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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happend.

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So accurate http://t.co/8QT3u8tE2p
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And 3) (brace yourselves) I sometimes have a drink even when I haven’t finished a book. Yes, that’s how rock and roll I really am.
Retweeted by Carmen!!! RT “@AHS_German_Fans: Morgen um 22:05 Uhr startet endlich #Coven bei @sixxTV. Sagt euren Freunden,Bekannten usw. bescheid! #AHSbeiSixx
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#NoGoodInGoodbye @thescript @TheScript_Danny wallpaper. Watch the OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO: https://t.co/t07b5OlGOW http://t.co/OA3yvQ1nY8
Retweeted by Carmen@TheChloeDawn oh I'm sorry! Thanks!!! I'll text you later! :-)@TheChloeDawn hei Chloe, could you please follow me? I want to ask you something :)
Hey @TheChloeDawn :) I'd be great if you'd follow me, I have an important question! :)
important http://t.co/aKmJt5kDhS
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My audience is so fancy. You already know. Here’s one thing they don’t know - the lyrics to that @IggyAzalea song. http://t.co/47umEKgKio
Retweeted by CarmenRT @TeamYouPlusMe: Heck yea!! #NowWatching Love Gone Wrong (Live from Santa Monica, CA) by @youplusmeoffcl via @VEVO http://t.co/wYD4zXXpDR
Retweeted by CarmenVideo: ICYMI - @Pink (full) interview on @TheEllenShow. http://t.co/MKzn3GMMm0
Retweeted by CarmenOur live performance of “Open Door” is now available at @Vevo. Watch the performance here http://t.co/K3UfpXQ9oV
Retweeted by CarmenGet in!! RT @TeamYouPlusMe: So Good! No Ordinary Love (Live from Santa Monica, CA) by @youplusmeoffcl via @VEVO http://t.co/nEGh60T815
Retweeted by Carmen@PinkFans_ @TeamYouPlusMe @youplusmeoffcl @Vevo wow♡this is so beautiful. This & Open Door are my absolute favorites! Can't stop listening!♡“@JimmyKimmelLive: Backstage at #Kimmel. Tune in tonight 11:35|10:35c on ABC with @YouPlusMeOffcl #RoseAve http://t.co/60htghZ1ie” DONE!!
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@VIPde oooh wie schön! :) Herzlichen Glückwunsch Maite!!! :-) ♡ @maistar1779In the park with Mama http://t.co/ZeoKukYwzv
Retweeted by CarmenHeute in 1 Woche startet #AHS #Coven endlich auf @sixxTV! Trailer: http://t.co/E280cYszMN
Retweeted by CarmenUnd wie. Ab 14.11. RT “@GorgeousLovato: @sixxTV Being Human Staffel 4 werdet ihr auch ausstrahlen?”
Retweeted by Carmen@Carrie1907 @netflix Agreed! Thanks for your enthusiasm!
Retweeted by CarmenHilarious Damon and Bonnie stuff In this one too, when the couple who plays together, goes grocery shopping together. #porkrinds #youllsee.
Retweeted by Carmen"Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
Retweeted by Carmen#DeviousMaids started in #Germany today!And I gotta say, I already love it! I think this is going to be a very interesting! ;) @EvaLongoriaOh- I forgot- the originals- love the originals too!
Retweeted by Carmen@SarahDrewGreys I feel you! I'm right there with you! ;) love those shows!!! :) #Supernatural #TVShows@OTHGreysLove @ninadobrev Damon... Obvi
Retweeted by CarmenTotally just spent the last week binging on season 5 of the Vampire Diaries! Thanks netflix! @ninadobrev you are gorgeous and fabulous!!
