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Rick DeVos @RickDeVos Grand Rapids, Michigan

CEO of @StartGarden, Founder of @ArtPrize, Proud Michigander-anian, Investor, Reader, Helicopter Pilot, Traveler, Photographer, Curious Individual.

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1970’s Continental Airlines in-flight piano bar http://t.co/cNd6Re3W6P
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A fun Japan video travelogue: https://t.co/ujoukf62MjTeaser trailer for Spectre, the next Bond movie: https://t.co/TWxYMb4RBg Yes yes yes please.Everyone hates scarcity and trade offs. We all want it all.@cpops72 And it's good you got the alert! #ViolentAgreement@cpops72 Or rather present them with an alert in a time and context in which they are likely to ignore, forget, or be confused by it?@cpops72 Put another way: would you rather present someone with an alert when they are able to process and act on it?@cpops72 Nope, it would be when it's most useful for people to use the information. This is basic interaction design.@cpops72 Yup, I want the phone to present the alert in a more useful context.@cpops72 The issue isn't the alert itself, the issue is how the alert is presented and how to make it most effective.@Lionsfan67 Nope, just interested in making a system more effective.The issue is not the alert itself, the issue is how the alert is presented and how to make it most effective.@cshbell Actually I'm pretty comfy labeling reactions that refuse to address the actual issue & call me "stupid" and a "monster" hysterical.@good_wifey That's not at all what I said. My critique isn't the alert, it's how the alert is presented. Have a nice day.@cshbell Unthinking, emotional reaction and subsequent name-calling and hysteria is disappointing.@bobbrenzing I'm not critiquing law enforcement use of it, I'm critiquing smart phone OS's presentation of it.@bobbrenzing or 2. Presented at the top of alerts when the person has their brain engaged. The alerts on Twitter, FB are far more effective.@bobbrenzing Yes, but is an alert more useful when it's 1. Gotten rid of and forgotten because it's especially loud and confusing@good_wifey a confusing and blaring alert that they forget about once they go back to sleep.@good_wifey Social media obviously effective, but it's because people are engaging with it when they're alert, not trying to get rid ofThis is why demagoguery will always work. There are always people eager to react to the literal, to express righteous anger.@good_wifey It's a design critique, advocating for a more effective system. I don't care about being woken up, I care about good results.@good_wifey Is a person asleep in bed, or a person awake and starting their day more effective in finding a kidnapper?@good_wifey I want people to receive the alert when they are themselves alert, not asleep & trying to get rid of it. Effectiveness.@scottz1066265 I want people to receive the alert when they are themselves alert, not asleep & trying to get rid of it. Effectiveness.This is a design critique. Disappointing, though unsurprising, that it of leads to cries of "YOU ARE A MONSTER! WHAT IF IT WAS YOUR KID!!!"I want people to receive the alert when they are themselves alert, not asleep & trying to get rid of it. It's a question of effectiveness.@Montanamulie I want people to receive the alert when they were themselves alert, not asleep and trying to get rid of it. Effectiveness.@Donna_Boyd I would want people to receive the alert when they were themselves alert, not asleep and trying to get rid of it.@MaureenFrancis I would want people to receive the alert when they were themselves alert, not asleep and trying to get rid of it.@emptywheel @rodolfor This is the point. It is ineffective. Should be put at the top of alerts when a person is up and themselves alert.An Amber Alert that sets a phone off at o'dark hundred, despite being set to do-not-disturb, does not accomplish its goals. It only angers.
Shogun, Tai-Pan, Noble House, Marco Polo...love those East meets West novels and shows.Meet Chuck Schumer, One of the Most Trivial Pols Ever. And Your Next Senate Minority Leader http://t.co/llCUzVuSZO Ugh.If You Go Busking with the Most Annoying Instruments You Find, You Will Humiliate Yourself. http://t.co/18WsDOG1II http://t.co/US0pSd82RI
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe funny thing about Utopia is that the more you try to achieve it via centralized political compulsion, the further from it you get.Hasn't everyone known that a nuclear Iran = a nuclear Saudi Arabia? http://t.co/W4EodYF3sx'Internet of Things' Accelerator Takes Root In Michigan, With Help From Some Big Names http://t.co/5KmsVnlcGv via @forbes
Retweeted by Rick DeVos.@JoannMuller covers @SeamlessAccel for @Forbes http://t.co/FQKT0WycCD70s & 80s concept cars http://t.co/L0KBbrLNar They really, really, really liked triangles back then didn't they?ICYMI, last night we announced this: http://t.co/t5l85aWv82 We are very excited about it. @SeamlessAccelPolicy experts: Politicians hold on to control of liquor industry for profit, power http://t.co/RDz46aaERd Yuuuuup.
