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Wow @MISSBROOKEHAVEN it's not everyday u get to take a pic w/ @BonJovi & #Santa! What a LIFE! http://t.co/dr5M3WNJlG http://t.co/B5sIg0mjuI
Retweeted by Brooke HavenHere at @VividRadioSXM call in and be a part of The Single Life on http://t.co/25L57038iN 855-99-vivid all about sex predictions for 2015Heading to @TheGroveLA with @thechancedale !!! http://t.co/Iwy3H4Jdgj
With my My boo thang @thechancedale goodnight from our home to yours instagram peeps ❤️ http://t.co/gevhTROAtM“@fmewow: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN big fan would like to talk about a potential job in film” what kind of filmWhen you have such great friends in your life your always winning !!!! Happy girls !!! @brendanellorhttp://t.co/LHzvA0PnmP@MISSBROOKEHAVEN i go to get something to eat..i come back...i see Brooke is on her cam...and BAM..she is in a private show!! I CANT WIN!!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TyleneBuck girl crush 🙌
I'm Here where are u ? Cum out and play http://t.co/ru9JmHbzoT“@cin39132: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @thechancedale Are you going to get a big massive one”we got a 7foot treeXmas tree shopping with @thechancedale http://t.co/57R6AqYYHoOn cam now http://t.co/ru9JmHbzoTMy favorite wipes to use when I'm on webcam are @WildWipes get urs today use promo code MISSB to get a discount http://t.co/nyhqW8VQb1
Stopped by @sweetstorela last night and picked up white chocolate fruity pebbles and sour patch kids #monchiebar http://t.co/TWxrk8zxIAhttp://t.co/jOOiKMOfxbCatch me now on webcam http://t.co/ru9JmHbzoT using my fav product @WildWipes use my promo code for a discount #missb http://t.co/rELBXgsKJ6“@GlyndaRhodes: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I think early January. I will text you when I'm cruzin in!”please do are u on FB ?@GlyndaRhodes when u coming to la ?#love #tuesday #happy #holidays with @thechancedale http://t.co/A6pJI7XEK6@iheartmindy @Randy_Couture happy holidays to u bothI love a good rainy day ❤️🙌You too! #merrymerry #HoHoHo😊💃💃💃 RT @MISSBROOKEHAVEN: “@Spr_Dave: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 'sup miss B! #lookingood” thanks Dave happy holidays
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@SIENNAWESTLAND: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN #Philippines sooooooooo far away from us 👉👉👉 @Spr_Dave #family 😢 http://t.co/0uYOwGo9Hx” No shit Dave!
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@EthanOsbourne_ @MISSBROOKEHAVEN dude, seriously give it a rest. You say that to everyone. You're so annoying tbh. Stop harassing her
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
He's the best boyfriend in the whole entire world ❤️🙌 http://t.co/a1qmjHzhE1@GlyndaRhodes I don't know who he is but ..... Lucky guyMy #MCM is the beautiful man @thechancedale .... We never saw this coming, I wasn't looking for a… http://t.co/0bsQwG5J03@TAYSTEVENS do u have a link@TAYSTEVENS awe yay I'll check it out today@MISSBROOKEHAVEN hi beautiful !! :) I put that pick of us on my blog I had the wrong twitter hehe ! Miss your sexy self xoxox
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@thechancedale I don't know if I told you lately how very much I love you Sir ❤️
Hi http://t.co/ru9JmHbzoT@Spr_Dave super cool Dave“@Dav_bara: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I hope they give you a time slot!”me too @VividCorp @VividRadioSXMhttp://t.co/jOOiKMOfxb“@Spr_Dave: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN 'sup miss B! #lookingood” thank you Dave happy holidays“@Dav_bara: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN I listened to your show. Love it! You are so sweet!”thank u I appreciate it@MISSBROOKEHAVEN You are one of the sexiest pornstars ever. I love you
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@MISSBROOKEHAVEN you look gorgeous!
Retweeted by Brooke HavenSuch a lucky girl to have such beautiful best friends the only one missing from my girls in this photo… http://t.co/ePqJ8atsTi#roadtrips are fun lol #bonJovi #runawaytour #lasvegas http://t.co/CtePk8ImIL#bonJovi #runawaytour #lasvegas #BrooklynBowl http://t.co/108RJruC76#bonJovi #BrooklynBowl #runawaytour with my ❤️ http://t.co/4BCCtJs40i
@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Model / Actress / Reality TV / #Dreamlover - http://t.co/2ESY4brafi @THR · http://t.co/MaFS2gynDb http://t.co/8DBPcrB50w
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@Misstabstevens @BritneyShannonX @devonmichaelsx @shaylalaveaux @ClubShayFox @alanaevansxxx @ChristyCanyon11 @JILLKELLYXOXO thank u beautyA BIG 😘 @BritneyShannonX @devonmichaelsx @shaylalaveaux @ClubShayFox @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @alanaevansxxx @ChristyCanyon11 @JILLKELLYXOXO
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@Misstabstevens @BritneyShannonX @devonmichaelsx @shaylalaveaux @ClubShayFox @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @alanaevansxxx @JILLKELLYXOXO ❤️❤️💋back 2 U
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@alanaevansxxx @Misstabstevens @BritneyShannonX @devonmichaelsx @shaylalaveaux @ClubShayFox @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @ChristyCanyon11 Kisses
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
@claudiavalentin @dash_radio @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Have Fun Beautiful...
