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Hanna Ines Flint @HannaInes London via Doncaster

Showbiz and Entertainment Journalist at @DailyMailCeleb. LOVES a scotch egg.

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@ronniejoice when you say nothing at all.Ms Dynamite-eeeee @ The Old Queens Head http://t.co/GqQ6gSRZUDOld Queens at the Head http://t.co/O3NMNyma1j
Just shows how much CBB pays for Leslie Jordan to choose it over American Horror Story S4 #madness@professorgreen @millsmackintosh are you doing a reality show? the new Ice-T and Coco?Nice chatting showbiz to @ronniejoice on @hoxtonradio though I couldn't quite hear what he was asking half the time!So this is why @EE's customer service is shit! "Tribunal lifts the lid on 'prank' culture in EE call centre http://t.co/9qOvBShvTu"They got Tutuola and Benson on the case --> Exclusive: NYPD SVU Investigating Bryan Singer For Alleged Sex Crime http://t.co/x9GfB0HbCFThree missed calls from three different people when I woke up this morning... clearly I usually know where the party's at.
@rickedwards1 ask him if he wore Angie's blood in a vial round his neck when he married on Saturday - I here she's into that sort of thing.The verified tick is an implicit seal of approval. Is @twitter proud it's on an account that often tweets like this? http://t.co/SfQxhRk1KA
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@EOnlineUK @catrionaw890 that's so Fetch.Tomorrow on my @hoxtonradio debut show I'll be speaking about Brangelina with @HannaInes, nightlife with @supersonic_stu & more from 2pm...
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintHigh-five to the amazing #Brangelina team on this crazy crazy afternoon @DailyMailCeleb @HannaInes @colettefahy_ @NolaMarianna
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintWriting this was intense! BREAKING: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie wed in secret wedding http://t.co/N1UHnJUvCY via @DailyMailCelebBREAKING! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have FINALLY got married http://t.co/a5fkExcK4S via @DailyMailCeleb
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintReunited with my SPC babes at Carnival #redbull #TBT #doubles #basementjaxx #skepta http://t.co/qgO4rdUUTP@lilahparsons @EOnlineUK @victoriabeckham Grateful Dead no?In what world does a British school girl have cat ears and whiskers? Sanrio admit it... you were on acid when you created Hello Kitty.@SirPatStew, @WilliamShatner, @levarburton and Next Generation cast in super Star Trek selfie http://t.co/UwAf9Abd04 via @DailyMailCeleb@AlexBeardTV @LondonLive Sort it out @Burgaffair I'm on the third floor of Northcliffe House!God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates… http://t.co/YMXcmCqHav@AlexBeardTV @LondonLive @Burgaffair can I have a burger?
@kara_simsek are they on your flight? watch out for Mile High club action@kara_simsek you know what they say... The bigger the feet the bigger the chance of verrucas.... Contemplating going door to door Marion Cotillard 2 Days, 1 Night style and getting 10 people to donate £10 so I don't have to do it.My uncle has coerced my little cousin to nominate me for the ice bucket challenge..This month's @empiremagazine cover is bloody brilliant. #gonegirl http://t.co/rcqqVk9Cah
Kate Bush makes live comeback after 35 years at Hammersmith Apollo http://t.co/FkHxrohDyL via @DailyMailCeleb
skepta #redbullstage @rbma http://t.co/QEY0sDFfXuWhen you're ready to go... But your mates aren't 😒#carnival2014 http://t.co/nvfdC5579K
Rest in peace Richard Attenborough. U were the best Santa ever. #miracleon34thstreet @MaraWritesStuff @Elizbethperkins
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintDavid Cameron leads the Twitter tributes to late Lord Richard Attenborough http://t.co/acPXPbVWXe via @DailyMailCelebA fantastic actor and filmmaker. So glad to have been around when Sir Richard Attenborough made such a contribution to film. What a legacy.Might be at work tonight... but I'll be busting these moves tomorrow at the Red Bull Stage! http://t.co/me4mJYf4Ln @rbma #RBMACarnivalBow down bitches -->I got : The Perfect One ! What Role Do You Play in Your Family? http://t.co/hGrl6PO1W6 via @play_buzzI suppose Billy Dee Williams was always Dancing With The Stars... #ReturnoftheJedi
I see Darth Vader but all I hear is Mufasa #ReturnoftheJedi #jamesearljonesWatching Star Wars Return Of The Jedi is the coolest thing you could be doing on a Saturday night... Am I right? #JabbaJabbaRanksMinna + Marcel + Luna @minnaattala http://t.co/cMYQGCPKox
DIY dye job complete. #redordead http://t.co/BTAv7mBiDNNice chatting to @AmberAtherton at the @myflashtrash launch! the disco hoops are perfect for my @Bestival outfit! #desertislanddiscoPerdy & Pongo #shoeoftheday #101dalmatians #cruella http://t.co/nkRobdPoYpNote to self: Don't search 'impaled' when looking in the Picture folder at work.Lovely chatting to @KimberlyKWyatt today about @gottodancesky1 and her baby news... interview to come on Monday! #comingsoon #congratsKimThanks for the 99s @O2 #mrwhippy #tgif http://t.co/FcBGlfSiwp@FayAvital You need to send me your new work email xxxExcited for @rbma #RBMACarnival with @tyakingbola and @evaksalvi line-up looks banging!! #NottingHillCarnivalIf you want to go to @RedBullUK's stage at Notting Hill Carnival enter the ballot http://t.co/rhdgwwIMc7@victoriabeckham and Cruz's #ALSIceBucketChallenge has made my morning! Love VB.
