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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Good and Bad News for the GOP in the Race for the Senate Majority http://t.co/7aJ9DXR79H via @PracticalPols
What Was Just Disclosed About This Apalling Obama Habit Proves He's A Danger To America http://t.co/DuYK5AlPfw via @po_stDem Rep Arrested For Voting 19 Times - http://t.co/t91g73rc3RReport: Obama Has Missed over Half His Second-Term Daily Intel Briefings http://t.co/qRN7NKs2ZM via @BreitbartNewsThe buck stops there-Obama Says – It Ain’t My Fault! - Eagle Rising http://t.co/9zVcaRs8sZ via @theEagleiRisingPresident Obama's Asinine Abdication of Responsibility on Iraq | RedState http://t.co/nBLg86a3Ui1 Mile From Baghdad: ISIS Makes Their Way to Iraqi Capital @regisgiles #girlsjustwannahaveguns http://t.co/5Kgy1dt7eH via @regisgiles@EDinCali Sounds lk #TalkingPoints 2me. https://t.co/ibcaqjAN2O http://t.co/3DsyCfUBJG #LiarsOfAFeatherFlocking http://t.co/vTRQKZ5mbz
Retweeted by Ed In over her head Psaki: ‘There’s a Difference Between Being Aware of a Threat’ and Seeing ‘Level’ it Poses https://t.co/gVq0IyORC3Getting their info from NBC, would make them good dems- NBC’s Brian Williams Begs Kids To Watch the News https://t.co/djNf4VPMIC"Don't believe your own lying eyes Barbara Boxer": Obama Being ‘Honest’ About Mistakes, Unlike George W. Bush https://t.co/GqBxCou7wyTrue, most of them have been taxed out of New York-Chuck Schumer:There Are No Doubters of Climate Change in New York https://t.co/Xur9Jq9m29Just like they supported the Iranian people in 09? White House: U.S. Supports ‘Aspirations of Hong Kong People’ https://t.co/xSsJXsxSqmYep :)-MSNBC’s Reid: Hong Kong Protesters Paying Tribute to Michael Brown/Ferguson https://t.co/AworFbVRgy@epley_p glad to see the i in twit@MaxwellMarshal Like I said@JohnRambleRed Depends on what the meaning of is, is@frankawitz13 @1SupremeGoddess @bulldog338 @JoeWMiller Looters Law@StoneFree2Rant But he was taught in law school how to parse words to another level@EDinCali There's no evidence that he was every much of a lawyer. He can only bamboozle those who want it.
Retweeted by Ed Only stupid people believe this rhetoric-Rep. Fudge: If Blacks Don’t Vote for Dems, Children Will Go Hungry https://t.co/nG6kufWFcvStarting to wobble again-Rosie O’Donnell: Outrage over Obama Coffee Salute Due to ‘Racism’ https://t.co/l802MUBYMyGreta knows!-Van Susteren: Obama Will Say ‘War on Women’ But Not ‘War on ISIS’ https://t.co/KNYu3PHXtw@EDinCali Political correctness will be the end of us!
