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33/Genderqueer/Bi. I'm a Heavy Metal loving GLAMBERT who loves Adam Lambert, Sauli Koskinen, Alternative Rock, Reggae, Classic Rock & Rap. #LGBTQ #Saulibert

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@xHollyGlambertx Thanks! :)@alla_Smit @adamlambert lmao!@adamlambert or: http://t.co/i1PwoEEjp6
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@xHollyGlambertx Wow where did it come from?Lmao! http://t.co/lYmfwIIBPq@LambertLover19 @featheredraven aww that's so sweet, you're also one of my best friends in the Glamily :)@adamlambert Have you seen this meme? Lol http://t.co/Fn1V0sISMe@adamlambert http://t.co/0ARqLQ6QQ3@featheredraven you're welcome, anytime... one of my best friends in the Glamily. :) Love ya lots! <33@Leijona_ oh yes indeed ;)@adamlambert Me too!! Dogs rule and cats drool! Lol. http://t.co/qq6rqMNe0kMore of a dog person. Lol #snl
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@1pcornwell can't wait to read this! I love your books!Plus when I go to update SF on Weibo, site doesn't wanna upload right for me most of the timeI've been debating whether or not to take Saulibert Forever off Weibo, not that much traffic over there like on Twitter, FB & Google+.@xHollyGlambertx you're welcome! :)@xadamsvoice Lol@jessalfan24 yep exactly@Sadaf_Shell you're welcome! I hope Adam sees your work. :)@jessalfan24 me neither :|@jessalfan24 when I confronted her about it, she got snarky about it and asked "why does a damn RT mean so much to you?" and than blocked me@jessalfan24 ...without my fanpage's Twitter handle.. than added Sauli's Twitter handle to it as if she came up with the ?@jessalfan24 I had asked givestars how to get Sauli involved in their program. Saw someone RT my exact same tweet to them...@Sadaf_Shell @adamlambert gorgeous!@TheOrigFRODO @ALAlwayz oh well I ain't gonna lose any sleep from her blocking me... aint gonna be any tears on my pillow lol@ALAlwayz @TheOrigFRODO Reminds me of a certain someone... L L@TheOrigFRODO @ALAlwayz and they got huffy and said "why does a damn RT mean so much to you?" and than blocked me... lol #cray@TheOrigFRODO @ALAlwayz yep even asked them why they couldn't just RT my tweet instead cutting off my fanpage's name@skymcloud8 Lol I've been RTed by him 2xs... was so shocked each time, didn't know how to act lmao@skymcloud8 Loloh well #byefeliciafanpage's Twitter handle and tweeting it out as if she came up with the tweet. she got huffy with me & than blocked my page.. wtf?Just confronted someone over at my fanpage for doing that, just simply ask why she couldn't just RT my tweet instead of cutting off myCan't stand when someone cuts off your Twitter handle from a tweet and "retweets" it as if they're the one who wrote said tweetNo matter how positive something you do is. There will always be someone with something negative to say...
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂@skymcloud8 you're welcome, bb, love ya lots :) <33 btw, being weird is super cool ;)@WendyShelton20 Aw thank you! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years to you too! :)When @adamlambert unexpectedly RTs or favors your tweet... #ItsAGlambertThing http://t.co/VDMXvJRExILate #FF shoutout @luckymosqueda @amy_monks @Gweniegrl @CosmoQueen_ so blessed to have these wonderful ppl in my life. Known them for yrs.@ALAlwayz you're welcome, Julie! <33 love ya lots!@VeroniqueORCEL aww you're welcome :) love you too! <333@mrstayanderson yes! #byefelicia@jessalfan24 you're welcome! :) xoxo@mrstayanderson I know right? Bugs the crap out of me when someone does that lol.. like really?What is it with people writing checks at the grocery store??????? It's 2014. Stop.
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Late #FF shoutout @VeroniqueORCEL @SugarAngelBeth @TitanicRose312 @jessalfan24 @You_Heart_Coco - Happy Holidays!Late #FF shoutout @plumcomm @AnnieWT @FoxVegas @xHollyGlambertx @DreamerzWings @ALAlwayz @TheOrigFRODO @featheredraven - Happy Holidays!@skymcloud8 Haha nope, not weird at all :))Maybe Adam & Sauli are going on vacay... *wishful thinking* :)) lol
Got all chores done for Saulibert Forever, I'm off to watch TV and than bed, g'night guys <3 http://t.co/NjQnL4No3UTheaters showing INTERVIEW could post a clear warning sign in their lobbies: VIEW AT YOUR OWN RISK. It works at amusement parks, right?
