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L George @LLLGeorge North Bend, WA

Scientist by training, mom & wife by choice; I only houseclean at gunpoint. Fascinated & repulsed by politics. Proud liberal. Nature freak.

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@KSeattleWeather :-(((((@sherifffruitfly I want you to want meIf you want great travel tips, says @Bourdain, “provoke nerd fury”: http://t.co/QxrMbkiQox http://t.co/C9OVMGx3jf
Retweeted by L GeorgeSo I see the conspiracy theories on this story are coming fast and furious. http://t.co/y3liCL4afk http://t.co/5V2zSkggKE
Retweeted by L GeorgeThe Castle Rock vs. Gonzales Supreme Court ruled that "Protect & Serve" is a mission statement, but not a legal obligation or oath.
Retweeted by L GeorgeI tell you who I want MY country back from. The idiots who think a 9-yr old should be firing an Uzi. Fuck you #gunhumpers #fucktheNRA
Retweeted by L George@lindy2350 It has its pros and cons...:-) that's for sure!@AndreaKuszewski @BACullenyyc Is he OK??This is perfect in every way, should be hung on a high-definition screen in the MoMA http://t.co/Macw5ZOkyf (via @PaulSzoldra)
Retweeted by L GeorgeGood grief! “@Eric_Haywood: Fuck the entire fuck off, Ben Stein. #MikeBrown http://t.co/S3VJgk9nEw
Retweeted by L George.@snopes @BioChicaGMO Should we tell #FoodBabeArmy about coffee? "cup of coffee contains 15-20...natural pesticides" http://t.co/avW0cdqiQP
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Advocacy pays off: Detroit Public Schools emergency manager cancels plan to cut pay/ increase class size http://t.co/OVeIymt70i #StopDPSCuts
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhite folks think this kind of thing is urban legend: 'Stop trying to take my gun! Stop resisting!' http://t.co/uFKT3pCStl
Retweeted by L George@BittrScrptReadr :-))))@BittrScrptReadr They are back tonight?@iboudreau Slate?@iboudreau I love the design!@questionsall Yes! Let's write a paper and speculate on that correlation. @voxdotcom@BoingBoing Appropriate advice for many things!@mmfa Don't forget to get off his lawn!@msbellows @Spacekatgal It's goddamn brilliant!!Forever ago! “@voxdotcom: Today's college freshmen were born in 1996 - the year everyone was doing the Macarena: http://t.co/Fweym56zodI find this somewhat mind blowing. @BryanCranston http://t.co/cyf4MFL6XI
Retweeted by L George@APBBlue Makes perfect sense! Wait, what?? @AmerLifeLeague@Handflapper Glad that you figured out how to survive what you didn't choose. Sounds to me like your in-laws are lucky to have you!@Handflapper It's good in many ways that we're so far away.@Handflapper I'm sorry to hear that a/b your family. Mine is crazy & my mother is a piece of work, but I can't imagine them not in my life.@cindynorth1 @socratic Mine are 16 and 12. I miss 4-8-ish. They still adore you and are small enough to control... ;-)@Handflapper :D I grew up in W PA, I understand the pull of family. I'm glad I left before I started a family. That changes a lot.@Handflapper Oh. Well that explains the humor. Otherwise you would literally explode! ;-) Near family, I'm assuming...?@Handflapper What part of the country do you live in?@Handflapper Glad your sons are healthy, happy, self-sufficient. Confession: Peeked through your TL. You are hilarious!!@Handflapper YOU SURVIVED!! Are they both out of the house? Tell me what it's like... ;-)@PirateWench Appropriate! Happy You Day!@ByMikeBaker Are you OK? Need a coffee break? ;-)@Handflapper How old are yours?@Handflapper His older brother, 16, is bothered by everything his younger brother does. He hates it & yells at him to stop.@Handflapper He's 12. My dad rubs his hands together really fast when he's excited. It's the more socially-acceptable version of flapping.@Handflapper My son is not autistic, but his cousin is & he is not a flapper at all. He does it when he's excited, especially watching TV.@Dr24hours Are you referring to academic work *about* postmodern theory or any academic work done during the postmodern era?@NWCN Awful. Just awful.Claims the CDC suppressed vaccine-related cases of autism still circulating: http://t.co/rDVcgZIYa6 #CDCwhistleblower #CDCFraud
Retweeted by L GeorgeMic drop, Madam President. (Love @officialjld and @veephbo) http://t.co/dAjugouVlE
Retweeted by L GeorgeParent pro tip: if you go to Meet the Teacher night with alcohol on your breath, they don't ask you to volunteer.
Retweeted by L George#NationalDogDayAfternoon http://t.co/ltgG6oOsVa
Retweeted by L George@Handflapper Are you actually a handflapper? Just curious. My son is a handflapper. I love the name.@kellyoxford is right. Studies show that having friends / peers that object to rape decreases likelihood to rape. http://t.co/KsxoZnfrwN
Retweeted by L George@AnthonyMcIntyre @KEFABE63 @ReignOfApril My husband and I had to stop looking at old pictures of the boys. We miss *those* kids... ;-)Tomorrow's column: http://t.co/ngNLaDv6AO
Retweeted by L George@KEFABE63 @ReignOfApril My boys' brains right now like a a house being re-wired. Circuits turned on/off, mild shocks, lots of swearing...@KEFABE63 @ReignOfApril Neurologists say that teens brains are busy removing unused synapses and strengthening imp ones.When they leave for college RT “@LLLGeorge: @shortstack81 I feel your pain. I have two boys, 12 and 16. I hear it gets better... ;-)”
Retweeted by L George@root_e @ReignOfApril @shortstack81 It's so true!!@ReignOfApril @shortstack81 I feel your pain. I have two boys, 12 and 16. I hear it gets better... ;-)Teach young boys that rape is wrong? RT @jesperkiehn So Kelly, what's your fantastic solution to help with this problem?
