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Lea Verou @LeaVerou Cambridge, MA

Research Assistant @MIT_CSAIL, @CSSWG IE, @OReillyMedia author, Ex @W3C staff. Made @prismjs @dabblet @prefixfree. I ♥ standards, code, design, UX, life!

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@fantasai @tabatkins @svgeesus That's an implementation detail :)@briankardell how do I join the queue for one??@rasmusfl0e @DavidBruant oh yeah, dare to challenge a taboo and suddenly I'm a n00b. Nice logic ya got there bro. /cc @WebReflection@fantasai @tabatkins @svgeesus I'm not theorizing here: this is exactly what my parents did and it worked great@fantasai @tabatkins @svgeesus what the hell? No, they will choose the nicest last name and I will raise them with that idea.@fantasai @tabatkins @svgeesus which is exactly why I suggested hyphenated last names for kids and they get to choose when older.@DavidBruant @WebReflection of course. Just like everyone uses a different global variable to hang their stuff on.@davidbruant Um, did you actually read the post beyond the title? /cc @WebReflection@davidbruant That sounds like “communism is good, it was just misused". If something is consistently misused, there’s something wrong w/ it.@davidbruant @webreflection Ugh, so your gripe is on the title? Did you even notice the footnote?@tabatkins @fantasai @svgeesus Why? Who’s better at deciding than the person actually having the last name??@dmitryauine LOL, your cluelessness is showing. You must be an undergrad with zero research experience.@aspiesavant Or maybe, just maybe, there’s importance to this kind of stuff that you’re too superficial to see.@fantasai @tabatkins @svgeesus I don’t like that either. I much prefer the child choosing one of the two to keep when they come of age.@svgeesus @tabatkins Oh not the hyphenation doesn’t scale argument! Give kids both, have them choose as adults. That’s what my parents did.@rajadain I can totally see the value of uniquness. It’s very important for me that there’s no other Lea Verou.@rajadain That’s fascinating! How did it happen? Is it common in your country?@rajadain I’m confused. You mean both are first names?@m_gol @marcedwards Exactly!!@m_gol @marcedwards Interesting. In Greece since 1983 not only it doesn’t happen, but it’s actually pretty difficult to change your name@m_gol @marcedwards I’d say yes if the partner’s last name is also nicer/shorter, besides ASCII-friendly :)@xowap Yup, exactly! Still better to know than to not know.@asciidisco Heh, that’s my usual day. But still, I want to know.One feature I really miss from my old Nokia phones is the UI telling how much time you have left until the alarm rings, upon setting it.@codepo8 Happy birthday man!!!@mktums Haha, love the private-message-in-plain-view idea :-)@dmitryauine Also, the quality of a (primarily) research university is not a weighed sum of its “programs and courses”. It’s in its people..@dmitryauine Um, good for you? That doesn’t mean that “MIT sucks” and it only looks insecure to reply to every mention of MIT with that..@dstorey @reybango @codepo8 @gregwhitworth CSS3 attr() is now the 5th most req CSS feature. Is MS considering impl? https://t.co/eruYV8zYY8@marcedwards I think the perfect solution is what my parents did, which I’ve described here: http://t.co/6k9Ovzli00So glad this issue is finally being discussed more. The Great Last Name Debate: http://t.co/lXQ2KjTGzA@dmitryauine LOL why?This is why I love MIT. Incredibly astute observations even in the hastily written internal mailing list posts https://t.co/aZNOy7Nt4F@spicymagpie I’m afraid you have to ask @OReillyMedia about it, not me. @megdfoley and @marytreseler might be a good start.On Tuesday, I put @LeaVerou as an example of innovation. Today I got an e-mail asking how to translate her "CSS Secrets" book into Spanish.
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Wow, guys you rock! With your 510 (!) votes, CSS3 attr() is now the 5th most requested CSS feature for IE! https://t.co/eruYV8zYY8@dreev Your brain is clearly too clean :PI wonder if the wording on this @PayPal email is intentionally weird… http://t.co/D2BSq4Cn71
@mrjamesriley Thanks! If it’s easier, you could also email me (lea at verou .me)@mrjamesriley Thank you! Yes, we can still fix minor things!This Abstruse Goose webcomic perfectly summarizes how I feel when reading other people’s code http://t.co/8OPSWHwJa1 /via @eirikbakke
Wow, you guys are awesome! 287 votes for CSS3 attr()! https://t.co/hmGJI0m4akStarted reading @LeaVerou's CSS Secrets on the train today, and now I wanna quote the entire first chapter http://t.co/32QbZ6Qbhb
Retweeted by Lea Verou@Skogberg Halva priset på CSS Secrets av @LeaVerou i några timmar till! Läste den under semestern. Många bra tips. http://t.co/tfmpX6jQdA
Retweeted by Lea Verou@dstorey @boltclock @rnsloan @xzyfer If I run out of votes, do I ever get new ones?@dstorey @boltclock @rnsloan @xzyfer You should reply with Futurama Fry http://t.co/2Y0XkqxB7I@dstorey @boltclock @rnsloan @xzyfer But Y U NO IMPLEMENT DART???Want to see CSS3 attr() in IE, which lets you use attributes values everywhere and for anything in CSS? Vote for it! https://t.co/hmGJI0m4ak@dstorey @boltclock @rnsloan @xzyfer Done, thanks for the tip!@dstorey @boltclock @rnsloan @xzyfer I didn’t know I could give more than 1!!@boltclock @rnsloan @dstorey @xzyfer There ya go: https://t.co/hmGJI0m4ak@xzyfer @dstorey Someone should make a polyfill, now that mutation observers are available everywhere.@keithjgrant @xzyfer A few days ago? I want this every day! :P@dstorey @xzyfer Most people don’t realize how immensely useful it is, because it’s not flashy. :(@dstorey @xzyfer Just zero time, otherwise I’d also make browser bug reports too.It kills me that support for attr() beyond content is practically zero. https://t.co/ND8yl7z8Yo
Retweeted by Lea Verou@abinop @oauth_io Wow, that’s kind of expensive.@jacobdegeling A ligature is any single glyph that can be used instead of two or more letters.
