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Rachel McCormack @R_McCormack in front of a flaming bbq,

Like a crack ridden Glaswegian Sister Wendy Beckett Panelist on R4 The Kitchen Cabinet 95% chance of sarcasm, 100% chance of bleak contempt. E17 Resident

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Cooking; it is not a competition.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@danhancox @Freedland I think there are lots of parallels with Spain and France too.Turkish journalist detained by counterterrorism police, is investigating ministerial involvement in #GMO rice scandal http://t.co/EWnoUv9zli
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Kavey @marlenaspieler Kavey is too kind.The painful attempt of a R4 announcer to pronounce Leonardo Padura.@IrvineWelsh @jonsbaird and the English seem to be mostly accepting it right now. It is very sad.@IrvineWelsh @jonsbaird problem is that they may be really shite, but they are great at holding onto power and privilege.@jonsbaird @IrvineWelsh what really worries me is what is going on now in 2014?"Artists reject €30,000 prizes to protest Spain’s ‘embarrassing’ cultural policies.” @TheArtNewspaper: http://t.co/jhEN81fFXS
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@djhenshall you can subscribe to Scot National here btw http://t.co/wHzSAg4z35@donaldeff yeah I watched it the same day as C4 news to see which was better, won't be watching Newsnight again. . .@donaldeff @DawnHFoster ah I saw that when she was on Newsnight, this man shouldn't be writing for a national paper though. He's incompetent@donaldeff @DawnHFoster i do now as I found her really unclear on Newsnight.@NickyD @DawnHFoster oh ffs why do they let that man write anything?@donaldeff @DawnHFoster things might be worse, I want to know why.@donaldeff @DawnHFoster the lack of research in her polemic. She just 'knows' things are worse. I thought that was valid. Rest was guff.Still looking forward eagerly to profile of a male booker winner which spends first 200 words praising their looks... http://t.co/UUqoNPGvnn
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@olletagesson that all cooks are chefs and that all chefs now about domestic food and cooking.@olletagesson I am interested in food and its cultural and historical connections. I am a domestic cook. I am tired of people thinking@olletagesson indeed, people don't realise how different restaurant cooking is. I always ALWAYS say I am not a chef@_David_Patrick_ 21st December, we are recording in Salisbury on Thursday.@DawnHFoster he's not very good at this is he? And it's a shame as he has some real valid points to make.-Brits are desperately trying to reinvent a cosy past and forget that everyone is dead. That is the potted and slightly cynical version.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThere's a whole lot of guff about families getting together to stir the xmas pudding together - mainly elaborated post ww1 in a period when-
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@_David_Patrick_ looks amazing!!Why I hope Labour party members in Scotland support @Neil4Scotland in the leadership race: http://t.co/antX4DgcQr
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@Kavey a other load of nonsense.@Kavey a pig has 13 morcillas, I'll neither give them to you, nor count them (Nfi)@DrAnnieGray obviously it's not as good as jumping of the rock at the end of the village in order to marry the fat girl. . .@DrAnnieGray what is stir up Sunday anyway and what was it before?@joshspero I tried that but I couldn't record while running a podcast. I'll need to play on iPad and record on iPhone, won't I?@Kavey @CulinaryAnth ooooh I shall have some later.@joshspero how did you manage to put it on SoundCloud?@DrAnnieGray @Thanecooks and THAT is how you invent tradition@Thanecooks @DrAnnieGray tradition. They'll come for miles around to see that. And they'll need to eat and drink. Problem solved!"@Thanecooks @DrAnnieGray "I know! Let's have a jumping of the Rock and he who lands feet first marries the fattest girl in the village >@Thanecooks @DrAnnieGray "Pepe, what will we do? The bar's losing money and no one comes to the village anymore."@Thanecooks @DrAnnieGray the Spanish are the best at inventing traditions@DrAnnieGray aren't most traditions invented?@caroleluck ha ha!@lisamarkwell @BBCRadio4 I like the idea of Thai Funeral cookbooks.You cannot hope to bribe or twist thank God! the British journalist. But seeing what the man will do unbribed, there’s no occasion to.
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackMessage for all at #SNPtour. Buy the new pro Indy paper The National on Monday. Week long pilot - permanent only if enuf support. Pls RT
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackWell this is lovely #weathertweet@mh_harrison do NOT TEMPT ME Harrison!!@jaguimera es @ScotNational habla con @NeilMackay creo que el esta encargándose. I'll translate if you need help@jaguimera van a hacer un periodico y Nationalista en Escocia. Los del Sunday Herald.
