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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

EVP for Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars, writer of stories.

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@charlesaraujo yes.
I love when the history of a city reveals itself. 35th and Third, #nyc. http://t.co/MjYizw3hs2I love this magic wand that gives Wikipedia a modern redesign: http://t.co/gAsK3B47C9 by @DrCrypt via @FastCoDesignOne thing I learned from her during a civil rights quest across the Deep South is that we are often poorly educated on the issues.My personal accountability partner on race was Lila Cabbil, the President of the Rosa and Raymond Parks Center for Self-Development.When you have a personal accountability partner to help you understand, you might get this book: http://t.co/j4DPk5O3Wj. I did.
@aarondignan @clayparkerjones I don't know if we'd be a fit but we're open to exploring possibilities.@aarondignan @clayparkerjones if Science House might be a good partner, let us know. We're growing fast and seeking partners.@aarondignan @clayparkerjones what kind of consultants?Number 10 is my favorite. First lines of novels in emoji: http://t.co/3cL2uC5NE5 Reminds me of Emoji Dick, @fredbenensonI'm with @kadavy on living mini-lives in new places instead of "traveling": http://t.co/WBXAG38VoV via @StephMBuckJust like humans, animals are capable of reflection, bliss, worry and more http://t.co/zca46QK6LZ
Retweeted by Rita J. King@dgelles now *that* is art. http://t.co/K1CDYlgCmQI absolutely love the project @jrart is doing at Ellis Island. So incredibly poignant and gorgeous."Nothing ever just stands still, but is always moving a tiny bit."
Retweeted by Rita J. KingAre we living in a 2D hologram? Maybe we are. http://t.co/e9S34TOMH9
@mathewi I want a duck-sized horse so bad now.Want the job? Here's how to write a cover letter: https://t.co/Y2CIl8Oghf #jobs #careers #hiring #work@zeynep @tweetertation @alexismadrigal I am grateful every single day that my parents never had the opportunity to do this to me.@pmarca Hispanic immigrants coming to a mostly Christian nation manifests differently than Muslims in a secular society.@pmarca I'm no expert on the subject but would say the issues are quite different than Hispanics in US.I spent a couple of years working on a project as a Senior Fellow at @carnegiecouncil and Muslim immigrants in Europe was a big focus.Happy birthday to much loved @drewhansen26!Treasure of the Sirens amphorae 3D printed in gold, bronze and stainless steel. http://t.co/eGXVh9Tp1G@katelanfoisy “@metmuseum: The imagery of this spectacular vessel expresses the vast...powers of a Yoruba king. http://t.co/OG1xYDgRDb"Culture Map has taken over my life, @CultureInst and @ScienceHouse! http://t.co/4VCwkJ9uAa
The slogan of the Imagination Age. “@davemorin: The creative adult is the child who has survived. (at @brit) https://t.co/BwEqpLa4wAhttp://t.co/VaBvqjfHtM the future of jobs, always learning and adapting is key #cbl
Retweeted by Rita J. King@anildash “@ibogost: Pumpkin Spice Kevlar Vest”
@katelanfoisy I see you and the little E'sToday is anniversary of obliteration of Pompei by Vesuvius, sack of Rome by Visigoths, and torching of White House by British. Good morning.
Retweeted by Rita J. KingA note written in the Glyphs of the Imagination Age. http://t.co/PLyXEFF0kqThe historic eruption of Vesuvius occurred on this day in A.D. 79. The volcano depicted here: http://t.co/2oSwLzjexB http://t.co/I86SbaC5J7
Retweeted by Rita J. King@WeizmannInst Ada Yonath is so inspiring! Will write about her for @CuriosityReview!
@leighleighsf @jenny8lee it just seemed so black and white.The last fluent speaker of a Native American is creating her own dictionary http://t.co/TWnVcLnenR http://t.co/F108J2797o
Retweeted by Rita J. KingSilhouette of the cosmos against the Chrysler Building from Science House roof. http://t.co/dq4fgjCrgH@jenny8lee any recommendations for other docs you love?@jenny8lee @RichardGarriott @sundancefest I would have loved more detail and nuance but I thought it was fascinating.Have you seen Dinosaur 13, @RichardGarriott?@gapingvoid random moments are special. @instagram@stevesilberman I can't believe she's 82 in that picture!!! What?!@JillianKeenan People find necessary limits in different ways. Some never bother trying to find them. Others pretend they don't exist.@JillianKeenan Thought about this while reading Rollo May's Courage to Create, in which he writes that limits are necessary for creativity.@AdamFrank4 I'm doing my best as we speak@jowyang as with anything, there is a third kind: people who don't care either way.@digiphile @AlecJRoss @AriW it's the best@jhagel miss you!
