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Humanist, news groupie, concert addict and pescatarian foodie living the champagne lifestyle on a beer budget.

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Thanks @bridenitycrisis! I can't wait to see what @CSchicagosocial and @VeraWangGang have planned for Sunday.
Email us & tell us about YOUR hero today! Send your story to wcl@windycitylive.com w/ "CHICAGO HERO" in the subject! http://t.co/aKskqAjiX5
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe types of jobs that pay middle-class wages have shifted since 1980 http://t.co/RSnBoo42co http://t.co/ngNlKb7ZjV
Retweeted by Christina GaceWorkplace stress contributes to at least 120K deaths each year & accounts for up to $190 billion in health care costs http://t.co/DV46wLCr9V
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Free workshop on police-community relations for journalists http://t.co/Hb7UieNHx8 @npcommunicator @McCormick_Fdn
Retweeted by Christina GaceI think I was supposed to hangtag #TheDress.Blue and black? Or white and gold? At first glance I saw blue and black now all see us white and gold. The world may never know. ..
“Too often, charity is about the redemption of the giver, not the liberation of the receiver.” Robert Egger #sbla15My mentors this weekend... #sbla15 #socent http://t.co/kCLkYA1pyvI’m not in the nonprofit business. I’m not the social enterprise business. I’m in the bravery business. @robertegger at #SBLA15
Retweeted by Christina Gace"A balanced diet is when everyone has access to affordable, healthy food." .@robertegger #SBLA15
Retweeted by Christina Gace"We are not .com, we are not .org, we are .motherfuckingbeautiful" - @robertegger on #socent #SBLA15
“That which you believe becomes your world.” — Richard MathesonHi @BillyDec saw you on ABC TV's WCL http://t.co/tIJMkw6aZl & want to win your FREE TIX to For the Love of Chocolate Gala Scholarship FDN <3
Goodbye Chicago! Hello California! Hello @StartingBloc, let's do this.Voting for the #DoGooderAwards is now open! Vote once per day, per category until March 3rd: http://t.co/253TkpyexR
Retweeted by Christina Gace
How to Forsake Your Technology for Lent, in 7 Steps @IlanMochari http://t.co/aDfRG8saWC10 Women in Tech to Watch via @davekerpen http://t.co/y6E76xzIna
Beyond Airbnb: @stephronyt on the pros and cons of other vacation rental sites. http://t.co/gVHQlqErxs
Retweeted by Christina GaceCrowdfunding Campaign Aims to Raise $30 Billion to Fix Boston Transit http://t.co/hFJxKz7CM6 #socent
Why focusing our efforts on women & girls is critical for social progress >> http://t.co/ByNhZPu4RX Killer post @epsteindaniel, btw. I'm in.
Retweeted by Christina GaceGalentine's Day Tribute: 8 Female Duos That Created Awesome Businesses Together http://t.co/3uh7yZvV8iON SALE: Hozier at Jay Pritzker Pavilion June 10, 2015 7:00 PM! https://t.co/J4WeoCKwa6Philanthropy Must Lead With Its Heart http://t.co/hRpIWG0CEF via @Philanthropy
What is worth checking out in the LA #socent scene? I'll be there next week and would love to meet with people making things happen.Look at her showing her belly! I'm melting. RT @Suntimes: Rescued pit bulls fight stigma by guiding people in need http://t.co/77GbpLYHa4@jasonfried @adam_haun Have either of you read Life Entrepreneurs? Highly recommend. Moments of Impact is a good one too.WORK IT: Little Girl From Missy Elliott Videos Is Grown Up, Pays Tribute With Epic Dance Video http://t.co/RHekVdFLfM
Want to be part of an impact focused community? Get started w/ 1 free month of #coworking w/ us! #socent | Apply @ http://t.co/mi6nN4DSCe
Retweeted by Christina GacePolls are open for #EarlyVoting in Chi's mayoral election, & you can also vote to support #PaidSickDays! Locations: http://t.co/LRlGEGQ8TR
Retweeted by Christina Gace"I wake up in the morning unsure of whether I want to savor the world or save the world, this makes it hard to plan the day.” - E.B. White10,000 Hours with Reid Hoffman: What I Learned http://t.co/v89cKXB4bO
@tracyswartz @rtachicago There is a campaign?Just entered to win a trip to #SXSW in Austin c/o @GA https://t.co/F8DDKcDOOP
