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Mike Rogers @RepMikeRogers Howell, Michigan

Host of Something to Think About on @WestwoodOne. @CNN national security contributor. Former Chairman @HouseIntelComm, @FBI agent, and @USarmy veteran.

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A dangerous lesson on negotiating w/terrorists. “@DRUDGE_REPORT: Gitmo detainee swapped for Bergdahl attempted return to militant activity."Miss my hit with @jimbotalks last night? Catch it here -- http://t.co/NHesqibzlBA fast-growing Democracy bordering Pakistan & China? India sounds like a friend indeed. Good to have friends in a tough neighborhood. #STTAWith so many challenges nearby in Pakistan, Afghanistan and China - I'm glad @BarackObama visited New Delhi to strengthen ties. #STTA1/2 Henry Kissinger: “In a time of global upheaval, the consequence of American disengagement is greater turmoil.” #SASC
Retweeted by Mike RogersAs we covered on @CNN yesterday - w/ #ISIS changing deadline for hostages, they aren’t playing in good faith, they’re playing a game..@RepMikeRogers fought the #BoweBergdahl swap while in congress and opposes #ISIS swap now. #NewDay http://t.co/hFJrnFGBFz
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I will be up late w/ @jimbotalks tonight at 10pm talking my time in Congress and the state of cybersecurity. Grab a drink and join us!Fmr. House intel chair @RepMikeRogers: ISIS is 'already winning' http://t.co/insYGOtDa3 #TheLead
Retweeted by Mike Rogers@wolfblitzer asked me abt Israel’s northern border. We’ve seen al Qaeda elements lob shells into Golan Heights. Now Hezbollah is a concern.Dozens of bomb threats to flights. Flights diverted. Fighter jets scrambled. Who's behind it? @RepMikeRogers Phil Mudd #OutFront on @CNN.
Retweeted by Mike RogersGlad to see @BarackObama listened to the post SOTU chorus (including yours truly) & dropped his plan to tax 529 college savings plans #STTA@husainhaqqani @HudsonInstitute Pleasure is mine. Look forward to collaborating.China loved our F-35 so much they stole the design in a 2007 cyber attack. Let’s hope it performs like other cheap Chinese knock offs. #STTA
@HotlineJosh 105.9 WMAL on during the morning, afternoon and evening drive times.@UncleJimsWorld @NewDay Unclear. Will be up to Iraqis but nobody has been a better partner in the fight against ISIS than the Kurds.@HotlineJosh Radio w @WestwoodOne now live on hundreds of stations! Work w @HudsonInstitute addl way to further my new mission. Tune in!We didn't commit to our allies in the Middle East, so why should we expect them to commit to us? -- http://t.co/G2EiPv2AJ7In any organization, there’s a bad apple in every bunch. With the Secret Service, I wonder if the entire basket is rotten. #STTANew Iran sanctions vital to backstopping their nuclear ambitions. Every day “talks” go on is a day they get closer to a nuclear bomb.Honored to join @HudsonInstitute. Doing incredible work on international challenges and importance of U.S. engagement http://t.co/rjpgwANSRs
.@RepMikeRogers says #ISIS $200 million demand was political, not serious. http://t.co/m09T9pN5Pe http://t.co/7qlTesa9ZQ
Retweeted by Mike RogersCatch me on @NewDay @CNN bright & early this morning at 7:40am. We'll be talking ISIS and the new Saudi King.
The good guys in the world need the right tools and authority to take down the bad guys. I know first hand from my time in the @FBI #STTAIf I were @BarackObama I would find a way to get to Saudi Arabia. It sends a very important message in fixing our strained relationship.
