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Hanna I Frankenstein @HannaInes London via Doncaster

UK Online Showbiz Reporter at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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Dorothy, Marie, Charlie, Jimi, Yul #deadcelebrities #halloween http://t.co/2NHli696oJ
Dorothy and Charlie. #halloween #deadcelebrities @ Shoreditch House http://t.co/Eb1GdP9sc1"Music doesn't lie." Jimi Hendrix #deadcelebrities #halloween #voodoochild http://t.co/jQU7eu51dK“@OfficialJLD: Last nite's appetizer-Scotch eggs #Britannias @BAFTALA I say! http://t.co/FJKTyZsGE9” oh my god. Scotch. Egg. The. One."If I was white I would have captured the world" - Dorothy Dandridge, actress. #halloweenhttp://t.co/PtbKvxX24YBoo. http://t.co/hQiG4omhpE@Marvin_Godfrey @louisedonovan_ I drank more red bull then is considered medically acceptable last night.Had a dream last night I was starring as Anita in West Side Story for a film remake. My Spanish accent was on point.
Culture Clash @ Earls Court Exhibition Centre http://t.co/riJ608QNh6Ready to clash some cultures #CultureClash #redbullTrue (horror) Romance. @henryholland #houseofholland #halloween http://t.co/uLBaQITqHSAbsolute jokes night at the @MercuryPrize with winners @Youngfathers ... Officially my favourite Scots. Sorry James MacAvoy.
Congratulations Young Fathers! #mercuryprize2014 http://t.co/zZbSeduj5eLoving the generic Joy Division Unknown Pleasures album cover visuals at the @MercuryPrizeMercury prizing with @deni_k #mercuryprize2014 http://t.co/wvJaSGE5OPYes twigs. @fkatwigs #mercuryprize2014 @ The Roundhouse Camdem http://t.co/SkPIKCavRHNick Mulvey #mercuryprize2014 @ The Roundhouse Camdem http://t.co/zTwHdTCFBC@FinneyFitness @deni_k @MercuryPrize it was Deni this time!Off to the @MercuryPrize with @deni_k ... fingers crossed for an @FKAtwigs win!@Seamus__D 😂😂😂Interstellar line-up @ Claridge's http://t.co/FpdyekoNlX
Interstellar just blew my mind. I can't speak.. or tweet.Benedict Cumberbatch is making every major movie franchise his bitch right now.@jo_elvin I agree! There were two on Kensington High St but thank goodness the one nearest work has shut down.Keira Knightley says she was shunned for taking a girl to prom. Funny how actors conveniently have the perfect story to promote their film!Feeling @Harry_Styles's pain. I broke my arm at Doncaster Dome 11 years ago. Bloody speed skaters.@FilmFan1971 @BFI Not doing Interstellar? xDirectioners I've been told Vevo/Youtube seem to be having technical issues. Don't bomb their HQs #DontDeleteStealMyGirl@colettefahy_ @moqazalbash And Whitney.Quantatitve easing ended at Cadburys as they discontinue chocolate coin currency. http://t.co/lhlDl6gB4FThis disturbing André Carrilho illustration on Ebola, and how the world sees it, is both powerful and accurate. http://t.co/5XHKQI1uhe
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinMy Tunisian brother from another mother @thelastskeptik has got a banger of a new music video https://t.co/L0fOqfU3hl #propulsion @FEMMEHQCongrats @LaurenPope on signing to @Elite_London http://t.co/1HnQacO1Sh via @DailyMailCeleb #exclusive #model #specialbookings@KimberleyDadds This girl I knew bought the same Ashish dress as me after seeing me wear it. Was fuming.This Victoria's Secret advert is really pissing people off... http://t.co/jkJXHhsNOs http://t.co/KqB1Sw0dIK
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinThe two people that made @donald_faison a legend. http://t.co/rsHgvPtEiM
Retweeted by Hanna I Frankenstein@elizabday 'window dressing' in all its glory.@elizabday and still ensures there's only a few women in their cabinet.So, to recap: a feminist looks like a white middle-aged bloke in a t-shirt, in desperate need of a promotional opportunity.
Retweeted by Hanna I Frankenstein
@EOnlineUK @Mattjohnsons I'll give her a four #badgolfpun@CharlieLanks £5 bargain!New gym gear courtesy of Nike, Adidas and Urban Outfitter sale. @ The Daily Mail http://t.co/B8Ui0E278pBREAKING NEWS: @professorgreen in wrong 'Lauren' music video shocker #LittleSecrets@EthanRunt weak in this one the force@EthanRunt typical scientist talking in universal truths until another one comes along.Brian Cox claiming that alien life is all but impossible is equally as narrow-minded as Christians who claim the Earth was created in 7 daysOne for @JohnRentoul #thisiswhatEd http://t.co/wh0LwQmGDS
Retweeted by Hanna I Frankenstein@m_j_whitehouse @ronniejoice judging by his cabinet, Cam is certainly not what a feminist looks like.Daily Star's Felicity Cross again stealing quotes from other publications without crediting http://t.co/pIrPXx6Sw6 http://t.co/mCWXwSrw7LScary thing: if BBC give Russell Brand as much free PR for Mayor vote as his book, he might just get in...
