Tons #LaborDayTuneshttp://t.co/I2w4l4b6WX Jeff Beck and ZZ Top - Ernie Ford's SIXTEEN TONS #LaborDayTuneshttp://t.co/Z8vfBnIAMm Working in the Coal Mine - Lee Dorsey #LaborDayTunes“The Game is so large that one sees but a little at a time.” ~Kipling / Kim@donarndt248 Amen...some say we get the kind of government we deserve@anon99percenter I hate arrogance most of all. Especially amongst OUR politicians. Their power is only because of our laziness
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Foxewise @MaLrw3 I am just honored to know you both and call you Friends. <3 #MuchLuv #Respect #Friends🌏❤🐬@anon99percenter my #anipals does such good @MaLrw3 always true 2 cause not applause I salute you both Thanks #tweet4taiji #OpKillingBay
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousOf course, one difference between Julia Child and Harry Houdini was height.. Julia was 6'2" and Harry was 5'6".@Scrawnburke @anon99percenter @realziggyflo HE WAS ALSO ARRESTED FOR FALSE IMPRISONMENT SEVERAL YEARS AGO
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter pretty much sums up a lot of governments including the entire bunch in DC
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@donarndt248 I also was shopping in Whole Foods when Madeline Murray O'hair and her son were there...very unfriendly people@donarndt248 As an anarchist.. I dislike both sides =)@donarndt248 Ann Richards was nice enough..I met her in Austin when Whole Foods was a little organic food store...tiny store actually@donarndt248 The government of my state has been fuxed up since before I was born..Perry is just the latest in a long line of loons...@anon99percenter difference is he wasn't driving . That was her problem along with her rants. Not sure this one is an argument to have
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@dubhe0ne I thought exactly the same thing...next thing ABC will be "discovering dubstep"...lulzRespect! <3 @anon666ymous @FreedomAnonKR @Anon2k13 @anon99percenter @AnonEyes_ @an0nfl @_Anonymous_swe_ @hellishere56
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous#ManicMonday follow Respect >>> @FreedomAnonKR @Anon2k13 @anon99percenter @AnonEyes_ @an0nfl @_Anonymous_swe_ @Utopianon @hellishere56
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter lol ABC reporting on 4chan?? Mainstream summer is on its way lol
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/VpYMaTDLvY DOE Taps Intel, Cray for Help in Exascale Supercomputer Shift -@donarndt248 Yep....Japan for example...@anon99percenter that's because we do it for them. We are the worlds police, dumping ground, rescuer & the one everyone turns too in crisis
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/Ncug0JrakQ A Two-Faced Friendship: Turkey Is 'Partner and Target' for the NSAWhat Is 4chan, the Site at Heart of Celebrity Photo Scandal? http://t.co/20GQWvhohl@anon99percenter The celebrities; they're a state controlled proxy used to keep the masses, via distraction etc, from rebelling.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous.@Scrawnburke @anon99percenter @realziggyflo IF YOU LOOK AT THAT LINK YOU’LL SEE HIS BRO’S CRIMINAL HISTORY: RECENTLY TERRORISTIC THREATS
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousWhat did Julia Child & Houdini have in common? Both were performers who had clandestine lives in espionage as well. http://t.co/GEDytEcZB6Bullet catch http://t.co/Sjt18fSuzILooking back at this log from 2011.. http://t.co/KT5Ign5NPn I still cant see Y everyone didn't see old Hector 4 what he really was..Traitor.@Scrawnburke @anon99percenter @realziggyflo I THINK THE GUY HAS ALREADY BEEN NAILED
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @9riest_ Hope they ID who did this & prosecute to the fullest extent.
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@Scrawnburke @9riest_ @RealZiggyFlo Mebbe...but I think they will... Guccifer was found..and I think he was smarter than these pplThey might never find out @9riest_ @anon99percenter @realziggyflo
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousFrom watching the news..hard 2 C which haxing FBI is more upset about.. 7 of top15 banks being haxed...or nude pics of celebrities releasedI have to admit, Adrien Brody is doing a good job as #Houdini ...wondered how well he would do...exceeded my expectations #GoodCasting@9riest_ @RealZiggyFlo 10-4 on dat Bro....@RealZiggyFlo @anon99percenter THE PERPS ARE UBER SCREWED WHEN FEDS CONFIRM ID
Retweeted by The Real AnonymousIt's sicking, What is also sicking is the impact a drone can have on innocent people @rockyjsquirrel2 @anon99percenter @pinoraspante
Retweeted by The Real Anonymoushttp://t.co/KT5Ign5NPn Sad...fucking sad.In the future, those of us who aspire to remain "anonymous" will B viewed as enemies of State. All must prostrate their identities b4 State@pogue25 anything on being anonymous will be outdated with the speed of technology, but this is a good start for most
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anthonyroberts @YourAnonNews @YourAnonGlobal @AnonyOps @AnonyCrypt Luv it...thanks Anthony ...great post Brother262 page PDF, how to be invisible: http://t.co/3BT5kQyiL6 .@YourAnonNews @YourAnonGlobal @anon99percenter @AnonyOps @AnonyCrypt
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@anon99percenter @PinoRaspante @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews Thank U! PICS R Horrid & NO 1 should be subjected 2 view w/o WARNING! #ISIS
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@9riest_ Thanks Bro. #MuchLuv #Anonfamily.@anon99percenter COLLECTED SOME INFO ABOUT THE POSSIBLE PERPS. READ FOR LULZ: https://t.co/x89jdqT7qO
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@dellcam I used to call old Hector "He who walks behind the rows..." He needs to be persona non grata anywhere Anons congregate #SabuTraitor@anon99percenter thats whos in the chatlog
Retweeted by The Real Anonymous@dellcam I know..sometimes my sarcasm isn't clear...thanks for clarification for others thohttp://t.co/p4MeqwsP3f The prevalence of guile ; Deception through Time and across Cultures and Disciplines by Barton Whaleyhttp://t.co/52MmOjB6lf Hal Finney Messages on Cypherpunks 1992 (damn)http://t.co/ZHJjzqyxAR Philly DA Sued for $64M Greedy Civil Forfeitures ('bout damn time ! )http://t.co/KT5Ign5NPn Hyrriiya-Sabu Chat via @dellcam (U mean dat "SABU" name isn't irrevocably poisoned by old Hackin' Hector ?)http://t.co/ZRtoP5SzoC FBI Is 'Addressing' Massive Celebrity Photo HackHoudini's real talent was at flourish, showmanship, public relations, creating "buzz" ..not a bad escape artist either. #HoudiniI thought I knew a lot about Eric Weiss ( Harry Houdini), but am learning a lot from watching this mini-series. https://t.co/EoNm7LYfYQ@MaLrw3 @Foxewise Thank you Brother ! <3@RockyjSquirrel2 @assholeofday @PinoRaspante @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews I dont even have 2 have the reason...your word is enough for me.BLOCK & REPORT THIS F-N @assholeofday: @PinoRaspante! @YourAnonCentral @YourAnonNews @anon99percenter for graphic photos! #ISIS
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