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"The first step to not acting on our fears is to recognize that we have them." http://t.co/dJZHQakSXhAre you feeling down? Join us for a FREE WEBINAR on how to Overcome Depression: http://t.co/uXgKhlqpfkWhy Generosity is Good for YOU! http://t.co/LMMQzIMdbcUnderstanding Fear of Intimacy http://t.co/rfI7R1mZquDo You Confuse Admiration with Love? http://t.co/19NsEFXYkc
Don't miss our FREE Webinar with @DrLisaFirestone on "Overcoming the Inner Enemy that Causes #Depression" Oct.28th -- http://t.co/lGwJudaQIOPsychAlive Video -- Select from our featured playlists or browse videos: http://t.co/FPsHGJnKeJ"Narcissists, generally, do not like to be told that they are narcissists." http://t.co/7Cz0yd84rLBenefits of Mindful Parenting http://t.co/B3CqSeuUhZ
Clarification on our view of "time-outs" I hope will help distinguish their appropriate versus inappropriate usage! http://t.co/RcXS6mkMSk
Retweeted by PsychAliveStudies show that #narcissistic partners are more likely to engage in game-playing & less likely to be committed. http://t.co/vFgkdFBwCaThe richness of life includes the whole tapestry sadness, happiness, all of it. So true @AniPemaChodron #SuperSoulSunday
Retweeted by PsychAlive"It isn’t just what happens to us that matters, but how we think about it that shapes our psychological well-being." http://t.co/nUfmT1d73T“Depression isn’t just being a bit sad. It’s feeling nothing. It’s not wanting to be alive anymore.” ~ J.K. RowlingHow Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life - http://t.co/1MimSULllK via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive"Do not let the fact that depression is serious ever steer you to believe that it is hopeless." http://t.co/3C8THFBGRs
How Mindfulness Can Save Your Relationship http://t.co/PzNqsHV5i7"Knowing how and when to express your anger is a skill worth developing." http://t.co/b7lQmTdnWBHow #narcissistic parents substitute emotional hunger for love: http://t.co/KhspFbtYOyThe Problem with Overpraising Children http://t.co/95FuqwlyNz
"When it comes to relationships, the expectation of a perfect union or a future of endless bliss is hardly realistic" http://t.co/57WkbY91wLMoney Stress: Why We Feel Bad About #Money http://t.co/OMXOWnbQJ5"A recent study revealed that one in 10 American adults experienced depression in 2010." http://t.co/F7I2ERfXjt
Are you afraid of love? Read about how to overcome a fear of intimacy: http://t.co/r7UU9sccHFUnderstanding the anxiety behind change: http://t.co/38uX1idq7S
"My head, like most of our heads, is a neighborhood you don’t want to walk around in alone at night." @GilbertLiz #CriticalInnerVoiceIs There a Cure for Narcissism? http://t.co/HFDMwZyNkODepression is an illness and should never be treated as something that’s “all in your head.” http://t.co/4aBmGxYvrQ
Exploring Anger: What It Is, What It Does, and When It's Appropriate http://t.co/Tq855l7BWWAre you feeling down? Join us for a FREE Webinar on how to overcome #depression: http://t.co/xt2cp4UvxlAre you ruminating too much? http://t.co/Z5xJtLCpLYBenefits of Mindfulness - http://t.co/kCKpKppsmv via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveHow to Fix a Relationship http://t.co/b11dwUpB9X
"A narcissistic partner will have difficulty really loving, because they don’t truly love themselves." http://t.co/xCoFm6TATWHow Negative Thoughts Are Ruining Your Life http://t.co/x2vgyYW8SoWhat to Do When Your Child is Stressed http://t.co/BMOwP8ngodTaking Control of Happiness by Debunking Misconceptions of Happiness http://t.co/rWY1hAhBkC
"Maybe we're most comfortable w/ things as they are; even if they're a bit dysfunctional, at least they’re familiar." http://t.co/hwX4E03sah“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” ~Carl Rogers http://t.co/TAbjxSDH96@PsychAlive Addictive behaviors are learned. They are coping responses that reinforce pleasure and remove pain. http://t.co/zh9C02IKXs
Retweeted by PsychAliveUnderstanding #Stress: http://t.co/mWakWiXhZv"#Depression may be an obstacle that can cast a shadow on your life, but it can never overshadow who you are." http://t.co/46hfDHsdM2
@GilbertLiz @Oprah Thank you for a wonderful interview. It was a pleasure to watch/learn. This was our favorite #SuperSoulSunday .Are You a Compulsive Shopper? http://t.co/dvsB2MZS8ODo you have a fear of change? Read about a healthier way to handle transitions: http://t.co/sWBqmzNPBZ"In relationships, technology not only sets a stage for deceptive behavior, it also stirs up jealousy & paranoia." http://t.co/Ze2oaNyI0K
Have you struggled with #depression? What treatment or cure has worked for you? http://t.co/Z9s0QrFTUx"People with disorganized attachment can heal by making sense of their story and forming a coherent narrative." http://t.co/neK1Fnqjzh"Aggressive behavior toward young children makes for more aggressive children." #leadbyexample #endchildabuse http://t.co/vfBQEsSgN1
FREE WEBINAR: Overcoming the Inner Enemy that Causes Depression: http://t.co/0NhzjBiYUq Sign up today!#Generosity can reduce stress, fight depression, improve health, and actually increase one’s lifespan. http://t.co/2QQ4bcZgPO
