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Retweeted by James Victore.@roberthuston My algorithm replied. It was set to 'kind' (wry smile).@roberthuston Robert, thank YOU for you kind words. I am humbled by your sincerity. Cheers, JamesA focused plan and an unshakeable spirit are the keys to success. @JamesVictore http://t.co/BqMbuWIyrO #BurningQuestions
Retweeted by James Victoreoh heyy look who's talking type with @bkindiemedia ! Check out our cofounder @bryanboyer and designer @JamesVictore https://t.co/knApZfaNn4
Retweeted by James VictoreDon't let the turkeys get you down. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/aJlnDDzI2tI got the drywall blues. http://t.co/aJ84ciPUpkI'd like to craft an idea. http://t.co/x6SZWei7M5.@hollywwinter This photo makes me happy.Thanks @JamesVictore. We love our posters! http://t.co/2M9OtklCOq
Retweeted by James Victore@Aaron_Hurst ... Just when I get hip to your work, you move west. Geesh. Cheers and best, James from BklynThe first rule of Business is: FUN. If it ain't fun you have no enthusiasm, commitment or energy for the work at hand.Do you know the first rule of BUSINESS?Staying on target with Burning Questions http://t.co/gKAj58nyWpHelp an artist to fix his life http://t.co/0u6tdl7reA via @gofundmeNow there's a temporary tattoo I can get behind. @JamesVictore @Tattly #inspired http://t.co/sGC3DBXpQH http://t.co/mcHQXr0JeF
Retweeted by James VictoreDon't let your boss (or his attitude) bring you down. http://t.co/gKAj58nyWp Today's Burning QuestionI wish some friendly graphic designer would pimp mental health clinics @jamesvictore http://t.co/YnJQlPcB77
Retweeted by James Victore@5260hz Thanks for the kind words, AM. Cheers, James.
The type in our lives https://t.co/99Z2Y0bBq5 Come ride with me.I got your "Keep Calm" right 'ere. https://t.co/56XgAJdGt9Great stickers from @jamesvictore! Thanks for stopping by @bkindiemedia @ BRIC http://t.co/RqpOKFw1wu
Retweeted by James VictoreNice studio @bkindiemedia Thanks BK Live! http://t.co/IjQu9l0Slytotally heart-warming, lovely look at Type around NYC,w.@JamesVictore "beautiful, beautiful, beautiful stuff" - ACE! https://t.co/2kugbkY6yw
Retweeted by James VictoreFilming @bkindiemedia today! Type Safari chat. http://t.co/7oGuwEJdwCWe asked @brendandawes to experiment with physical email interactions. He made six fascinating objects. http://t.co/PoI6i5vyZZ
Retweeted by James Victore@Hamgrazer Put Hamgrazer in the work! The world needs more Hamgrazer!Monday is ALWAYS ass-kickin' day.It's Monday! Begin before you're ready! (Cuz you'll never be ready.)
Cold beer (G-free) after a day of construction in an un-level apt. Yeehaw. http://t.co/Bq8EwWU4PYI don't wanna get too good at anything. Fuck practice. Fuck perfect. Fuck lettering. Have a beautiflul… http://t.co/QvaWW66uqqStep 3... http://t.co/1Vzdm8GiPkStudio step 2. http://t.co/WkZsVW9q36Studio before. http://t.co/J5VuEY63Ce
@Hippy_Girl It may not be healthy, but it's allowed....@heylaurynbee Art is dangerous. At least the good stuff is.@heylaurynbee ...Unless maybe it's a relationship question...Stop looking for the 'right' answer. (there ain't one.) Sometimes the wrongest answer works better.We hate "Keep Calm" tees...except for this one by @JamesVictore, back for an encore. https://t.co/eORcfyx3Kw http://t.co/PLVDUQ1YGR
Retweeted by James VictoreFresh from RMD: #handlettering, Type Safari with @jamesvictore, interactive kinetic sculpture, modern art + more http://t.co/YjQuZpxk1e
Retweeted by James VictoreKeeping calm? Fay dat https://t.co/56XgAJdGt9You were born enlightened, creative and brave-- you just forgot.
