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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@ffwang2 I believe the rule is based on how it’s pronounced, not how it’s written. :)
@ffwang2 Btw MIT is an initialism, so it should be “an MIT PhD student” :)@una Awwww, and I’m thankful for tweets like yours that make my day! :)Happy thanksgiving everyone!! This year, I’m thankful for all the friends I’ve made here at MIT, and the patience of everyone I work with :)Walden: “It’s like I’m running JavaScript and women are running HTML5!” #lolwut Maybe next time, hire a consultant @TwoAndAHalfMen?
@_mestevens @prismjs Awww, thank you, you didn’t have to :)
@espressoapp Also, maybe loading large files in a separate thread so that the UI doesn’t block? Then confirmation becomes less needed@espressoapp E.g “This file is 70MB and will likely take > 3 minutes to load. Are you sure you want to load it?" Shouldn’t be hard to impl@espressoapp Yup. Ideally a button that you have to press to load it where the content would be (not a popup, that’s too intrusive)@espressoapp I’m talking about files in the ballpark of 70MB, don't think email would be a good idea.@espressoapp Please ask user if they want to open a large file. I have some large JSONs & I often accidentally click on them & hang Espresso@dudleystorey No worries, it’s really sweet that you thought of sending it over :) Yup, all is great! Challenging, but so fun!@dudleystorey Nope, everything in this list is only applicable to undergrads I’m afraid :)@SimonSapin Yup, same here, but it’s infuriating.@dudleystorey Thanks, though that’s advice for undergrads, so doesn’t really apply :PI hate it when a website that’s not local in any way uses the word “abroad”. What’s abroad in the context of the Internet? Mars?!Holy shit. Incompetent bros fuck up stealth and press for biotech startup they don’t own. With a female founder. http://t.co/FWS7mqhRrs
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Programmers: please don't ever say this to beginners ... http://t.co/P1X2eKstxe [ with a shout-out to @guzdial @steve_wolfman and @webyrd ]
Retweeted by Lea VerouEvery time I see a website with syntax highlighted code, I check if it’s @prismjs. Around half the time it actually is! Soo makes my day! :)
@davidbaron I was using Firefox ESR and rebeccapurple wasn't in it FF31 yet. Sorry, deleted the tweet now. /me digs a hole and crawls in
@dommcloughlin Yes it should, the way it works doesn't differentiate between pseudoelements and regular ones.@shatil Physical dimensions cannot be detected via JS. 13.3 is just the default value, you’re meant to edit it.
@gregwhitworth Are you sure this test could not be reduced further? Most people will have trouble rendering this in their head.
@bosmel This doesn’t mean that we should be ok with things like that barbie book though. It’s the next generation that’s our hope to improve@bosmel I’m really not sure what point you’re trying to make. That we haven’t reached gender equality yet? Well, duh, that’s kinda obvious.@bosmel Actually, the book was made by women. It‘s not men causing all the problems. They’re not the enemy. Women are just as responsible.@bosmel This really depends on the company and even country. Not the same everywhere. E.g. I haven’t really faced anything like that.@bosmel There’s a long way to go, but what that book describes is a sexist dystopia, not reality. Reality even today is better than that.@bosmel WTF are you talking about? Did you come from the barbie world described in that book?This is why we don’t have enough women in STEM, far more than scientists’ t-shirts or anything else http://t.co/5gco0Jr8OBLovely fun game of trying to draw rectangles that match given pixel dimensions http://t.co/7ziDpJfgWt I got 160! via @karger@amyvdh Yes, let’s talk about it then, I really hope I can make it!@amyvdh But personality cannot be depicted in a photo anyway. Where is the lack of agency & dignity e.g. here? http://t.co/l4eWgRrGHf@amyvdh Yeah, I get the theoretical definition, but that’s way too abstract@amyvdh So if the purpose of the photo is to arouse, it’s objectification? I’m still struggling to pattern match the difference.@amyvdh …makes a photo objectifying. Perhaps erotic or sexual would be better?@amyvdh I think “sexy” wasn’t the right word, as the inference from your examples is that it’s the amount of clothing that …@amyvdh The first example is not just a picture though. If it was, would it still be objectifying?@amyvdh Also, where does objectification start and sexual expression stop? How would a sexy photo/drawing would NOT be objectifying?@mort If you enter any dialogue with the mindset that hopefully the other person will see why they’re wrong, you’re doing it wrong.@amyvdh Question: How do you feel about images that objectify men?@mort I would, if people like you disappeared. Gosh, you could’ve just pointed to what you meant, easily offended jerk.@tabatkins You hinted at TPAC that there was some progress with CAS, did I misunderstand? If not, any links?@amyvdh I believe that a lot of this is related to women being taught that sex degrades them, which leads to them feeling uncomfortable.@amyvdh Going to the bathroom is also private, but there doesn’t seem to carry the same kind of discomfort and taboos around it.@amyvdh The question is why, why is sex such a special topic that people are uncomfortable about it and e.g. food is not.@amyvdh … It’s not sexist in its own, its only sexist due to the number of such images around and how gender imbalanced they are.@amyvdh Twitter mobbing about his shirt takes the focus a way from his accomplishment. And “sexist” is a stretch referring to it. …@amyvdh Is it possible that women feeling uncomfortable with sexual imagery is more a result of sexism than said imagery? Just a thought.
