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Holland Taylor @HollandTaylor New York/Los Angeles

Ann Richards Play. American actress.

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@playbill's MUSE???? I've never been so flattered. This whole series is GREAT fun. xox @PlaybillMichael #ANN https://t.co/K1x8iqnzSxSPEAKING of #SideShow, I co-star with @HollandTaylor in our dream castings because… why not? http://t.co/Y3sHxv1hFe http://t.co/6L7zbQfwCq
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@bettyaberlin Babou.My brief companion http://t.co/b6gFl7NMlH
Was this mama hippo trying to have a French Bulldog puppy? http://t.co/LFLrHP2IXs@townemma ahhhh. So true. ;)@MetLaugh inadvertently, yes. Twitter will do that.A half hour nap in garden, steady breezes in a stand of bamboo.@bluegrasshaze sorta...porch/ balcony...part of the house.@JeffGelberg good luck getting them before the period's over.@DebAbides oh, yeah.@Angie_Coiro ha ha!@AmyEphron nah. invisible rain damage. Massive repair and rebuild.@JacquiSundquist thank you for speaking my language.@mojosrising probably them, too. Oy.@jobean_1964 bingo.Joys of home ownership http://t.co/fF1LLr7Suo@UpstateGalp what about the many ppl up close and personal to whom I am a pain in the ass?
@hueynym @AudraEqualityMc "the Devils"starring Anne Bancroft & Jason Robards was my Broadway debut.Zoe took over for Anne after an injury.@bluegrasshaze toughed it out. Will have it for tomorrow morning you can be sure!!!@HollandTaylor Enjoy your day! You ARE deserving of an unbelievably lovely day. Especially after the coffee bump. http://t.co/5d6H7JHOQe
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@whatoneloves you're like Sherman's army.@JanelsWell a day in a thousand@whatoneloves back to winding up 2nd read of Mother's Milk.Lord, 75, light breeze, puttering in & out of sun, reading on chaise in perfect comfort and contentment. Unbelievably lovely. #undeserving@ddlovejoy WHAT A CAST!!! xox@bluegrasshaze what was her full name... I lived in the Village many many years... was she in the business of show?@JanvierNoir @quietude I dig.That moment when you've happily slept in, feel great, & as you slope into the kitchen, you realize ...you have no COFFEE! And it's Sunday ~This day was so long, so full, so interesting, so tiring~that I'm up at 1:30! WTH?? Now I'll read for half a page... and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz@JanvierNoir @quietude dammit, why can't I retweet this mouth watering picture?!?!
Funny! Boy this show has its young audience screaming.(me too!) "Scary Musical," NoHo Arts Center. Hot cast! http://t.co/PkNiFKnS29@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves love it.@MsNicoleBarrett lookit that. One eye droops, hair a wreck. I look loaded. Long drive to get there, traffic nightmare, no dinner...@Gauth_NBA i'm a great mother@JanvierNoir comin over@JeffGelberg went last nite, tweeted 'bout it.@EllenBarkin Colonoscopies are high risk. I think one out of 500 make perforations. Disaster. That is numerically a very high risk.@townemma Thanks!@bluegrasshaze Not mine... but her name is ... Oooops, Punky is her nick name. She's a Maltese, actually.@whatoneloves yes! But have another play to see tomorrow and a B-Day party too. And a tango lesson. And therapy.
STILL 50 ppl on line at Pink's 11:30 P. M!! I remember making Pink's runs with Tom & Peter. #BosomBuddies. http://t.co/KGcApAg8Ca@toetappin66 Well of course I meant at the same time@DD733 yesMy glory, it's great- ppl pouring in every nook & cranny to see this little old black lady reach the stars. http://t.co/yw0wFme9nQCrowding into door 7. The bell sounds. http://t.co/6NkuoiEm9TIn best mood! Off to see my dear, dear @IAmCicelyTyson open Trip to Bountiful. Bringing tissues, mascara. Saw her in NY. #TRIUMPH Profound.LA: Water main break Sunset near LaCienega~A MESS & Fountain closed to Crescent Heights. Despite what Bette Davis said, don't take Fountain.@bluegrasshaze Thanks Hazel. I like the company! Picked up twitter on the road...@tczzzz But that's everything. Good luck.You can have anything. You can't have everything. Chill.@CtLMN @JanvierNoir @whatoneloves six, at most. I can't see mischief. Wasn't quite there yet.Congresswoman Barbara Lee was right about war in 2001, writes @NicholsUprising, and she’s right again now. http://t.co/qA8IjORAt6
Retweeted by Holland TaylorMe on 'pitcha day'~ ( @JanvierNoir @whatoneloves ) http://t.co/7K2XoXkHd5@rainwater916 @jenniferbeals I've seen it on U-tube. It's fun.@JanvierNoir You were clearly gonna be a looker, and I like the alphet. A bit extravagant, for a 7 yr old, perhaps.!@JanvierNoir @whatoneloves These are so important! I found my grandfather & all who lived in house in the 1933 census, available on line!!
