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Rob Hestar(★♋) @Hestar69 Made In Dade(Jupiter,FL)

♫Music Is Life♫/♘Gamer for Life♘ (Xbox/PSN:Hestar69) ✵Anime Lover✵/☣Contest Enterur☣/ ☠Legally Sane.☠ Friendship is Rare,do you know what I'm saying?

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Fans will get a chance to play the latest Fatal Frame game when it launches this year for #WiiU. #NintendoDirectNA http://t.co/vGo8smYTVa
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)FATAL FRAME
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)No #AprilFools here,we cut the cord with our Hinge Wireless headphone.Follow & RT 4 chance 2 win #Coachella #giveaway http://t.co/7ghvZpNkjt
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)We're probably gonna quit chasing retro games here soon & concentrate on getting them on Steam / PSN etc. Maybe trade it all to Gamestop
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)It's April and we're ready to entertain! http://t.co/uZ2AhOANu1 RT if you agree to #win #WalmartWednesday! http://t.co/Hxef3enUps
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Win an @ASTROGaming A40 BXR Headset! Enter here - http://t.co/o53nMCLjlW Follow @TeamBeyondnet for more giveaways!@MrNerveDamage lol yeah u had that spot on lock...yeah I like that map especially on rescue..love going to the roof and snipin@MrNerveDamage yeah he really wanted a breach kill and just kept killing himself,lol.but we stomped those ppl out tho@MrNerveDamage lol yeah,he just got the game today and is still learning somewhat but he did alright@MrNerveDamage hahaha ggs man..my friend was like ohh shit I wanna try what mr nerve is doing..he put his c4 on urs and u still got the kill@MrNerveDamage we switched to echo squad so our friend could join
@jaypx85 ohhu stopped playign it?@jaypx85 btw how is ff HD?@jaypx85 with good ppl in co-op luckily lol@jaypx85 ohh,no the game IS hard,maybe not as hard as the souls games..but some bosses were a pain and I got lucky and got matched up@jaypx85 3 trophies are in the chalice dungeon which I hear is pretty hard...so yeah...lol...still goty material easily@jaypx85 haha..well im 30hrs in and did the USB save trick to get all 3 endings so I didnt have to replay on ng+ and my last 3...@jaypx85 3 trophies to go till the plat!@jaypx85 NOPE no need to ever fight him again! time to get teh easy ending and now ill have all 3@jaypx85 lol....yeah...he just fucked me up at 25% health...ughhh...just need ot kill him one more time then NEVER AGAIN@jaypx85 I mean,if u dont care about the plat u could take the easy way out....no fight lol@jaypx85 lolll...it was frustrating but fun...when I killed him..then for the true ending u gotta fight another boss right after him@jaypx85 wow that last boss was redicoulus! I gotta beat him one more time for another endingaswell...not gonna be funYou SOB true ending boss,u were one hit away! #Bloodborne@Mysticfail np man..figured you wouldnt mind entering it as u just gotta RT to win em@BrianIMdiesel @CherryRasulka @dyeknom @Mysticfail @rogXue headset RT https://t.co/7JSFfjiZoF[GIVEAWAY] @ASTROGaming #BxR A40 Headset! RT & Enter here to win! - http://t.co/IxDv6QgTCY http://t.co/zuYyXsUWcy
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel lol no@dyeknom no one wants to see males naked...well maybe @BrianIMdiesel does@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel LOL..Nah I wanna keep my capture card and Im sure brian does aswellYeah,your not talking anymore nightmare boss #BloodborneSTUPIDEST FUCKING BOSS IN A GAME@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel lollllllllll@jaypx85 @Pushaman55 lol@jaypx85 @Pushaman55 true everyone we played with quit,cept you..lol@Pushaman55 @jaypx85 Destiny...I spit at that game..Dunno how u all still play it :P@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel Elgato - Game Capture HD http://t.co/w5Lounu1d9@jaypx85 @Pushaman55 yeah lemme know..if it is,im down to play@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel like 2 years our is@jaypx85 @Pushaman55 just 1 day aww wth@jaypx85 @Pushaman55 free or paid dlc?@Pushaman55 @jaypx85 say what? In dying light?@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel pshhh u suck at smash I stomp u out at that game :P@jaypx85 what's fake?@jaypx85 when u kill a boss and it kills u lol@jaypx85 new dlc aka grind for more stuff that'll be worthless soon..yeah u gotta get it games hard,makes u mad then glad when u kill a boss@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel that's not bad..I still have my old elgsto I should use it more.what u wanna record smash?@jaypx85 nah I'll still be playin it for pvp n such..and I could always make a new char to help u out@jaypx85 and grats man finally! Lol now That u got it u can stop playing destiny :P@jaypx85 kill it for him as I had to go..but yeah love the game..think I have a few bosses left before I beat the game,might even get plat@jaypx85 ohh yeah..took out 2 hard as hell bosses yesterday and one even twice to help out someone who helped me..other guy we couldn't@dyeknom @BrianIMdiesel how much they go for? 199?Battle Tweepstakes! RT, fill out survey & follow us for your chance at 1 of 3 currency codes. http://t.co/1KaYTNBVPJ
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)@jaypx85 still addicted to destiny I see :P hows the game beenRT to #win a #HTCOneM9! You only have one life - what’s #TheOneThing or experience you've always wanted to do or try? http://t.co/MLGphPGUON
Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)What do you get if you cross a ThinkPad with a Chromebook? @MakeUseOf finds out #giveaway #competition http://t.co/3dqpnyPTjHDoes the ThinkPad brand mean anything to you? Lenovo made a ThinkPad Chromebook, of course we had to give it away! https://t.co/C2zKwjEFV9Win a New #Nintendo 3DS XL, copy of #Xenoblade 3D & Shulk #amiibo from @RogersBase! https://t.co/J44L18p0yuThis is, unquestionably, one of the best covers of “Let It Go” from #Disney's #Frozen that I’ve ever heard: https://t.co/h4e5EDJEDGI'm in the running to #win a #SmartTV thanks to @smartdns_com https://t.co/4ps1l4UQ4aI just entered to win an #iPad mini 3 from #IPVanish. Wish me luck! http://t.co/8MJYfL81vx365 Ninja is giving away a Surface Pro 3! Enter to win. http://t.co/hnYk0EMjW8 via @365ninjaFREE 3D Printer giveaway, and I am going to win it! @i3dcreatives has launched! http://t.co/avJj1LLJjfIt’s MLB Mondays with #MLB15TheShowatGameStop! RT for a chance to win a $250 giftcard! Rules: http://t.co/EMFh2g5U1B https://t.co/jbS0q3zzur
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Retweeted by Rob Hestar(★♋)Hey @noobde I entered the #MortalKombatXGiveaway by @BigCheeseKIT #MKX #MortalKombatX https://t.co/93SOXfDoiaI'm entering a chance to win Mortal Kombat X compliments of Mushmouth. #mushmoutharmy #RGNteam #RGNnetwork https://t.co/lXz8169UG1
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