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Born on the planet Ziböd, came to earth some years ago, settled in England as it had no super heroes at the time. I have cosmic powered knees.

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@jazz_age_alice i used to look at my cat, lying in ecstasy,next to the radiator for hours on end, and think: there's a life lesson there.
WOLFGANG TILLMANS tonight @ Berlin Institut für Architektur 7pm http://t.co/HFTncppofK #WolfgangTillmans #Architektur http://t.co/lkZRHQrjJf
Retweeted by Nat Foremanhttp://t.co/yY6Smbbtxt
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Thrilled to be featured in the 2015 edition of @wallpaperguides to New York @Phaidon #wcgnewyork #wallpaperguides http://t.co/GOFsWsJFNt
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@mishearance @OpenSchoolEast looking forward to it! and doing my best to read Afterall in time ...@underwood_jack o i thought they meant don't send 'sorry for your loss' cards instead of xmas ones@jazz_age_alice @LiviGosling these are lovely!@DigitalDanHouse @FaberFinds perhaps i should finally get round to writing and performing the J G Power Ballard i've been threatening to domisty in roots. http://t.co/Z6WWHYKiTe
UNIVERSAL REMOTE. inks, oil pastel on polyproylene, on card. after view of 67P/Churyumov–Gerasimenko comet by Philae http://t.co/LtXZeUeaIe@_WhiteCube i won't! @PhaidonA Frank Lloyd Wright house finds a new home at Crystal Bridges museum after a 1,200 mile move http://t.co/E7RhgnXRH9 http://t.co/ALtYP2jvXs
Retweeted by Nat ForemanListen up! We've put artist @DexterDalwood @SimonLeeGallery's Muse Music playlist on @Spotify http://t.co/e3Nl5Cf4aZ http://t.co/DCpuX1WWFo
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@samjordison @GalleyBeggars like it. you're on! http://t.co/i3guu98rjI
@AntiProfessor @metoffice oh dear. i asked Evan Davis, and he said, on the one hand many predict rain; but some do not. what's your view?@AntiProfessor @metoffice i follow Jeremy Paxman's sage advice "if you want to know to know the weather, LOOK OUT THE WINDOW'@llefeuvre i don't entirely know why but this news makes me happy@LauraTovell @channel5_tv @jamestovell @dgjones @ST_Culture from Days of Yore! with Gore! will deffo check it out@GalleyBeggars @PeirenePress no! at last a good reason to go on the Underground. thank youhttp://t.co/lYz1GhJRvJ
@MireilleFauchon @4CornersBooks @WaterstonesPicc @jonnytrunk will do!Please Sir.... A fantastic and mesmerising film installation by Rachel Maclean @RowingProjects on until 20 December #mustsee
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@TimeOutArt @davidzwirner me too! we just don't see enough of his workEdmund de Waal talk on artist's studios, including his, at @royalacademy next month @harrietrjbaker @Phaidon https://t.co/7F4xxdtauw@annyleshaw @Telegraph AT LAST some good news on this subject@janehornby how lovely! @PhaidonArt in Time in the Royal Academy pick of art books for Christmas http://t.co/WPyeDVSQPl @harrietrjbaker @PhaidonLive in London? Want to show your work at the Whitechapel Gallery? 4 weeks left to submit your work to #TheLondonOpen http://t.co/r6TUIafAY3
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@llefeuvre thank you. in that case, one of my favourite comets is ... @wmarybearddear Philae, while you're there, can you tell 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko we've got enough water in London today & please don't bring anymore
@theJeremyVine @markmc1 @BBC6Music something to listen to on those Midland train journeys perhaps @jazz_age_alice@BFI er i mean combined bedroom/aquarium.@BFI also comes with combined bedroom/aquarian.This is important. RT @roseveleth: In which @alicebell very clearly explains why the shirt is a problem: http://t.co/S9TGeE2P6E
Retweeted by Nat Foreman'I swallowed a moon made of iron' – Xu Lizhi MT @PoetrySociety http://t.co/DXBS4jqI6m http://t.co/T4jVmDkcJw
Retweeted by Nat Foremanhow to write about contemporary art: Dr Williams will tell you how http://t.co/zUsnY3BtF7@paulkingsnorth @GoldsmithsPrize how gracious! hope being shortlisted draws many more to your book, reading last month was spellbinding@wallpaperguides refresh the colours of your travels @Phaidon.@Wallpapermag sees "corporeal quirk" in Thomas Houseago's MOUN ROOM @HauserWirth http://t.co/c74a5A0AgY @skiptotheru http://t.co/yOzXjwytWi
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@kentishtowner @HousmansBooks love this piece. and yes it is 'only' a bookshop but it gives me faith in the human race every time i go there@GoldsmithsPrize i can't favourite this tweet enough. congrats to all the other writers too
enjoyed @GoldsmithsPrize short list reading last month so much i'd say they are all winners. but good luck to all@AllyAsh you must be piste off. [sorry].not again! cheeky twitter http://t.co/Q1gb8GDEO9@BFI @joannagniady bon genre bon chic @cahever wondered what it would be like if @fantasticman and @PenguinClassics collaborated on a magazine. http://t.co/Fvld5nRw6U
@BorthwickDave @FaberBooks so true. it was great to hear him read last month too wasn't it @JenniEdgecombeMonika Sprüth & Philomene Magers in Annie Leibovitz's recreation of Hans Namuth's 1982 Odeon shot @VanityFair http://t.co/cS8Oh8htZa
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@4CornersBooks hear hear! and Peter is still making wonderful things http://t.co/b2UVvp6IWycongrats to Peter Firmin of Smallfilms on his forthcoming Bafta Award http://t.co/saJ0WwpqX1 @4CornersBooksCookbooks had a vintage year at the D&AD Awards 2014, see the best designs right here: http://t.co/lCJohsznfj http://t.co/Wk7M1j7tWO
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@Howtosuz @bbcarts it was VERY loud. also, check out her duet with Tom Waits on his album 'Foreign Affairs'dear world, thank you too, as without you, The Bone Clocks by @david_mitchell wouldn't exist and i wouldn't be able to read it.sorry world, now i'm reading The Bone Clocks by @david_mitchell you are basically an interruption. & thanks to @jennylinford @Waterstones@Howtosuz @bbcarts me and a friend once sang along to 'Wind Beneath My Wings'. so no. we were frightfully drunk at the time.