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#2014In5Words Marriage Equality In The USA :D"@damienfmaceira: #amwriting http://t.co/Gey44iXhf1"Have you seen this @tom_weise
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Adam Lambert On Freddie Mercury's Legacy And The Fight To Be A Gay Pop Star http://t.co/pQHfvdhdkN via @HuffPostGay"Whatever you do, don't make me boring" - Freddie Mercury http://t.co/iwTnIIG8kDQueen - Bono's Mercury Phoenix Trust Message: http://t.co/3sG7fPcPHd Bono<33Sauli <3 beautiful man http://t.co/MNulufhhYh@kittylover7907 aww thank you so much! :))I do believe it was Freddie who chose Adam & told Brian & Roger "Here's your boy! Keep the music alive!" And the rest is history!!!
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂#nowplaying Testament - Demonic Refusal \m/@adamlambert Fanart, I made inspired by your werewolf costume this past Halloween http://t.co/ZWVkKlVDVcIt all comes back to Metal \m/#nowplaying Sepultura - Kairos \m/New Adam Fan Art @adamlambert http://t.co/vXWdV4rdBmTwo men die while resisting arrest and protests erupt. Two cops are shot in their car and "they deserve it" #DoubleStandard #coplivesmatter
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂I support Law Enforcement. Cop lives matter! #coplivesmatter Please pray for all cops safety and their families http://t.co/IuzskjO3xP
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Wow so sad to hear about what happened to those cops in NYC. My heart goes out to their families.@featheredraven I've always loved psychedelic artwork.@featheredraven Thank you! :)@Sylviasylvia211 Thank you! :) Nah, neon waves! :))#nowplaying Queen - Stone Cold Crazy \m/QAL Fan Art @adamlambert @DrBrianMay @OfficialRMT @QueenWillRock #allwehearisradiogaga http://t.co/9ZMxCEGP7YYou can bet I'll be creating fanart with Adam's new photos :)@adamlambert you and @QueenWillRock are fulfilling Freddie's wishes by keeping the music and his legacy alive. http://t.co/uucGnLDFuq@adamlambert you are that good@adamlambert I think if Freddie were still alive & couldn't carry on w Queen, I believe he would've handpicked you himself to fill in 4 him.Aww so happy for Lance Bass and his beau :))The Vocal Range Of Adam Lambert: http://t.co/d7ycOfZ2p7 via Tomboy Music NerdCitizen Vein - Beyond The Sky: http://t.co/rn1tDxKM2O Very psychedelic RockI don't care for MP, but CV's material is brilliant. Queen ain't the 1st band Adam's ever lead.Why don't peeps ever include urls to some of Citizen Vein's material when defending Adam against Rock/Metal fans?Adam would be the first to defend Freddie lolFreddie is to Adam, what Adam is to usThis interview from TeamRock is why I say not to put down Freddie when praising Adam http://t.co/ke6gHlaCUc Freddie means a lot to AdamWhen your coffee goes cold before you've had a chance to drink it... #adamlambert http://t.co/r8PqEQY9Uu@LMM170 Thank you! :)Good morning, how's everyone? Starting my day with a cup of coffee :) http://t.co/UUPjqCj0IJHmm... too many? #indulging #KitKat http://t.co/S2AQcLbuohGoing offline for the night, gonna go watch TV and than go to bed. G'night guys. <3My followers live in USA (49%), UK.(8%)... Get your free map too: http://t.co/wNH85sQ3N0 http://t.co/sTRNIqiCBvFreddie & @adamlambert fanart, both legends & equally talented, fanart created by me http://t.co/CBAYJ18Cmy@LJak07 I definitely will :) *hugs*@LJak07 thank you :)
Had a personal, spiritual experience few nights ago, can't explain or understand what I saw. All I know it made me smile.Gonna start living more positive and stop putting myself downI wanna take more better care of myself, no more overdosing on painkillers, gonna start eating more healthier & love myself moreEver since I had that scare yesterday, got a new perspective of life, sometimes it takes small stuff like that to open your eyes.RT if you like Adam Lambert http://t.co/QHfxpJayxg
Retweeted by Metal Glambert ♂Yay! I asked giveStars about getting Sauli involved! :)) They said it was a good suggestion! (hit Tweet too soon lol)Any Jerichoholics still following me? Found this WP while searching for Adam stuff http://t.co/ENt9H172o3
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