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Yay! RT @KellyHKnowles: Had a fantastic first time meal at @RPMItalianChi tonight! The Mama DePandi bucatini was delicious!@GiulianaRancic best birthday dinner ever! Wish you were there!!! #thanks!bestdaughterever http://t.co/T3g86XWNB1
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@osnapitztorik love U too ❤️@ColinJadeWiehe keep at ur goals and don't give up! If u can dream it, U can do it:)Xo! RT @JamiePetersen34: Off the hook dinner at @RPMSteakChi! Missing @BillRancic and @GiulianaRancic though. http://t.co/XJfjU4DTlO@cassidyEEC lol! #wollyana@AricaAngelo so nice meeting u today. Thank u for the love:)@JessieJDecker thank u:).
My BFF and I couldn't resist picking up these cuties in #PanamaCityPanama today. Thank u to my… https://t.co/2GMBkYFFUvLol! Ciao Bella! RT @SomethinLikeJe9: So my flight stops in Italy for 2 hours. all those years watching @GiulianaRancic will come in handy@TiffanyGaither ❤️❤️Capping off our girls wkend in Chicago w a delicious dinner @RPMItalianChi! ❤️my ladies! @BillRancic @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/dkiQNeCUDl
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic@iLovelyGirl love ❤️@cn_otto xoxox@valorie_vlucas1 thank u:)
@AmyHolcomb43 appreciate ur note. (Ps: they are beautiful:)@thelmsss_ ❤️❤️❤️@egorspws ❤️@suzanne_scm love U too ❤️@gfmete all good. Thank u for asking:)@elizabthaguilar love U too:)Glad u loved!!! RT @mhr90: @GiulianaRancic I went to @RPMItalianChi tonight and it was amazing! we drove all the way from FL.@donna_childress thank u!@seven1sixchick UR sweet. Thank u!Thanks 4 sharing:) RT @sylvia_085: i truly loved episode #beyondcandid. I had a friend who just died from cancer so it's very inspirational
#TBT #LOVE ❤️ https://t.co/VtuyAIki4a
@blurboi thank u. See u in Sydney soon!@bellahappyfeet thank you. Xo@tifyane thank you. Appreciate it:)
Dear @Zendaya, I'm sorry I offended you and others. I was referring to a bohemian chic look. Had NOTHING to do with race and NEVER would!!!West coast! Our @fashionpolice #Oscars special starts right now on E!!! http://t.co/bnHU5brNqD@mrbradgoreski squealing like @GiulianaRancic on fashion police made me almost pee my pants. #LOVEhim @eonline http://t.co/fDsC1PPYu5
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicMove over @GiulianaRancic : I said it first! http://t.co/3Z5tKssbty
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic😎 RT @_alexissmith_: By far one of my favorite episodes of @e_FashionPolice thanks to G being a total bad ass! #LoveYou #SpeakYourMind:) RT @blessing_you5: Thank-you for speaking your mind on Fashion Police by addressing the academy for leaving out our beloved @Joan_RiversLove it! RT @stphcvtkvc: Wine and Fashion...what more can a girl ask for?!! @e_FashionPolice @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/iWXZCfwYekOmg - @eonline #FashionPolice is KILLING me!! Can't stop laughing! @KellyOsbourne @kathygriffin @GiulianaRancic
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicEAST COAST! @e_FashionPolice #Oscars special starts NOW on E!!!Tonight's fashionpolice look: Saint Laurent from the @albrightfashion // shoes @gianvito_rossihttps://t.co/JQWVD6be5N@ENews @RyanSeacrest u did good guest co hosting @ENews with @GiulianaRancic tonight about @TheAcademy #ERedCarpet #Oscar2015
