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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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Remember? Betrayed Egyptians chant Monica while they pelt Hillarys motorcade with tomatoes betrayed Egyptians chant Monica as they pelt Hillary's motorcademwith tomatoes@andronimo71 @libertyladyusa I'll tweet it in a minute@JackieJackielg Obama knows because theyr e on his's that working out for us?@brunota2003 OK I'll read it l8r@winkiechance is that parrot alive?@RodfromCranston OK you made your view known, I know how you really feelYes indeed...When Hillary was last in Alexandria the streets ran red with blood of tomatoes thrown at her...another foreign policy triumph@RodfromCranston its your choice...whatever melts your butter@RodfromCranston if nothing changes, nothing changes..I,m not impressed w a policy wonk who can recite statistics, I want a doerHugh Hewitt aka Steven King tried to make a name for himself by tricking Trump.@EDinCali common knowledge: if you are older than 30 and a Liberal you have no brain. younger than 30 & conservative no heart.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali I'm so tired of having such a wimp POTUS that I find Trump very appealing.
Retweeted by Ed .@EDinCali If I had a buck for every time I've called Congress and talked to regular congressional staffers (NOT interns) who are CLUELESS.
Retweeted by Ed .@EDinCali Heck, we have members of Congress who find out about existing laws during hearings and it seems MANY don't know constitution.
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali Like EVERY Pres. is all about the staff & advisors. It takes a village...Lol
Retweeted by Ed @pnicastro1 and let God sort them outI would rather Trump not know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah than Jeb not sure Obama's Iran nuke deal is good or bad@EDinCali **nodding and grunting**
Retweeted by Ed @Shgamha I respect those who assert their neanderthal privilegeI don't care if Trump doesn't know the difference between Hamas and Hezbollah....he'll hire experts to fill him in on them@EDinCali Egypt Charges Obama and Hillary with Conspiring with Terrorist Muslim Brotherhood. Issues arrest warrants
Retweeted by Ed @truewildeone she lies just because the sun is shining.....a pathological liar@EDinCali. Yeah I Remember Poor Hillery Taking Gun Fire While Landing In A Copter She Should Be In Prison
Retweeted by Ed @truewildeone yeß that was played down by her fawning msmLast time Hillary was in Egypt after her reset button w them, they ran her out of town throwing shoes and tomatoes at herEvil has no conscience “Those who are capable of tyranny are capable of perjury to sustain it.” ― Lysander Spooner
Retweeted by Ed IRANIAN COMMANDER: ‘The Islamic Revolution will Continue to Enhance Weapons… Until it Overthrows Isra... your senator and representative to express ur anger on this #IranDeal bribery.
Retweeted by Ed 🇺🇸 Inside Hillary Clinton's tinfoil-hat brigade
Retweeted by Ed Scott Walker Slams Jeb Bush on the Iran Nuclear Deal via @po_stDíaz-Balart Incredulous on Clinton Aide Taking the 5th: ‘Why Not Say the Truth?’ @jdbalart side deal?-Biden Won’t Answer DNC Chair’s Question on Iran Self-Inspections with Press in Room @RepDWStweets to that congressman who shouted "you lie" to obama during that state of the union "speech" he was right on the markBut be a good lib and support it-Biden: I Can Understand’ Why Someone Would Oppose Iran Deal @JoeBiden @RepDWStweets Paul on Gay Marriage: ‘Persuasion’ Is Much Better than ‘Bullying People’ @GayleKing @NorahODonnell @RandPaul's a Terrorist-Nation of Islam Leader Louis Farrakhan says “Stalk Them and Kill Them” Tries to Recruit 10,000 V... Very Bland Jeb Bush Unsure if What Hillary Did With Secret Server Was Illegal @JebBush @GStephanopoulos!!!-Trump: ‘We Should Be Speaking English’; ‘Like It or Not, That’s How We Assimilate’ @realDonaldTrump Lie-State Dept. Struggles Explaining Reason for Not Asking Hillary IT Specialist To Testify @APDiploWriter Stop & Frisk for them-CBS NY: NYPD Let Painted Naked Man Taunt Tourists in Times Square agree-Christie: Clinton ‘Doesn’t Deserve To Be the Candidate’ @GovChristie @marthamaccallum Gummint knows bestNow in jail-#BLM Activist Threatens To ‘Kill All White People’, Police Do This via @sharethisYou're NOT on msnbc-Watch: Guest Tried To Feed Megyn Kelly Lies About ‘Black Lives Matter’- HUGE Mistake Jorge Ramos is on the defensive over his role as journalist and immigrant advocate's not good enough-Vanderbilt Women’s Center to Lecture Men on ‘Healthy Masculinities’ via @joewmillerWatch: Police Are Calling For A Nationwide Boycott Of This Major Fast Chain – Here’s Why.
so a judge orders a Kentucky clerk to jail in a few days of breaking the law....@HillaryClinton hasn't even been indicted yet.