Hoo boy the BMW Nine T looks nice: http://t.co/wT1Kvjph7HLululemon's ABC pants are but a first step toward the serious-yet-casual, austere-yet-virile masculine style promised by health goth life yo
Retweeted by Rick DeVosI will testify to the awesomeness of Lululemon's ABC pants. http://t.co/XKgBvv73ElSam Elliot saying "The Banquet Beer." Delightful.This actually seems somewhat reasonable, except for the ridiculous number of Thrusters: http://t.co/aoME3VCnVh Those will accumulate.Freddie Mercury has his moustache groomed, 1982. http://t.co/EuaHeu8JS3
Retweeted by Rick DeVosToday the @startgarden team and I are excited to announce the launch of an awesome partnership, @SeamlessAccel: http://t.co/gNxHA8AFQkSEAMLESS consists of @startgarden @steelcase @spectrumhealth @amway @meijer @faurecia @priorityhealth working together on #IoT
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThe ribbon is cut, it’s official! http://t.co/HgKJuDPBPb
Retweeted by Rick DeVos@LLLizzie Unfortunately no...wasn't aware of it, and on top of that trying to get over some sickness.If You Touch This Plant It Will Make You Vomit In Pure Agony http://t.co/BbutCuBx2e Crazy. Australia gets all of the cool horrible stuff.Brewed For Film, a series of classic crowd pleasers paired with beers from Founders at Celebration Cinema: http://t.co/ebB9JEQwak Very cool.The Estate Tax is uniquely destructive. Without planning it often eliminates local ownership & centralizes business. http://t.co/3nCmMJepcB"I felt a great disturbance in the Force, as if millions of teen voices suddenly cried out in terror" #OneDirection http://t.co/7EqSlYDPU4High ropes course! Team building! Trust falls! http://t.co/bdkgUuZdwPA sort of paddling tug (push)-of-war. This looks fun. http://t.co/yTVLMFiL1HSounds legit. RT @AP: BREAKING: Officials: US considers letting Iran run nuclear centrifuges at fortified underground bunker.CNN is primarily watched in airports and is absolutely obsessed with airplane crashes. There’s something peculiar about this.
Retweeted by Rick DeVos"20 years from now, filmmakers would still have access to the likeness of that actor — dead or alive" http://t.co/EJb9oGelCh Interesting.@NolanFinleyDN draws attention to Rick Jones and his Big Government regulation and prohibition attempts: http://t.co/zQEfa0GJ8I Good.Germanwings Co-Pilot Deliberately Crashed Plane, Says Prosecutor http://t.co/bmmyzUmBue"The Uberfication of everything is turning San Francisco into an assisted living community for the young." - @StartupLJackson
Retweeted by Rick DeVosThere is an IndieGoGo for a Super Troopers 2 and it has already exceeding its goal https://t.co/iVbXCKXji6 Fan-funded sequels are cool.
The snubbed Green Revolution, the Cairo Speech, the Promise of Hashtag, James Taylor diplomacy. US foreign policy FTW!"21st century socialism was supposed to be different from its repressive 20th century counterpart" http://t.co/6TwLHQcSRU HahahahahahahahahaSaudi defense minister's office looks like a Rick Ross video
Retweeted by Rick DeVosYour elected betters, ladies and germs http://t.co/N04AtCtdpp Yes, let's centralize more power in their hands.Guess what--the kids are getting their hands on pretty much all the alcohol they want. This would do nothing. http://t.co/i31dQqD0qAI'm guessing this tastes horrible, but knee jerk banning of it is dumb. http://t.co/45xyBd9RAl Same senator trying to reg. ridesharing. Ugh.Florida Man Films Himself Driving Around Drunk and High at 3am With Endangered Owl http://t.co/EB8EVD1Tl3
Retweeted by Rick DeVosOh. Well this will certainly help to quell the rapidly growing dumpster fire in the region. http://t.co/1gjWOKZmrVIt's tough to understand social in your 30s. Too old to get it and too young to have kids who get it.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosHere is an Alan Lomax recording that will give you shivers: http://t.co/ePciEMlFMXAlan Lomax's entire archive is now online: http://t.co/tHe7Iw1JZX Awesome awesome awesome. h/t @ajpaschkaIf you're looking for a movie with weird aircraft murder/hijacking as a major plot element, give Thunderball a watch tonight.And the world burns more http://t.co/z6kmBCZuI5Spielberg to direct Ready Player One: http://t.co/NStwjWU43U This could be awesome. Finally read this book a few weeks ago and enjoyed it.Drudge has the siren going for the Germanwings pilot lockout story.Alcohol startups are brewing up VC cash http://t.co/DHwpQAhfiK http://t.co/ML4vFWNkxp
Retweeted by Rick DeVosSounds like only one pilot was in the cockpit for the Germanwings crash http://t.co/JEtN5a4CWo Troubling.“Everything is problematic” http://t.co/3bcjsN05WY Written, very tellingly, under a pseudonym."So they opt out, at least in part, exercising the right of exit that is the most fundamental of civil rights." http://t.co/r7fCrzbp1F Yes."From public schools to health care, the intent is to constrain people and prevent them from opting out." http://t.co/r7fCrzbp1FUtopia's Jailers http://t.co/r7fCrzbp1F "charter-school fams who have the audacity to go about 'defining what constitutes ‘good’ for them'"@t3b Yup it's definitely a thing. I think it's funny to describe it that way though.Office plants as a service.
Some hopeful Michigan weather analysis: http://t.co/72HET2ywHs Here's hoping for a warmer summer.Good post on the necklacing in last week's The Americans (The Best Show On TV®): http://t.co/RPYUfK0JRoBone conduction seems like an interesting technology for this application, but current offerings aren't attractive http://t.co/VDGfsmS5CEThis Motorola Hint gets closer to personal audio delivery, but its performance supposedly isn't that great. http://t.co/PDN5MAXcg9Very important things. Very important thoughts this afternoon.Here are two relatively classy ones. Notice, no blue LEDs. https://t.co/A50083SO58, http://t.co/ncEM43A5EMI mean, WE GET IT. It's BLUEtooth. You don't need to shove it in everyone's face with a literal BLUE LED.The entire bluetooth headset industry made a grave, unrecoverable mistake when it started putting blue lights in them. @johndurantTheoretically, bluetooth headsets should be the most useful & adopted wearables, because discreet, personal audio is useful. But, stigma.Terrible. Huge debris field. Seems like a catastrophic failure initiated extreme descent, broke up on the way down? http://t.co/JIkJlnnrsII love my Givenchy fur coat. It whispers softly: You still have the right to despair.
Retweeted by Rick DeVosFind comfort in the sadness of turtlenecks.
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