Two bride-to-bes, two bridesmaids in each others weddings celebrating at #meettheexperts6 #maypolestudios http://t.co/B8o5naFHGe@CSNChicago @HkyCityClassic @umichhockey v. @MSU_Hockey is the line up I want to see.Millennials want to work at organizations that focus on purpose, not just profit: http://t.co/zatg0LISUz
I'm glad to see Chicago Tonight raising the touch questions, "Why is Chicago still so segregated?" #ChicagoTonightOnly in Chicago are mayoral candidates asked whether ppl should be allowed to save parking spots they shoveled w/a chair #ChicagoTonight
Retweeted by Christina GaceMadison, Wisconsin, is investing $5 million in worker-owned businesses: http://t.co/npwi6ZVEFr
Google donated $775,000 to Code2040 to help launch entrepreneur in residence programs at @1871Chicago http://t.co/q5OFEY1XyP
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe History of 'Dibs': Did It Begin In Chicago? via @DNAinfoCHI http://t.co/vKh1NABBL2
Ready for the Super Bowl? Here's all the Chicago-made commercials you'll see... http://t.co/V7JikzUU3W
Retweeted by Christina GaceSo @SPDelvecchio is currently throwing snowballs at our satellite in hopes to get it working before our Supper Bowl (not a typo) party.If you're only watching the #SuperBowl for the ads, this is for you: http://t.co/UJVmjbKqSb
Retweeted by Christina Gace
AP's 'robot journalists' are writing their own stories now http://t.co/8XQILsR66X
Retweeted by Christina GaceMy @TEDx talk - Women, STEM & EDM - examining gender myths and disparities within dance music http://t.co/jS8weTeQyJ
Retweeted by Christina GaceICYMI: Super Bowl #CommercialBingo http://t.co/yWTV4zd86F http://t.co/9M0txnRBaX
Retweeted by Christina GaceWomen in tech: This platform will match you to peer mentors, Tinder-style: http://t.co/7fktCEZXqt #mstech
What Silicon Valley Thinks of Women http://t.co/e1ZiCpWIj5To Collect Debts, Nursing Homes Are Seizing Control Over Patients http://t.co/RBkBu1kOSCThe @NHLBlackhawks are offering free youth hockey clinics on the Far Southwest Side http://t.co/g8M7yjIRRS http://t.co/RAstpyng4r
Retweeted by Christina GaceJoin our #socent community, and make a difference in #Chiacgo. Apply to #cowork *free* for a month @ http://t.co/mi6nN5d4BQ!
Retweeted by Christina GacePsst... @ellieINchicago @HelloFearless We're giving away 3 FULL scholarships to #BossSchool! #HFBossLady http://t.co/BoQ83Ri1OSWe're giving away 3 FULL scholarships to #BossSchool! Nominate your #bosslady friends (or yourself!) #HFBossLady http://t.co/5jJ471gEU7
Retweeted by Christina GaceChicago Public Library announces 3 locations for WiFi lending program http://t.co/W7Du8eIjoD
Entered to win a trip to #NYC and get startup-ready c/o @GA. https://t.co/FRlwVFT0Dq3 ways to change the ratio of women on boards by the end of 2015 http://t.co/0Ay8aFFUeFTravel on Airbnb and get $25 in travel credit! @airbnb https://t.co/3eV6oNyPo8@eonline @FiftyShades Look #3! #FiftyShadesOfFashionSweeps@mashable My business and innovation crush Sir @richardbranson. #esuranceaccessParty With Consent PSA -- "The Culture": http://t.co/WDHACvXHcO via @YouTube
‘Ghostbusters’ Reboot in Negotiations With Four Female Leads http://t.co/KDw0eX8SVz via @TheWrap@mashable I won't go to SXSW without sunscreen, my Samsung Galaxy, good company and my appetite for tacos. #SXSW #esuranceaccessChicago's Worst Landlords Revealed: City Lists Bad Building Owners via @DNAinfoCHI http://t.co/Sr5cxmmJrk
YouTube co-founder gives $1 million to the Illinois Math and Science Academy, his alma mater http://t.co/vSiwBX56zy
Retweeted by Christina GaceI'm back from Nicaragua and have picked up some new surfer slang: cute one, frothing, second breakfast."To know the road ahead, ask those coming back." -Chinese Proverb
The journalists who died doing their jobs in 2014: http://t.co/StzpspbzA6 http://t.co/ZTNmlPubrg
Retweeted by Christina Gace
I'm packing pickles for my one week of the grid surfing trip to Nicaragua - a whole week without pickles would be torture. #PickleFactGirls are powerful. That's why I'm joining with @GirlUp to make sure girls are front-and-center in the new development goals. #action2015
@girlmeetsgeek re: Facebook access. Perhaps try a court order since she has been reported missing and is a minor.@NateStPierre @Fascinatingpics Loaded. I want one.@NateStPierre @Fascinatingpics The picture is refusing to load. Please tell me this isn't another hoax. My heart can't handle it.