@mort @christos Um, WAT? Where did I switch to that? Are you imagining things now?@LeaVerou Good article on the topic: http://t.co/zU9LbXwJFM can too much feminism kill feminism?
Retweeted by Lea Verou@amyvdh Note that I’m not saying that the shirt is not sexist. But compared to his achievement, it’s extremely minor..@LeaVerou Rosetta’s comet is up to 26.7x faster than a bullet. So clearly, the real story is the shirt.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@magentaml @probablydom Yes, nothing.@glazou …not to mention their complete lack of perspective.@glazou The problem with feminist bullies is not “the false idea that women are oppressed”. It’s the false positives they see everywhere@glazou “Feminist bullies are so invested in the false idea that women are oppressed that they’re giving all women a bad reputation”@teoli2003 @glazou @fdrlst Yup, of course. I was just bummed cause I’d RT it otherwise :( Such a shortage of levelheaded articles on this :(@mort @christos I have zero respect for someone who argues by calling an opinion “utter and proper bullshit”. Offended? Yeah, no fucks given@teoli2003 @glazou @fdrlst This article is on the other end of the spectrum: It argues that sexism doesn’t exist & women are not oppressed 👎@mort @christos How would that tee look like? Tell me & I’ll explain to you why this is a bad analogy, in simple words you can understand.@emmasax You, the article author (which btw I had already read) and whoever agrees with this, have a perspective problem.When a scientist lands a robot on a COMET and all u see is his shirt you’re the proverbial idiot looking at the finger instead of the moon.@margotmagowan @Shakestweetz there's nothing there I wouldn't want my kids to see but ymmv :) +the genius girl role model is good for them
@juliancheal @tomdale Not mine originally! http://t.co/5TzjT153cg@margotmagowan …a father-daughter relationship. Still fewer women than men though. Would be interested in your opinion.@margotmagowan Have you watched Interstellar? The main scientist that makes the big discovery is female, and the movie is centered around …@fantasai @tabatkins QQ: Is this kind of layout possible with just 3 divs, in flexbox? (i.e. without the .a wrapper) http://t.co/7ZlXBjX1GC
@vasilis CSSConf is short, so probably codemania! Check the length, pick the longest.@vasilis Try to find a video of my talk The Chroma Zone (ideally a long one, not 30mins). There is a part in it that will definitely help!@vasilis Um, you just linked to the algorithm?@tabatkins Happy birthday man!!
...and now actually indistinguishable from the original, but using nested lists and generated content http://t.co/BUEU40tdgg
Retweeted by Lea VerouNew features: 1. Syntax highlighting & previewers in HTML style="…" attributes 2. Previewers in inline CSS Demo: http://t.co/KjeJdkUIcb
Retweeted by Lea VerouJust discovered that you can get a free month on Hulu by clicking “cancel my subscription”. Hopefully I can still cancel after that month :P
@shanehudson Oh thanks for offering, but there are many other tech reviewers too :) I just thought it was funny to share :)@thomasfuchs That’s so brilliant.@sturobson Obviously. My point is, saying you’re confused without saying what’s confusing, is not particularly helpful in any context.Tech reviewer comment on a chapter of my book: “I did not understand the last 4 pages”. Umm ok… How on Earth am I supposed to address that?!Today I saw the widget in @Firefox dev tools that uses some of my open source code and I felt very proud :) https://t.co/JrdVsePDnh@LeaVerou Just saw some of your cubic-bézier inside of @FirefoxDevTools and liked it! Feel like I owe you one! (insert party emoticon here)
Retweeted by Lea Verou@aral @derschepp It wasn’t either, just some guy with a funding campaign (indiegogo or sth) that seemed like a good cause.
@pausehere @buritica @rockbot Not necessarily backend JS, but definitely client-side JS and probably quite well too.@pausehere @buritica @rockbot Sorry, I meant “frontend engineer”. “developer” is more vague.@pausehere @buritica @rockbot I expect any “frontend developer” to be versed in JS, otherwise different job titles would be more appropriateDear @macys, Sending 1 email/day to your customers is NOT a good strategy. It’s SPAM of the worst kind. Esp. if you don’t obey unsubscribes!@chriscoyier Yes, unfortunately it's the earliest I've found so far. I was hoping it would be some blog post, not a stackoverflow reply :/@chriscoyier @codrops Yeah, I saw that, it was http://t.co/pi71cU3fhH but http://t.co/eXAYV6KWfh is 2+ months earlier.@overflowhidden @chriscoyier Yeah, but that’s not the same method. I was trying to find the origins of the translate() trick.This is such a brilliant little trick. Emulate gooey circles that blob into each other with blur & contrast filters http://t.co/w1VFEHWC7yPlease be nice, trim the number of decimals in generated code. People might actually look at it and 677.6542515245121545421 is visual vomit.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@chriscoyier Trying to find the earliest source for the translate vert. cent. trick. Did u really post this in 2007?! http://t.co/hs4Ug6AxsW@dirkschulze @tabatkins Corruption, everywhere!!@tabatkins Yay!! :D
Going one-way into space isn’t something you can bail on when it turns out not to be what you want. http://t.co/qP0CprUx9J
Retweeted by Lea Verou@sturobson Yes, exactly like that, thanks!@petronbot Thanks!@dstorey It was in my More CSS Secrets talks, which I’m sure you sat through at *many* conferences :P@dstorey @dudleystorey padding: calc(50% - width/2)@dstorey @dudleystorey Why did you have to use wrappers to center?
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