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Host, The Jeffrey Lampkin Show & Entertainment Reporter @WACH Fox and American Idol Season 7'ite is not just a man...He is A Brand... It's Time to Get LAMPED!!!

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@JeffreyLampkin "When the Saints Go To Worship" is playing!
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinHAPPY....Just That Simple!!💯😍😁🙈👌🙏🙌😘😘💯💯☝️☝❤️❤️🎶🎹☝️😁😁😁😁#JesusDidIt #Grateful #Happy #Ifancythat
@JeffreyLampkin I can't wait for Part 2 next week! This is awesome to talk about and needed to address, esp the part about voting! We matter
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinThe Jeffrey Lampkin Show is on Fire this morning!!!#BlackLivesMatterWell I guess my parents support @JeffreyLampkin and The Jeffrey Lampkin Show as well . ✨📷🎥
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@Imthevp2 👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯@JeffreyLampkin watching your show at Grace. Loved the comment "a system that wasn't made for us can't fail us."
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@CarolinaKimGem girl they talking Ya hear!!! 👌👌👌😁😁💯💯@JeffreyLampkin OMG! This panel discussion on The killings of young black men is on point! You def asked the hard questions. Thank you Lamp!
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin
You better sing @Kandi #AmazingGrace #SecondChanceChristmasI love @livin4mjd....Always sooooooo positive!!! #LoveHerI'm Happy and Grateful!!!@MegMRivers oh okay@MegMRivers You on air tonight or producing??@JeffreyLampkin Hope you've made it to work. I don't want to miss my meeting with you at 2. #FridayFun #AttendanceGuru
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin“@KamiKaize: @JeffreyLampkin Happy Holidays Jeffrey!!!”thanks friend...love you!!!@tegivyvybyg TheJeffreyLampkinShow@gmail.com
@not_sharena @AttyHuell 😍😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈As SOON as I wake up and get dressed I'm telling my @JeffreyLampkin & @AttyHuell I love them. I get so caught up in my life that I lose👔s.
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#FF #CoolTweople! @RealAngieStone @JeffreyLampkin @Johnlakinsings @RhyanMichele @OliviaHyatt @cjacksonspeaks @Trapp_6rezzy @LewiMack
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@kEE_dANiieLLe Love You Babes!!!👌💯😘@JeffreyLampkin love you man ✊
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#JesusDidIt #GiveEmJesus #ifancyJesus #TeamJesus #YouthForJesus #ILoveJesus #JesusFreak #NotPerfectButLoveJesus #NothingWithoutJesus #JesusSurely goodness and mercy shall follow me...all the days of my life...And I will dwell in the House of the Lord Forever...Amen #Psalm23Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of my enemies...Thou anointeth my head with oil...my cup runneth over #Psalm23Through the valley of the shadow of death...I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me...Thy Rod and Thy Staff They do comfort me #Psalm23He Restoreth My Soul...He Leads Me in the path of righteousness for his name sake...Yea, though I walk #Psalm23The Lord Is My Shepherd...I Shall Not a Want...He Maketh Me to lie down in Green Pastures...He Leadeth Me Beside the still waters #Psalm23
@BookMissMoe lol she is not a bully
@NeNeLeakes is hurt!!! You can tell she is devastated!!! #RHOA She didn't deserve that from Cynthia!!!When You Get Upset and Agitated...Folks take you out of who you are...Anxiety is Major!!! #PastorWillieDuncanAnd why is Pastor preaching everything we talked about...But God...I'm Done....🙈🙈🙈was JESUS listening😳😳😳@reneeCThunderLol I guess @reneeCThunder since I can't retweet but it was 💯😍😍😍😍👌👌👌🙈🙈🙈😁😁😁#TwinspartyOnly God Can Heal What I Feel...
Tonight was AMAZING!!! God moved!!!
Congrats on your Grammy Nominantion for Best Urban Contemporary Album @MaliMusic!!!
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinCongrats @theGRAMMYs Best Urban Contemporary Album noms @jheneaiko @beyonce @chrisbrown @malimusic @pharrell http://t.co/NQ4eF2jLtq
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Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Lampkin4Ferguson #GraceIsThePlace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinLIVE taping of The Jeffery Lampkin show RIGHT now on @wachfox tune in && feel free to send in questions && concerns ##Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinAt by the live taping @gccofsc for #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe are in an age where everyone can be leader therefore we must equip all to make a change. #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinAggressive is the action the should be taken yet assertiveness is the approach when seeking change #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinPanel speaking on race relations after the #FergusonDecision #Lampkin4Ferguson #GraceIsThePlace @… http://t.co/a08fy9azuL
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe are making a stand. #graceistheplace #lampkin4ferguson http://t.co/Vq9gh3Ni55
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinThe church only does what the members allow. If we are the church then it all our responsibility. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinTune in to The Jeffrey Lampkin Show as we shed light on Racism and Ferguson! Questions?? Ask them! #Lampkin4Ferguson and #GraceIsThePlace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinAlso the church meaning the people must be kingdom minded to influence popular culture #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe are only comprised of 14% of the country. Do you really think that we as blacks are that criminal. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinCrime is neighborhood-based. It affects those closest to you. Race is only a byproduct #graceistheplace #lampkin4ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinAction requires a plan. You need proper planning to have effective change. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinOne exercise @bishop4bishop is to have everyone govern themselves accordingly. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinI believe the deep seeded bias of blacks is the reason. Black people are only 14% of the US population #graceistheplace #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe have to have conversations with our kids about race just like the sex talk #graceistheplace #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinCan white & black pastors in our community join together to have a united voice against racism? #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe have to remember that society sets the norms. Is it possible that our gender roles have changed? #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinThought for the night: "no excuses" #lampkin4ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinMaturity has alot to do with your reaction to an action. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinDoes anybody really know what happened in Ferguson? And with not knowing the actual facts, did Mike deserve to die? #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkinwe're here, but where are you ? this place should have been PACKED tonight 😪 . #Lampkin4Ferguson .
