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Cartoonist, puppeteer, ukuleleist, eater of chocolate mousse.

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You guys, @Johnhorstman just wrote the afterword for "Something New" and he really knocked it out of the park.@amyvpickett Thank you! Right on!@markleeashmore I hope it was a good cry! Thank you!
@MlleLorelei I'll be contacting him for my next jacket quote.@MlleLorelei let me know how your cat likes it!Pff I pretty much just asked for the "comics lady" cut. My new spring shear courtesy of my stylist… https://t.co/KoKug5sxwI@FireMaddie As long as it's credited and not for personal profit/promotion, it's totally fine!
@whoaaamann another reason why cautionary mom stories can't always be trusted.@fdwhitecomics too true.Whatever, MOM, I don't care about how Sinatra left Mia Farrow when she cut her hair *puts hat on over haircut* my head is cold.
@angelalsylvia Oh yes, what an age! My thirties have been a much less volatile three months, so far.@annadenise Hmmmm, Relish is most emblematic of my current work! I'd say start there. Thanks!@etiberland Hooray! I love this, thank you for sharing!@animemiz Yay! Thank you!
Chugging along. Around 50 pages left to ink. #InkingCap https://t.co/UFonCpSJi8
@erholtzclaw Oh no! I'm so sorry! My timing is terrible. Please feel better soon.Mom (@georgialou) https://t.co/VpNPiTB1re
I'm missing MOCCA fest (and DDLL! Weep!) this year, but I'm biding my time for a GLORIOUS RETURN next year! Can't wait to hear all about it!@fontgurrl Oof! Tough but also kind-of nice! Thanks for your kind words about the interview!@girlgonepostal haha! They managed to find the one thing that would be harder for me to listen to than my own voice!
@FireMaddie they're sold through a kickstarter for @Challengers comic shop!@brumbrekkieclub As am I. All content originates from a creator, and I appreciate you seeking me out to ask.@thefirstpancake @lizzieapost @daniel_post Hmm… Interesting thought!@garrettfwilson I love that piece, but I want one that clearly and objectively states THE RULES OF POLITE SOCIETY, re: art commerce.@metageeky I know. There are too many bad feelings! It's so hard to be polite, but most people honestly don't get it…I wish there was an exceedingly polite "Miss Manners" letter I could refer people to when they try to use an artist's art for free.@brumbrekkieclub Welp, sorry. My artwork isn't a hobby— it's my job, and my income, and I can't give it away for free.@brumbrekkieclub I'm glad you like my work, but you should probably commission a piece from an artist especially for your site. Thanks!@ventriclemouse she is so helpful.Doing my taxes. https://t.co/xOrm2gaAKl
@erholtzclaw I'm gonna rock you all night long! Um. Literarily.@sambriger @nprfreshair @fantagraphics It was a pleasure— thanks again, Sam!
@zombietardis Both are correct.@kristin1878 Yes! It'll be out for digital platforms that support color ebooks! Here you go: https://t.co/9VMZQmK7JM@capearce81 Oh man I feel bad I kept you from pad thai! Nobody should ever be kept from pad thai!What a nice day! Was on NPR, met my page quota, got a new batch of flats from my amazing flatter, @LukeWHealy, & ate a really good sandwich.Thank you to Sam and @nprfreshair for a great interview, and my peeps at @fantagraphics for helping make this book possible. xoxo.Thanks for listening to my Fresh Air debut! If you missed it, it's here, plus a transcript with the audio link! http://t.co/0bFgWiBVFd@bemissh woo hoo!@mattloux thank you!@gottwords awesome!'Displacement': The Frustrations, Fears And Absurdities Of A Cruise Upended http://t.co/RR4PYSyoqm @LucyKnisley
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyOn air now: @nprfreshair with @brookeborel on bed bugs, then artist @LucyKnisley on her travelogue 'Displacement' http://t.co/iQdSwWS1Wy
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyTODAY: @brookeborel on bed bugs // Comic artist @LucyKnisley on her travelogue 'Displacement'
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
@mygiantrobot I miss you too!@beckkramer whatever floats your pizza@dresdencodak when are you going to make that fashion advice website?@beckkramer VICTORY@beckkramer IT BETTER BE THIN CRUST@SarahBecan Ps thanks for working on YOUR comic with me. Thanks, um… For that. #what. Sorry— Some sorta interview confusion.I can't believe I'm gonna be on Fresh Air tomorrow in the same week I'm in the Chicago Trib. *mind explodey hand motions and mouth sounds*@beckkramer Should one's right hand be 20 degrees cooler than one's left? Is that… supposed to be…?@jabberworks I miss you, too! xoxoHey it's me! “@SFAQL: @LucyKnisley is written up in @PrintersRowFest http://t.co/nr5fG7cxDG … @fantagraphics http://t.co/IXsFu07YaK@erikamoen THE CAMERA IS GETTING CLOSE, LET ME PULL MY FACE INTO MY NECK.Photo: I’m in the final sprint of inking on my new book, “Something New; Tales from a Clueless Bride,” so I... http://t.co/5ZWPhCk9PD
Comic artist @LucyKnisley sketches out a life in Chicago: http://t.co/B33tAAMpat #printersrow via @megankirb
Retweeted by Lucy Knisleysuper psyched to write this feature on @LucyKnisley's newest projects & Chicago ties http://t.co/6YNaRm0XZ8
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
@verabee thank you, Vera! I'm thrilled you liked it!