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicLoving my new tee from my new #GbyG collection. U like? Get urs here in all sizes:… https://t.co/gnK7Y8V3g0
Wow!!!!!!!!!! @LadyGaga just blew my mind!!! Incredible voice and performance. Wow!Me and my fab dresses and @forevermark diamonds are finished for the night. Thanks for watching everyone! 💋 #Oscars http://t.co/c4ZUkdvubdOscars Glam Squad ❤️ styled by @monicarosestyle // hair by @extbymissbrown // makeup by @mitchurena //… http://t.co/Hyq27gBiw0Live on E! right now with these lovely ladies! U guys watching?! #ERedCarpet http://t.co/wDhl2uBzKr.@khloekardashian and @GiulianaRancic, KILLING IT in red💃💃💃 #Oscars http://t.co/vt9Q83ibL3
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicKhloe and @GiulianaRancic on the #ERedCarpet live stream http://t.co/LoUPSoh3J8
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicXo! RT @StevenLacy: The only thing with as much taste as @GiulianaRancic on the #ERedCarpet is a glass of @XoGWine 💯 http://t.co/YiFCdaJT24Insanely good! RT @KJamjekian: @GiulianaRancic Did you see Rosamund Pike's dress? STUNNING!!!Me too! RT @bellabrunette85: @GiulianaRancic I can't wait to see Bradley Cooper!!Lol RT @eatredlipstick: @GiulianaRancic is the best. She's tweeting while being there. I can't even watch on TV and tweet at the same timeNaomi Watts' dress is so cool! Luv her hair and make up!! #ERedCarpet @redcarpetI wish! We only have one position on #oscars red carpet. RT @pcutchin: @GiulianaRancic why are you not doing interviews tonight?“@eonline: Best #ERedCarpet moment so far? Ryan Seacrest's reaction to Dakota Johnson saying "flogger"!!” <@GiulianaRancic's definition.
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicThank u Perez ❤️ RT @PerezHilton: G rocks it for the #Oscars red carpet- really compliments her new hair color! LOVE! http://t.co/X6CsZD4MA8Thank you @RyanSeacrest @GiulianaRancic @ERedCarpet #ERedCarpet for the fashion information on the people you talk with. #fashioncounts
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicAwww thank u! RT @Ladybandybuzz: @GiulianaRancic's red dress was STUNNING. She looks amazing!! wow! #ERedCarpet #Oscars2015Red and white too! RT @JarrellBrown: Red is looking like the color of the carpet tonight! #ERedCarpet #Oscars @GiulianaRancic @redcarpetThx doll!! RT @smashleymullins: Oh, gosh! @GiulianaRancic looks GORGEOUS tonight! That dress is amazing! #Oscars2015 #ERedCarpet"Xoxo! RT @kpsander: @GiulianaRancic You look #Stunning G! Gorgeous color on you & the lace detail is BEAUTIFUL. #ERedCarpetHiiii! RT @islandchica88: @GiulianaRancic @redcarpet I'm watching!!Are u guys watching #ERedCarpet right now?! Who r ur favs? Tell me in the comments! Here are the… http://t.co/30UKeGRNVlWho's watching the #ERedCarpet right now?! Tweet me ur fav looks! @redcarpetFirst #Oscars look: Dress: Steven Khalil @stevenkhalil Jewelry: Forevermark @forevermark Shoe:… http://t.co/QVJFe3b1e4LIVE on E! RIGHT NOW!!! Be sure to tune in!!!! XoNothing says #Oscars like red 💋 http://t.co/qFGAnKpFozOmg it’s Oscar night! Grab a seat on the sofa w/ur gfs...almost time to find out who wins! @ashleyhomestore #Oscars http://t.co/1r7XlTsLN1Hint: it's not black:) RT @andynayanwarner: @GiulianaRancic can't wait to see what your wearing tonight at the #Oscars2015Omg I can't wait for #livefromtheredcarpet with @GiulianaRancic for the #Oscars2015 - ughh I love Oscar Sunday!!