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinDo not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light - Happy Birthday Dylan Thomas. #100
#FF @danielvanboom spinning the decks in the Daily Mail Australia office. #DJVanBoom #VanBoomTour14It is a pleasure to open the Information Age exhibition today at the @ScienceMuseum and I hope people will enjoy visiting. Elizabeth R.
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinI was at the MOBOs after-party and the only 'terror' was the queue to get my coat back from the cloakroom.Could The Sun's MOBO 'exclusive' be any more racist? Would there be 'shooting fears' at the Brits or NMEs if they had gatecrasher issues?So sad to hear of Sheila Gunn's death. One of the best journalism tutors during my MA degree! #ripsheilagunn
@Paddy_Hobbs I am tweeting you from my phone right now! Thank you so much! XLOVED wearing these Marie Francesca Pepe earrings last night. #MOBOS2014 #bling @ The SSE Arena, Wembley http://t.co/ejMIRfs02rI never thought I'd feel sorry for One Direction... but another world tour? Give them a break! #OnTheRoadAgainTourWhatever happened to @grimmers dog Lex? Did some Vietnamese robbers steal her for meat? #unreportedworld #whereislexHis manager tells me that he called his new album 'the best he ever made'... Alvin Stardust dies, aged 72 http://t.co/OnPo57BRsP@Paddy_Hobbs you are a LEGEND! x@Paddy_Hobbs Heya! Any chance you'll be posting my phone some time soon? Thanks again for finding it!
Team showbiz (wearing Hoffman dress thanks to @livcordwell) #MOBOS2014 http://t.co/N7Qpis2lMEWith my boy Andrea Faustini and fayavital #MOBOS2014 #xfactor http://t.co/0FnbarU1RzFangirling over @AndreaFaustini1 with @HannaInes - X Factor winner right there #MOBO2014 http://t.co/l5YvRbgRtO
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinHey @samsmithworld #MOBOS2014 @ The SSE Arena, Wembley http://t.co/5mHFgennRRReady for the #MOBOS2014 http://t.co/IIneRnOTIS@KimberleyDadds @louise_saunders @bexnthecity @SaritaJG @ellendurrant getting my nails done innit! http://t.co/6vAa7oF3Ze@KayBurley @F0xyUK well in that case may the force be with you and have a good day :-)@KayBurley @F0xyUK To be fair Kay I was teasing, it wasn't meant to be an insult like yours!@KayBurley I'm not wearing lipstick... or any make-up for that matter!@KayBurley Did yoda write this tweet?I'm screaming out for more! S Club 7 to make a comeback as they reunite for Children In Need http://t.co/D85amgi1mU via @DailyMailCelebBum or Lauren Goodger's chest? http://t.co/RjlyN75AS8@IsaacCarew Argos Catalogue Autumn/Winter 2014Good morning. For those of you who missed it - my 0640 interview on @GMB "Energy customers deserve better." http://t.co/39TtgnqjeN
Retweeted by Hanna I Frankenstein
Why would ISIS wanna put the black flag on Buckingham Palace? The monarchy hasn't had power for years... Burger King has more power.From the Horns red carpet... Daniel Radcliffe advises Rupert Grint to ignore critics http://t.co/UTzS61XsQt via @DailyMailCeleb
Really enjoyed #HornsMovie It reminded me a lot of Jennifer's Body and I can't help but keep liking more and more of Dan Radcliffe's films.I've written a new @MailOnline column re @MonicaLewinsky & @billclinton - posting soon.
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinDan Radcliffe said he liked holding snakes on set... Did he speak parseltongue though? http://t.co/HPpPVPkWRw #HornsMovie #premiere@Gigwise he asked me to do the festival next year a few weeks ago funnily enough and i couldn't do it due to another gig
Retweeted by Hanna I FrankensteinGetting my Stelfox on http://t.co/sRXm1G7EMt @NivenJ1To PRs asking for credits, I'll be more likely to answer your requests if you spell my name correctly!@steveleng @louise_saunders @DailyMailCeleb why thank you, you're far too kind.@ethiopiansun who took the picture?@ethiopiansun Thanks
Actually you know what Eileen, don't come on. Not after that one. #Xfactor2014So Simon says he's the only judge that tells the truth but doesn't say anything about Stevi NOT BEING ABLE TO SING.I feel like Mel B is deliberately trying to sound like Bo' Selecta Mel.Stereo Kicks also known as X Factor: The Clone WarsSo Lauren Platt makes it her own by turning upbeat songs into ballads... Someone's been watching too many John Lewis adverts #XFactorWould be great to hear someone singing The Vapors Turning Japanese during #XFactor80sWeek for once. Enough with Whitney!I love Andreas but enough with the power ballads #TheXFactorJack Walton sounds like he has a lot of phlegm in his throat. #Xfactor2014Time to face the music Derm.They smelled of pubs, and Wormwood Scrubs and too many right wing meetings.
@colettefahy_ by hanging you mean watching her on TV from the office while writing #su2c stories? Yeah me and Omi are havin a stellar time!@colettefahy_ So jelbo that you're at the party! x
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