Retweeted by Brooke HavenTune into Fantasy Season Pass on @dash radio with @MissV_FSP :) today with me and @MISSBROOKEHAVEN
Retweeted by Brooke HavenThis is going down! @dash_radio @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Alexa_PierceXXX @claudiavalentin http://t.co/ZRK4FQaJcr
Retweeted by Brooke HavenBig thx to @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @Alexa_PierceXXX @claudiavalentin for playing #FantasyJeopardy.... @JuanElway @TerezOwens http://t.co/ZZNoK0b39G
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@VividRadioSXM @MISSBROOKEHAVEN what are your favorite sexual aphrodisiacs? 855-998-4843 http://t.co/XGJUjJwuEa
Retweeted by Brooke HavenIt's almost time for you to tune into @VividRadioSXM 5pm pst @SIRIUSXM 102Today 5pm pst join me on @VividRadioSXM where I will be hosting a very sexy show you don't want to miss it @SIRIUSXM channel 102Excited for my girls @AshHollywood @AlexaPierce_XXX and @claudiavalentin to meet my friends @MissV_FSP @adam_AOK and @JuanElway @dash_radioToday make sure you tune into @VividRadioSXM suriusxm 102 5pm pst to catch my sexy show lots of sexy fun in store . Don't miss it !!@MissV_FSP @JuanElway @adam_AOK hope u can handle @AshHollywood @claudiavalentin and @AlexaPierce_XXX@MissV_FSP @JuanElway @adam_AOK hope these boys got they're game faces on because my girls are gonna bring it@abbyleebrazil @adrianachechik @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @morganleexxx @HopeHowellxxx @rachelerichey beauties
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@jeffleroydavis: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Janikowski just made #8 on the NFL Chans Top Ten Big (fat) Guys. Thought you'd want to know ;)”hilarious
Home prepping my radio show for tomorrow for @VividRadioSXM 🙌More awesome news as I still have damaged vocal chords I went to an audition for a voiceover today and nailed it !!! Super stokedI'm so excited to be given an opportunity by @vividradiosxm to sit in and guest host a show for them… http://t.co/6LvXBXqtw3My passion over the last few years has been in radio I love being a radio personality thanks @VividRadioSXM for getting me back on the air#BreakingNews I'll be hosting a very sexy exciting show on @VividRadioSXM tomorrow at 5pm pst .. I'll be taking all your calls #vividradioTune in now to @MissV_FSP & @JuanElway on Fantasy Season Pass Radio on #TheCity! #DashRadio http://t.co/iesXqoJnL1
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@rachelaziani: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN Awwww such fun times! Miss you beautiful!”miss you@tikipavelle @davidlordxxx totallyGood morning happy throwback Thursday !!!!! Arizona with christine and @rachelaziani 💃👯 http://t.co/npnrJMxllE@pianoman9 hope all is well my friend happy holidays
@cin39132 good afternoon“@ProVillain: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN hey gorgeous! I was just editing the last of that footage we shot. You're so fine!!! xoxoxo” this is true lolHappy #humpday #sexy #fit #tan #mirror #selfie #missbhaven http://t.co/wTeAthSsjy
@JoelVetteVegas wow great work@JoelVetteVegas do you have s photo of a Hollywood smile ?@JoelVetteVegas oh wow@JoelVetteVegas 20 feet ?@JoelVetteVegas lifetime warranty ??? UMMM ok we really need to set up a consultation@JoelVetteVegas did u fix candys ?@JoelVetteVegas oh really ??????? I love her !!! Thank you for reaching out ... Are u expensive lolHave u ever wants to text or call me directly ?? Now you can http://t.co/zfgtVhl25P buy my phone # !!!“@JoelVetteVegas: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN hi Brooke I'm a big fan”hi@JaimeB80 lol it did ?Sometimes in life you just have to learn to say ok and mean it@CourtTaylorXXX girl I can't find u on Instagram 👺Wishing a very happy birthday to my gorgeous friend @MissV_FSP eat lots of cake ❤️🙌🍰🎂🍦I'm also available for Skype chats :)@XNicoleAnistonX me too and webcam@MISSBROOKEHAVEN That's great to hear, thank you for taking the time to let us know. I would like to get this ove... http://t.co/o9jrDloQdm
Retweeted by Brooke Haven@TWC_Help followedWow I have to say I love @TWCable_NEO just had the best customer service ever !!!!!!!!! I'll be sticking with them for a lot longer 🙌
@BrettSalapa thank uGym time !! My body is usually "onpoint" this week it's "on fluff"@MISSBROOKEHAVEN Perfect gifts for Christmas http://t.co/rQHOWi95Bw please could you give us a RT? X http://t.co/q8ICD0J6W3
Retweeted by Brooke Haven“@CharlieGonz12: @MISSBROOKEHAVEN That's what's I'm saying maybe. Life seems to be moving so fast now!”vwryHow is it almost xmas already ???? Where did the year go 🎄👀@Misstabstevens I miss you too pretty girl
@SHABOOTY @Misstabstevens @byroncrawford thank yall for sharing xo awesome interview@SHABOOTY @MISSBROOKEHAVEN @byroncrawford GREAT INTERVIEW!!! @AlonzoBodden IS FUCKING AWESOME. TY FOR THE PLUG GUYS! 😘
Retweeted by Brooke Haven
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