Retweeted by Carmen@sassy_0112 "@TheEllenShow:My audience is so fancy. You already know. Here’s one thing they don’t know - the lyrics! http://t.co/g42E4J2mn2"Comedy’s most-oppressed employees are back in our exclusive new #HorribleBosses2 poster: http://t.co/BNmIeQHhJI http://t.co/1qmwbIWPrD
Retweeted by Carmen@WBCareers @netflix could there BE any better news? ;D #Friends#Friends fans everywhere rejoice, all 10 seasons of the hit #WB show will soon be on @netflix! #FriendsOnNetflix http://t.co/RP4rdr2Zq2
Retweeted by CarmenFor the "yes"folks, me @OsricChau & @RADirector, are dressing as lunatics & kayaking this Sunday! Please support: https://t.co/KvHtzm5Yex
Retweeted by CarmenGuys, will you help me with something? These are my pleading eyes... http://t.co/SvzQ3tfdwQ
Retweeted by CarmenOne year, I painted myself blue to be a Smurf and it didn't come off for a week. #HalloweenFail
Retweeted by Carmen#Deviousmaids etwas verschüttet... Is klar. WINK ;D @ProSieben
Retweeted by Carmen
@ProSieben und den vodka! ;DHallo #McDreamy, wir freuen uns auf dich. Und haben den Prosecco kalt gestellt. #GreysAnatomy
Retweeted by Carmen#DesperateHousewives reloaded - #DeviousMaids ;-) @ProSiebenWatching Emma Stone on TV right now. She's hilarious! Can't wait to see her on Broadway! Seems like a cool chick!
Retweeted by CarmenJanuar 2014: Das wird mein Jahr! Oktober 2014: Hm, scheiße. Doch nicht.
Retweeted by CarmenBox of Lies with Emma Stone https://t.co/ML0rpxdUTK #FallonTonight
Retweeted by CarmenReminder - @youplusmeoffcl will be performing on @JimmyKimmelLive Thursday night on the ABC network. 11:30pm ET http://t.co/eEU8RH17hW
Retweeted by Carmen@thescript so cool!!!! I love that song sooo much! The lyrics are great!! #NoGoodInGoodbye#NoGoodInGoodbye ♡ RT "@thescript: We'll be releasing new artwork today... To see it 1st tweet us with #NoGoodInGoodbye"So looking forward to the @riseagainst #concert in Frankfurt. I'm gonna find you and give you a hug. #happy #cantwait
Retweeted by CarmenSind sie zu stark, bist du zu...!!! #Coven is coming... http://t.co/UJyQyI2zab Noch 8 Tage.
Retweeted by CarmenL.A.'s a real sun of a bitch. http://t.co/R8clf5DG9z
Retweeted by CarmenIf you found one, let me know! :D RT "@QuestionAnders: Anyone know a good town for forgetting?"Hinweis. Es ist der Tag von #GreysAnatomy und unserer neuen US-Serie #DeviousMaids
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/SBHkCuRq6a @PinkFans_ @Pink
Retweeted by CarmenNever stop trying
Retweeted by Carmen@cityandcolour @Pink I love #RoseAve so much :) it's dreamy, beautiful and full of love. Awesome job to you both! xx
Retweeted by Carmen
Today's instant pick-me-ups: coffee and my girl @Pink's new album! #RoseAve http://t.co/GMSYw9Z7Hr
Retweeted by CarmenHey @H_Combs , what do you think of @Pink's new album with @cityandcolour #roseave? Do you already have it? :) @youplusmeoffcl #YouAndMeI really appreciate them BOTH singing together,but when @Pink sings her 'Oh that's you & me' part,I just...wow ♡ @youplusmeoffcl @PinkFans_Well, #TeamNoticed seems fun! ;) I'm going to sleep now, have fun & a great day! ♡ from Germany :) @SaraRamirez♥ RT "@TeamYouPlusMe: @youplusmeoffcl singing their 1st single off of their debut album #roseave. at @TheEllenShow http://t.co/oaidhUafli"@TeamYouPlusMe @PinkFans_ @youplusmeoffcl @TheEllenShow @Pink God this is just beautiful ♡Okay. NOW can I wish @katewalsh happy birthday???