Retweeted by Ed Can you say conflict of interest? - Unraveling Benghazi: Is House Intel Chair Mike Rogers Part of the Problem? #PJNet
Retweeted by Ed “@EDinCali: Kerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal” What to offset $150B?on what authority
Retweeted by Ed Former CIA Officer Just EXPOSED OBAMA... Our Worst Fears Are TRUE! - The Political Insider via @TPInsidrChristine Rousselle - Maine Man Who Shot Intruder Robbing Him Told to Give Up His Gun Cruz Compares President Obama to Richard Nixon! via @po_stTed Cruz Compares President Obama to Richard Nixon! via @po_stKerry Promises Israel, Saudis Money In Wake of Iran Nuclear Deal general on Iran nuke deal: ‘It’s not over yet’ via @worldnetdaily@EDinCali And in Ca they can retire at 50 & receive almost the same as when working! Many get another government job after #whywearebroke
Retweeted by Ed @medlas @Zener39 Whatever melts your butter@medlas @Zener39 I dont look at it that way...It shows he has a wide array of supportersWhy we are enslaved-Median Total Compensation for Redwood City Firefighters – At Least $226,365 Any port in a storm@doradopescado Do I hear bidding war?...Perhaps some govt slush fund will enter the bidding@RodfromCranston @ShareThis I just find it interesting that the poster man of the effete left has not criticized TrumpDonald Trump has just won the endorsement of Dennis RodmanRobert Redford Has This To Say About Trump via @sharethisLatest rumor is: Hacker has over 30K of those deleted hillary emails and wants 500K for themSays he will plead the Lerner-Staffer who worked on Clinton’s private e-mail server faces subpoena Trump will sign GOP loyalty pledge
Jorge Ramos is such a bloviator he almost talked over Bill O'ReillyJudicial Watch Wants Investigation Into DNC For Hiring Illegal - Breitbart least 21 police officers shot & killed in 2015! #BlackLivesMatter #JusticeOrElse Louis Farrakhan must be arrested for inciting violence.
Retweeted by Ed My interview w/ @AlanColmes on @FoxNews regarding #BlackLivesMatter & war on police: #BlueLivesMatter #BlackTwitter
Retweeted by Ed @JLPtalk Rev Jesse Lee Peterson A great Patriot A great AmericanRETWEET THIS: The #IranDeal leaves Iran with the nuclear infrastructure to produce an entire arsenal of atomic bombs.
Retweeted by Ed Aw, man. @BarbequeYourAss unfollowed me. 😩😫
Retweeted by Ed Federal Judge Orders Release of Information That Would Tie Obama to IRS Scandal via @stevenhahleRetweeted ¡Steve Dominic! (@d08890): @Will_Antonin Name that artist!
Retweeted by Ed AMEN!
Retweeted by Ed Original pundit Niccolo Machiavelli (1469-1527) blasts low-energy leaders like Jeb:
Retweeted by Ed San Fran Lawmaker Wants to Tax Every Cocktail Sold In California @hipechik @edincali @bettinavla
Retweeted by Ed Americans would be pro immig if our country wasn't turned into a welfare state-71% of immigrants, legal/illegal w children are on welfareThat would only happen with an ethical justice dept I hope she wins that lawsuit. I love #HarrisFaulkner.
Retweeted by Ed Clinton Used U.S. Government Employees To Steer Money To Her Foundation via @sharethisIt took a super majority in the senate to force obamacare, but to allow iran to get nukes only requires 34 democrats...Nice 1 mcconnellOOPS, Climatologists Missed This-Obama Will be Greeted by Global Warming-Induced Snow in Alaska via @po_stFox Anchor Harris Faulkner Sues Over Hasbro's 'Harris Faulkner' Toy Hamster via @nbcnews
Favorite #Soros quote: "There is no magic bullet for climate change, but there is a lethal bullet: coal." So lethal, he owns #coal stock.
Retweeted by Ed .@SenatorSessions questions taxpayer handouts to unprofitable #solar companies like @solarcity and #solyndra.
Retweeted by Ed Another slain police officer. Do you not have any statement, @LorettaLynch? What the hell are you doing over there at the DOJ?
Retweeted by Ed @EDinCali @davisindy @jorgeramosnews @brianstelter Tough Shit hombre, that's life.
Retweeted by Ed as the stomach turns in the District of Corruption AKA DC
Retweeted by Ed CNN host and Mark Lamont Hill team up on Sheriff Clarke over #BlackLivesMatter; Watch these fireworks!: Natura...
Retweeted by Ed Cheney: Obama Admitted Iraq ‘Was in Good Shape’ When He Became President Far left propagandist David Corn: Saying Hillary’s Poll Numbers Are Sinking Is Going a Little Far @DavidCornDC Jorge Ramos: Kate’s Law Is Unfair @jorgeramosnews @brianstelter Henry: Email Dump Shows Hillary Had More than One Device @megynkelly @edhenry @scanlon_kate @DailySignal Walmart got the good press and feel good advertising, now back to making money from foodstamps.
Retweeted by Ed The left says spend more of your $-What We Can Learn From California’s Failed Green Jobs Plan @DailySignal
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