@walidvb @github @firebase Yes, but then you have to use their storage.@scrwd Yes, @drifterz28 just sent me a link to it. Thank you both! :)@drifterz28 That looks very interesting, thanks!Is there any popular third-party service (@Github, Facebook etc) today where an app can authenticate entirely via client-side JS?Nice idea: Ligature for “with” http://t.co/zSRQ0kf2Vo by @AnandChowdharyJust bought @LeaVerou's CSS Secrets, all O'Reilly web dev titles are 50% off until tomorrow.
Retweeted by Lea VerouWow, a wealth of useful info here, including stats about CSS/JS/HTML features used in the wild! https://t.co/p0K0VdeHIi /via @MaxArt2501@leongersen But you’re not using namespaces there… What am I missing? (nice page btw! except the 2 line nav)@telematica Nope, it also has info about which features are in development by ALL browsers, which caniuse doesn’t have.https://t.co/L6KXdWoGeh is basically the best overview around of what’s hot in the Open Web Platform today & its browser support.@adamshaylor @heydesigner I’ve always done event delegation by binding on the closest common ancestor & checking evt.target.@adamshaylor @heydesigner You can trivially convert a nodelist to an array.@m_gol @jeresig @joemarini Depends on your definition of modern. Most of these bugs are fixed in current versions.@adamshaylor @heydesigner b) "array's aren't that much fun to work with" Um, [citation needed]@adamshaylor @heydesigner a) I wrote myself IN THAT ARTICLE that if you have to support IE<=8, use jQuery.@leongersen If it’s just to avoid collisions, use the same convention. Otherwise, lemme know exactly what you’re trying to do.@loadedsith Huh? It works fine over here…
This is awesome! @FontsInUse: Typefaces, used in real world designs http://t.co/SBlwLEsyYY@markbrown4 Thanks! Though, if read out of context, your tweet sounds like an extremely weird thing to say. :PSo, @LeaVerou writes an article and people from both sides take her points to the extremes. Internet as usual.
Retweeted by Lea Verou@kriesse @cssconfeu @itsmisscs Happy birthday!!! :D@molokoloco Then toggle a class. Or set an inline transition/animation longhand with JS.@molokoloco So you just implemented a fade with JS. So? That doesn’t mean it’s the best way to do it. That’s horrible overcomplication.We are thrilled to have @LeaVerou on stage at CSSconf EU 2015! ✿ http://t.co/goAyJpdNbQ
Retweeted by Lea Verou@molokoloco @jeresig @joemarini fadeIn/Out today is 2 lines of CSS…@kevinlozandier @mpaluchowski Wow, there it’s 3rd!@renh93 a) You could verify that yourself. b) If you paid enough attention to the screenshot, you’d see it’s in incognito mode.@jimi75 Meh, I didn’t write this, it’s @OReillyMedia’s draft copy. Soon it should have the updated copy, tho Amazon is slow with updating.@distilledhype There are many agencies where code quality matters. Don’t generalize.@distilledhype Github (the company) does this: https://t.co/knt1oC8LaZ@distilledhype Not formal code reviews, e.g. you could have a rule that every new bit of code needs to be a reviewed by 1 other dev and PRed@distilledhype Code reviews!!@distilledhype …unless bigger client is also big website, in which case they have an existing set of browsers 2 support. Then you’re fucked.@distilledhype It kinda is. In bigger companies with bigger clients, you’re just not the one doing the convincing :)@leaverou What a book introduction! W3C, Web Standards, Inheritance, CSS Spec, RWD, Coding Tips, Preprocessors, Calc #csssecrests
Retweeted by Lea Verou@distilledhype I’ve rarely had an issue with clients (when I had clients) if I backed up my opinion with market share %s.@distilledhype BS. I’ve worked with clients in the past. Try charging them extra to support older browsers and see how many really care.@distilledhype Even if people decided to go back to it, dropping it would only do them good. They would get a tremendous amount of knowledge@helloanselm @distilledhype And regarding the title, I think you missed the footnote. Not that I need to explain myself to you.@helloanselm @distilledhype IE10+ and Firefox LTS really are not that bad. Android is getting better.@distilledhype I think people got upset at the mere suggestion that there are developers out there that don’t have to support older browsers@distilledhype I clearly said in the article that if you need to support older browsers, then it doesn’t apply to you. Did I not?
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