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Fixed income PM, former Equity Analyst, CFA, and Chicago sports fan. Contributor for CFA's Inside Investing blog. http://t.co/IRXXkzI1el

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St. Augustine: What makes you what you really are is what you love the most
MosPrime overnight lending rate up another 5% today to 29.9%. Banks need liquidity & this could be trouble http://t.co/Sbrv5cI2v2@SJosephBurns congrats man@robynpalmer1 I'm used to strangers asking me to connect w/ no message & no introduction of who they are@Chris_arnade which bar were you at?@Chris_arnade that's too funny - u shoulda kept that tweet!@Not_Raven agree, same to you!@Not_Raven fwiw I've taken metra many times growing up there - I can share your frustration@Not_Raven I only have a problem w ppl who are disrespectful - not those who are anonymous. I've made plenty of wrong calls@Not_Raven which known pros?@Not_Raven I wasn't but thanks for the feedback - got to love anonymous trollsYou stick around until 4pm on a day like today & boom a dealer pukes bonds for year end!@Kelly_Evans Spoos & Blues!How 'cheap' is EM once remove SOEs? 14.7 PE, 2.3% Div Yld, 1.7PB; cc @Jesse_Livermore @BasonAsset @awealthofcs @millennial_inv
Retweeted by David SchawelS&P up 102 handles in the last three trading days@jesse_livermore And never buy an EM bond between 50-80 dollars. That is no mans land.
Retweeted by David Schawel@giannirussello your only tweet of 2014! I'm honoredAlmost feel sorry for how badly the bears are being trolled....unreal meltup$JLS was a nice little fund until they started buying STACR and container paper@ReformedBroker @Jesse_Livermore @awealthofcs Everything is cheap until the "E" from P/E is chopped in half... see PBRTwitter full of oil rig count statistics - last December was a countdown to the 10yr at 3.00%. What will next year bring?@modestproposal1 Sounds like a food critic to me@ArchMcClure hot pastrami from Rose's meat market? Why have i never been there before?I want to take a few months and sample each of these http://t.co/zHcaI9TS6C@ArchMcClure disagree - any decent rates guy is watching the front end w/r/t FOMC@kyles09 really big... that's when the extra reserves are injected into the system & new deposits show up at banksVia JPM data, I'm showing the final QE purchases of $21.4bil of Agency MBS will settle on January 14th. Balance sheet expansion isn't over!Something to remember: Fed buys bonds up to 3 mo in advance. 13b of Agy MBS settled last week boosting the Fed balance sheet . QE isn't over
@talktoskirt @SconnieTrader @Nonrelatedsense impossible to dislike Carl Winslow@DavidSchawel Current pricing makes it more attractive for banks to keep loans in portfolio plus investor protections are lacking in PLS.
Retweeted by David Schawel@georgepearkes @Nonrelatedsense @talktoskirt full house a little low & wonder years a bit high@Dutch_Book Actually I could see you doing that@Nonrelatedsense @talktoskirt ok rank the following: full house, saved by the bell, family matters,boy meets world, step by step, wonder yrs@talktoskirt would you like us to rank Step by Step seasons too?@talktoskirt wasn't that like 10-15years ago?@HFMLarryBird Sounds lame I know, but just how I feel nowI can't put my finger on it but this market feels very strange. Not good or bad necessarily, just strange.Good Hussman chart: ST rates are a function of the size of the monetary base relative to nominal GDP http://t.co/zfZr571NR4@georgepearkes @ArchMcClure @CandiceLen @TheStalwart we were told to operate a John Deere at State in the summer@georgepearkes @ArchMcClure @CandiceLen @TheStalwart was that your 2013 Duke summer reading assignment?@ArchMcClure @CandiceLen @TheStalwart oil peaked though in 1980 - so I assume fall out from the few years after?@deuxetvingt same with long USTs@CandiceLen @TheStalwart that was my thought too - but not sure... S&L was late 80s early 90s... Looks a bit early@TheStalwart look at the mid 80s!@given2tweet when did Luke join Twitter?@VincePagano layup!