Are You an Addict? http://t.co/RzUvRFNUlRWhat keeps us from finding and keeping the love we say we want? http://t.co/VeszYpKQZKBoth life expectancy and suicide increase in US according to #CDC #longevity #suicide http://t.co/eaLNaPR07s
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Finding Your Cure for Depression http://t.co/XZljf7YwYkI'm offering a free Webinar with @PsychAlive on Oct. 28: Overcoming the Inner Enemy that Causes Depression: http://t.co/tEAhV3XlWl
Retweeted by PsychAliveBenefits of Mindful Parenting http://t.co/VexXQbm1w1"People may be drawn to a narcissistic partner, especially at the beginning, as they tend to have a BIG personality." http://t.co/KxcBSBquEEAre today’s youth really a more narcissistic generation? http://t.co/fNAGxG0JLC
"Violence will only breed violence and can never be justified in the name of teaching a child to behave." http://t.co/evqWpC5zC0"The most important battle you may fight is the one going on inside you – the real you versus your inner critic." http://t.co/wBrvVqtrLN"You have the most value in the world, when you find & invest in the gifts that you uniquely have to offer." http://t.co/FExzhkPGRV#Mindfulness is now the fastest-developing area in #mentalhealth http://t.co/n9GicidKGc via @GreaterGoodSC
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4 Ways to Stop Sabotaging Yourself http://t.co/Mu7wt9mc5OHow Your Attachment Style Impacts Your Relationship http://t.co/UThaych3qMSelf-Worth vs. Self-Esteem http://t.co/kS3IzGOVT5"What is going on in me, and why can’t I Stop Reacting?" http://t.co/Jk84soSNv7
"Depression is one of the most common complaints that lead people to seek therapy." http://t.co/cUdK0mvT46The Importance of Self-Worth http://t.co/XWzdyGugve"The practice of mindfulness often leads to a sense of balance and psychological well-being" http://t.co/rbmWXu8RIWIs rumination the source of your unhappiness? http://t.co/WLwdMyxjejMental Health Professionals: join @DrLisaFirestone tomorrow for a Webinar on treating #DEPRESSION: http://t.co/wv4AILhyAjUnderstanding Compulsive Shopping http://t.co/7nIbddB0o9
What is Disorganized Attachment? http://t.co/Aewb4WYgsFStruggling to make your life feel meaningful? Read about some steps you can take to make your life have more meaning: http://t.co/IotMKqm7CA"Sadly, parents who are distracted by their devices are hardly attuned to their children." http://t.co/meQ9iG14Ks
"Thinking about what you want is not a selfish act, but it is a fundamental part of knowing yourself. " http://t.co/3mpFdZP3fj"If we are not aware of our direct experience in the present moment, then we are missing out on our lives." http://t.co/Bf9wHVydDU
"A serious side effect of addictive behaviors is that they not only cut off pain & anxiety, they cut off all feeling" http://t.co/sZkwDKzlifPlacing limits on "screen time" helps reduce children's anxiety and addictive behaviors. http://t.co/uxsFPF3N8M"Narcissistic individuals may only appear to care about you when you are fulfilling their needs or serving a purpose" http://t.co/Xk3BSV0IUN
"Narcissistic people often have narcissistic parents, who offered them a build up but no real substance." http://t.co/In3zuexx0C"Any time we fully experience true joy or feel the preciousness of life emotionally, we can expect to feel sadness." http://t.co/gbiu31rF2R"Loss is useful because it tells me what is precious to me." http://t.co/wRjtjuPrI5"When you long for something like love, it becomes associated w/ pain, the pain you felt not having it in the past." http://t.co/qMNYXiu9kd
Change Your Attachment Style to Have a Better Life http://t.co/huvX2ePN5x#Generosity Generosity of spirit is to have an open mind and heart. Even a smile can change lives. http://t.co/JOIQReiINb via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveThe Value of Depression http://t.co/x3YXTqbobp"The first step in building self-worth is to stop comparing yourself to others and evaluating your every move." http://t.co/sbPily8E9W
Deception and the Destruction of Your Relationship - http://t.co/aLq7kvDkWR via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAliveThe Critical Inner Voice - Whiteboard Animation - http://t.co/Ks7FjbavGO via @PsychAlive
Retweeted by PsychAlive5 Ways to Overcome Your Fear of Love http://t.co/hvC2VxDpzi"It’s time to stop making excuses for the mistakes of our parents and to make better choices with our own kids." http://t.co/fQeDl6xg1UHere are five rules every person can follow to have a more trustworthy relationship: http://t.co/HaF0acdChnFlirtation or Infidelity? What’s Okay and What’s Not http://t.co/61BuyougSq
"Self-compassion is not based on evaluations but on a basic sense of your worthiness as a human being." http://t.co/DQHXhegIXOAn Introduction to Mindfulness http://t.co/DP0LmeGKsw"What looks good on paper isn’t necessarily what makes people happy in the long run." http://t.co/ca3TE1I9GD"Where we work has a huge impact on our personal well-being and on our value to the company that employs us." http://t.co/eBuL241hiZ
"When you live a life that you cherish, everything around you holds more meaning." http://t.co/XS0BaBH2Qc
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