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Writes slow. Drives fast. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe.

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Height of first iPad compared to latest iPad. http://t.co/lailwyU60j
Retweeted by Brian S HallBill Gates: How state budgets are breaking US schools http://t.co/bm0XpgK5XmApparently I pay $125 month for cable just to watch Seinfeld reruns.
Retweeted by Brian S HallIf you can ride from McDonald's to your house without eating some french fries, I will assume you're a wizard.
Retweeted by Brian S HallMany traditional industries are at varying stages of such a chart. Tech destroys, but only to create value elsewhere. http://t.co/gjOciG2ZPk
Retweeted by Brian S HallNo Microsoft logos on these Minecraft toys yet http://t.co/nbWX4yTx2u
Retweeted by Brian S HallCheck out the career of the great and funny Vernee Watson-Johnson. I'm now watching her on What's Happening. http://t.co/puhPWggnzk
Their primary roles: Steve Jobs said no, never. Jeff Bezos said yes, now. Larry Page said more, forever."Black men sporting T-shirts with tech-company logos." This New Yorker post the dumbest thing you'll read all month. http://t.co/t1pRVZMIqqDeputy Danny Oliver & Detective Michael David Davis Jr., both killed in the line of duty Friday in Northern Calif. http://t.co/dIFd9HT09F
Retweeted by Brian S HallWait. Already 66 points in this Oregon v Cal game?Liberals doubling down on young Ms. Palin had it coming. Because Fox News Racism. Wish I could say I am even mildly surprised.Subway Canada is totally just America trolling.Gotta love those Giants fans with signs that say, "Hey Royals, you're not in Kansas anymore." They never have been, you know, they're in MO.
Retweeted by Brian S HallThis is pretty big news "Facebook Launches Hyper-Local Ads Targeted To People Within A Mile Of A Business" http://t.co/XLDRWacBtg
Retweeted by Brian S HallNo aid to countries that persecute Christians MT“@JordanSekulow: Asia Bibis daughters tortured by blasphemy accusers http://t.co/5MM6x74h3D
Retweeted by Brian S HallCrappy Avs should not get 6 on the Canucks.As always, 1Password + Touch ID = heaven. Never using a non-Touch ID device as a primary again.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@rubicon59 seems soHigh paid twitter engineering staff all at the game.N.C.A.A. Fan Map: How the Country Roots for College Football - http://t.co/nKdPZjrqCc http://t.co/uMBstShxNWDrip drip drip we are being trained to accept Ebola. That will not end well.UCSF, four other UC medical center prepared to receive and treat #Ebola patients. http://t.co/dZ2qJKHZYc
Retweeted by Brian S HallI read Malcolm Gladwell books for 10,000 hours and now I'm an expert at cherry-picked anecdotes, post-hoc sophistry and false dichotomies.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@Det_Conan_Kudo When you buy from Apple and it has Apple SIM we do not block after choice
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@KatieS bustedAlways “@MattRosoff: Attention San Franciscans: don't leave your home. There's a cacophony of terrible drivers on the road.”Kids, sorry the World Series is 70% boner pill ads, but it's important you know that any silver haired guy on the beach has a boner.
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@OhMDee love the OrangeIs it at all possible to stream Corner Gas? From inside America. I will pay.Dear NFL. Stop trying to make England a thing. It's never gonna happen.Microsoft reported quarterly profits of $4.5 billion. Imagine how much more it would have been if they were diverse. At least double.You know what works really well to calm crying babies? NOTHING! For the love of god, roll on a condom.
Retweeted by Brian S HallBold stand by @joshtpm to state that Ray Rice's wife had it coming.Yep “@joshtpm: As noted in the piece bogus claims of misogyny come easily to people who don't really care abt the issue in the first place.”Well, it's been fun. Still, responsible white leaders need to stand up and denounce the kind of violent culture the Palins represent.
Retweeted by Brian S HallHoly shit. RT @TheRock: I'm 6'5 255lbs - just let this visual sink in my friends. meeting Sun Ming Ming in CHINA. http://t.co/dfu2pRJqUA
Retweeted by Brian S HallPatrick Roy is such a dick and such great old school hockey.So for us non Canadians. Is coach's corner still on? At the same time?@TheLeeBase I'll find a Walgreens near me.So sad. Kids are not supposed to die in schools. Too terrible.