@wilw at least once a day I think about the shocking brilliance of @Markgatiss.@ryan @timoreilly jaw drop.@marciadorsey @MioNonnisCasa beautiful!A Culture Team at Work: Moody's Information Technology http://t.co/0uv50sn1sm
Retweeted by Rita J. KingAmen. “@davemorin: Change yourself, change the world.”“Think of this - that the writer wrote alone, and the reader read alone, and they were alone with each other.” ― A.S. Byatt, Possession
Retweeted by Rita J. King@cetesse “@johnmaeda: "If you don’t learn constantly, you don't grow and you will wither." —@IrisApfel http://t.co/oNKhVGFt6iCheck this out, @philiprosedale: “@Grady_Booch: David Deutsch has done it again; amazing work. http://t.co/zGN62GWclm"It requires effort of the imagination to escape from the prison of familiar timescale." @RichardDawkins on evolution.
@RyanBrack @dangillmor jaw drop.@jackandraka amazing to see how far you've come since your night at Science House! We are so proud of you! @peoplemag@LynchFoundation same here. Thinking of you @cgreensit.A Culture Team at Work http://t.co/UwUFlQNXe3@healthprize @KatrinaFirlik congratulations!HealthPrize, a startup co-founded by James Jorasch of Science House, closes a $3m institutional round: http://t.co/hqYsQPPRjK"The Science and Art of Every Profession" by @DanielBurrus http://t.co/xmraFzwKqd
Retweeted by Rita J. King@HRCurator @DanielBurrus that's why we call Science House the art and science of doing business. Great piece!
@davemorin Tolstoy was generalizing. Though it is true of the vast majority...@JohnFugelsang I've seen that before and wondered if it's intentional. It has to be.@Recode @secretly @NellieBowles reminds me of dinner parties during sophomore year of college.Artificial cells act like the real thing! http://t.co/JNxHB7opUt @WeizmannInst@AlishaBhagat “@MeghanMBiro: This Single Company Will Own the Future of Retail ~via @OPENForum http://t.co/Ve2ruWsceI via @TedRubinRT @manojmathewnet: "Why do we hire the brightest people we can find, then expect them to excel in a culture that treats them like idiots?.…
Retweeted by Rita J. KingIf culture isn't deliberately designed, it will emerge by default. “@getstoried: culture is a creative choice.”@cshapiro @collabfund I love that!@BuzzFeedAndrew @mathewi Mixed feelings. I wish people could make smarter decisions on their own about how and what they share.Ten Stunning Writing Studios: http://t.co/CJ72yHkR4n http://t.co/gJPWuh0Kga
@CynthVonBuhler “@fabulousanimals: Oh you had a bad day, tell me all about it http://t.co/T46CayhQ4x@beccabigwords I can't even make sense of my feelings after reading that.@CynthVonBuhler “@exploreorg: You can't even handle this clouded leopard cub, Houston Zoo: http://t.co/Ob3oPN2FfB http://t.co/t2wJs4lz6wPS. Treasure of the Sirens: http://t.co/qSu0gm8v8W. My labor of love.Eloise, gorgeously wearing her Treasure of the Sirens amphora. http://t.co/DlY3Yysjzc
@slkatusa awwww hope he's okay@pidgeonwriter sounds like a backdrop for a writer@jilliankeekan Very interesting take, particularly as gender stereotypes change--men don't have to "act" one way and women "act" another way@warrenellis *everyone* ?? do I? :)@mattdpearce This is not a new challenge for reporters. A risky, dangerous profession. Must be careful not to *become* the story.@mattdpearce journalists covering disasters, war and catastrophe are taking a risk in the absence of "special rights."Our Twitter list of 119 journalists covering #Ferguson: https://t.co/Nv9s2ANw5N
Retweeted by Rita J. King@mileskahn this seems like a step in that direction. “@3dprintindustry: Yes, You Can 3D Print a Copy of Your Phallus http://t.co/kDC8HaX3bb
@MAKERSwomen @claudiachan @ZooeyDeschanel Amen. Case in point: this horrible egg freezing party piece in @nymag http://t.co/NrHuaVYvMVCongratulations from all of us at @ScienceHouse on your Emmy win, @aaronkoblin and Google Creative Lab! http://t.co/XG6XbQdq8p@gavinpurcell Transmetropolitan! @warrenellis@JillianKeenan oooooh. I want to know more.@gutelius Rebecca Solnit's book The Faraway Nearby starts with apricots. Thanks again for the sweetness of the apricots and yourself!@stevenstrogatz we have more than one. And more than one copy of each!#nyc today http://t.co/sU6tOMPvdz@fcc_cio @mkrigsman @rwang0 @ValaAfshar @pmarca in the Imagination Age the power shifts from sole human "authority" to hybrid analytics.@mkrigsman @rwang0 @fcc_cio @ValaAfshar @pmarca maybe the human judgement in treatment plan is the *patient* collaborating w/ tech@NickKristof It makes sense...a lot of them joined, they told me, because the other options at the time were wife or predictable work roles.@NickKristof I went with a van of nuns to pick up Sister Lil Mattingly after her prison stint. They are hardcore!@ben_romer that is the cutest ever! Next Sunday I want to go for a drive!
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