President acts like a bad babysitter, hot fudge with sprinkles and R rated movies all night. Bummer when the adults come home #STTAImagine President's surprise after everything he did to discourage American oil & subsidize green energy w taxpayer $, gas prices fell #STTA
Behind the scenes at #CNNSOTU w/@andersoncooper @smerconish @JohnKingCNN @GloriaBorger @CNN http://t.co/ZB4imOZgCuIn defiance of his rhetoric, @BarackObama focused the power of the bully pulpit on what divides us instead of bringing us together. #SOTUPresident swung & missed last night, choosing to pick a fight with Republicans to again raise taxes - including on college savings. #SOTUThank you! RT @INSAlliance: JUST ANNOUNCED:@RepMikeRogers &@Call_Me_Dutch to receive the 31st Baker Award: http://t.co/a18eUnY2Ym #INSABakerGreat job @SenJoniErnst laying out GOP priorities to bring the country together. And I love the camo shoes! #SOTU #IowaGOPWorld begs for Churchill “victory at all costs” or Reagan “tear down this wall” moment, yet natl security was barely an afterthought. #SOTU
Way to go @RepMikeRogers - calls out the need to come together on providing kids in inner cities with quality ed. Why we need #SchoolChoice
Retweeted by Mike Rogers#SOTU FACT: GOP has led the charge & passed bipartisan reforms to bolster #CyberSecurity while protecting privacy http://t.co/cpRvvrvFE5
Retweeted by Mike RogersThis big moment for @BarackObama is likely going to be a swing & miss. Middle class has lower wages & home value & higher unemployment #SOTURT @CNNPolitics: Respond in real-time with @Bing Pulse as you're watching #CNNSOTU: http://t.co/47YACuoPys http://t.co/eyKDyf3Tm3
Retweeted by Mike RogersCNN BEHIND THE SCENES: @wolfblitzer @AC360 @JayCarney @smerconish get ready for @BarackObama #SOTUSPEECH @CNN @CNNPR http://t.co/UZndbikAPp
Retweeted by Mike RogersRT @TribecaFilmFest: State of the Union: 67 years in 67 seconds. #SOTU cc: @CNN http://t.co/aMYPhr4v6w http://t.co/cUpNFbAf4z #CNNSOTUWe could actually make progress in those areas & the country would be better for it. #SOTU is moments away my take on @CNN tonight #CNNSOTUIt's a powerful experience to sit in the House Chamber & be a part of the #SOTU. #CNNSOTUIt appears @BarackObama is dusting off failed tax plans & liberal pipe dreams. This misses an opportunity to find common ground. #CNNSOTUCenter of @WhiteHouse proposal is $320B plan to raise taxes. Any casual observer of politics will tell you this is a non-starter #CNNSOTUI wish @BarackObama would focus on areas of common ground with Republicans like corporate tax reform, trade & Keystone Pipeline #CNNSOTUPaying ransom to ISIL is a terrible idea. Payments fund terrorist operations & increase hostage-taking. @ErinBurnett #CNNSOTUWe are pleased to announce @RepMikeRogers as our newest exclusive #wsbspeaker. Learn more: http://t.co/Oc07rbfSHf http://t.co/9dUXMkALuz
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@JohnKerry France needs more than a hug. They need our determination to defeat evil bent on destroying our civilizations. #STTAIsn't it a good life lesson that things are not given to you? When the government pays for something, it’s never free. #STTA
Organized crime muscles in on hacking, online extortion says @RepMikeRogers with @CNN @WestwoodOne http://t.co/GYe6yhGiFW via @DCExaminer
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@RebeccaPB You're too kind.@DesimoneJohn Thanks!The destructive nature of the #SonyHack is new in #cybersecurity. If that happened on our power grid we can't just flip the switch back on.
It’s great the @WhiteHouse now supports cyber sharing legislation. It just took cyberattacks against US companies to get them there #STTAJust finished discussing how real and scary the terrorist threat is w/ @jaketapper http://t.co/xpv1zhPGqRDid you hear I am joining @CSPC_DC? We need more organizations whose mission is to educate with constructive dialogue http://t.co/tVjbXkDJTSThanks @BPC_Bipartisan for hosting such important talk on the state of #Cybersecurity & the challenges we still face http://t.co/khJxs1RnhCPutting my new radio skills to the test this morning at 7:04am w/ @wmalnews "Morning on the Mall". We'll be talking about the #ParisAttacks
The Directorate of Science & Tech at @CIA is the Q of @007 movies. Bringing cutting-edge tech to our hardest intelligence challenges. #STTALIVE: @nakashimae moderates #cybersecurity panel discussion w/ @RepMikeRogers, Gen. Hayden & @paulnstockton http://t.co/0JGBRJqW0b #BPClive
Retweeted by Mike RogersCongrats @joniernst! RT @WSJbreakingnews: Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst to deliver GOP response to Obama's State of the Union speech...@Call_Me_Dutch Thanks Dutch!Talking #SonyHack with Gen. Hayden & Dr. Stockton at @BPC_Bipartisan this afternoon at 3:15pm. Join the conversation by using #BPClive.@RepMikeRogers' on WH #cyber proposal: Better late than never, "I just wish so many American companies didn't have to be victimized first"
Retweeted by Mike Rogers.@RepMikeRogers says Turkey can't have it both ways in NATO. Check out my interview at http://t.co/veIXYDIpwR via @AlMonitor .
