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REAL. "RT @SwedishCanary: When a woman asks you for your opinion what she really wants is her opinion but in a deeper voice."@JubileeDJ interview the sandman
Dance like dad never came to your dance recitals
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSWhite girls always gotta mention their friends in my tweets like "Haha Brittany this is so us."
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@skinny412 haha I'm in Hawaii, famo. I didn't know you could walk on water...@docadam first off, make sure Wyclef Jean's name is nowhere to be found...ERNIE JOHNSON LOOKED LIKE FIRE MARSHALL BILL IN THAT "GONE FISHIN'" SEGMENT LOLOLLLWHAT'S THE YAMS? https://t.co/VYaHxoUIrqLOOK AT WHO WON AT TWITTER JUST NOW. https://t.co/bbRMCdhgqCIf you're over 21, stick around after the Rae Sremmurd concert tonight (SUN 4/26) cos I will be DJing… https://t.co/nXrsT0xBfNI think I am infinitely more into "King Kunta" after all the initial knee-jerk opinions died down & then the video came out.I'm obviously live tweeting watching music videos on Revolt.I really like the Jamie Xx "Loud Places" video. The confetti scene is just perfect.@_SirHugoDrax no doubt.👻 "RT @nachosarah: if ghosts want someone out of their house they should just fuck with the wireless connection"#NP PURITY RING "push pull"Low key that Action Bronson f Chance The Rapper "Baby Blue" joint has been going off for me in the club.REAL. https://t.co/y8gIexltHgIt's impossible to create art if you don't believe in what you are doing.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: YOU BETTER ANSWER WHEN THE 💰CALLS. 545P 3/21/15 #fromwhereistand #instatrappin http://t.co/sgbw88DJTpPhoto: DON’T SLEEP WHEN THE 💰CALLS. http://t.co/o0q9Qzq34R@_blueyedsoul @djevilone @missmichellemai FUCK YELP
YOU AIN'T GOT NO KALAPANA IN YOUR SERATO?? #SUPERHANDSOME at TheManifest from 10P-2A w/ JON C,… https://t.co/H9omcqLB3qNick Calethes looking like a low-key Beluga whale. Specifically in the forehead region.Photo: Ex Machina is hauntingly beautiful & brilliant. I enjoyed being part of the movie - as, by watching... http://t.co/eHgYQNvRi2Photo: AYO TECHNOLOGY. 3/6/15 #fromwhereistand http://t.co/mrtGMqK2CQYo this fool just asked @Fourcolorzack to shoutout "The man above, you know, like Jesus". (,-.-,)
@Fourcolorzack @SSSOLUTION AYEEEEEEEI would be rrrrrreeeeeeeally happy if @SSSOLUTION would play "White Iverson" for @Fourcolorzack & me RN...Otherwise @TheManifest is full on raging & @SSSOLUTION is pon di controls.I already had like 82ppl step on my shoes so far tonight and I've only been in here for not much longer than 10 minutes. (,-.-,)@johnhammmi @jeffmon "swell" doesn't even begin to describe both of your facesClippers gettin' escorted out of the arena before the game is even over. (,-.-,)Photo: MOST THUGGED OUT BUT HANDSOME GAME OF LEAPFROG. EVER. #ykwws #instatrappin http://t.co/4ESHzYp2amPhoto: ON SALE NOW! BAMP Project & @kickshawaii present @TravisScott Sunday May 17th @JointheRepublik with... http://t.co/TPhUwGVinPis it "milfs" or "milves"?
