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Stevie Wonder @ImDaBully North Carolina, Raleigh

Club promoter/host For booking contact @Diona_910 ...#WeAintBegginWeBuyin #flyishonly #blackbottlebully #nctwitter

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@WadeBanner @iambriandawson I need your email addressAttn Djs I need u all to retweet this along with your email addressDee made me go back to sleep last night and now I'm well rested ready to tear some shit upNone “@Diona_910 Folks ain't got no respect today”Lol “@Diona_910 Its different reposting somethin from Twitter to IG but how u gone repost my ig shit ... http://t.co/OiGKLvb6jjIt's photo shopped.... “@FlashySunrize @ImDaBully @gullymackNC ain't nothing U can do bout it.. It's gotta let da migos Rock..”I woke up to tweet that “@Diona_910 @ImDaBully lmfao go to sleep”No hov don't do it “@FlashySunrize Memorabilia. RT @gullymackNC: This more like it http://t.co/FZ3axXfKmVAre u where u wanna be right nowLol I'm sleepy “@Diona_910 Huh “@ImDaBully: Are u where u wanna bring right now””
Salute to my dude @youngbreedccc rocking another #WeAintBegginWeBuyin from @d_skullganghttp://t.co/WZZOIPkSFJWhat up y'all arePhone Lines busy,Trap jumping,$$,$$,, http://t.co/Ej3WzHyk4b
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder Big titties fat ass can cook got a job it's cool if she got kids unacceptable if she don't like kids pretty ... http://t.co/Jtw9ab7mG1This Fri night it's your boy @dineroent08 bdaybash... October belongs to him #RedOctober #vampirelifehttp://t.co/uoJ8K7afgKHe not gonna inhale “@KaraPublishes Bill Clinton gone be at Broughton tomorrow. I really wanna find ... http://t.co/6SEw9GYmPMI'm a Raleigh boy but I had to go to Florida to get love... Thanks to everyone I know in #305 #954 #239 #407 ... http://t.co/Pe8KXOc2drWhat they gonna say now!! We working 💯 S/O To The Boy imdabully I 👀 U ‼️ #Salute @youngbreedccchttp://t.co/NE9UERkn7bSalute to my dude @youngbreedccc appreciate the support #WeAintBegginWeBuyin #BlackBottleBoys #MMG S/O… http://t.co/Fy4oPxvWquLil Wayne is trash2.75 an hr“@NC_CAPO919 How much y'all make an hour at y'all job ?”😔😔😔“@bhillyaheardme It's game day tho #PantherNationI despise theives “@Diona_910 I don't knock any hustles im just not with that robbin shit”😔😔“@PRETTYINGA Niggas not gone just come out and tell a chic he just met that he's in the streets”#sadtruth “@kwagiheath B!tch see you at ur lowest point in life and catch feelings...tell her you a ... http://t.co/YCj2HYJ17M“@kwagiheath You tell her uon work and her coot gets wet...b!tches are weird, smh”Look thru those text I'm sure someone trying to invite u to breakfast 😳“@Diona_910 I'm hungry”GM “@milankiyokli .morning yall 😎”Good morning gorgeous “@TheRealTahiry GM #TeamTahiry http://t.co/cA8XfU12u1Chicks will send u to voicemail even if u send them flowersIt's too early bro “@NC_CAPO919 Y'all love dat unemployed wood huh”Yoo 😂😂😂😂“@Diona_910 @ImDaBully 😂😭😭 them shirts sides is flappin when he walk”Told you “@Diona_910 Devon think he bout to wear this pajama jacket thing open 😂 button that shit”Yep “@NC_CAPO919 Women be lying when dey say "I'm just seeing this text" 😭😭😭”Your son must be rocking the Hugh Hefner smokers jacket today 😭😭“@Diona_910 Kids be hype AF about pajama day”“@NC_CAPO919 😂😂😂 RT @kwagiheath: A b!tches...it's about to be 2015...niccas gon start puttin their sneakers before yall!”Morning bang “@Bang_Pretty Good Morning 😫”I feel great this morning #WeAintBegginWeBuyinGoodnight y'all #WeAintBegginWeBuyinEverything “@King_Eog1984 What happened RT @ImDaBully: Sweet baby Jesus take the wheel”Sweet baby Jesus take the wheel@Zhathkya take me out the mention I'm on your side lolWhen u tweet EOG random people will jump in your mentionsNope blame EOG lol “@Zhathkya nope. i thought she was yours. 😒 RT @ImDaBully: @Zhathkya is that your follower lol”"We all fish, better teach ya folk / Give him money to eat, then next week he's broke" #NeverChange