Retweeted by L GeorgeData used by @drvandanashiva to claim #GMOs cause Indian farmer suicide, shows exactly the opposite http://t.co/IkfZrIIpd8 h/t @SavorTooth
Retweeted by L George@KagroX That's how I think about accidental gun deaths. Mostly dumb/drunk people doing stupid, careless things. People aren't perfect.@KagroX She thought she was going to be taking care of brave firefighters or children trapped in a fire. Maybe sometimes. But not mostly.@KagroX often victims of stupid accidents while drunk/high with text-book dysfunctional families. Or old dementia patients. 2/@KagroX A dear friend from college; white, privileged; worked as a burn unit nurse. She was surprised that majority of patients were...1/@monicaisliberal @Keethers No truly anti-choice Dem will get the nomination.@monicaisliberal @Keethers You can be against abortion but not want to deny others the choice. It's really pretty easy. I swear! ;-)@monicaisliberal @Keethers Anyway, sorry to butt in. I actually have to get something done now. Talk to yinz later!@monicaisliberal @Keethers State's rights shit is about honoring some long-ago time when it took weeks to travel across the continent.@monicaisliberal @Keethers Aren't we all Americans? How can a woman's rights or a gay person's rights depend on which state?@monicaisliberal @Keethers I honest-to-God do not understand State's Rights. That's left over from separate colonies.@monicaisliberal @Keethers So, if he was truly basing his policy on ideology, not politics, he should be pro-choice.@monicaisliberal @Keethers His anti-choice stance disqualifies him for me. Simple as that. How is that a Libertarian stance?@monicaisliberal @Keethers I can appreciate that he is actually trying to solve problems of real people now.@Keethers @monicaisliberal He can talk ideology because he didn't have to vote on it. What does he think would've been better?@Keethers @monicaisliberal Not that you're asking, but here's how I see it. Rand's ideology says 'no' to Civil Rights legislation by Feds..@Seahawks' expected wins: 10 Super Bowl win probability: 10% http://t.co/u2Q3FumzBj http://t.co/135c24Ewfo
Retweeted by L George@NRA my name is Christopher I am seven year old I lost my brother to gun violence my mom is making dinner #MomsNotMaids #MomsDemand.
Retweeted by L George@KagroX Are you still keeping track of accidental shootings? Happened last night just 5 minutes away from my house. http://t.co/YTw9UyAbX2When does Obama's socialist caliphate start? “@NBCNightlyNews: S&P 500 closes above 2,000 for the first time ever http://t.co/5YINS3j738This is how it begins. RT @GrahamDavidA: Automated men's room sinks @thewatergate have taken to turning on and off without prompting
Retweeted by L GeorgeHow neuroscience is being used to spread quackery in business and education http://t.co/7xxxq9sv13 by @m_wall. See: http://t.co/gKSHRneHBY
Retweeted by L GeorgeMansplaining trolled like never before. Man : "I bet u didn't play this game." Woman : "I wrote it." http://t.co/HFXHLXdsTN
Retweeted by L GeorgeA3: Emphasis on college going has probably done a disservice to many young people better served by vocation training. #NewsHourChats
Retweeted by L GeorgeMass. beach-goers scrawl humorous message in sand after great white shark sighting: http://t.co/WbjzHQJ9w7 http://t.co/1br4z0yiST
Retweeted by L George.@NRA investigates my Linkedin profile, determines I am educated, had career, not cleaning enough #MomsNotMaids http://t.co/Vhdb4mM3II
Retweeted by L GeorgeI really hate getting condescending lectures on #edreform from folks who attended elite private schools for PreK-12.
Retweeted by L GeorgeGraceland, Paul Simon “@shannynmoore: Best music to pack all your worldly possessions to? Help me out Tweethearts!”
@dvnix I was so certain of everything when I was her age. I can't even imagine what I'd have done if I had been a coddled, rich star...@SpikeLee and son, Jackson, 17, at the burial of #MichaelBrown "It's very important that I brought my son," Lee said. http://t.co/u0gGTLs4VO
Retweeted by L GeorgeA pause can be construed to meet the requisite mens rea test for intentional conduct. If true, Wilson has very very serious legal problems.
Retweeted by L GeorgeCNN Don Lemon reports new witness comes forward with audio of alleged shots fired during Michael Brown police interaction, troubling pause
Retweeted by L George"Robin Williams, what a concept." - Billy Crystal #Emmys http://t.co/fLSNZvyq27
Retweeted by L GeorgeI know it's not polite to discuss appearance, but I think Julianna Margulies is too skinny now. She looked healthier in ER.@Burghpunk Congrats!! @InternetEh@InternetEh That's great. It just makes life easier.hi handsome http://t.co/f1aAxBbwap
Retweeted by L GeorgeWhat if Elane dating Tim Watley today? via @FranFrida http://t.co/uNLrVw6Rfb
Retweeted by L George@InternetEh Is the baby feeding better now?Tears.Those curved TVs are great. You can scoop so much more salsa than with a regular TV. #Emmys
Retweeted by L GeorgeYay, Sarah Silverman. “Thank you to my Jews at CAA.” I love her.
Retweeted by L George@StillCrazy808 @Snoodit I love her!@NWCN Yes.Awww :) #AntMayPhoto #Photography #NWSL #Soccer @SeattleReignFC http://t.co/mWLcOoLiol
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