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Thank u ❤️RT @Princess_Shaved: @giulianarancic I wish you all the best at the Oscar's 2015! Kisses from Mexico!Wanna finally wear matte lipstick? @GiulianaRancic has a BRILLIANT tip to cure dry, chapped lips: http://t.co/jpaNnNvq4I
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicXo! RT @sayyysh25: Starting off the night with some @XoGWine ! Happy birthday @lyssaloo14 !🍷🎉 love your wine http://t.co/QbciLJejsoYum! RT @kathy_13144: I made Mama DePandi's pasta with shrimp! So yummy! Thanks for sharing! Thanks Mama!!❤️ http://t.co/VdHPCc8BuD@GiulianaRancic drove 7 hours to eat here tonight! Hope it's fantastic! #RPM #Chicago #AndAllThatJazz15 😬💁🎀
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicTry it 💛 #Gquotes http://t.co/iqUfUqTaoqU best #believe tomorrow is gonna be a good day 🎥 #oscars2015 #Eredcarpet (boots by @stuartweitzmanhttp://t.co/CBPZ64grLBHeading to rehearse for the Oscars. Excited for tomorrow ⭐️ http://t.co/0n7VvrIIIdUhh this is everything. That day I was twinning with @GiulianaRancic basically we are the same person, right!? http://t.co/oEOZoWD3dT
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
Aw! @GiulianaRancic talks working with Joan Rivers at her first Oscars in 2003: http://t.co/krVgZiNDmx #FashionPolice http://t.co/CM9A6zeKnI
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicOh. Em. Jeans! Wanna get ur hands on the most amaze jeans for $59?! Click here: http://t.co/CIQIDK7VeZ #GbyG @HSN http://t.co/JWvxXnKM3iLoved seeing @mrbradgoreski and so many more fab people last night at my launch party for my new G by… http://t.co/zXpsSdfqy3Having an #Oscars party? Enjoy @XoGWine during the show & send me your pics! Find a store at http://t.co/qWVkDcaMSj! http://t.co/8DONJrvQWNSo much fun with @GiulianaRancic at her trunk show in LA showcasing her @HSN exclusive collection! @GbyGiulianaR http://t.co/Ft37wL9ulw
Retweeted by Giuliana Rancic
#TBT Golden Globes. Still Uhbsessed with these gorg @forevermark!!! Can't wait to choose my diamonds… http://t.co/FqhimSW0XmOne more thing...use the hashtag #DIYhaircolor to let me know what U think of my new color:). Loving ur tweets!!!Tune in to @ENews now to see my new dramatic hair change:). Let me know what U think ❤️Loving it so far ❤️ http://t.co/j6WRfOj8qGThanks:) RT @MissABrownie: Oh wow @GiulianaRancic changed her hair color....LOVE IT!!!Make sure u preorder my book at the current special price! Here's the link: http://t.co/BHZcUOCxvM #goingoffscript http://t.co/9CNUJgINkICloser look at my new hair color! For those asking, I used vidalsassoonproseries #Salonist in Medium… http://t.co/hd8G19UobOBye-bye, blonde hair! Watch how I #DIYed my hair (and my #OMG moment) on http://t.co/0Cb4X63OuZhttp://t.co/PEAfgXtQWdExcited! RT @TheAusReporter: Giuliana Rancic To Host #ASTRAAwards Ceremony http://t.co/k8GcjalC3l @GiulianaRancic http://t.co/hnD4tGybNs
When ur man orders dope aviators and U intercept them while he's out of town. Thanks @billrancic 😎… http://t.co/7BrfMWAsJsGlad to finally sit back and relax with a glass of @XoGWine from my girl @GiulianaRancic after this long day http://t.co/wvns1ERDJY
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicTalking all things #Oscars on @enews tonight!! See u at 7/6c!! http://t.co/F0XY59M9xkCan't wait to go back on @HSN on 2/26! Yay! This new #GbyG jacket is one of my favs! Shop here http://t.co/ylM12kmDqE http://t.co/JIN2t80kAzIt's Oscars week! Make sure ur following me on Instagram for all the bts pics and scoop! http://t.co/IakyBYdxZSAhhhhh @GiulianaRancic on @MOREFOX5 this am! @RACHELFOX5 @FeinbergFOX5 @MonicaOJackson http://t.co/PWgTBpNioR
Retweeted by Giuliana RancicArm Candy. Spike metal mesh bracelet by givenchyofficial. "Duke"bracelet by shopryanporter http://t.co/NWKQ5CrhCDAt least my five am call time is with this stud. Love laughing with U all morning @mrbradgoreski ⭐️ http://t.co/nrL2khny00
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