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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet Never knowingly over jolly E17 Resident

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@leonclowes @lemnsissay it would probably be easier for them just to send tbh as they've offered.@tomsdinner yes. Look forward to it!@lemnsissay Louisa was picking up at Holborn as she works near there. I am in Glasgow then. (and am now HIGHLY insulted)@lemnsissay I did! You agreed! I said someone needed to pick stuff up 23rd from Rotorino on Kingsland Road you said yes!@lemnsissay @chefcalum no not these., Louisa is doing that. You're picking up from @StevieParleHilary Mantel in the #LRB: http://t.co/bdFo0pJoLh via @LRB "Men own their bodies, but women’s bodies are owned by the wider society"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackLondon fishmongers. Possibly another phone scammer around. Wanting a kilo of caviar and wants to pay over the phone. Beware and retweet
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Thanecooks ok@Thanecooks @catalangov indeedThe Caganer is a popular figure in Catalonia's nativity scene.Discover more Xmas traditions at http://t.co/XXkSWcr6VP http://t.co/vVVD0cWNSW
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackOil price being forced down to A. Punish and destabilise Russia and B. To promote fracking. However it's much easier to blame the SNP.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackAntonio Banderas has a perfume called King of Seduction. Shakira has one called Rock (as in Rock guitarist) #Catalantelly@jackseale he's not been getting enough attention of late I imagine. So that worked.Look @lemnsissay @ToniamurphTonia @Rosie_Canning what @chefcalum has made for #hcd14 ! https://t.co/tzf4pgP4o2@chefcalum OMG they look AMAZING! Thanks so much xxx@joshspero Kevin the overgrown teenager.@PeatWorrier I was considering offering myself to present Jazz music progs for exactly the same reason.@DawnHFoster lemon, honey hot water and then an alcohol : rum, brandy or whisky.@gi_nav fuck sakes Gina, it's not like that at all for most people. What planet are you on?@loftspace nooooo. That is BRILLIANT!The local fishmonger has shot up in my estimations. They’re playing #BlackMessiah
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@richardjgodwin 'are'@richardjgodwin parts of walthamstow is getting that way.@lickedspoon fabulous. Thanks so much.@lickedspoon this will SO WORK. Btw has your friend sent Lemn the tickets?@lickedspoon brilliant!@Damian_Barr just I'm not here 26th 😥@Damian_Barr @MondrianLDN works now!@lickedspoon you could also get to like diamonds and being a major Scottish landowner and not having to pay tax. Practice the arm waving.@Damian_Barr page doesn't work.@lickedspoon I could just see you in Balmoral.@lickedspoon Debora, 1st Queen of Scotland.@HI_Voices oops@mcalpena @Joannechocolat that's sad. Very sad.@Joannechocolat @mcalpena then Hilary Mantel comes along and blows them all out of the water and they get very shocked.@Joannechocolat @mcalpena there's a lot of privileged dull pseudo intellectual posturing.@Joannechocolat @mcalpena it's not such a common notion in Spain Mar. It's VERY prevalent here.@AdamRamsay well exactly. I live in a very safe Labour seat, so my vote won't do much either which way.@Joannechocolat @R_McCormack In general, I'm really scared of the false notion that having any intellectual leanings means privilege.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AdamRamsay oh I'll vote that down here, but I'd vote SNP where my Mother is to get the Labour guy out. . .@AdamRamsay so if I wanted my Scottish vote to count, I'd vote SNP.I think I have reached peaked mince pie.Why do some people see loving books as a sign of privilege? A paperback costs the same as a packet of 10 cigarettes. Are smokers privileged?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AdamRamsay those are the arguments I could piece together from the spin.@AdamRamsay in Catalonia) but with this level of arrogance isn't the way.@AdamRamsay either I am voting for the Labour Party for Westminster or I'm not. There are ways to do this (PSOE did it well for years 1/2@AdamRamsay also the arrogant separation of SLAB from English Labour is bizarre, it's being done badly by him.@AdamRamsay that they won't need the SNP in '15, that there's no need to vote SNP in '15 to get Scotland represented@PeatWorrier this isn't going to work. . .@AdamRamsay problem is even I can immediately think of a rebuttal to every argument he makes.@SueHLawrence @shejardine was your beef hough recipe that you sent me. Hope all is well xOn a more positive note, I loved "Annie."