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder @Zhathkya is that your follower lolU at work hungry or nah “@Geeky_Sheek 😌”This might be the biggest twitter mystery since who's the man “@Diona_910 Who the fuck subbed EOG”So I'm going to sleep is code word for I'm fake logging offIf u love something let it goThe person u subbing “@King_Eog1984 Before I fake log off do anybody got a problem with me?”Till they spend your tax refund on some rocks “@Diona_910 Once you fall in love and find out they are ... http://t.co/JCsdFSL6dJ👍👍👍“@MayaElious @Zhathkya @ImDaBully You can't say you'll die trying to save someone. Once you're dead you can't save anyone.”Meatball or steak and cheese and definitely don't coldcut sub me “@King_Eog1984 Don't sub me please”😭😭😭“@Diona_910 Nah nigga wtf you subbin RT @King_Eog1984: WTF you subbing”What have yall really lost in life think before you answerGoodnight “@Zhathkya the end. goodnight.”Careful who u give your all to they might take it and leave with nothingI've saved people before but they don't return the loveI've never experienced true love then and that's sad “@Zhathkya LOVE, true LOVE wont allow you to leave them.”#goodwoman “@Zhathkya you dont kick somebody when they're down! you get down there w/them & you ... http://t.co/wPwnXAARscThat's a tough question Z...my heart says yes but in certain circumstances u have to use your head ... http://t.co/9HWZZ2NiqaSometimes you loose yourself trying to save people “@Zhathkya if you have the chance to save somebody's ... http://t.co/3L7m21yI6oHey @Zhathkya it's time for you to pray and go tf to bed....let's try again tomorrow for a better day 😁
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder The difference between an alcoholic and a crackhead is they both will steal your wallet but I crackhead will ... http://t.co/cn5AmrL5FDIf a nigga or a chick pop Molly they will do any drug #dontdebateme#rns “@King_Eog1984 😭😭😭😭RT @ImDaBully: Fuck the plug”Nigga Whitney got him addicted “@King_Eog1984 How y'all think Whitney Houston got on drugs?... Y'all ... http://t.co/ReLPdsQZ3vThe crackhead couples be the funniest tho.... They be trying to scheme together and beat u out some money 😭😭😭“@Zhathkya 👈👈👈guess who's getting sleepy?”Fuck the plugAnd Idc how fine she is if she smokes cigarettes I can't deal with her like that😭😭😭😭“@Zhathkya unhealthy relationship. but i know somebody on drugs who got an ol' lady who ... http://t.co/ZyGr1mMpAgI'm drug free no alcohol no weed no nothing and if u see me taking Tylenol I gotta be bout to die✋“@Zhathkya aint nothing like a down south nigga tho. 😏”#WeAintBegginWeBuyinThat nigga be around them 90's babies too much “@Diona_910 EOG said crackheads give the best head”Who me just chilling on the sidewalk in front of the bushes
“@Zhathkya dont overthink it.”😔😔😔“@King_Eog1984 You gotta make a drug addict feel comfortable and make its seem like its okay that they do drugs”Dee go to sleep “@Diona_910 I know some of yall snort powder but I wanna know if anybody ever smoked a rock #NoJudgementZoneWhere we going big bro need to be fly too “@niqueluvualwayz I still need to go winter shopping ... I ... http://t.co/HUdNG9HQmKOh “@Sie_Gr8ness A nixxa wants you to be that crazy love struck bitch...and when you not her...it will bother him.”Yep “@Zhathkya @ImDaBully D'evils!”This shit is wicked on these mean streets None of my friends speak We're all trying to win, but then ... http://t.co/z8MayrEUOt😔😔“@iamkingfame @ImDaBully ima let her tell you I do t wanna blast her location on the internet lol”I wanna believe the fall won't kill me “@Oooh__lala_ Everybody Wanna Believe They Already At The Top”Yo where in NC “@iamkingfame #WCW NC's Finest @onlyonerori http://t.co/DLFoZTy1rSYour bday cake must be gone “@King_Eog1984 U want to be a 5heartbeat so bad RT @Addicted2Nadia: ... http://t.co/OBgGBxFfkXIs the studio closed “@Addicted2Nadia “@ImDaBully: A heart is a house for love”<< #fakedeepA heart is a house for love“@bhillyaheardme LL used to have me wanting to see a girl at the bus stop every day. Her man must think it's safe to travel that way.”Hell yeah “@PRETTYINGA We are really 30+ Twitter 😂”Everyone crying “@bhillyaheardme Men at Large had dat heat!”Yaaaaaassss “@Diona_910 With beyonce in the video RT @ImDaBully: Case happily ever after”Men at large or work lol “@bhillyaheardme What was two fat niggas that sang that song bout they momma ... http://t.co/p9nMnyXQpm702 get it together RT @ImDaBully: Greatest r&b love song
Retweeted by Stevie Wonder They wanna fight each other “@PRETTYINGA Why can't Jagged Edge make music like they used to ? 😔”Case happily ever afterCase feat Joe faded pictures
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