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Lampkin4Ferguson Sometimes Small Actions Like Becoming Informed Can Make A Big Difference .
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinPolice training is to de-escalate the threat. But how can they properly assess the threat? #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinHave a community outreach with the community #Lampkin4Ferguson #GraceIsThePlace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#lampkin4ferguson Become more informed! #IKnowWhereIveBeen
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe as a community start mentoring programs to help and teach our young people. Make sure we vote and our voice is heard! #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinHave dinner with a Black friend, and listen to how they feel about Ferguson. Then work together to heal our community #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhat we CAN do is work to build relationships with people outside of our comfort zone; then speak honestly about race #lampkin4ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhat we can do is get to know your local police, your city council person, your school board... #lampkin4ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinMentors make sure you are a solution. The best mentorship is your own life #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Lampkin4Ferguson #GraceIsThePlace Hold our Men and Boys to a higher standard, don't let them act/treat anyone any type of way.
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWe can all have empathy for one another. #Lampkin4Ferguson #graceistheplace
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#Lampkin4Ferguson Teach our sons & daughters that they will not be given anything,they must educate themselves. #PaveYourOwnWay #customize
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhat action are you taking, to make a difference? #graceistheplace #lampkin4ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinWhile it's important to live in ur reality, know that you can create that reality through faith in God... #lampkin4ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinThe discussion MUST continue..@bellaclasse7 smoore19752 #lampkin4ferguson #graceistheplace #socialaction http://t.co/5OIVX3HglO
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinPeople fear what they can not control #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@ShaniRGilchrist Yes, sorry for the delay. The entire discussion will air Sunday at 8:30 AM on The @JeffreyLampkin Show on @wachfox
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@joylovepassion @livecharis I love me some you!! Awesome meeting you!! #BlackLivesMatter@JeffreyLampkin @livecharis and I enjoyed meeting you. #graceistheplace #Lampkin4Ferguson
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin
Support my big bruh @JeffreyLampkin TOMORROW! http://t.co/Mqf4cs2jYN
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin@joylovepassion awe Bless God...I really hope you can come tomorrow night http://t.co/j8gbMh7tSJ@JeffreyLampkin just heard about your taping on 12/2. Great topic. It would be really wonderful if it was a multicultural conversation.
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. LampkinPlease Retweet: #TheJeffreyLampkinShow-Live Tomorrow Night...Ferguson and Racism. Open Raw Discussion-Live TV Taping http://t.co/Vyo38SoeRE
The Jeffrey Lampkin Show is on!!! Tune in now!!!! #ifancythat
Auburn came to WIN!!! #CollegeGameDayIt disappoints me when people do false accusations...Really Hurts...And I don't deserve it....that's not a friend. Time to walk away frfrThis Tuesday the Jeffrey Lampkin Show will be hosting a live video taping talking about racism and Ferguson! At 6:30. http://t.co/zQwIN5KFeA
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin
Sometimes things in life we choose to deal with are of our own accord. You have freedom to deal with anything but consequences will come!!!I know me, the longer I'm away from something....I begin to checkout...I don't want to checkout but I see it coming and that's what hurts
@AndreaMockWLTX @DarciWLTX lol I love it lolHeaded to work...let's get it!!!!LOL @DarciWLTX face when @AndreaMockWLTX had no food for her to sample lol 😂😂😂😂😂#icant #NoRolls lol
#HowToGetAwayWithMurder...You Don't Need @shondarhimes show...#Fergsuon just gave us a LIVING EXAMPLE! #Hurt #Broken #BlackAndScared
@reneeCThunder you didn't text me....at all!!!@_Southrn_Belle_ @not_sharena lmboHeaded to work...this should be fun!!@not_sharena @_Southrn_Belle_ call you later with details@not_sharena @_Southrn_Belle_ LMBO LOL HAAAAAA its funny cause i dreamed of you too
Yes check us out y'all @colgospelchoirs: Check out the Choir Song of the Week on (cont) http://t.co/uTMq1LUBdn
Retweeted by Jeffrey L. Lampkin#FF #CoolTweople! @JeffreyLampkin @OliviaHyatt @IamMickiala @cjacksonspeaks @Trapp_6rezzy @ShamekaDwight @Johnlakinsings @Partaker7322
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