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Dented Meat @DentedMeat @5by5 Chatroom

The story so far: In the beginning DentedMeat was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and been widely regarded as a bad move.

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@dominik you’ll need to ask @nerddotis. It’s his campaign- I’m just helping spread the word 😀Thanks to iOS 8, I finally have a name for what I’ve been feeling all these years. http://t.co/xMmZ2ZF6OeHey, jackals. Did you #ThankMerlin yet? https://t.co/hyb9bf1aNq
@askvirginia @haddiebird @gkr DING!@jessiechar and after seeing you organize the Live @thetalkshow’s during WWDC, being an FBI agent isn’t a challenging enough job for you@askvirginia @haddiebird @gkr what’s the word for something that’s both humorous and terrifying at the same time?@jessiechar If you played Agent Keen, I’m sure you wouldn’t have agreed to such a drab wardrobe for her character.Was two episodes into “The Blacklist” before I realized the lead actress *wasn’t* @jessiechar http://t.co/nZ1ewzVBxI
@marcoarment be honest - it’s because you got cold feet about bundling the Phish album in Overcast after the U2 fiasco, isn’t it?
No—I know! You have your REASONS for being mad about getting a free album. I get it. Thing is: that's actually what makes it super-funny.
Retweeted by Dented MeatIf my 1999 Napster-using self could see the public outrage in 2014 over Apple giving away a free album, he’d burn his Rio PMP300 in disgust.Currently Trending: publicly dissing U2 is the new hipster cool.
@reneritchie @lonelysandwich I think you’re thinking of UnobtainiumI literally don’t have deep enough pockets for iPhone 6 Plus. No, really. I measured them and they’re physically too shallow! 📏👖
@ismh yes, but just don’t look in your iTunes Library anytime soon.Pics of @gruber working out in the White Box wearing an WATCH or it didn’t happen.BEST RDAR EVER “@cdespinosa: rdar://18280711 Apple Watch missing Pluto”rdar://18280711 Apple Watch missing Pluto
Retweeted by Dented Meat.@marcoarment Nickelback, obviously. duh.@cgpgrey @marcoarment YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH.No love for Pluto :(Text alerts are gonna be awesome on the Watch http://t.co/ThD3vmspBhGotta say, I’m a little disappointed Tim didn’t come back out on stage wearing a trench coat full of Watches.@hotdogsladies HAI!After getting RT’ed by @marcoarment during an Apple event, I have a lot more sympathy for the broadcast team. #tweetbot-meltdown.@hotdogsladies I think you're thinking of assistant TO the regional manager@jacobrealo outta my league. my pockets are only so deep.you guys, I paid the IAP to turn off the translation. you’re welcome.@hotdogsladies that’s so crazy, IT JUST MIGHT WORK!!@ismh Schiller cosplay
Somebody buy @faitherina a chai latte — it’s her birthday!! 🎉🎈💃🎁🎂@faitherina sometimes we don’t get to choose our IRL callings, they choose us. ;) http://t.co/N3R48SPVKO@faitherina A.B.C. A - Always B - Be C - Color (blending) Wait, am I doing this right? http://t.co/OAsK5HhBhh
@gruber LowDown
You could say there’s a new flavor of Markdown where the arrogance… (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) … comes standard.@WernerTwertzog @siracusa graveyard shift, indeed..@sausman @marcoarment I think you’re thinking of “Lowdown”YOU GUYS - PLUGGED IN USB CABLE ON THE FIRST TRY!!! http://t.co/82wjRaREcBForking Markdown is great and a wonderful example of OSS. Calling it Standard Markdown is a dick move and a violation of the spirit of OSS.
Retweeted by Dented MeatTrivia: the first famous person to have an image in the cloud was Batman.
Retweeted by Dented Meat“Standard DentedMeat” is neither.
@BenjaminBrooks oh. my.@mikebeasterfeld reading the messages now. sorry!!@mikebeasterfeld @jasonpbecker wat? oh my, well isn’t this embarrassing. Email that I thought was being forwarded was, in fact, not..@_RelayFM chatroom, I AM IN YOU. /cc @imykeAbout to go live with @jsnell for @_inquisitivefm. Listen along: http://t.co/Xb1oqjItu3
Retweeted by Dented MeatShocking news from the anthropomorphism community: http://t.co/W0glKzhn2M For the record, I am, in fact, a jackal.So many podcast networks, so few willing to interview fictional chatroom personalities…
@robmanuel @BenjaminBrooks Braaaaaands. Gotta love ‘em.
@timothybroder @imyke @viticci @caseyliss Yesssssss!!!I’ve completed my ALS #icebucketchallenge http://t.co/FP8Z3hvO7w I’ve challenged @imyke, @viticci, and @caseyliss!!