Thx Lucy & @Jacq_Cohen RT @Robot6: @LucyKnisley shares her unique perception of @fantagraphics #Displacement http://t.co/ni1eTC8QQT
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyA @LucyKnisley excerpt from my new @Robot6 Q&A about her latest @fantagraphics travelogue, Displacement http://t.co/h2u8vjAAKg
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley
Photo: ottermatopoeia: what a beautiful wedding My next book. http://t.co/nwJVRWuupx@rachkael @erikamoen @kateleth I LOVE them! Thank you so much— highlight of the weekend. You shoulda seen me when I found the 2nd layer.@goraina no waaaaayyyy every plate is insane looking. Every hand holding a fork is so weiiiiird! AUGH!@goraina TELL ME ABOUT ITWorking in a workspace cafe in Seattle while the Portlandia theme song plays. I think I am ODing on West Coastness.@gregthelen I spent all weekend being like "gonna go talk to Greg in five minutes" and then I goofed that up! So sorry! Next time!
Really tickled by this inadvertently collaborative comic by @ErikaMoen, @LucyKnisley, and me. http://t.co/o4MaXNRXZW
Retweeted by Lucy Knisleyfantagraphics managed to score me some more copies of my two newest books from their warehouse!… https://t.co/2m6NO7WIrt
I am close to being out of books! So I'm gonna do some teeny painting commissions at #ECCC. Come and get em! Only $30 http://t.co/2iij6Ra4RW
@ScoughtFree it was awesome thank youuuu!@fantagraphics hellllp I need more books!@ScoughtFree F12, if you haven't found me!My plan to sell everything at ECCC before Sunday so I can eat cheese at pike place has gone awry! 3/6 of my books are sold out. It's Friday.Tonight at 7pm we have @LucyKnisley in the store! We'll be discussing her newest, DISPLACEMENT & AN AGE OF LICENSE! http://t.co/6p4ab6txbS
Retweeted by Lucy KnisleyAlso at #ECCC2015: @LucyKnisley, who will be HERE, in the store, tomorrow night, for a reading at 7pm! http://t.co/2ffek0vkzt
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@girlgonepostal I will sign them all for you! Yayyy!
@katechronister1 I'm sure I will. I'm there often, to visit my parents. I'll be sure to post about it when I've got one lined up!@katechronister1 I've already done many! I did two last month!LucyKnisley: My darling pal, @LonnieComics has launched his travelogue kickstarter! It looks tres cute. https://t.co/TZaNJumbMP
@sara_frances it's the best!Photoset: I’ll be tabling and doing signings at Emerald City Comic Convention this weekend in Seattle! I’ve... http://t.co/tUNFTHMiKhTidying the office, hanging some desk art. https://t.co/CvTpVxlkof
Photo: I actually think my 30 year old body can’t really handle the flood of emotions and hormones that the... http://t.co/b5s8iUbdSgFINE. Just fine. I'll just work at home through my neighbor's renovations it's fine. https://t.co/psmswdSGMT@tonybreed how... How do you dance to that???OHMYGOD it's a MIX of different covers of "raindrops keep fallin on my head." Help.Looking at a finished page, I often remember something about what was happening when I inked it. So these pages will always make me dizzy.The cafe is playing "raindrops keep fallin on my head" while I angrydraw and stew about being unable to go home until the fumes disperse.I am the WORST at working in public. I am the creep who listens to ALL THE CONVERSATIONS. My kingdom for some headphones.I have been fumigated from my home office due to neighbors refinishing their floors. I'm the cranky person at the cafe with a lightbox.
Would it be wrong for me to weigh my page stack? Would it be wrong to hug it? Finished the pencils… https://t.co/pAkADRkTGO@killianczuba It was so fun to draw you and you are beautiful and smart.Not yer mamma's wedding book, this one. #SomethingNew https://t.co/2DXoQzddzU
Signing & talking at Women and Children First tonight! 7:30pm at 5233 N. Clark, Chicago. Come and get my 2 latest! http://t.co/Ur7JLN1pys
@ame_something What? Hmm. @Challengers do you guys have any way to send shirts to Canada?Photo: I can’t decide whether it’s better in black or red, but I certainly am pleased with this rad black... http://t.co/iijuGW7OZc
The March Booklist Reviews are in! Displacement by @LucyKnisley, L&R 7 by @xaimeh + Beto, Spawn of Mars and more! http://t.co/P5gvrhcm9L
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley. @LucyKnisley talks about the two mirror image graphic novels that sprang from her travels. http://t.co/WI3wEX7xm2 http://t.co/sBROTAkAXW
Retweeted by Lucy Knisley@avb Ooh! Rad, thank you!
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