Retweeted by CarmenWillow knows how to make an entrance ! LoL http://t.co/TaOAju89qk
Retweeted by CarmenCheck out how gorgeous is @Pink on @TheEllenShow ! You guys are always awesome together ! http://t.co/z2Vhpo0fYa
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink Talking about how people talk about lettuce..then this happens! Haha! http://t.co/l8Viik4fJT
Retweeted by Carmen@ben_mckenzie @GothamOn5 do you know if it will air in Germany, too? :) #gothamaww @Pink I love you so much, I really love all kind of your music because they always have depth!! #Thankful http://t.co/MmXiZz0ePn
Retweeted by Carmen@Wizard_Fae @PinkFans_ @Pink This is so true! We'll follow you wherever you will go! And I think #roseave is sooo amazing! ♥ from Germany :)@FriendsComedy such a great idea! Wish I could be there!!! :( #Friends #Friends20th ♡♡♡♡♡♡People queuing up outside the Central Perk cafe in New York. #Friends http://t.co/6c2V8eOQvr
Retweeted by Carmen"@BabyAnimalPics: There there, he didn't deserve you anyway http://t.co/Vn2R6emD1o" @Tatjanasworld ;)
There there, he didn't deserve you anyway http://t.co/pHT6Zlajig
Retweeted by Carmen
Looks like the spouses are okay.. #you+me http://t.co/B5NQCEeGpI
Retweeted by Carmen
Yes, Tom. We get it... You're bad! Xx #BabyTom #cuteness http://t.co/iIuduyw2Pq
Retweeted by Carmen@Maddenbrothers well, you deserve it! I'ts sooooo good!!! :) #GreetingsFromCaliforniaIt's great to hear all the positive feedback on something we worked hard on. #GreetingsFromCalifornia
Retweeted by Carmen@Pink wish I could reach across the waters and hug you and thank you for all that beautiful music you share with us!♡♥♡♥@QueenNeech oh god this is sooo cute! :DUnsere Ur-Vampire haben heut nicht nur ein Problem... #TheOriginals
Retweeted by CarmenYou+me photos: http://t.co/7zX9nE2utB | http://t.co/FLzhd1NJnt http://t.co/RZTVh65gRU
Retweeted by CarmenThanks Australia and New Zealand for our #1 album!!!!! Wish I could reach across the waters and hug you x #you+me #roseave
Retweeted by CarmenHey!!! https://t.co/f5BSNBzv0k
Retweeted by CarmenThe folk-rock journey of @Pink and Dallas Green is documented on Rose Ave. @youplusmeoffcl http://t.co/jZSsnCmyvh http://t.co/7ZUWuocDAK
Retweeted by CarmenI have it! I have it! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! :D #happy #love #jumping #roseave @youplusmeoffcl @Pink http://t.co/f1e3tVNxh2
!!! :D RT"@SincerelyTumblr: My exact thoughts http://t.co/syLA4aBIZA"me: for christmas i want a dragon santa: be realistic me: ok i want boyfriend santa: what color do you want your dragon.
Retweeted by Carmengirls literally find out everything and sometimes it's just an accident like we don't even try
Retweeted by CarmenJennifer Aniston's as good at making enemies as she is at making Friends! Watch #HorribleBosses2 from November 28th http://t.co/DHby6M0e3l
Retweeted by CarmenCan we all just take a minute to say a massive Thank You to @Pink for sharing her amazing voice and words with us! http://t.co/JJIt82jN0q
Retweeted by CarmenGreat article about #Lost!!! I share your love for that show! ♥ :) @rachmeetsworld http://t.co/UXePnSVCLkRT“@MovieMueller: HERR LICH!!! @jessenphil . http://t.co/Otj2mHRsLG”””
Retweeted by CarmenImmerhin ohne Rechtschreibfehler. Und sehr sehr nett von der Lehrerin von Lukas :) http://t.co/J5uUICaKT8
Retweeted by CarmenTageszustand. RT “@PrKat83: Heute Abend ist es soweit.TVD Finale. Ich hab jetzt schon Gänsehaut @sixxTV
Retweeted by CarmenDenkt bitte daran, euch Taschentücher zu kaufen. #TVD #wirhabeneindate
Retweeted by Carmenhttp://t.co/WGzP1jdfUR
Retweeted by CarmenIt's such a joy to watch Jessica Lange on #AHS. She does everything with such abandon.
Retweeted by CarmenExcitingggg @youplusmeoffcl @pink @cityandcolour will be on @theellenshow on Monday 13 #youplusme #roseave... http://t.co/jKAemygfLd
Retweeted by Carmen@Imaginedragons when? ;D ♡@PinkFans_ @Pink @TheEllenShow @youplusmeoffcl I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!! :) #excited #missher #love #yippie #yay :DDon't forget... This Tuesday 10/13, @Pink & Dallas will be on @TheEllenShow singing @youplusmeoffcl's 'You and Me' + an interview w/P!nk!!
Retweeted by Carmenwishing it could be streamed so we all can, in a sense, "be there" - you+me show - Santa Monica.Good Luck & have fun @Pink @cityandcolour
Retweeted by Carmen“@jeniffer_fdez: WHY ARE YOU SCREAMING?? @iansomerhalder” Cause this is important! Sometimes you have to scream...
Retweeted by CarmenYou have NO IDEA “@tvdfancentral: @iansomerhalder @jeniffer_fdez just like she'll be screaming when she realizes you tweeted her”
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