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Floating in a bubble in Wicked :)

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Go backstage with @CarolineVBowman & @KaraLindsay1 as they become WICKED's new witches! http://t.co/MatZCFPBDB http://t.co/a5IcRdBspH
Retweeted by Kara LindsayWords can't describe how grateful I am. What a magical evening! Thank you for sending so much love and support! My heart is so full! Xo!
@sarabloodsworth sweetheart I didn't see anything in my mail from tour. Are you sure it was sent to me? I'm so sorry!@suttonscotton yayyyyy! So sweet!@infinityarixo :) xo!@RyeTheNewsGuy happy birthday to ya!
@Theatregeek03 oh no! I'm so sorry! If you are in NY at all, come on by!@SingingMomR @Kcmassey1 sad to have missed ya!@infinityarixo silly you are perfect the way you are!@DianaNatali401 ahhhhhh! Thank you pretty!@riaALBA no I don't think so? Doppelgänger? :)@theatreloveshow thank you!@imYOURbroom haha! So sweet:)@kaceyryann awww nooo! I'm so sorry!@Snuryab :)))))@sarabloodsworth @m_shingledecker I will let you know! So so sorry again! Much love!@sarabloodsworth @m_shingledecker hi! I'm so sorry for the confusion! I feel so badly! There's a few letters I haven't quite gotten to yet@syd10801 its real???? Ahhhhhh!!!@brauhala :)))) love you guys!@adinarj awww thank you so much for your support! So sweet!@PopPrincess08 come on over!@Jobriennyc yes I will! :)@RebeccaBarber17 awww thank you girl! Just be you and BREATHE! Rock it out!
Coolest friggin' kid in the world has the final say on #PeterPanLive: https://t.co/RG1iIjM1w2
Retweeted by Kara Lindsay
@PROFintheROC @andrewkober ha! You're ridiculous.
Putting makeup on while riding the subway...boy am I out of practice! Mascara goop in my eyeballs and swallowed my gum. #nyc!@Ems_SecretSanta @em__em_em happy birthday to you!@sarabloodsworth tehehehe ;)@grassmahgirl you're the best!@ingridtheozian yay! Always with PB:) you know me so well:)@thelittlegabi you're the sweetest!@RealLittleLotte come on ova!@Cteensdryer awww no crying! :)@andrizz just be you! Don't be afraid to take risks!@hollywoodmandy ahhhh! It's real life?! ;)@carlikristine xoxo!@seizingthedayy xoxo!
A very happy day of thanks to you all!!! Been in spandex all day;) hoping everyone is filled with gratitude and love today and always. Xo!
@aaronjalbano in Here Lies Love= incredible!!!! So damn proud. What an amazing theatrical experience! #girlsnightout @CharleboisNYC@eatoneeds happy birthday to you!Oh also, Laurel Harris now has a twitter!!! @LaurelieMHM ...be patient with her folks as she gets the hang of it! Give her love:)Missing my munchkinland family already. My heart hurts.@AlyssaFox love you green bean :)
@MoreOrLesLuca I love you my sweet boy!!! Thank you so much for coming!!! What a treat to see your sweet face!
Thank you all so much for your kind words and support! I am extremely grateful and so thrilled for this next adventure with Wicked!!!
Thank you @sarabloodsworth for our cute Elphie and Glinda!!! They are displayed in our dressing room! @LaurelieMHM http://t.co/sSipMxVCBL
@ValDaubert777 haha! Yes I did! I just have to put some pics up and such to really finish it for her:). I just need to use her devices:)Tonight, 9:30pm on TLC, @LaurelieMHM is on Say Yes to the Dress! We'll be watching from our dressing room hoping to not miss an entrance!
@sarabloodsworth that's her! I started it for her, but we haven't finished it yet, because she has been busy with rehearsals!
Enormous gratitude today for all veterans! http://t.co/XXJGHQRnO2
@Gettinfaisty AHHH I'm so sorry I won't be there:(((@kenziestrum happy birthday to you!@sonjabecca beautiful!@broadwayface oh your poor ears ;)@missnorbury that's amazing!@Brooklyn_Newsie :) xo!@Princess_piano oh honey I am so sorry I'm just seeing this! Please wish her well for me!!@zoe_fid98 thank you!@AbbiLandrum so sweet! Thank you:) stay true to your heart!@TardisinOz I throw myself at it.... ;)@Rosellard_00 xoxo!@DylanJBradbury thank YOU! :)@canadatie thank you for coming and supporting us!@taranj15 hope you had a good time!@paigerose97 so sweet! Thank YOU@SaraGrilli yay! So glad you could come!@mirandasiwak awww yay!@RachelxDuncan awww thank you! I love my girl, Laurel:)@infinityarixo it was a wonderful time! Thank you!@trevorlovesny I love Toronto! Been there several times since I am from Rochester, NY. Close to home!@grassmahgirl @hikevmetz @StefunnyStyles ha!@elenaprys thank you so much!@fangirling_bway xoxo!@MsLauraHampson yayyyyy!@ktross6 awww yay! Thank YOU@vivsters123 I will not, unfortunately:(. I'm so sorry!@elizabethtenon @StefunnyStyles she is a special gal! I cannot wait to see them all light up the stage!@Sage_Emiliana I will not, unfortunately:( I'm so sorry!@emmyxoxo84 xo!@seizingthedayy xo!@LiveLaughLeigh yay!@kaysee_nykole thank you! Yeah the blonde disguises me quite a bit;)@HausOfSeth thank you!@infinityarixo awww sweet girl;) love!@DarrenSweeney thank you so much! Very grateful for that high compliment! Glad you enjoyed the show!@sarabloodsworth thank you so much! How sweet!@Drantis82 thank you for coming! Yayyyy!@potterandpandas aww thank you so much!@WaterMelanie93 hope to see ya there!@hollywoodmandy you are too sweet! What an amazing book you made for me! Very grateful!@MeitalDaily unfortunately I will be done on November 23rd:( I'm sorry!@danielaverriere xo!@byuskybluepink of course! Xo@rontalaa thank you!@SarahBumstead xoxox! Thanks for traveling all that way!@TheLyndsayBee haha!!! Thank you for your support! We LOVE a loud audience! :)@nikkic317 @m_shingledecker @WICKED_Musical what about "chicken skin"? Doesn't sound quite as cute:). Thank you for coming!!!@mikeheth we like each other a lot:) thanks for coming!@danielaverriere :)@VallyGirl213 haha! Nice:) thanks for comin!
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