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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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@Howard_Lovy If considering basic travel restrictions is contributing to panic, get mad at the UK http://t.co/Ag84kLh59z@DTab224 For travelers entering the US? Yes. This is not rocket science. Everyone has an embarkation port.@DTab224 Basic travel restrictions and additional screening/tracking for people traveling out of the ravaged areas.Forcing a football team name change? Got it. All over it. Slowing/stopping horrific, deadly, untreatable disease at our border? Meh.White House: No Ebola travel restrictions http://t.co/8B6yQ5HrKR Complete lunacy. #SleepWell #WeAreInTheVeryBestOfHandsIf I run into you outside of the context I normally see you in, there is a > 90% chance I will not recognize you."We are not thinking about the future, because we believe that we are, at last, there." http://t.co/uAlBXXmnNt Great piece from @KevinNRWut. RT @eliseviebeck: Patient had contact with five children who attend four different Dallas-area schools, per school official. #EbolaYup, Interstellar looks real good. http://t.co/8wwUVKaSvK2. Not sending people home who are presenting symptoms & self-report as having recently been to these places. This is not rocket science.How about 1. Slowing the velocity of people traveling out of Liberia, Sierra Leone etc. to something more than 24 hours or less."Dallas County officials said Wednesday they believed the man had come into contact with 12 to 18 people" http://t.co/sUsA7yhHhGGreat. RT @AP: BREAKING: Sister of US Ebola patient: He told hospital he was from Liberia on 1st visit, was sent home.”Has anyone told ebola it's on the wrong side of history and has no place in the 21st Century yet?
Retweeted by Rick DeVos4 days is a long time. That's a lot of people to be symptomatic (and transmitting) around. The Next 3 wks are dicey. https://t.co/YH4iWDvZf5Nice. The visual of this is great. https://t.co/N7Z3LhOh9R
There seem to be Baseball Things happening right now.The Weird Genius Of The “Crouching Tiger 2” Netflix Deal http://t.co/F5RlNkADfW The rise of China as Market #1. Read this.@briandokter Oh believe me I'm as unhappy about this whole thing as anyone. It's horrific. Felt like a hashtag game tonight. Good to laugh.Alright, stopping myself.E.T. the Ebola-Terrestrial #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaLike Ebola for Chocolate #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaLast Ebola in Paris #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaGimme Ebola #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaMy Own Private Ebola #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaMuch Ado About Ebola #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaYou Only Ebola Twice #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaSeven Ebolas for Seven Brothers #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaEbola's Feast #ReplaceMovieTitleWithEbolaLet's build a ship to check it out and run everything on it using an AI that's a model of sober decision making! http://t.co/kgdQHswY5EWith all this Ebola chatter, I'm really happy to know you can buy a flamethrower. http://t.co/U8RFYhXGqU So. happy.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosRemain calm, all is well https://t.co/n8p4AUb2DqShot: http://t.co/rGYjJnQ7u9 Chaser: http://t.co/0QqvHpVqY5 It was the most serious of times, it was the least serious of times.Today’s CDC announcement shows the need for active screening for Ebola at U.S. points of entry. The CDC should act to implement immediately.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosDon't worry, Ebola is a total JV disease.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosHere's the Wikipedia entry for "Quarantine." http://t.co/y0yfMA9CllToday in #AvHistory [1968]: The @Boeing 747 rolled out for the first time... http://t.co/7RHY4uNi3L #AvGeek http://t.co/h00FkYBFjU
Retweeted by Rick DeVosRT @thei100: This comic is the most apt description of Twitter you'll ever see. http://t.co/8pp3kfSzg5 http://t.co/HJJGFCEluO
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
@briankellyphoto Thanks for that loving thought!Japanese construction giant Obayashi announces plans to have a space elevator up and running by 2050 http://t.co/wp4AYpBGtM Yes please.The joy of not quite knowing if you're experiencing allergies or a cold.$77,550 in tickets written from one speed camera http://t.co/019oFecsaz You'd almost think speed and red-light cams were just one big racketWOW! 16,000+ views already on our @artprize video preview piece. https://t.co/AvYeHIm0Lk
Retweeted by Rick DeVosContinually amazed at the power the songs "Let It Go" and "Everything is Awesome" hold over small children.Diesel cars & trucks >>>>>>> gas cars & trucksThe best cities to live and work remotely: https://t.co/dX9rWHO87t"tries to shake off Jimmy Carter aura" http://t.co/j77A75wsuoElectric garbage trucks http://t.co/v1lVqaD1TF"'poisonous combo' of record debt and slowing growth suggest the global econ could be heading for another crisis" http://t.co/RBLOL6khQeWalking is good for you. http://t.co/O1j4qKOCC8"'The smartest thinkers, the toughest questions' is code for 'completely made up stuff, targeted at stupid people.'" http://t.co/XkgKmdtY9J
Five babies in Texas test positive for TB after possible mass exposure http://t.co/c54z2XlfsI"Sincerity is so central to the unconstrained vision that it is not readily conceded to adversaries,..." http://t.co/tnXWcbY1r8When you're on The Right Side of History, the side of Progress, there's little to be gained from other perspectives http://t.co/8dPA1mwK9ZPolitical Diversity Will Improve Social Psychological Science http://t.co/8dPA1mwK9Z You don't say! #CrazyTalkJimmy Page drinking whiskey while other Led Zeppelin members eat and smoke before a concert, 1970s (By Neal Preston) http://t.co/HxHgMLxzZr
Retweeted by Rick DeVosVia @NoPattern lol RT @TheFunnyVines: Watch out 😂 http://t.co/NXBZQKECGP
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
Worker Painting the Eiffel Tower (Everett Collection, March 28, 1953). http://t.co/wbWdFZzLsK
Retweeted by Rick DeVosAnother reminder that ad signage was everywhere in the golden age of downtowns and that modern sign regs are rubbish http://t.co/yjIARxUVjUWhen Yogurt Affects the Brain - Atlantic Mobile http://t.co/18wGh1qzSa
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe @ArtPrize Voice Project: http://t.co/sk9qrk0wOn This is going to be fun.