Retweeted by Brian S HallGoogle CEO Larry Page Reorgs Staff, Anoints Sundar Pichai as New Product Czar http://t.co/qk8kVkLO9i
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@TheCheekyTaurus luckySaw fighter jets flying over east bay earlier today. Very cool. Assume they are here for me or the World Series.The buyer who purchased http://t.co/cIfEE1vNv0 domain for $200,000 is launching a ‘Drudge Report For Ebola’ http://t.co/wtewGuBoPz
Retweeted by Brian S HallThis baby feels like cramps.
Retweeted by Brian S HallDetroit man fights $30k child support bill for kid that is not his http://t.co/3KUlx3AQ8h http://t.co/KeU00yYOCF
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@ptrzo No. Any suggestions.@fmanjoo God@ptrzo no. Infrequent. Too limited for me except for airline boarding passes.@OhMDee more convenient then swiping card which is available at 100% of the places I shop? No.@BenBajarin looking forward to your posts ;-)@BenBajarin uses? games and videos? I'm surprised so many leaving China.@cdixon want. now.Red Sox fans are all pricks but they all make me laugh. http://t.co/rWXvpYxtJe@BenBajarin ah. interesting. so where are they going? India? Indonesia?@BenBajarin i would find such data hard to believe. looking forward to seeing it.Problem with sharing accounts is that I get emails from Amazon asking me to rate what I thought about The Good Wife. Uh, no.I never know these people that LinkedIn is telling me I should congratulate.Damn. Some rich folk at Apple just got richer. http://t.co/gXmcsO6H10whoa....still crazy after all these years...@fmbutt drown themIt's always better to crack open an egg on a flat surface. You're less likely to break the yolk #latechnique http://t.co/w6dwrDgEGl
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@bxlewi1 dump those on the market now while they can still get money for them. ;-)We should've seen the vandalization of the Diag M coming. Last night some State students came in and asked our librarians how to spell 'MSU'
Retweeted by Brian S HallOh sure, I suffered third degree burns when I stumbled down the stairs and spilled my coffee, but I didn't drop my phone.
Retweeted by Brian S HallAxe man in New York goes after cops. Couple with guns in California target cops. Yet you still pretend cops have no reason to be on edge.@alex (I'm thinking the Google Sundar Pichai news but not sure yet)@dinabass yes. good example. i have long preferred facebook's real name policy and hadn't thought of that.@AMatthiesen badassYou want your head of asparagus like a flower. A tight bud. http://t.co/Mqo8e3Qcus
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@dinabass maybe. i'm honestly not sold on this notion. i want to be. it seems true but i see too many counter-examples (e.g. Apple products)@fxshaw no! all the blogs have shut down!@dinabass true. i think there need to be more to help boost our economy. not sure how much benefit there will be to microsoft tho (or other)@akarve @M_Gauche well said@dinabass yes, which makes me wonder if we should copy their schooling methods. i don't know.@dinabass not great for whom?Suspect in @wsj reporter Daniel Pearl's murder released @BBC: http://t.co/2bfll8Djkd for "lack of evidence" apparently h/t @saleemkhan
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@TheRomit what companies are stopping/inhibiting them?@TheRomit who?@rkrishnakumar ah. yes, i am seeing that throughout Silicon Valley. I think talent pool is big enough to accommodate.@TheRomit if these men and women can run the show, others can too -- and they are not being prevented by these company's culture/policies@rkrishnakumar perhaps. i think all of them are very "get shit done" -- but it's who's been with Apple for the past 5/10/20 years.An apology is the first step in getting laid. Second step is to shut up soon after.
Retweeted by Brian S HallAddendum 2/ Because Jobs refused to accept *any* excuses for not being available. Not giving 100%. I suspect he thought women/moms could notAddendum 1/ The only C-official in Silicon Valley I ever suspected of being hesitant to hire a woman as an executive was Steve Jobs. Why?@dinabass i think the pipeline is filling. i also think as "tech" becomes more collaborative, many more women will enter.@brianshall Diversity is a shadow of justice, a vanity metric. Meritocracy alone matters. We should see human capabilities, not human bodies
Retweeted by Brian S Hall@scranecolt yes. race and sexual orientation. i gave love to all.@TheRomit handpicked? those are C-level execs at very demanding tech companies.14/ this list could go on forever. Everyone cited has one thing in common: they absolutely earned their position.13/ possibly the most successful VC in Silicon Valley is Indian12/ at start-up Box, the VP is, yes, a woman.11/ Look! The CEO of IBM is a woman.10/ Tim Cook is CEO of the world's biggest tech company9/ the most profitable global retail chain -- Apple Stores -- is run by a woman8/ the co-CEO of Oracle is a woman7/ the man in charge of nearly every major Google product is from India6/ World's most popular computing platform, Android, is overseen by a man from India.5/ CEO of Youtube is a woman
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