Retweeted by Mike RogersFormer U.S. Congressman & Chair of the @HouseIntelComm @RepMikeRogers joins CSPC Board of Trustees! http://t.co/y8Hf2SSZHv #CSPCMikeRogers
Retweeted by Mike RogersYou get in bed with Iran and somebody's not going to get sleep. Iran has no interest in turning a new leaf http://t.co/AFUUbdXUqo @AlMonitor
Reflections with serious implications: Why #Congress is Broken @RepMikeRogers' parting advice http://t.co/4LnhHgwCNl
Retweeted by Mike RogersCatch me on @WolfBlitzer around 5:00pmWhy did the White House omit the word 'Islam' from White House summit title? @juliettekayyem @RepMikeRogers weigh in http://t.co/eIGIvjMePr
Retweeted by Mike Rogers@oglesby_mark Thanks for the work you do shaping our future!ISIS and Boko Haram are radical Islam. You have to recognize they're a problem to come up with a solution http://t.co/DrX6xCkmkt
"We know that Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula has been fixated on airplanes." @RepMikeRogers on terror threat http://t.co/Emk4pFVdnQ
Retweeted by Mike RogersFmr. Chairman Mike Rogers & Gen. Michael Hayden to headline event on recent #Sony #cyberattack: http://t.co/wfvLMn544F (via @RCalabroTully)
Retweeted by Mike RogersRaising the #GasTax is a flawed plan that comes back like a bad rash. It's time to restructure wasteful programs before raising taxes #STTAAfter Boko Haram slaughtered 2k people and turned young girls into suicide bombers, we still have no official plan to deal with it. #STTA@jtwaite1 In Michigan we can be heard on @wjrradio 760 am.
Thursday we host @repmikerogers, @ChertoffGroup's Hayden, @paulnstockton & @nakashimae to talk #cybersecurity. http://t.co/T1rJJFqc8y
Retweeted by Mike RogersThks @JakeTapper for pointing out the @WhiteHouse willingness to participate on @TheGoodWife_CBS but not #ParisMarch. Misplaced priorities.On w/ @ChrisCuomo this morning at 8:30am discussing MI5 Chief's warning that Al Qaeda militants from Syria were planning attacks on the West
@TonyRomm Elected officials have a responsibility to protect the nation. Recent North Korea & Russian attacks have changed the game forever.We want our gvt to respond to physical bombs planted by nation states. Is it different if that bomb was launched over the internet? #STTAWhen intel services hostile to the U.S. operate in places like Venezuela, it undermines the region. Bad for Latin America & bad for us.#STTA
Prayers go out to the victims of the horrific terrorist attack in Nigeria tonight. Defeating Boko Haram is going to take more than a hashtagChina’s appetite for American intellectual property is more voracious than a sumo wrestler at a buffet. #STTADitto "@Call_Me_Dutch: Congrats + best of luck to @RepAdamSchiff, new RM of @HouseIntelComm! http://t.co/lez0FQU4oO"The 5k number in France is what they know and doesn't count those still in Syria getting further radicalized - http://t.co/NCN3kkBVPe (3/3)Without stopping the success of radical Islamists in that region, I'm afraid there'll be more attacks around the world. (2/3)With #ParisShooting and future terror attacks we can't overlook the Syria/Iraq problem as a fuel for radicalization (1/3)Important advice from @repmikerogers @Politico. You can make progress without sacrificing principles." #cityofrivals http://t.co/jL2s7cQkMm
Retweeted by Mike Rogers@johntruscott Thanks JT.#PrayersForParis will continue as the country heals from these attacks. America stands with France to confront this threat.Caught up with the @CNN team to discuss the possibilities of an attack on U.S. soil -- http://t.co/ogHRvvHQRDGreat talking with Israeli Defense Forces Lt. Gen Gantz, challenges are many but we don't have a better ally cc: @IDFSpokespersonThe competition among terror groups for recruits and funding: @FareedZakaria and @RepMikeRogers weigh in > http://t.co/fFqYvcHH6w
Retweeted by Mike Rogers
Back on @AndersonCooper tonight at 9:30pm continuing the discussion on the #ParisShooting cc:@AC360"A small mistake can have a big impact for law enforcement." - @RepMikeRogers on police finding ID belonging to #CharlieHebdo suspect. @CNN
Retweeted by Mike RogersTune in to @OutFrontCNN at 7:10pm. I'll be discussing all recent developments surrounding the #ParisShooting with @ErinBurnettTwas the night before Christmas, and the @WhiteHouse was releasing detainees to a country known for corruption #STTA http://t.co/nfkmQVeOA2WH advisor Lisa Monaco, @FBI Demarest, @SDNYnews US Atty Bharara, & @RepMikeRogers discuss cyber security. #ICCS2015 http://t.co/09FRHas12r
Retweeted by Mike RogersWhat topics should I cover on Something to Think About? Tweet me your suggestions using #STTA
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