@MortgageLaurie I have participated but broad institutions haven't really bought into these deals@MarkYusko @modestproposal1 @hmeisler surprising small caps aren't up more and the VIX didn't let off more - somewhat strange day@MortgageLaurie what do you think are the top reasons holding up non-agy issuance right now?"Pride is the carbon monoxide of sin. It silently and slowly kills you without you even knowing." -Keller@jamis8891 Kukoc? He's aged a ton@BarbarianCap Get a life$DBL way too expensive here - and should be down today w/ the long end off so much. Proceed in an orderly manner to the exits@DavidHaugh how does he have a job still?Hooray Volcker!@DavidHaugh Cutler is the only one who has lost his job for performance reasons - that shouldn't be the casePimco sees global growth ramping up in 2015 - and Bernanke agrees http://t.co/eNzfdDbnrn
Retweeted by David Schawel@agurevich23 That's not my strategy, but nothing changes people's mind like price@agurevich23 The price has now gone up
@iamwiddy gotcha@carlquintanilla @IvanTheK @CNBC they just hope it won't go bust@IvanTheK @CNBC the 4th arrow@oknotsomuch @talktoskirt better draft pickGrt EquityZen chart on LendingClub value over time. Patience pays off after first ~4 yrs w/ zero increase. http://t.co/zBEyHSJN5K
Retweeted by David Schawel@Nonrelatedsense Yeah I was being sarcasticMarket has an unhealthy reliance hanging on every word of someone who also doesn't know what the future holdsThis statement is hawkish at the margin IMO, Fed is really unfazed by the recent events & seems content to move ahead all else equalNice little steepener@ArchMcClure front end didn't leak anything!PATIENCEWhere will the 2y yield close today?@IvanTheK @Hooper_Quant classic@IvanTheK The plane one from @Hooper_Quant is an all time classic@IvanTheK man you're really older than you look@jennablan @ReutersBiz PEBIX has large holdings in Petrobras debt and PDVSA (Venezuelan bonds) which are down from the high 80s to 30s@hmeisler Rumors of @IvanTheK to BI to stem the @TheStalwart bleeding@michaelafulton nopeVia OCC's Survey of Credit Underwriting Practices. Too much money chasing too few opportunities http://t.co/lZ9tEDRoRU
Retweeted by David Schawel5yr real rates in US (+0.44%) vs Germany at (+0.28%) but dramatically different components. 5yr German BE at -0.23% vs US 5yr BE at 1.53%@NickTimiraos I understand burnout but the lack of any positive impulse has been surprising@NickTimiraos I mean exactly what I said: rates down a lot this year & no real impact to refis@NickTimiraos where did I say it was new?Remember this summer when people were rooting for higher inflation to get to the Fed's target? Fun times.Refi index is 5% lower than a year ago despite 30y mortgage rates that are 50bps lowerHas autocorrect gotten worse with the iPhone 6 or is just my typing?I downgrade Citibank today...Out of habit. $c
Retweeted by David Schawel
HFE on #Ruble collapse. In 40yrs, we have rarely awakened to find a currency down by 20% after the rise in interest rates to 17 from 10.5%.
Retweeted by David Schawel“@dealbook: OnDeck, a Lender to Small Businesses, Raises $200 Million in I.P.O. http://t.co/RJPLoMxmOu” // Not close to profitable iirc@mjohnson2399 non-agy feels like it would be the last to crack given technicals & broad sponsorship but overall I agreeIG excess returns the last 12 months http://t.co/tHMDkSKSrCCommodity currencies taking it on the chin tonight $nzdusd $audusd@77cyko not that fund@mjohnson2399 I agree - which segments are you seeing it in?There's a monster MF I know full of EM corps, Euro RMBS, energy HY, and other less liquid ABS. NAV has plummeted - forced sales wld be scary@greggabe Do you think this season warrants a clean slate with the front office & coaching staff or just coaches? Pretend you're the owner@MaglanCapital Still can't see a promote when it hits you in the face. Sorry guys - see you at a penny.
Retweeted by David SchawelPimco’s Emerging Markets Bond Fund (PEBIX) suffering big losses; has 21% in Russian assets, double the benchmark http://t.co/qnA3oiG3z7
Retweeted by David Schawel@MebFaber It's very appealing when viewed in context from the trough -but those investors who bought 50-60% down instead of 90% not as happyAs gas prices tumble, inflation is plunging faster than official measures can capture http://t.co/WBoi7Bko0z http://t.co/zPbh3DsvTn
Retweeted by David Schawel@jmfreeland yes
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