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack
@garlicconfit @thomasblythe @jteramsden Scottish steak pies only have puff pastry tops. We’ve been infiltrating pies for YEARS@timothy_stanley @joshspero like when you foam at the mouth about Alex Salmond Timothy?Jim Murphy is, at least, centre right. No amount of mainstream media fluff will change that.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@NesrineMalik London press seem to save their foaming mouth bile for Alex SalmondHonestly from afar it looks like Farage runs the country. He's on the radio and TV and Twitter and the papers. UK media is creating him.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@DanielNothing oh yes that is an ideal Xmas film@signesjohansen @cookinacurry Santa Teresa?@cornishgrill did you get my e-mail?I’m not claiming this makes a great twitter game, but for a smile, try replacing ‘man’ in song titles with ‘mum’.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@TenAcreWines that'll be it!@commentisfree @suzanne_moore couldn't agree more. XHeres @Suzanne_Moore - Heroes of 2014: Hilary Mantel http://t.co/eFRoed6rt7 http://t.co/Vtl8ZTDvjM
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@AndreDang oh Martha.@AndreDang oh the glamour.@AndreDang ha ha ha ha! That's where I'm going wrong.@TenAcreWines I always left Santa whiskyI reckon whisky is the only reason Santa keeps going.So not really like Santa at all.A beardless, sleighless, reindeerless Santa running around picking things up, arranging delivery, but nae bugger is giving me WHISKYI feel like Santa@ggsmith ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha That is EXCELLENT@lickedspoon never@leonclowes @waitrose @lemnsissay @ToniamurphTonia fabulous! Thanks so much!@paulwf @cornishgrill @chefcalum @kittyfishers ewwwwwwww@cornishgrill @chefcalum @paulwf @kittyfishers I am going to find a producer and pitch it@cornishgrill @chefcalum @paulwf @kittyfishers this is like a bad radio playI hope people remember, come the London mayoral election, that Boris spent TfL money building a bridge for Joanna Fucking Lumley.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackNo decent human being makes cuts to disabled children and families leaving them choosing between heat or eating #DWProud #IDS
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack#Cuba Joven de mente ágil: "¿Y en esta esquina, abrirán una McDonald´s o una McCastro´s?"
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@bobgranleese yupChocolate lips http://t.co/RXyLPtSp5j@TimeToCook well, that was proof read properly, wasn't it?How about if I told you that this cause of death was given in the concert program of the Doctors Orchestral Society? http://t.co/rvuOAnZFhY
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@VONmarketing Yes. Next question.@randallwrites it's chick lit for the posh, only slightly more profound and significantly less funny. I enjoyed them but skimmed through.
@NeilMackay I'm the monkey here, I have no organ to grind.Your four basic religions http://t.co/47TtsxG0qm
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@NeilMackay laughable and completely unbelievable (I have no idea what the plot even is tbf)@NeilMackay no. They find the attractions of the man ridiculous. They seem to think Anderson's character finding him irresistible@japster2008 Hamish!!@NeilMackay it's just interesting.@NeilMackay I don't think it's her they are criticising, it's a diametrically opposed view to yours.@NeilMackay oh I know, they are not impressed with the female characterisation. (Never watched it, so no idea)@antimega it's just frothy dull memoir. Also his Italian accent is atrocious.@NeilMackay all the women on my T/L hated it. Very interesting.Well this Essay on Radio 3 is dull as ditchwater.Glaswegian soldier's fascinating letter home from Christmas 1914 http://t.co/lHQ5ywtHhd #WW1 http://t.co/GdtsTcf5SO
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Sathnam it's easier to be Glaswegian, the answer is always "never when you're sober."
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