@sweenyness ach Donald@sweenyness did your sheep watch it with you?@RichardBaxell BTL are all mad ignorant cunts though. Tbf most of above tl are the same@sweenyness watching Transformer films@sweenyness why the fuck did you bother Sweeny?Cue a mass of 'it's just like the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s' tweets #Syria
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@RichardBaxell why???@NeilMackay some of us contribute ideas, some of us contribute FOOD ;-)@NeilMackay answer yer fecking DM Neil!The only person who I think is more astonished than me about the Qs he is asked about modern politics is @RichardBaxellBritish volunteers now fighting on both sides: UK ‘mercenaries’ fighting Islamic State in Syria http://t.co/R9ntb9Uxus via @guardian
Retweeted by Rachel McCormackThe SNP and Ukip - two very different reactions to our revulsion of Westminister - our columnist @iainmacwhirter in tomorrow's paper
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack“@newsundayherald: Jim Murphy dragged into claims of dirty tricks in Scottish Labour leadership contest" Well there's the biggest surprise@philxdaoust @bobgranleese so you say batman. . .@bobgranleese @philxdaoust is there any other way to cook for non vegetarians?“@GallusEffie: @R_McCormack aye, you've got a good heart. 💖” SEE SOMEONE THINKS I'M NOT A MISANTHROPIST (she may be naive, but still)@bobgranleese @philxdaoust if that is an insult and I realise it is you're kneecapped GranleeseEspecially as they look like chocolate but taste like bloody crepes! RT @R_McCormack Tell you what though, pig's blood pancakes are bollocks
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@GallusEffie well I have nae weans. Nae chance of living here with weans. That's the bottom line. . .@GallusEffie sometimes you bide where you are most useful, looking at what others have done elsewhere, know what I mean x@Kavey good to hear x@GallusEffie but most of the time I think I am probably more useful here than Scotland or Spain. There are enough of youse there.@GallusEffie the rest of Spain being jaw dropping and the stuff in Scotland being the same, I despair of England.@GallusEffie honestly the only other place I know apart from Scotland and London is Catalonia and with radical politics there and in 1/2@NorthernSnippet charge them. The wine wasn't corked or bad, s/he just didn't like it.@NorthernSnippet after fighting with you because you hadn't put it on the bill. If I am an unknown quantity, on the bill, definitely.@NorthernSnippet if I was a very good customer I would expect it not to be on the bill and then to leave enough of an extra tip to cover itV gd @FT piece on breaking the white male grip on markets. When raising investment I met just 2 women, 1 Asian man http://t.co/uET9GICsvd
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@GallusEffie shafted but no big movement for change like up there@GallusEffie aye, I'm down in London and I wish you had bites yes but it also breaks my heart to see people here get equally@_David_Patrick_ ooooh good luck! I bloody love escudella. Take some photos and tell me how you get on!@paula_mcintyre @MeatPeter @parkersarms awww you're so kind xx@Kavey thanks so much for coming today, I do hope that you enjoyed xx@GallusEffie you had a good time then F?@MeatPeter @parkersarms @paula_mcintyre Paula, what's your e-mail? I'll need to organise a trip to NI so we can do a pig day and a calçotada@TheBoyWhoBakes filth is on Netflix@MeatPeter @parkersarms I SHALL COME TO BOTH NEXT HEAR I PROMISE!!So I think we should all have a massive Spring tweet up @parkersarms and make her cook for us.We did @parkersarms Mama's pig head recipe at #pigday today. My God in heaven it was a stoater. Pure and utter bliss to make and eat.crime docu's - every single person ever killed was a 'beautiful vibrant church going happy soul' not one utter cunt has ever been murdered
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack@noodlesnrice @ron_mould never underestimate the ignorance and ineptitude of London based press.@noodlesnrice @ron_mould outside Scotland they are in too much of a panic about UKIP to have any clue.@noodlesnrice it is quite astounding to watch.Darling AND Brown both abandoning the Titanic that is SLAB :-( http://t.co/ysrcuHOTDpLots of journalists now tell me they 'knew' about many of these scandals like #Savile decades ago: so our 'free press' wasn't so great then?
Retweeted by Rachel McCormack“@FionaHyslop: This is what an SNP political meeting looks like in Scotland today - http://t.co/x9qaaZ3d4e” bloody hell@charlie_cat_esq warm thick chocolately pancakes.@18kari they are fab@charlie_cat_esq it's fab@LoreleiKing they are really good LoreleiTell you what though, pig's blood pancakes are bollocks.@signesjohansen @chuchibum @DJMrThing this I would pay to see.I just imagined the cheer was for every good morcilla that we made.
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