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Bailsworth @BailofRights Des Moines, IA

Iowanian. Nurse. I like to sing and play guitar. Sometimes I've got opinions, and sometimes I just don't give a crap. You'll know, either way.

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I'm currently obsessed w/ this song, lol! ---> Childish Gambino Ft. Flynt Flossy & Yung Humma - http://t.co/J3YDTk4xTI. **language warning**Heyo :-)I found a tigger. http://t.co/bHVk6ZMkyL
Second date on Wednesday :-D ...Haven't had one of those in awhile!Apparently, my body has decided over the last week that 4am is the appropriate time to wake up and function. Really.
Finally got to meet my nephew, Ryan today! Kid is one happy little chunk!! http://t.co/fyGg0RXlQ4
Been a good weekend :-D
@KarstenKinstler lol then its like, "yep...that's EXACTLY what i was going for!" haha@KarstenKinstler thanks. I dont even know what it means. Lol.Finished my painting! Hangin in my bedroom. http://t.co/C78hBQl1xrWell. That was.... Something.The only reason I'm not vacuuming is because normal people in my building like to sleep around this time.230 am, laying in bed, I decided I couldn't go to bed until my entire place was clean. bathrooms clean, bedrooms clean, & I'm about to mop.
Going through an "I dont have anything to wear!!" crisis :-(
@oawdixon you kind of have to thoughThanks to my lovely co-workers, this video is now in my life. I don't wanna live in this world anymore. https://t.co/ysq71v7Sd8 #smangit
@tarawhite161 DUDE. https://t.co/uo69y15kwtI've gotten sucked into watching proposals on youtube. Ugh. Jeez.... I think I got something in my eyes.....
Is Silver Linings Playbook worth 2 hours of my life?
The world is a big circus anymore, eh?
Want to confuse your friends?? Share this with them ---> Unprovoked Dancing Ninja http://t.co/13972DrxbPWorking on a painting for my room....dont know what to do from here. http://t.co/nOIjJV5zJYI could have normal hobbies, but nope! I make videos of myself dancing in a ninja costume ---> https://t.co/JaSuZumDplTonight's video is going to be the weirdest thing I've ever uploaded.Purple hair chalk!! Cause I don't want to grow up, that's why. http://t.co/7knhIr5RsISo. Divergent movie was just meh. Books were great thpugh! Read the whole series in 3 days
Hey thanks! RT @lino_and_louie Now that I've got a Gmail account I shall subscribb.In tonight's vlog, I sang "Only Hope" https://t.co/o7e6yMqavo Love to be critiqued, so go 'head on :)
I just read two huge books in under 48 hours. Over 1,000 pages. Think that's a personal record. #divergenti need a tweet-up. really bad. Anyone!??!?
i'm in a weird place right now.@ChadKentSpeaks lol sure thing@nsblackwell Hey, thanks!i'm too wound up. I need more socialization.If you're not listening to #GettingHammered tonight, you can just go ahead and just die, okay? http://t.co/WkDzWhBMlk@APLMom Really!! That is crazy! I'm working at Mercy as a nurse. I look forward to talking to you, too!@e2pilot @APLmom @LLMajer @StevieJWest Just take your laptop to the bathroom with you. We won't judge.Bought the book Divergent tonight...so excited to start reading it!!This is weird, but I'm pretty sure I just don't grow leg hair above my knees. Pretty convenient.@hboulware @GaltsGirl Damn. That IS impressive. I don't even know how to change the font on my phone using my fingers.It's pretty amazing how many groups do not represent true Islam.
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Ever have an almost painful desire to be a kid again?? I just reread the 1st Harry Potter book, and thats how I feel right now!Someone should bring me lunch in bed
Havent slept in over 30 hours. My brain feels weird, man. And now i cant sleep.Obama's dipshittery aside, my new video blog is up! Check it out. --> 9.10.14: Fitness Tag: http://t.co/G8mDB5740mWhat Obama really meant: We will hunt down terrorists and then release them for deserters #ObamaSpeech
Retweeted by BailsworthI've stayed pretty clear of blogging/tweeting politics for a long time now....tonight feels like coming home kinda. Lol.I laughed at "America is safer" Lol. We may as well have a welcoming committee with fruit baskets & guns on the southern border #obamaspeechObama if you really care about our national security you would #SecureTheBorder yesterday #tcot #ObamaSpeech
Retweeted by Bailsworth"I ask for your support..." DUDE. You're not running for office anymore. STOP IT!! #ObamaSpeechUgh, he's just so much fuckin talk. I'm over it. #obamaspeech#NameObamaISISOperation Operation shame them with twitter hashtagsHe ordered strikes last month?? Last I knew, he had "no plan." I'm confused. #ISISHell of a lineup for #GettingHammered this Friday! @StevieJWest @LLMajer @APLMom & @BailofRights #LuckyHammy :) 10P Eastern on #AltConRadio
Retweeted by Bailsworth@e2pilot indeed it must!!@e2pilot aaabsostinkinlutely :-) thanks hammy!! Long time no talk :-(@e2pilot well i'd love to, but every time i try singing, i cough up a lung :-( and i still have a man voice.Ive got time to film a decent vlog today. Whatcha wanna see?