Can't wait to move in with my gurl @lillyclb #westlondongurls #nottinghill #6weeks http://t.co/F9F0KtLLFA@evaksalvi @MinnaAttala @EE rubbish everywhere!!50 mins on the phone with @ee and they still couldn't connect my broadband. rubbish.Missing @FayAvital immensly on the @DailyMailCeleb desk... It was Lauren Goodger and Kimmy central today!
@jenlong @babyhaim DAIM CAKE.“@johnkrasinski: Emily's #IceBucketChallenge ... kind of. http://t.co/le37sq2S3q” >> Oh bollocks...
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintI wonder if he was turning clay at the time? Gary Busey claims Patrick Swayze's ghost contacted him days before CBB http://t.co/XM7RHWhctw
My girl @HannaInes is a top bird - @RedBullUK stage here we come! #nottinghillcarnival
Retweeted by Hanna Ines FlintFeel bad for the man killed by the crocodile In Adelaide, but is it fair to shoot the croc for being a croc? Especially a rare albino one.@FinneyFitness it was at a red light!@FinneyFitness my dad was driving!@steveleng if there is one person who could use a bucket of iced water dumped on her it's Geri Halliwell.@superpixelchris @metpoliceuk an accident waiting to happen!@superpixelchris @metpoliceuk the tape looks more like a fashion statement.Is it legal to have 5ft of copper wire sticking out the back of your truck? @metpoliceuk #dontgetimpaled http://t.co/i4Z0qYmhe1Just dropped off 7 bags of clothes and shoes at @TRAID #charitybragEveryone give this dude a hand he tried so hard... http://t.co/8X9shay0lO #ASLIceBucketChallenge
Unless Seaworld can expand their Orca environment to the size of the Arctic ocean they should set the whales free http://t.co/LTMkrKJ9SHMark of a good cleaner when you have to go round with a duster after they've gone #notJust seen the official CBB list... There is one who I actually love... and saddened to find they would actually join the show. #paycheckIs @samsmithworld covering A Case Of You? Big vocals to fill from Joni's original and @jamesblake's cover if so... http://t.co/Kq2nulYBsq
Packed up my stuff an hour before the man with a van arrives and now Sneezing from all the displaced dust. I hate moving.
@VictoriaPeckham they'd have to settle it Dothraki style to see who is the true Khaleesi!50 babies were named Khaleesi in Britain last year. No Hodors though.
@ronniejoice @GinaLyons @louisescales I got the megabua from creamfields to london - stank of piss!Need this velvet green Sandro bomber jacket in my life. http://t.co/zHzaryccTqHappy birthday @jburmester1 #birthdaygirl @ slim jim's http://t.co/ql1JHkJSy6Great day chatting to the Downton Abbey cast about series 5 - Highlight was talking labour politics past and present with @brendancoyle99Can't believe I got my A Level results 8 years ago! And got a perfect score on the politics GS exam. Clearly I was listening at home...The Sun have mislabelled Robin Willliams' sons in tomorrow's paper http://t.co/Rn3CC7v7Ym
@benakt Alas no... at least this time clicking on the notification button proved fruitful!Twitter keeps telling me I have a notification but I don't. No one is notifying me. But I keep clicking on it.. just in case #tweetteaseI think the lesson we can learn from this Rita Ora/Calvin Harris drama is... write your own songs?Happy keggy-handed day! *typed with left-hand only* #LeftHandersDay@lillyclb @MinnaAttala Can I be there on this shoot? For either the hot sons or hot fathers?"Legends are all to do with past and nothing to do with the present" - you're a legend now Betty.… http://t.co/f6kLxplRut
He was always the funniest guy in the room. http://t.co/Qnb7rFMerP
Retweeted by Hanna Ines Flint@ShowbizSimon @danbullock had tears in my eyes reading that. Such a lovely sentiment.No. 18 on this list seems an odd choice... has @emilyorley seen One Hour Photo? He plays a pyscho! http://t.co/QGrMZtWx5y via @buzzfeedGreat to chat to the lovely Kara Tointon (@ktointon) today about her role as Rosalie Selfridge in @ITVMrSelfridge! #itvdrama #ComingSoonBangerang Peter. #riprobinwilliams http://t.co/t4ttvZprVL
Just finished watching the final episode of the final series of Friday Night Lights. Best two weeks of binge TV ever #texasforever
Here comes No. 8 #tarantino #2015 #itscoming http://t.co/ONwigzwwdR@TfLOfficial... ruining people's lives every 3-6 mins.
Feeling super #thor #asgard #marvel http://t.co/KiTM3pUNLrBBC Radio 1 play really shit songs don't they?
Dad got me this jersey in '95 #jordan #23 #baller #chicagobulls http://t.co/4ZPvqAIsbZConnect 4 #oldschool #moralfox @julia_arabuli @ Globe - Notting Hill http://t.co/1gmWRWSCn6Dinner with @julia_arabuli #moralfox #globe #friedchicken #yum @ Globe - Notting Hill http://t.co/hT27CPq4RHGood one Tracey. http://t.co/9TlWdyZTz7
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