love it when this happens. accidental twitter man http://t.co/p0edv4eqdH@harrietrjbaker enjoy it and new job. i will be at Sprueth Magers on 24th for Joseph Kosuth, and David Zwirner on 27th for Nockstrum &c@harrietrjbaker no sorry won't be there. take yr own chair@harrietrjbaker well done for making it a sunny one. in honour of RA the Egyptian sun god you know.http://t.co/Uzfx0OBesBCome to our #BrazilToday party! Hosted by #FrescobolCarioca, drinks by @AmazonBeerUK, food by @m_de_campos RSVP now http://t.co/ARhVSvGAlA
Retweeted by Nat Foreman
@jennylinford @Phaidon @Foyles Well Spotted! part of our World Cuisine Promotion#Manila has a plethora of excellent private galleries. Discover more with our brand new app http://t.co/sTtncwkctp http://t.co/4EfS7tL1xY
Retweeted by Nat ForemanIn London this weekend? Come to @harrods for a cooking demo with Skinny Italian chef @MassimoBottura: http://t.co/UxHGoU6PW9 #MassimoBottura
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWe're giving away all of this week's new books, simply RT to enter. Closes at 5pm and winner announced Monday http://t.co/7K711jkTUd
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@jazz_age_alice @LondonMidland never good to hear about trouble in paradise. but do take my advice, get a horse and carriage. much quicker@KERB_ A. no but they can pick your pocket if it's got a @CaravanKingsX brownie it itIn local news at Kings Cross today there is a swan walking slowly across Granary Square being papped like a celebrity http://t.co/ArTCwlbb3g
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Grace Paley wrote about kale before it was cool. http://t.co/BHZshbApWO
Retweeted by Nat Foremanwhat was London was like when i was a kid? (eek) see this lovely item from @PenguinUKBooks http://t.co/TRR1JDyNG9 i saw it at @LRBbookshopRT @mkshftmag: Design a Christmas cover for any Stack mag and you could win £150 cash! http://t.co/1P50i0HbeR http://t.co/Vt4v8iblvY
Retweeted by Nat ForemanWin an exclusive @StanleyDonwood wage packet to celebrate the publication of #Humor. RT & follow by 5pm to enter! http://t.co/SE7BYPoV1q
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fuoco d'artifice http://t.co/eGwYvXOcaHfireworks http://t.co/u3gnjk2qDAFEU D'ARTIFICE http://t.co/9dXzgshS7r@kentishtowner @Londonist @thegraftonnw5 makes about as much sense as re-naming Covent Garden 'Camden South', as in Borough not Town@janehornby looking at these, i wish it was #DoughnutDay every day! @PhaidonSome say he was the last man to enter Parliament with honest intentions #guyfawkes #5thnov #BonfireNight
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@jennylinford yeah and there's something i want to watch on fashionable confectionary TV show ... Cocoa Channel@jennylinford foiled again, eh! but you are really milking it.@jennylinford glad to hear those guardians of the Galaxy stayed away, their presence always Mars things@jennylinford i heard it was even busier than usual this year. choc a block!@jennylinford well don't make a mocha ry of it [that's enough. - Ed.]@jennylinford must have bean deliciousLooking for a trusted dog walker/sitter in Peckham/Lewisham/Dulwich area. Any suggestions?
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@GoldsmithsPrize don't you mean Trismegistus@JANUSZCZAK i wouldn't even use it as an ironing board@smithandbaxter don't woofers and tweeters go together@smithandbaxter sleeping partner! she clearly wants to type herself.@kentishtowner aagghh!! part two. and by this logic, Kentish Town would be the Southampton. or @dirtyburger townWin a signed copy of chef @massimobottura's book 'Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef' @phaidon. RT & follow to enter! http://t.co/9kuSERX3Cw
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@kentishtowner @Londonist WHAT! no. Kentish South (for Camden) would be better. might have made sense in the '90s, but not now. w
Watch an interview with the director behind Capote, Moneyball and Foxcatcher http://t.co/1pgenZPWum
Retweeted by Nat ForemanA statue erected in memory of Steve Jobs is dismantled in St Petersburg after his successor,Tim Cook, came out as gay http://t.co/vMTTm6CRsC
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@LauraTovell @PhaidonEUROPE @MetroUK @SauceComms İmuy bien!canal scene: cool sunshine, smell of wood burning stoves from barges, swans preening themselves, quiet clangs of cyclist locking their bikes@jennylinford @timhayward @BBCr4today @GuildFoodWriter glad you enjoyed it. we did too! @Phaidon
Competition! Retweet to win tickets to a preview of Amour Fou + Q&A with Jessica Hausner: http://t.co/0Hnxfk41Xz http://t.co/KXTOK7AFwN
Retweeted by Nat ForemanFancy a new job? We're looking for a publicity manager @panmacmillan @PanMacPublicity @PanMacNews https://t.co/2StlE9gpEd
Retweeted by Nat Foreman@joewarwick: I've been sent a press release about a 'guybrator' - for the seriously lazy wanker it seems...
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