https://t.co/HBRhaoeK1GPhoto: BAPE NY 10 YR ANNIVERSARY APPRECIATION POST. 4/23/15 http://t.co/IdzTFD37Gq@KIMPSSBLE DON'T DO ITPhoto: All the love and congratulations to the @143is family on their upcoming 2 year anniversary!... http://t.co/QZrd2FjMVpI know I'm petty for this but how you gone put a linear equation when this is clearly an exponential function?? http://t.co/oVoWoBYZdc
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSHOLY SHIT! https://t.co/GwuQYkFXXRPhoto: 🚗 1251A 4/23/15 #fromwhereistand http://t.co/pqrsYVTvQLPhoto: Tonight was as good as this mango shave ice w/ ice cream and condensed milk from Monserrat Shave Ice... http://t.co/XM3fOwSqzII can do this. Today will be great. http://t.co/3xtWPp47fb
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSeat a dick pat sajak https://t.co/kMswFs68CW
Photo: 🍗🍗🍗🍚 & *looks frantically for a gravy emoji* C3 from Jollibee Kalihi. 3/17/15 http://t.co/DRVYSQvJFn4/23 is 2nd cousins day in America and needlepoint day in Canada.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@djevilone ante upped on that one!Happy Nerf Day.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@djevilone obscure AND biblical!The story behind @VicMensa signing to @RocNation is crazy. http://t.co/wVJQf7DUcp http://t.co/hENnovxSei
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSWake me up when its Girth Day.REAL. https://t.co/4IADPY0cBw#NP DJ MURO "super reggae breaks vol.1" (mixtape)nostalgia is old
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@tdhk I didn't mention: dad probably started on his HS varsity football team (Under Armor head to toe).@JosephAbad fair warning, her husband is coming over to punch you in the face RN.@bridgettevuong this is the world we live in.@bridgettevuong HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH U CALLED SOMEONE A "TURKEY" I'M ALL THE WAY DEAD@bridgettevuong you shouldn't have posted this. LOL#LetArtPitch #LetThatBoyCook https://t.co/AIMAiivGKKGoth kid has stopped playing with his yo-yo & we have established I like Earth Crisis, Black Flag, Converge, Minor Threat & Minute Men.Update: mom in bikini & lacy coverup shirt has departed-leaving her goth attired son to ask me about Palace & hardcore bands I like. (,-.-,)Currently in the shop: goth kid in all black playing with a yo-yo and his mom is only wearing a bikini with a lacy coverup. (,-.-,)Almost got run over in a legit crosswalk twice. TITE! (Not tite at all.)Don't kiss them hoes on the mouth 🎹 http://t.co/1RwlUdyPmm
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@JustBlaze @KAYTRANADA its an even better beat when you hear the original sample source.
SAD BUT TRUE. https://t.co/QH4o5Kuht7OMG @HudMo posted up a CDQ version of "RYDERZ" on Spotify! Best believe this just got put on repeat for the rest of today...Kill cam just dropped a dipset duvet set so if you're a real G now you can have 2 pairs of bed sheets http://t.co/296LoT4iiq
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@MarleneKieu The Last Bookstore in DTLA, ride bikes from Venice to Santa Monica, Santa Monica pier, and yes, the LACMA.Photo: FORREST GUMP APPROVED. SMH (,-.-,) http://t.co/HZCbZV4ViCPhoto: Office vibes RN. 321P 4/ http://t.co/zVXBL7KgrwHE NEEDS TO STAY ALL THE WAY OUT OF BROADCASTING THO. https://t.co/dbgI8cFbjaREAL. https://t.co/ElJEnVX9Fn@JustBlaze @HudMo @TLAPhilly @nickhook @theroots man, just need to hear Hudson Mohawke play "Ryderz" like 5 times in a row for max epicness.AS A KID THE BEST SPORTS COACHES ALWAYS HAD A SLIGHT BEER AROMA TO THEM
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENSPhoto: Laid back but my mind is going Formula One racing fast 25/8. #fromwhereistand http://t.co/LAfEUPe1Gl@DJ_Marvel WHOA DERE@CosmoBaker Future "Fuck Up Some Commas", methinksOUCH. "RT @ZillaRocca: Portishead reveals exactly how much money it makes from streaming services http://t.co/gJdzHHK4h3 via @TheAVClub"FACTS ONLY. "RT @No_Cut_Card: bacon in my future ... hunger in my past."@princeklassen @djayres @djeleven FKN ORKO THO!!
Jimmy Butler snapped tonight.ICYMI: SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT! @bamparmy & @kickshi present @trvisxx May 17th Tickets on sale Friday at… https://t.co/5p2GAqRgel
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS@bradbaris real life.I'm like an anti-social social hermit. (,-.-,)Photo: ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT ALL RIGHT! 4/20 edition of #IN tonight with selectors @oxblood y @djdelve... http://t.co/qyZfUgzBgmPhoto: This morning was dope when we had all @kickshawaii crew from OG to present all randomly stop by to... http://t.co/nD641GtWNU@StoneRokk http://t.co/uuVB0ViRmB I use it all the time. It can capture youtube clips at various qualities & formats.@StoneRokk clipconverter@__krys SAME.
FORREST GUMP APPROVED. "RT @meaghan_garvey: i just barfed in my mouth! http://t.co/Lx9215Rn2f"Big up ESPN for using Gangstarr "Manifest" for this BOS-CLE first half highlight recap. #ripGURUIF I WAS A SUPER HERO MY SUPER POWER WOULD BE DIGGING DEEP HOLES INTO THE GROUND CRAWLING INTO THEM N THEN STAYING THERE FOREVER.
Retweeted by FINNESSER HUDGENS#WET https://t.co/Xmi7S5Tj0P
Photo: I will be sending it up tonight with the homie JON C (@jcabarteja) on some #SUPERHANDSOME meets... http://t.co/pmumX1gDrV*DOE "RT @DJDELVE: "FEAR THE DEER" THO!!""FEAR THE DEER" THO!!
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