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Columnist, commenter. A liberal until 18, then saw the light because I felt the heat. Write for IrishCentral & others. On the radio and guest of Fox News

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The reason why dems are pushing for no voter id's & extended voting times, same day registration is that it makes it easy for vote fraudw islamic jihadis staging attacks in our country, I recommend every law abiding American to practice their 2nd amendment rights & fire back@EDinCali It's not true. In the USA, anyone can vote...as many times as they want, anywhere they want. Holder says so. Must vote (D) though.
Retweeted by Ed What incompetence by our govt-New York doctor diagnosed with Ebola; health officials seek out those in contact | http://t.co/i5JmC0j1c6If they are THAT uninformed shd they vote?-David Corn: Minorities May Not Know They’re Not Being Allowed To Vote https://t.co/jTULVLvLPEMean Spirited=Self responsibility-Cornel West: Democrats Are ‘Too Empty’ but the GOP Is ‘Too Mean-Spirited’ https://t.co/QsxCTjslDQKaty Green:Rene Zellwigger has gone full blown nancy pelosiCNN: Iowa Early Vote Data Shows Unprecedented Republican Numbers https://t.co/xYqMWMTL4PYawn...MSM wouldn't hear of it-‘Morning Joe’: Hillary Will Have To Answer for Her Role in Vilifying Lewinsky https://t.co/fR9Nr3esXxBroken clock, far lefty Rangel: Why Aren’t Muslims Standing up Against the Perversion of Their Religion? https://t.co/jp2vYOWpD5All of obamas talking heads insult our intelligence-John McCain Mocks Idiot Pentagon Spokesman: ‘Blah, Blah, Blah, https://t.co/At23jSSqDPNone of them know a thing abt capitalism-Krugman Wants Hillary in 2016 w/ Elizabeth Warren Looking over Her Shoulder https://t.co/GKhZlx9hNPTruth oozing out-Report: Frustrated Dem Senate Aides Compare Obama White House to a ‘Jayvee’ Team https://t.co/afiQgwnPDJMost don't know-Michelle Flubs, Calls Udall ‘5th Generation Coloradan,’ Confusing Him with Opponent https://t.co/I8AiVijg4TDont confuse this w/racism-Leahy: ‘There Are Those Who Want Never To Have Another African-American President’ https://t.co/1RjQourEnnFinally he does something right-Obama moves key Senate races toward GOP http://t.co/B2KrCuay8S via @POLITICOAmericans Today Should Say: ‘We’re All Canadians’ http://t.co/YehVvfiQh7 via @JJCarafano @DailySignalThey knew this his 1st day-Top Iranian Adviser: Obama is ‘Weakest of US Presidents’ http://t.co/wdmi0l5d0O via @joewmillerJews Under Siege in Jerusalem Amid Obama Promise http://t.co/XieTbmtwri via @joewmillerShocking! WH Lied About Releasing Illegal Immigrants Charged With Violent Crimes http://t.co/GPK6pytX6P via @joewmillerIllegals Registered To Vote : http://t.co/6vYs8vp63T #patriotupdate @patriotupdate http://t.co/8FQTHYoGpw via @patriotupdate
‘Bias on Steroids’: This AP Headline Explains Why So Many Complain About Media ... http://t.co/pPtMfEPO7C via @theblazeGOP Rep: Impeachment Must Be on Table If Obama Grants Millions Amnesty http://t.co/5cEQzMSHwJ via @sharethisUNLIKE OURS, Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper Calls Attack ‘Terrorism’ http://t.co/L8OtMqJzM6 via @Doug_GilesLiving high on our hog-$40 Million for 6 Years of Presidential Vacations http://t.co/Z8lmLLfGRk via @po_stNYC isn't the center of the universe, although the lazy media would like you to think soBREAKING: Judicial Watch Obtains List of Fast and Furious Documents Held Under Obama's Executive Privilege http://t.co/ZgZfprjPrJ via@EDinCali Like the Tsarnaev brothers, they seem to have a bead on some of these maniacs but their PC glasses ruin their vision.