Retweeted by Dented Meat
The @_Relayfm launch is best news I’ve heard all day. I’m already in the chatroom..@haddiebird #humbleprivacybrag is trending
.@Ihnatko why so serious?
@gte @gruber @hopsinglaundry What’s the over/under on when hipsters start ironically drinking Bartles & Jaymes?@imyke @ismh dude, that’s grossCan’t argue with this @BeakScore assessment. http://t.co/bA4djqZe5h
@mikebeasterfeld @ismh @imyke Must. Contain. My. Excitement. http://t.co/m7dR1MIyOb
@ttscoff are you referring to Navdy, or @lonelysandwich’s sweet ride?
2014: The Year of Groot Dance
@faitherina My better half refuses to listen to her music anymore because all she can think of is “So. Many. Sad. Dogs.”@tjluoma I think the message was cropped. It should’ve read “11 seconds left… GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN!”@jsnell Wait - @imyke used to do podcasts?! No wonder he sounded like such a natural in that episode.
@ismh @hotdogsladies I think I need to lain down.
.@siracusa What an incredible Cinderella story!.@daringfireball @gruber “No, no. Dig UP, stupid!” https://t.co/AZztRdMUGB
@johnchidgey /me raises eyebrow and nods knowingly in @johnchidgey’s direction http://t.co/LmYhQLHXKP
Hey everyone, @DentedMeat is back, and he’s making 🍸!
Retweeted by Dented MeatNew MacBook Air Ad Shows Apple’s Out of Ideas Because It Shows An Existing Product Instead of One It Hasn’t Announced Yet
Retweeted by Dented Meat@marcoarment for the coffee, yes. But, speaking as a guacamole addict, their Haas avocados are second to none.@reneritchie @gte @beeso @danbenjamin @hotdogsladies @jsnell this. They don’t call him “BENDIS!” for nothing..@tiffanyarment sorry, since receiving my @studioneat Neat Ice Kit, I can no longer be held responsible for the content of my tweets. 🍸🍹🍸🍹🍸.@tiffanyarment yes, ma’am!! http://t.co/10cZNfay41@haddiebird quite jealous! @saltandstraw was the highlight of my last trip to Portland. 🍨@caseyliss @ismh @imyke OMG the 8-bit sequence in that commercial makes me weak in the knees 👾💕God help @marcoarment if the Trader Joe’s fans hear the latest episode of the Pragmatic Podcast. #brutal http://t.co/YSSV7xUa8C@sensibleworld did you see @alyankovic made a song about your Sportsball T-shirt? https://t.co/2CzKlgQ1f1 https://t.co/haCRen9Lmj
@jsnell @danbenjamin @brando_minich I think you’re thinking of, “Put that coffee down!!”@jcenters @ismh @OvercastFM when this podcast hits 88 mph, you’re gonna hear some serious [Smart Speed Enabled]@AlbatrossDecon @imyke who says he didn’t?Pouring out a plate of pasta for @_theprompt. 😢🍝“I called (555) SHOW CANCL and had my show cancelled before it ever started! Thanks, @imyke!”* * @DentedMeat is a paid product spokesjackal.@izs @siracusa What’s really going to bake your noodle is what if NaN was a number?@ismh 😪
As a public service to others, I pledge to repeatedly flush whenever someone takes a call in the restroom. #TheMoreYouKnow 💫
.@reneritchie @dwiskus Can I be the sidekick for The TV Show podcast that feeds you the names of all the GoT characters you can’t remember?@GlennF @hotdogsladies @theincomparable and you could interview them as you travel to the lobby in vintage elevators@GlennF @hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh @theincomparable hmm. it’s good, but needs a hook. how about “Podcasters in Elevators Getting Coffee”?
@DentedMeat @CKinniburgh @theincomparable PUT that dirigible…DOWN.
Retweeted by Dented Meat@theincomparable @hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh Third prize is - you’re Glenn. Get the picture?@hotdogsladies but of course you have, Mr. Sanfrancisco Fancypants! I bet the two of you commissioned a @lonelysandwich film of the meeting@hotdogsladies @CKinniburgh @theincomparable Always Be Incomparable@CKinniburgh @hotdogsladies @theincomparable I think you're thinking of “Glenning the Cube”@hotdogsladies @theincomparable How about “The Unmentionables” since mentioning what’s said in the chat room only makes them stronger.@theincomparable @hotdogsladies I can already see the t-shirts: “I am Glenn”@hotdogsladies @theincomparable Dirigeables?Me, DentedMeat, agree with Grimlock! My only regret is not knowing about the Transformers 4 drinking game earlier. http://t.co/sYw4mkEZnV@ksliech me * 5 times today 😡Hearing Bumblebee “speak” “I’m perfectly calm, Dude” in Walter’s voice almost made Transformers 4 worthwhile. Almost. Ok. Not really.I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. I will not post on twitter today. wait
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