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it is not too late for either a diet coke or to sign up for my electric bi-weekly mailing letter at http://t.co/xcsQjq0QO4 america
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@yksnpnwrbrhsa 152 pages, FOR THE RECORD@yksnpnwrbrhsa WHATEVER, DAD@dannosowitz yeah it's one of those books where the details bleed together. but DEFINITELY a lot of pot and surf rockI wrote about Inherent Vice this morning and then they released the trailer this afternoon! Coincidence? Absolutely! http://t.co/UeU3ZGgdZSManhattan Love Story premieres tomorrow night. Alessandra Stanley talks about us w/o mentioning Shonda Rhimes once. http://t.co/4eRyuItIsb
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@Lana @BobbyBigWheel @cjzero you bite your tongue, baby mangino is a saintWrote about why, if you have even the smallest interest in the history of American film, you should watch MILIUS http://t.co/TTxcKuc6Wvme and @JessiProbus know what you should be for halloween http://t.co/YT74Ea5a1t http://t.co/IOUILGWGyo
Retweeted by kevin lincolnOh man, @ChrisRyan77 writing Reese Witherspoon Vogue-interview fan fiction is the only thing that matters http://t.co/VIeuD92hin@jeremypgordon that is possible@rwohan they're definitely functional, but what that function in fact is remains a mystery@jeremypgordon as the foremost expert on my profile photos, you of all people should know that I don't own such clothingWeirdest male garment I've seen today: black longshirt that hits mid-thigh and has zippers on the sides so it doesn't look like a dress@A_W_Gordon oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my goYESSSSSSS FOOTBALL IS GOOD AGAIN https://t.co/NTpbCaEfNEI wrote about anticipating INHERENT VICE and how a new PTA movie provides an excitement that few other artists can http://t.co/UeU3ZGgdZSBest album of the year might be "0-100" played 12 times in a rowBest part of this @dannosowitz deep-dive on Madewell is the ending, which presents a v sharp assessment of capitalism http://t.co/IdWinueg7ACelebrate CHILDREN OF MEN's 8 year anniversary by watching CHILDREN OF MEN http://t.co/AkVKP8Gqyv
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@Alannabean enough of your NYCityarchyIt's barely 9 am and I've already used the phrase "mutton chop kabuki," so feeling cautiously optimistic about this day
50 pages in, new Lena Dunham book seems like her ideal medium. She's so keenly introspective. And it's just funny as hell"I’m known for sending out cold emails. I love learning from people who take on giants and slay them." Peak Kobe http://t.co/REuTaUdjzl
@BenMathisLilley was there electricity then, or did people just live off the power generated by synthesized keyboard sounds#transparentTV is finally here! Stream all episodes now: http://t.co/2RGvhYiqjY
Retweeted by kevin lincolnHere's @betaworldpeace on watching Cassavetes & why, if you haven't, you should start http://t.co/1eiyo6LOad
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@chrisgeidner ahaha I don't know! Boyhood is a technical/narrative experiment, above all. Obvious Child was shot in 18 days@chrisgeidner I liked Obvious Child a lot better too, but comparing them seems weird? they're as different from each other as movies can beTried to express why and how much I love the magnificent OBVIOUS CHILD, which you can and should rent/stream/etc http://t.co/zcFBsFlU8QThe idea of LiLo attempting Mamet dialogue seems sort of like a small dog spinning ceramics http://t.co/TZyEo3PNuw"[ATHENA leaps fully grown and clad in battle armor out of ZEUS' head] ZEUS: oh whoa hi" http://t.co/ZTEE9yaLPk@samsreiss platinum linings: should help him fit into Band of OutsidersAlso, reading MUSCLEWATCH gave me physical pangs for the NBA. COME BACK TO USReal comprehensive MUSCLEWATCH here, @langwhitaker doing the lorrrrrrd's work as always http://t.co/ffzGfkUPFh
| ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄  ̄| | BIEBER | | COULD | | BEAT UP | | LEGOLAS | | _______| (\__/) || (•ㅅ•) || /   づ
Retweeted by kevin lincolnJust kidding, I love all of you, and your facesI've got a first-world problem, and it's YOUR FACE@celebrityhottub my tweets are made for book clubs@celebrityhottub when you think about it, maybe we're ALL the third-world, man damnPHRASES MAN, WHO NEEDS THEM@GrahamDavidA i don't even know how i got up hereThe only real first world problem is being so self-obsessed that you think the rest of the world is stuck in some barbaric proto-existenceI am sort of astonished by how the term "First World Problems" has endured despite being visibly indicted as denigrating and dehumanizing@katienotopoulos @SteveKandell @jbasher i'm glad his world is being enriched@jeremypgordon that's it, meet me by the flagpole in five minutesNew Diarrhea Planet feels like getting hit by a dump truck filled w/ guitars as you play a guitar solo w/ your teeth http://t.co/HsChG2Yfo0@StephenGutowski @jbasher this is a reasonable opinion and i won't argue against it@jbasher mcr is just really good arena rock and brand new is snarly aggro post-punk@jbasher i'd take it. my power-rankings of unfairly written-off 2000s "emo" goes: 1. Bright