@gfda see you after 9There ain’t no rules, so go big. Be true to yourself, have a plan, and go give ‘em hell. @JamesVictore http://t.co/Jw83I8FZso
Retweeted by James VictoreGreat typographic tour of Brooklyn and Queens with @JamesVictore. http://t.co/Jwkr0PJ8Bj via @kottke
Retweeted by James VictoreSee #TGDalums @ellenLupton, @JamesVictore & @jasonsantamaria at @typekit’s Crit Night next week at @MakeshiftSocBK: http://t.co/Wxejjv8Kkh
Retweeted by James Victore@sullied Was it my awesome @skillshare class? Or just my super sexy work?Join the boys of @GoodDsgnAdvice TONIGHT from 6-9PM at Crown Victoria, 60S 2nd St. (Brooklyn) Come out and enjoy a drink! See you there.Third reprint of #DoDisrupt on the stocks. Words & pics @greenape, design @AnthonyOram, cover @JamesVictore #TheATeam http://t.co/R9dfhPu0JV
Retweeted by James VictoreDesign advice, beer, tacos, and friends. #GFDAThursday tomorrow at: Crown Victoria, 60S 2nd St. from 6–9PM #be #there
Retweeted by James Victore
@davidcurcurito Curcumeci! I love it!@84Oil @dasjoshua I'm there..@IanSanders Great interview, Thanks Ian."The Hero of their own life" I LIKE THAT! Thanks @IanSanders Listen here http://t.co/uYDqnFs64R
There ain’t no rules, so go big. Be true to yourself, have a plan, and go give ‘em hell. @JamesVictore http://t.co/LQC9lx26e4
Retweeted by James VictoreHave a plan, Change the world. @JamesVictore #BurningQuestions - http://t.co/2NHuAVbccHPurpose! Conviction! Vision! http://t.co/WLA0xpsh3A Today's Burning Question.Trust as Inspiration. Me and @DoBookCo c/o @99u http://t.co/9brSO3xRMZWarrior not worrier! You can be brave and scared shitless at the same time. That’s how it works.James Victore’s TOP GUN. TONIGHT Tuesday Sept 23rd, 6 to 9 at the Woods, 38 South 4th Street,… http://t.co/aCZFvzQ77w.@KimSGeorge @PatkGilmore FONT PORN! I love it, Thanks Kim. Cheers, JamesHave a plan, Change the World http://t.co/WLA0xpsh3A Today's Burning Question
With tomorrow's Burning Questions, you can change the world. True story.Excited to see #TGDalum @JamesVictore, @jasonsantamaria, @ellenLupton at this 10/2 @typekit x @MakeshiftSocBK event: http://t.co/Xyc78aEekQ
Retweeted by James VictoreSeen. http://t.co/G6BmxrDnAkTuesday night! http://t.co/45dmHLmpNR
What's better than looking at type? Lookin' at it with me! http://t.co/FnRWSmoknLGreat after party. #erinandron http://t.co/RfX2oqvBR2A wonderful time. A happy couple. #erinandron http://t.co/gl7j73G7Vl
The big day for #erinandron http://t.co/M230XZGSKd@FastCoDesign @careydunne Thanks for the kind mention, dearest Fast Gang!Watch designer @JamesVictore on a typographic safari of New York: http://t.co/OkUjPxUi26 by @careydunne http://t.co/g65lsX400f
Retweeted by James Victore
@jamesdnesbitt Sold earlier today!Best fan letter, "You inspire kids to do more and think more."-- Serenity, 8th GradeBest line today, "I want (my students) to feel the pull of a book." Thank you, @hollywwinter.@ccm800 I'm restarting mine. At 52. Look out world.
Here's the secret of the Universe: Nobody Knows Shit. Big surprise.Should Adobe be using my monthly Typekit subscription to send @JamesVictore around NYC to talk type? Yes indeed. http://t.co/r8tbOubaPg
Retweeted by James Victore@LettArc SOLD. email me at james@jamesvictore.com. Bully for you. I'll throw in some other fun stuff.Ya'll GOTTA have lunch with @SeanBlanda He raises the watermark wherever he goes. Thanks, dude.@LettArc Hold tight, I'll let you know. Cheers, James.Stylish high school senior. http://t.co/gHBH3pSw3C"Hey, MA! Look! It's Helvetica!" Type Safari via @Gothamist http://t.co/FnRWSmoknLDetail http://t.co/jn9ey26I0jPush Pin Graphic collection for SALE. Written, designed and illustrated by the Push Pin Studios of… http://t.co/27VG285yS2
From the archives. Amnesty Int'l. Great work, great client. http://t.co/ocYDX4lUBbDear I-Tunes, Re: New terms and Conditions "Fuck You." with love, Victore.A rare dirty poster... http://t.co/3vLy6VYIzxSketches http://t.co/ox92pfXFRnWe're in #Esquire! Page 78, Oct issue. @lvictore Use what you know. http://t.co/tTS0Bm95kxThere ain't no rules http://t.co/eEIv21xGWy especially when it comes to type.Didja miss out on Perfuction? Sign up here to get the next release… http://t.co/k9iXWYfpmr@designchemist @cottonbureau Yeehaw! That's a lucky number.@designchemist Sign up for the next run here: http://t.co/D1aTcd9tdM @cottonbureau Cheers!Just arrived. Looks beautifully imperfect. Cheers @JamesVictore http://t.co/InOQ0IuNmn
Retweeted by James VictoreAdd some Motivation to your morning coffee http://t.co/Hs5eaEaCeORise up and resist the relentless pull of the couch! @JamesVictore http://t.co/FqJc2eiG3T #BurningQuestions #Motivation
Retweeted by James Victore
@BrunoLakritz @cottonbureau Looking good, Bruno! Cheers, James.Feck Perfuction and corry an! @jamesvictore 's artwork shirt finally arrived, yei! @cottonbureau ! #feckperfuctio... http://t.co/Jcn9D3KJwo
Retweeted by James VictoreHow to do great work. http://t.co/6kYZ3AGGaN @lonnitanner
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