Retweeted by Ed @emilyryanharper you know it will not be his faultNarcissists can't stand this reality-Krauthammer: Midterms Are ‘Total Humiliation for Obama’ and ‘He Can’t Take it’ https://t.co/csP79faYB1Here's the real truth-Sarah Palin: A Vote for a Democrat in November Is a Vote for Barack Obama https://t.co/Ot6rThpol5But strangely silent on Hillary-Howard Dean Slams Scott Brown: ‘Carpetbagging Is Not Okay’ https://t.co/ge2y5kj4kvRalph Peters: Obama Admin Starting To Learn its Lesson About Ignoring Kobani https://t.co/WD4IvuUc7oPerhaps mosque they come from shd be closed-Canadian: Shooters Are Terrorists They Should Have Been Detained Earlier https://t.co/RjqLcTSSYSPULL! White House: We ‘Strongly Value’ Our Relationship with Canada https://t.co/o0BhrwsboMDid she vote for Obama?-WBZ: Shaheen’s Failure To Explain Her 99% Support for Obama Is Her ‘Achilles’ Heel’ https://t.co/hmWSN5k68aPerhaps its time to take other steps-Krauthammer: Homegrown Radicals Like Ottawa Gunman ‘New Face of Terror’ https://t.co/LrW9GS6mUZRise Of The Machines: Vote For Republicans In Chicago Automatically Changed To Democrats http://t.co/1aQZoAsu29 via @joewmillerClimate Change PROVED to Be ‘Nothing But a Lie’, Says Top Meteorologist, Co-Founder at the ‘Weather Channel’ http://t.co/NjtPBeBzxhCanadian PM Calls Brutal/Volent Parliament Attack Terrorism, While obama Can’t Bring Himself to Utter the Word http://t.co/MUauTGDSbOHey Subversives!-Government Spends $1 Million to Study ‘Subversive Propaganda’ Online http://t.co/cemBpBoR61 via @Gundisalvus @DailySignalYes men/cockroaches/rats-Key Barack Obama aides eye White House exits http://t.co/5kMNN6KY7o via @POLITICOJust Guess What Ferguson Police Found on Missouri Democrat Who Has Sponsored Se... http://t.co/RuQw4fm0Zt via @theblazeOn This Issue, Matthew McConaughey Is Completely Politically Incorrect http://t.co/AhiQgWS420 via @genevievewood @DailySignalIsn't that special? 71% of Obamacare Signups Traced to Govt Expansion of Medicaid http://t.co/R61XQ4yo4L via @MelissaQuinn97 @DailySignalHispanic Teen Butchered with Machete but No Public Outcry or Protest http://t.co/1kD1bcdygu via @po_stCook County ballot box tries to cast GOP votes for Democrats http://t.co/q7nM8RCpkg via @sharethis
Hypocrite Reich Warns Against Reconciliation, Fails To Mention Dems Used it To Pass ObamaCare https://t.co/yApLlcrDZnStill hasn't learned her lesson-Lewinsky Blames Humiliation on Drudge Report, Internet, Ken Starr, NY Post https://t.co/1W3BFmP9OAOur biggest failure is have him as AG-Eric Holder: My Biggest Failure Has Been Not Passing Gun Control https://t.co/QxwcTroljCDoes it give you confidence that our president uses al sharpton as a close confidant?rinos/socialists-In the new Senate, will independents rule? http://t.co/NSVIGMP3VS via @POLITICOIs this the Best and Most Heart Warming Rendition of our National Anthem Ever? - Eagle Rising http://t.co/d8lXotblZu via @theEagleiRisingRonald Reagan’s Devastating Critique of the Left’s Addiction Entitlements (+video) http://t.co/OprZy8HTYw via @joewmillerAll we are saying....is give peace a chance-ISIS Massacred Every Man And Boy Over 15 In Muslim Town http://t.co/KOzJk05TRJ via @joewmillerPast commanders in chief would hit our enemies w/shock and awe....this president does that to our alliesObamas shock & awe-CONFUSION: U.S. Air Dropped Weapons to Islamic State by Accident (+video) http://t.co/h54i1wS1Ak via @joewmillerDoes This Video Show A Hispanic Activist Openly Committing Vote Fraud? http://t.co/JHvIhyOVZL via @joewmillerTax Dollars at Work: Mountain Lions on Treadmills http://t.co/CyVZ1WPcvSJudge rules on student punished for criticizing lesbians http://t.co/PnGMZpLcWV via @worldnetdaily