http://t.co/oaNztFBKm8 Wonderful Image. Wonderful creatures.@DD733 it's for sale. In Princeton.Everyone needs one of these. http://t.co/gXngsKR584@whatoneloves mmmm. Heartbreak. I do recognize it...@whatoneloves the book or the libation?@proudleftylib yes!!! And GONE.@suz2311 i've deleted plenty in my time! Not all DMs are compromising.My carwash is all cleaned up & pristine. Trying to get over absence of the bubblegum pinball machine. #LOSS http://t.co/B6BhiiSOyEMeant as DM. The internat'l Biennale in New OrleansIt starts late or end Oct. dunno for how long. Gotta check. Niece is the director.ANNOUNCEMENT: Our box office is SOLD OUT! There are a few tickets still on Ticketmaster. Don't wait to get a seat. http://t.co/H1zR70qEhL
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@kimby55 @fonticulus Because the wealthy class is content to stay blind to the final reality that their greed is hurting THEIR OWN SOCIETY."No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country," ~FDR@EsmeMcIntyre Thanks!@PierceLilholt I don't spend much time thinking about it! I certainly use it, and I don't when around people whom it would offend, I guess.@KarenDernie @RCJackson0045 @SAGFoundation Ha ha, 'stunner' is good.@EsmeMcIntyre You know I wrote it, right? There is no "they." I have already played ANN in major cities and didn't elect to do the tour.
@pamonshaw Mostly St. John suits. No, NO discount~ unbelievable.@RCJackson0045 @SAGFoundation Thanks RC.We filmed last nights #Conversations with @HollandTaylor at the @SAGFoundation & it was amazing! Editing as we tweet, look out for it soon!
Retweeted by Holland TaylorFemale Indian telephone switchboard operator, Helen of Many Glacier Hotel, June 1925. http://t.co/L2LNEcjKWv
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@LilyinLDN Send me a video!!! Send me a pic with the adorable spotted ear!!I'm always thinking GLAMOUR! @HollandTaylor thanks to you! X http://t.co/ZWkuM5kcqR
Retweeted by Holland TaylorThe incomparable @hollandtaylor is with us for a career #Conversations! http://t.co/DOtWMQORa9
Retweeted by Holland Taylor
@tucker1025 Oh, my Tommy...@hueynym as long as you don't say I painted it.@bluegrasshaze very good. I say Supreme Court lady. Who had been professor to secy of state 30 years ago, etc..@bibliobibuliboo @SAGFoundation They say it will be filmed for their archive, & up on their website, and you tube, I think.@SAGFoundation@LucBerthelette @jes_chastain Swell idea...Is it just me or is #TrueDetective the new #LateNight ? Why are there no women? @HollandTaylor & @jes_chastain would have been a dream
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@bibliobibuliboo @SAGFoundation live stream? Dunno. Better ask them! & ThanksLooking forward to! mt @HollandTaylor: At 7pm @SAGFoundation "conversations"~ Me with interviewer Dir. James Simon. http://t.co/7hWvRU6u1o
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@KevinYounge perhaps concealed, or in a coffee to go cup. Clear liquid.@SAGFoundation @jenniferbeals @HollandTaylor @sagaftra @SAGawards Best EMMY acceptance speech EVER. http://t.co/hg4tdBhRiB
Retweeted by Holland Taylor@jennifer_ehle @Scottf929 me, too.At 7pm @SAGFoundation "conversations"~ Me with interviewer Dir. James Simon. I will not look like I do on "2.5 Men." http://t.co/kdsN0rD9Il
@Scottf929 @jennifer_ehle I doubt that either of us lunches much@jennifer_ehle a million of 'em.@MatchGame67 @TwoAndAHalfMen Enuff bad to be bad!http://t.co/2KZYJ3j3Nshttp://t.co/tqCvx33gX0Tho't my convertible days were (happily) over. http://t.co/7rrojbYw2z@MrBillBuster @jennifer_ehle you can...and you MAY.
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