Bathing http://t.co/0QU7M0ZBoUWoven & Wrapped http://t.co/2rgRgRmZCyCrossing the border from Eastern to Western Grand Rapids http://t.co/YzeMNaRvu1IN THE YEAR 2000 ALL MEETINGS WILL TAKE PLACE IN VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENTS LIKE THIS. http://t.co/wbOpO2ILhq"Last year, Apple said downloads of podcasts through iTunes reached 1 billion." http://t.co/Ka9KPOao8X"NYC mayor slaughters lovable groundhog in brutal death smash" http://t.co/weeJJl0gcO Trollololololol
"wiping out nearly $23 billion in market value." http://t.co/Lv9miK2YsZCapitalism Is Clean(er) http://t.co/8SdBg4sWgf "Red isn’t green" from @KevinNRStart Garden Update Night http://t.co/vqCnz8deSDThe skeleton of a moray eel, which reveals the Alien-like second jaw in its throat. http://t.co/V0Rob7sCHK
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe Secret Toad-headed Agama of the Middle East displays bright red oral frills to scare off predators. http://t.co/OQE64zGqL2
Retweeted by Rick DeVos
"the planners are on the verge of losing, and spectacularly." http://t.co/IxMFavQoT5@johnondrasik Thank you!For real? FOR REAL! This is the forecast for the first week of ArtPrize! http://t.co/O3Oq4vg15g
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYesssss! HOVER HAM! RT @ClickHole: The Future Of Food Is Here http://t.co/jzvTnOlDjg http://t.co/9hOEdqfAA1ArtPrize 2014 voting is now open http://t.co/ixNctUGWN5ArtPrize Opening http://t.co/ndTSckNT5nA bunch more of those fake, mystery cell towers found in DC http://t.co/O2GQm5B3q6London is real, real expensive. http://t.co/y2woy66tx4They post to YouTube MT @markknoller Obama: "Ideology of ISIL will wilt & die if it is consistently exposed & refuted in the light of day."
Retweeted by Rick DeVosLooking forward to a great 6th year of @ArtPrize! Thanks to the Artists, Venues, Volunteers, Sponsors, Team, & others who make it possible!@RickDeVos This is, for the record, a lame attempt at a joke.
@DalinClark Many elements. Prize model tackling a big problem, lots of disruptive and valuable outcomes possible.My family is very excited to support the new $15 million Global Learning XPRIZE http://t.co/47vIb2mG2x http://t.co/uuA3zlnkaYThe DeVos family are matching the next $250k in the Global Learning XPRIZE crowdfunding. Donate today! http://t.co/4kVw36Ulou #learningprize
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"Knocker-Ups" (Photo RT) seems like a made up, BS thing doesn't it? But there's actually a Wikipedia entry for them: http://t.co/iesxshGs4fBefore alarm clocks were affordable, 'knocker-ups' were used to wake people early in the morning. UK, ca 1900. http://t.co/xu9PEn3Zoh
Retweeted by Rick DeVosHappy Autumnal Equinox everyone! If you felt more balanced today, or if your toilet drained in the other direction, now you know why.Role-Playing With Stolen Baby Photos http://t.co/QiT6wZSLG2 If you were looking for the creepiest read of the day, here it is."A doll-sized humanoid robot has learned how to use a cockpit simulator to fly a light aircraft designed for humans." http://t.co/BZtDeeE9BfPublishing enemies lists to thuggishly bully is a great way to refute the charge that you're thugs and bullies. http://t.co/K7TC8rHUdkHedge fund rats: http://t.co/vJBB77DZjx
Retweeted by Rick DeVosIt's #ArtPrize season http://t.co/37zN9cFYXWIn 1947, Ten Comic Strip Artists Were Asked To Draw Their Characters Blindfolded http://t.co/AXY5WS3sUp http://t.co/sXSX4sdFqK
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"Naturally, most executives worry more about sinking the boat than missing the boat" http://t.co/KbU1VAdkwf So accurate. "Safe" is risky.
Visual explanation of an Ebola treatment center. Very interesting. http://t.co/s7AMPlnN5yNo, thank you. http://t.co/xdEZCVwqewYes. Love this. http://t.co/34dtsCr6oKI, for one, am very offended by the use of the term "Tomahawk" to name such an intolerant, imperialistic, and patriarchal weapon system.
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