Royals are getting roiledThe royals are getting rolledNovember 2014 Voter Guide http://t.co/ecFsNaKvv5Bush Didn’t Lie ... So Why Did His Administration Sit on the Evidence of Saddam WMDs? - Conservative Byte http://t.co/yMkV2A7zWtAmerica suffers under tyranny of corrupt big cities-Voting Machine in Chicago Hardwired to Vote Democrat http://t.co/3YoW5x7DWR via @po_stWith 73% Of Americans Against @BarackObama #Bo Using Executive Action For Amnesty, Dems Will Pay At The Polls. #NoAmnesty #RedNationRising
Retweeted by Ed The media's lying concerns me more than that of politicians @EDinCali
Retweeted by Ed Doesn't want the truth-Sharpton Doesn’t Buy New Evidence Backing up Officer Darren Wilson’s Story in Ferguson https://t.co/thko5cjGiXPerhaps it was ballots, the Chicago Way-Appearing Confused, Obama Takes 6 Minutes at Voting Machine To Cast Ballot https://t.co/xkTA18qo3UDem Proud Mark Begich Refuses To Say if He Voted for Obama https://t.co/IU6BQiuRm4We keep making excuses-Ferguson Protestors Punch, Spit on Rams Fans After Parading Upside-Down U.S. Flag https://t.co/mrACYv2BD9Florida GOP Women Ask Charlie Crist To Return Money from Strip Clubs https://t.co/TbmE9w44ELOf course you wouldn't, you are a protector of obama-Holder Rips Panetta’s Book:That’s Not Something that I Would Do https://t.co/XaA8hekGF9And a lot of self serving-O’Reilly: The Only Reason Any Americans Vote for Democrats Is ‘Emotion’ https://t.co/BDzUGwbsvNLeftists are leftists-Obama: Dems Running Away from Me Still Support Me and My Agenda https://t.co/faPwesVRby@Tierrah46 Everyone in the whitehouse and associated with it is a serial prevaricatorDick Morris: Texas Photo ID Ruling Slows Obama’s ‘Power Grab’ http://t.co/j9TK7cT8xL via @joewmillerPay for play, mired in ineptitude/corruption-Politico Poll: 64% Believe America is ‘Out of Control’ http://t.co/vyUoaBc8wS via @joewmillerKerry, Campaigning Against ISIS Ideology, Meets With Muslim Leader Who Enforces Shari’a Punishments http://t.co/HkaLODYGCD via @joewmillerUnionization + civil service protection-Thousands of Federal Workers Are Being Paid to Sit at Home http://t.co/1yfH7SXXit via @joewmillerAll we are saying, is give peace a chance-Police Say Driver Who Hit 2 Soldiers Before Being Shot Was ‘Radicalized’ http://t.co/dajTjI9ccn@Tierrah46 Yes he has a deep history in epidemiology doesn't heSurveillance Video Apparently Catches Guy Doing Something at the Ballot Box Tha... http://t.co/0VgSnjpeqq via @theblazeThe plot sickens-Sources: Klain in line to succeed Podesta http://t.co/U0gCv2DfgN via @POLITICODude, where's my czar? http://t.co/XPWc1ShXzt via @POLITICOUS Ordering 34 Million Green Cards for Illegal Plan http://t.co/3hKiWV0CPc via @Newsmax_MediaFarmer’s Harassment Claim Against Green Group to Get Airing http://t.co/9Krxpg23qZ via @KevinMooneyDC @DailySignalCalifornia Winemaker Seeks to Tap Wider Message for GOP http://t.co/gZ4NOnlo6c via @WSJPolitics @edincali @hipechik @bettinavla
Retweeted by Ed
@EDinCali @Po_st Hmmm. Maybe #DemonRats shouldn't have wasted 1 Billion dollars on a Crappy #ObummerCare website huh?
Retweeted by Ed Outrageous: Government Is Forcing Islam On This School In An Unbelievable Way http://t.co/3953cAde4I via @po_stLeft Tries To Blame Ebola Crisis On Republicans http://t.co/A3ZXlgEO06 via @po_stMike Brown's Blood Found On Darren Wilson's Gun http://t.co/DUtCTuJIiL via @po_stScience: We're not really sure what this Winter's going to be like. Me: But you're sure what the climate is going to be like in 100 years?
Retweeted by Ed @EduardoBaz just writing like it is here incali@EduardoBaz I hate your country?....that's loco talk@EduardoBaz if I could I would make anyone wanting to enter my country have to do it legally...just like your country@EduardoBaz wth u hablaing abt?@EduardoBaz mucho@EduardoBaz some have, repeatedly@yviemarie88 @JoeWMiller That's the spirit
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