Updated story: Feds target possibly contaminated cadavers sold for research http://t.co/7BcuayYhbD
Retweeted by Christina GaceWorld’s First Accelerator Dedicated to Impacting Millions of Girls in Poverty http://t.co/Cp1L8IPPdg via @unreasonableHollywood in Your 'Hood: See Where Crews Filmed in Chicago in 2014 [MAP] http://t.co/kSpLgNYcz4Black market organ trade isn't just on TV: FBI Agents Raid Crematorium http://t.co/ivNJrlL05V
@LOSCABOSTOURISM I'm planning on an April trip. My planned hotel canceled. Do you have an update on hotel openings?Noooooo! @followmecabo just canceled my bachelorette res for April because they are still undergoing construction. What is a good Plan B?Flash deal--use code SOCIALMEDIA (thru midnight 1/14) for $30 ticket to 1/23 @chicagocouncil YP New Year Party. http://t.co/4PqdKbXw6L
Retweeted by Christina GaceGoogle Domains public beta launches in the US http://t.co/wmL0ls3WdD via @thenextweb
House again approves bill to improve suicide prevention programs for veterans: http://t.co/KYXeecIgQb
Retweeted by Christina GaceFree Community College Would Help Fix the Skills Gap http://t.co/152Ogjfuwl http://t.co/8LV4TQxxtC
Retweeted by Christina Gace. #MyBNRSweeps would take me to San Diego's Juniper and Ivy by the @Bravotv all-star and judge Chef @RichardBlais.Free Acumen course: Lean Data Approaches to Measure Social Impact http://t.co/dQg2m6nGuIAdam Grant and Sheryl Sandberg on Why Women Stay Quiet at Work http://t.co/sNQaNTuMrg
Geena Davis Is Launching A Film Festival That Celebrates Women And Diversity http://t.co/LSIkG7pNxG
Retweeted by Christina Gace
5 social good business trends to watch in 2015: http://t.co/wjoBWpbtMgObama's plan to make community college free, explained: http://t.co/eYQejQMmnd
Retweeted by Christina GaceThe CWTA Alliance is hosting a women's forum with all four of the mayoral candidates. Free sign up on eventbrite. http://t.co/cYUcemy9LA
Retweeted by Christina GacePlanning is fuel for your dreams.
Retweeted by Christina GaceProgess: Obama proposes publicly funded community college for all: http://t.co/XfMf2JI17q
Breaking News: Obama Proposes Free Community College Education for Some Students http://t.co/J2YsHAxWy2
Retweeted by Christina Gace
How to order Girl Scout cookies online: http://t.co/r5yj2OOXkC http://t.co/3ZErm91hfs
Retweeted by Christina Gace
I will not speak for free at events where tickets cost four or five figures.
Retweeted by Christina GaceRun A Nonprofit Like A Startup To Move Fast And Help Things http://t.co/qsq29hQWNK
From @POLITICOMag: Ten global elections to watch in 2015 http://t.co/BpppbVTkON
Retweeted by Christina Gace
Big Ideas 2015: Social-impact initiatives will go mainstream in business http://t.co/6ZYtUa1t3q
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