Eyes 2. MCR 3. Brand New@katienotopoulos @jbasher huhIf the words "@amandapetrusich in the Times Mag" don't get you hype then I don't know what your deal is http://t.co/31tNSeMdph@jbasher i disagree, my chemical romance is really good@BenDWalsh @minakimes i think so? one of endlessly proliferating kinja offerings. not sure what this one's thing is (assuming book-related)The NFL is corrupt, sure, but legislating morality w/r/t patronizing capitalist enterprises: that's a deep, dark cave to go spelunking in@SpikeFriedman yeah, I'm sympathetic to the desire of escaping capitalism entirely, but you'd have to work verrrrrrry hardHey, you want to know what's fun? The NFL generated the same amount of revenue in 2013 that Goldman Sachs did in Q1 2014@minakimes their earnings are artificially deflated by ownership@minakimes yes, 100%. i mean, if anything, football and basketball players should be paid MORE@minakimes yeah, like, it's an astonishingly minor thing + the whole corporate aspect is endemic of society and our gov't, not just footballThis piece should be retitled "Why Being A Capitalist Is Indefensible," because that's what it's really about http://t.co/w0O9chsr2Sgod's work RT @tombreihan I wrote about Face/Off, which is even weirder than you remember: http://t.co/E4cVCIQNYo@Liliana i grew up in New England and I completely agree. it's almost like a weird psychic protestIf you missed it in NY, here's "Town Bloody Hall" (I'm 99% sure it's currently not avail commercially?) http://t.co/fRU4QV4pXU
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@BenMathisLilley Heem Jawbone would be a good Pynchon character@Liliana under your administration, would watering the sidewalk be en- or discouraged@DudeYork isn't that the plot of Blade RunnerI just hate to see any beer mistreatedAlthough I guess if you're upscale selections are probably like, Blue Moon and Stella and Shocktop, what does it really matter anywayThat's a meaningless stunt that RUINS THE DAMN BEEROther than the overwhelming, idiotic misogyny, you know that Twin Peaks chain is woodpile dumb because they sell all the beer ice coldHacker. Hacker. Hac RT @sean_fennessey: Don't worry, Michael Mann and Chris Hemsworth will solve our privacy crisis. http://t.co/FIrHr5mTuw@lfitzmaurice your review was amazing tho, i agree with all of it and also like the album, somehow, all is possible*lies prone* *crawls across floor* *whispers* I really like the new Julian Casablancas album@TheTomasRios @jeremypgordon i'd watch that television@walkerkaplan so brave@jeremypgordon Watch John Oliver Shove An Entire iPhone 6 Plus In His MouthVery impressed that Balotelli posted these photos only seven hours ago and @rwohan's already gotten the same haircut http://t.co/Rq9TqRZVQRI am all about this Casablancas-Karen O interview. They're both goofy in such a charming way. Casablancas laughs a lot, which is niceCasablancas—So just weird tree planets or smart councils of, like, ant people? [Laughs] Or some kind of sea creature? http://t.co/4hvqUTrb8KI know it's Thursday but you should all read this Wednesday anyway: "This Is The One That Changes Everything." https://t.co/AL66yDhSEb
Retweeted by kevin lincoln
@malcolmlowry @ericnus no shots — just thought it was interesting that Lowry still had that kind of following. I like Lowry! All for it!#ICYMI Watch the entire first season of #YoureTheWorst on FXNOW: http://t.co/KoQMADW1OI
Retweeted by kevin lincoln@ericnus has Malcolm Lowry ever written a sentence that was shorter than 140 characters@jessmisener @hreins @rachelysanders @havethehabit i actually think it was pretty reasonable, which is why i got it. it tasted ok@hreins @rachelysanders @jessmisener @havethehabit i bought + ate an Uncrustable in JFK onceSeems sort of a surprising persona to inhabit on Twitter, but whatever works, man http://t.co/HWvNgQZiWlWho wants to listen to No Pocky For Kitty and go run to the moonALSO, interesting thing about Uber/Lyft is that it offers so little chance for an employee to outperform or self-distinguishThe whole concept seems so obviously wrong! They don't have any of the ownership or expansion upside of an entrepreneur. How is it similar?This @chaykak piece does a good job of point out the absurdity of calling Uber/Lyft drivers "entrepeneurs" http://t.co/y6Q90RgwRjPeriodically useful public service announcement/reminder: the last Fiona Apple album is still fireStudy found that male actors' pay increase into 50s, then levels out. For women, it peaks at 34 and then plummets http://t.co/t1gc5Sv0pxWrote for @PacificStand about the insane disparity btwn female and male actors' pay in Hollywood http://t.co/t1gc5Sv0pxDamn, true love is dead http://t.co/9ecMwA40Y3Great story by @juliarubin about the teen-harnessing strategy of mega-popular clothesmaker Brandy Melville http://t.co/UaqaSvpNqk@LesHorn important: https://t.co/TM61PUy9utShe may be overpraising parsnips, but @rachelysanders is still a genius http://t.co/yeUroVDBo1@rachelysanders 75% of my diet is sweet potatoes"It's ultimately up to the bulldog to decide whether or not it will skate." PRAYER-HANDS EMOJIS ALL THE WAY DOWN
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