Retweeted by Ed You really have to listen close to what obama says, remember he is a lawyer and has been trained to bamboozle/misdirect with wordsCalifornias legislators vote to ban the confederate flag, yet stay silent on the islamic state flag...#catcot@GeriatricPsych @JoeWMiller It has to be organic.....Michelle's edictThe only surprised ones are the msm sycophants-State Dept’s Harf: ‘Even ISIL Was Surprised By How Quickly It Grew https://t.co/4Qwc2YzEAXEd Henry to "Earnest": If Obama Was Taking Responsibility, Why Did He Say ‘They’ Failed? https://t.co/NtoTdPGB0rThe Real Story About What Ended the Great Depression (Hint: It Wasn’t the New Deal) http://t.co/9x6FtlsntD via @StephenMoore @DailySignalI hear the tanks a comin'-China’s Communists See Red When Hong Kong Demands Democracy http://t.co/ixvITjooOy via @Gundisalvus @DailySignalMalachi Martin said it best-Pope Francis: Satan Seduces by Disguising Evil as Good http://t.co/rkygnUyOA2 via @joewmiller5 Yr Trial Period?-Abortion Activist Defends Infanticide: May Require Killing Baby After Birth http://t.co/I7LkOvPm6M via @joewmillerIdeology trumps competence-Allen West: ‘How Does Anybody Keep Their Job In The Obama Administration?’ http://t.co/06SPxpAvR6 via @joewmillerIslamic Munchausens disease by proxy-Islamic State Seeks World Domination http://t.co/4YJgNfrwEp via @joewmillerWATCH Dear Leader: Obama ‘The Country Is Better Off, People Just Don’t Feel It’ http://t.co/mSZUfxfzcq via @joewmillerLike spores-Feds Place Illegals in Every State http://t.co/MspXpeQRgn via @joewmillerIt's all about the propaganda-Obamacare: New messaging hurdles ahead http://t.co/bKYvhMk9FG via @POLITICOSpreading forest fires and energy poverty-Greens take 2014 fight to states http://t.co/bnJVle15FE via @POLITICONorthern Irish voters want a border vote but no United Ireland http://t.co/JYN20AP5MiMore lies from this administration to confuse & bamboozle-The Khorosan Group Does Not Exist http://t.co/48Y8UyPWoi via @NRO
@JerryBrownGov==> http://t.co/95Jb6gEjDp your climate change is a bunch of crap @tcotonleftcoast @californianewsn @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed Flashback: Biden warns that Romney would attack Syria & doesn't even trust Putin http://t.co/EWb7tgYWFx #OhLookRomneyWasRight #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Do you think it is time for holder/obama to declare beheadings in the name of islam...a hate crime?@MSNBCWatch @ChrisMatthewspu Never heard the end of when dan quayle was head of nasa and said his goal was to land men on the sun...at night@pnicastro1 @MittRomney much of it based on liesArticles: Racial Disparity is a Bitch http://t.co/F4vO72kXrcSmarter Forest Management Could Yield Water for California’s Population Growth http://t.co/asnymiQHwJMassive taxpayer supported company-Gigafactory Sequel? Calif lobbies Elon Musk for Second Tesla Battery Megaplant http://t.co/tZV79YLQM7Best politicians money can buy-Records show unions massively fund CA Dem Party http://t.co/0aKIhAwaNE@EDinCali or maybe their "rainy day" fund could help us get some water!
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @instapundit has it right. "Democrat operatives with bylines." @worldnetdaily
Retweeted by Ed Dumbed down voters-Sacramento Prefers to Create “Rainy Day” Fund Instead of Paying Off $340 Billion Debt http://t.co/G5w29JP9P3Left runs amok-Seattle: Garbage Collectors Allowed to Fine Residents for “Throwing Away Too Much Food”—NO JOKE http://t.co/4HFMvHprmmHelp me rename ‘mainstream media’ http://t.co/dZESgio002 via @worldnetdaily@KS46 i dontRomney was right about everything...But the msm wouldn't reveal how utterly wrong obama was on almost every issueThe far left/obamas ethos is turning missiles into EBT cardsWhat is president Jarrets next move to block the Iranians from achieving nuke arms?I could see ISIS from my front porch...Why didn't obama see them as they marched through Fallujah and Mosul crucifying and beheading?Free Market Threats: Ride-Sharing Services Face Legal Threat From San Francisco, Los Angeles http://t.co/wwnWpDZlp1 @edincali @bettinavla
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @tray24u1 So, other than that Mrs. Lincoln...... How did you like the play? When man beheads another, what more is pertinent?
Retweeted by Ed How the left has tilted our culture...Used to be guns turned into plowshares, connoting work ethic.Now obama turns missiles into EBT cards@LSUJEFF @MelissaQuinn97 @DailySignal The new version of guns into plowshares...Obama is turning missiles into EBT cardsTune in to my show NOW 6-9am PT/9am-Noon ET Discussing "Why U.S. Blacks Are Easy Targets for Radicalization." http://t.co/ye9mBipMiM #tcot
Retweeted by Ed Dr. Carson on Holder’s Resignation: His Legacy Will Be Tainted By His Agenda https://t.co/gZJu9HofslContinues to treat Americans like mushrooms-MSNBCs Harris-Perry: Muslim Beheading In Oklahoma Was Workplace Violence https://t.co/Ji9pHyimys@EDinCali Meanwhile, does anybody even know the victim's name? Why the lack of info? We know Mike Brown; how about Colleen Hufford?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @JoeWMiller So they're calling @amychozick a liar? I guess it all depends on the meaning of the word "follow", right?
