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33/Genderqueer/Bi. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Drake, Alternative Rock, Rap & ElectroSwing. #LGBTQ #Saulibert

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Off to bed, g'night guys <3@akalexander5050 @SASpurs21Fan that's good to know, just tired of seeing my friends get attacked by trolls. I got your back, Deb, always.@TheOrigFRODO G'night, my friend, sweet dreams <3@SASpurs21Fan @akalexander5050 that's the best thing you can do that person is a misrepresentation of the LGBT community. we love our allies@SASpurs21Fan It definitely does :) Very happy for you!
@SASpurs21Fan yep I've been retweeted by Brian a few times :)Wasn't bad enough Candy Crush Saga existed, now they gotta create Candy Crush Soda Saga.. lolDivas of Heavy Metal: http://t.co/pHekGOJz8x \m/My fanpage's photo albums are so huge, when I want to revamp, it takes forever to go through them allI wish Facebook would make it easier to navigate through photo albums and I also wished they make a way you can include sub-albums.@FoxVegas you're welcome! :)
Off to bed, 3rd night dealing with bad headaches. G'night, guys.#nowplaying Arch Enemy - War Eternal \m/Sweating Bullets <3 love this song!It takes two to tango, right @davetango? RETWEET if you think you’d make his perfect #GhostHunters partner. http://t.co/UqoRASiveX
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂hello, me, meet the real me, in my misfits way of lifeI cannot wait to see next week's Blacklist!#nowplaying Sirenia - Sundown \m/RT if you like Adam Lambert's live performances http://t.co/euC01vJCrt
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂RT if you love Adam Lambert http://t.co/94FlKdJdPY
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂I don't know about you, but I'm sick and tired of these bums! #StopTheGOP http://t.co/Aq2AOC75n8
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@FoxVegas Happy Birthday! <3@coptoit Her voice is like nails on a chalkboard@coptoit Ditto. I can't stand Taylor Swift.The Blacklist in an hour! Can't wait!People who don’t want #homosexuality shoved down their throats do not realize #gay people feel the same about heterosexuality
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@seela2012 Oh.. so ppl are trolling Adam/Ferras because of that? Lol@seela2012 ??#nowplaying Hypocrisy - Hell Is Where I Stay \m/ I love Heavy Metal!@adamlambert @ferras I love this song! His EP is sooo good!
I'm off to bed, headaches again tonight.. g'night guys <3@TheOrigFRODO @mstj55 they tag Adam also in them@TheOrigFRODO @mstj55 on IG they tag Sauli in every Adommy photo/video, I see every time I search for Sauli photos on IG for my fanpage.@TheOrigFRODO @mstj55 Have no ideaThe Difference Between Metal Genres: http://t.co/X4r0lQ3MLT@mstj55 my thoughts exactly#nowplaying Belphegor - Conjuring The Dead@SugarAngelBeth I do too. If they don't like Adam, why are they even in the fandom?@CrisFeyC Sauli usually tweets during the weekdays for BBExtra@CrisFeyC yep I do too. I don't blame Adam for not wanting to be on Twitter much esp. when you've got ppl constantly bitching at him@CrisFeyC A-fucking-men! They fill up Sauli's feed on IG with Adommy shit. It's so annoying esp. when trying to search for Sauli photosAs long as you take your fantasies in YOUR feed and not fill HIS with mentions complaining he didn't this or that -_- http://t.co/0YKHRai4dS
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Everytime I'm searching for Sauli photos on IG, I run upon at least a dozen Adommy photos with Sauli tagged in them. #stopitThey tag Sauli too in every Adommy photo on Instagram... so annoying/o\ https://t.co/alzFvAzNBr😱 Omg they need to stop!!!! http://t.co/xRpA5KHqFA
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂New Drake in 2015!Drake - How About Now: http://t.co/JqODQohlCV -- Yes!@Glamtrueffel96 I don't know if they can, never hurts to ask though@Glamtrueffel96 you're welcome! :)@TheRealDuckBert aww thank you so much!! :))@zjthomas86 Thank you! :)@DianaKat1 thank you!! :))Oy lol http://t.co/4N25iv3odFI've updated my art blog with my latest Adam fan art http://t.co/qOG3Xnvf03My account on Deviantart http://t.co/jJs9G5rJGb@luckymosqueda Oy... lol can't stand him.. don't even know why he's running lol@Glam_Christina yep 90s kids lol@Glam_Christina Adam is a year younger than me.@Glam_Christina yep, 7-12-81 - couple months older@Glamtrueffel96 yep, have to sleep it off lol@Glamtrueffel96 I hope everything turns out okay :)@Glamtrueffel96 I've had that done, very quick procedure@TommyJoeRatliff we are now the same age, getting old... lol“@lambertlicious: does it piss u off when fans demand u to shave and be glam-rock? or do you not give a shit?” Haha it's MY fuckin face.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Why go on someone else's IG photo with Adam and complain about 'Melvin'? /o\
Off to bed, not feeling too good tonight, in lots of pain. g'night guys@paperrosie53 @ShaneBitney Most adorable thing I've ever saw! :)This little guy lost his paw and they gave him a new one--not sure how well he can use it, but still, his face! 😭😄 http://t.co/Fj290b5Jrh
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂http://t.co/zPwKm8idt5
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#saulibert <3 http://t.co/cyzFl0IvPKStraight people on TV: *have sex* *silence* Gay people on TV: *exist* "Ok :/ I'm not homophobic but why do you have to be so out there wth?"
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@CommonGayTweets So boring!There's actual problems in the world aside from harmless shit like boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂RT if you like Adam Lambert http://t.co/RxQZE8lcLj
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂RT if you love Lady Gaga http://t.co/BgIwKuUWal
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@adamlambert Yes one of my favorite holidays! Love Halloween!Throw Back...HALLOWEEN Seasons here!!!! http://t.co/oFmHbk4L9f
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂The moment you realize everyday is a reward, not a punishment #DefineHAPPINESS
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@SASpurs21Fan That's very cool, love hearing about other ppl's experiences. I'm so very happy you got a chance to experience QAL VIP. :))Going outdoors for a while, too pretty to stay in... hope everyone has a great Saturday, later! <3@TommyJoeRatliff Metallica - Wall of Betrayal (NEW SONG - 2014): http://t.co/SZGUH2bg70 -- Happy Birthday, Tommy! \m/I'm off to bed, been up since 6 AM.. g'night guys <3 http://t.co/THv1MlXc3B@SASpurs21Fan they were awesome :) hope someday I get a chance to meet Adam.
@SASpurs21Fan Did you get to see them put the stage together?Nile's tweet lolxx
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@nilerodgers are you pocket tweeting? lol@MyEyesBabyEyes thank you :)@Homoposts ugh!straight people: "I don't care if you're gay, just don't be all up in my face about it." straight people: http://t.co/Nb5Wvsj7aW
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@MyEyesBabyEyes Thank you :) It's why I spend so much time running my fanpage, it helps distract me :)Found out a few days ago from my doctor, my diabetes are getting worse. I'm doing my best to reverse it. Not easy.My health gets me so overwhelmed, sometimes I wish I could escape. #notthathealthyThis is how I feel, battling Hydrocephalus & Diabetes at once. Which one is gonna take me out first? http://t.co/ekRgZogpZW@TommyJoeRatliff Happy Birthday, Tommy! \m/ https://t.co/oLukDBXQao@TheOrigFRODO Thank you! :)@Adamloverfan23 Saulibert & Ashommy are my ships lol :))@Adamloverfan23 I do too, I think they'd make such a gorgeous couple<3 #ashommy http://t.co/3AXMxxMIbJ
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