@AnxietyMisfit Yeah!Started my daily vlog/weight loss channel. First video up! http://t.co/As1lkh3hOU
Hey guys! I'm starting a youtube channel where I have to vlog every day until I've lost 50 pounds. Suggestions for titles??!Made some paintings for football season! http://t.co/jatDgA8dcx
HAWKEYES WIN!YESSS!! #hawkeyes pulling some awesome shit at the tail end of the ge, and by some miracle they got ahead!!! #iowa #GOHAWKSIowa is playing like crap today.Now the question is: pizza, or subway?This game is shit so far. #IowaVSBallStateNoooooo!! And it was recalled :-( damn. Way to start out my season of football tweeting....touchdown!!!! #iowa #hawkeyes (ahhh...first football tweet of the season :-) )I'll just say it: I believe Wendy Davis is lying. #gasp http://t.co/sgNl4U93fo@andi_robinson between napsAll i want to do is go home, watch the entire harry potter series, chug nyquil, And sleep a lot.
Gooooood MORNING! I'm ready for bed though.
Can anyone recommend really good, super bubbly bubble bath stuff?? I cant find a good one.Why do other Christians think it's OK to take digs on ppl who have proper reverence for the Blessed Mother? Dont think Christ likes that ;-)@unite_and_fight haha why thank you!
If Jennifer Lawrence really wanted to keep her photos from ever being seen, she should've stored them with Lois Lerner's emails.
Retweeted by BailsworthMaybe im crazy....but it feels good to be back to working nights!!
My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/31/2014: 210 steps and 0.1 miles traveled. http://t.co/A54ZzwJcmy
Storming like crazy here!!Molly and I both donning our Batman shirts :-) http://t.co/ySSiXkxcQTIn case you missed it last night, I designed a #plannedparenthood tshirt: http://t.co/dNHxj9jrg2 inspired by scarlett johansson ;-)Wow. Stupid. MT @VP: "I will not rest until my granddaughters have every single right my son & my grandsons have." -VP #WomensEqualityDay
@oooitsleah :-DI designed a tshirt for #plannedparenthood, too! Inspired by Scarlett Johansson. http://t.co/1Rvfjin5OzHere it is! My Scarlett Johansson inspired t-shirt! http://t.co/dNHxj9jrg2 #PlannedParenthood #Hollywood #tcotPutting final touches on a tshirt i made inspired by the one Scarlett Johansson designed for #plannedparenthood. Pics & blog post to come!Me and my nephew Jude this morning :-) such a pleasant baby! http://t.co/5sf19VHx9mMy fitbit #Fitstats for 8/29/2014: 13,293 steps and 5.7 miles traveled. http://t.co/A54ZzwJcmy
Im currently making a t-shirt to rival Scarlett Johannson's #plannedparenthood one. Ill have to model it for y'all tomorrow :-)"Don't trust concrete bricks." Wise words from Mom. :-)My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/28/2014: 8,757 steps and 3.5 miles traveled. http://t.co/A54ZzwJcmy
The most exciting part of my day today was putting in an IV. And I really was excited....is that sad or what?@repub9989 work at a catholic hospital...so birth control and all thatMan. Lots of co-workers bad mouthing Catholicism the past couple days. I gave 'um the stank eye.My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/27/2014: 8,975 steps and 3.6 miles traveled. http://t.co/A54ZzwJcmy
My fitbit #Fitstats for 8/26/2014: 11,977 steps and 5.3 miles traveled. http://t.co/A54ZzwJcmy
@ddfissell ooh thanks!@ddfissell no?Was shopping for a #Bears sweatshirt.... 'Vintage' indeed :( http://t.co/qj90KgHwjT
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