Retweeted by Ed Wait until his 1st home invasion, or gets mugged-NYT Columnist: ‘I Don’t See Why Anyone Should Have a Gun in NYC’ https://t.co/vIZQEEeRdAHe was a peaceful young man-Accused Beheader’s Mother: ‘There’s Two Sides to Every Story’ https://t.co/rQQ3IAhIDxWhere does it live peacefully with neighbors? Obama: ‘Islam Is a Religion that Preaches Peace’ https://t.co/rkUubGqhtJPresident Divider-Obama: Police’s Unequal Treatment of Races ‘Scars the Heart of Children’ https://t.co/rWc82TaHk1Clinton Foundation Denies (Unconvincingly) It Had “Escorts” Follow NYT Reporter To Bathroom http://t.co/zHH5tZjGuS via @joewmillerI posted a video 2 nights ago of a girl fm CA doing video for Occupy at Ferguson. She talked over an hour. Stunning hatred. @Rmhenry1Henry
Retweeted by Ed @markknoller @BeanfromPa Pay to play?@nypost Crime violence victims, may times become advocates for the 2nd amendmentWho was this "employee" who set fire to an FAA air traffic control center?...More workplace violence?@Daggy1 Then we can get to the core reason Cali/west is burning up due to far left govt/epa forest management@EDinCali @SkyeShepard PERSIA you mean PERSIA!!! As Val says she's PERSIAN... From like the 1100's I guess
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @Daggy1 What's the vote on ISIS flag? Surely they're worse than those mean confederates who are terrorizing everyone since 1860
Retweeted by Ed @Daggy1 For the past several decades they have ignored strategic infrastructure in favor of more nanny state programs to attract their baseKhourisan isl fiction made up by obama to disguise the fact al qaeda is more powerful now than when he took office...He lied, people diedOf course not building dams-Daily Water Allocation Could Be the Next California Drought Strategy http://t.co/eYpmM7BjM0 via @joewmillerFruit of Obama=socialism-Celebrity Chef Slams Obama Nonsense, Laments Decline of Restaurant Industry http://t.co/slP4FyyYOt via @joewmiller@Daggy1 But our hardworking legislators just passed a bill that outlaws the confederate flag...That will make everything betterAnd while the Middle East burns... the citizens of CA will die for lack of water because the CA gov't failed to deliver a workable system.
Retweeted by Ed Yeah, #BetterWithFriends Oklahoma HAS BEEN TERRORIZED #WakeUpAmerica #Okie
Retweeted by Ed Obviously a comprehensive knife registry would have prevented the OK Beheading. #gunsense #everytown
Retweeted by Ed NOT him, mind you...The US did-Obama: U.S. Underestimated Rise of ISIS in Iraq and Syria (+video) http://t.co/8ZMDhZQwNz via @joewmillerPre conception shd be focus-How Obamacare Funds the Nation’s Largest Abortion Provider http://t.co/io6l6kEoUJ via @sarahtorre @DailySignal1st time in my adult life, am ashamed of a 1st lady-Why Michelle Obama Was Wrong to Trash America at the UN http://t.co/G5LspXunNfTurns missiles into EBT cards-Obama Wants to Stop Missiles used against ISIS http://t.co/NElodwVjW0 via @MelissaQuinn97 @DailySignalHey Valerie and obama!-ISIL Is Not a Reason to Cozy Up to Iran http://t.co/vTuHvFnbb9Made criminals in their own country-The top five most wanted Irishmen in history http://t.co/cK4zQUS7wwRemember when Turkey was a secular democracy? Turkey Surpasses Iran in Anti-Semitism, Opposition Lawmaker Charges http://t.co/zELZ05VgvL
Retweeted by Ed @sunlorrie No that's OK....:)Our latest war with ISIS will be costly..... all the more reason to reduce gov't spending in other agencies... useless agencies like the EPA
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Watch lioness jump onto the man who raised her http://t.co/KfdfjvgaDURT @toddstarnes: Maybe President Obama should be taking steps to protect us from the Islamic extremists living in THIS country.
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