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Rita J. King @RitaJKing NYC / Isola d'Ischia

EVP for Business Development, Science House. Futurist, @SciEntEx. INfluencer, @LinkedIn. Maker of Mystery Jars, writer of stories.

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@cdixon @beaucronin @pmarca and even those with the best granular expertise sometimes miss the larger context.@sree I loved singing that song over and over and over.@lsjamison I'm reading The Empathy Exams right now and I can't remember the last time I was so electrified by a writer. Unbelievably great!
The Social Life of Robots looks *so* good, @sciencemagazine! http://t.co/XMG1mDE5psSee last tweet, @kiostark. My new pen pal found me in "Don't Go Back to School." :)Somebody wrote me a letter, in actual handwriting, on letterhead, and wants to be pen pals! http://t.co/jF35AFjoHM
@pickover I miss youThanks @WeizmannInst for a provocative day! Can't wait to see where the Adventures in Curiosity take us next.Your microbiome is a composite of every decision you've ever made. http://t.co/IIZ5FJ0ItM via @scifri
@iamrondavison I think the artist was too focused on the spoon to even notice the Beauty Bar.I can't quit you, #nyc. http://t.co/xgFvCpYVG1
@gilbertliz @oprah And yet I am *constantly* defending myself. And "Who is going to take care of you when you're old?"@GilbertLiz @Oprah I started writing a book on the subject and then decided to just go back to living life. I don't need to defend myself.@GilbertLiz @Oprah I'm thrilled to see you two taking up this topic. About time the other perspective got some power behind it.@GilbertLiz @Oprah They shouldn't, but sooooooo many do.
@AnthonyBaker thanks!@NoelDickover every year I wait for your jack o'lanterns!
@BuzzFeedNews you buried the lede on that wild @ggreenwald coincidence!Getting ready. http://t.co/T1zZXPXKAF
Thanks for having me, #NJSIM! The venue was gorgeous and the conversation provocative. #ImaginationAge http://t.co/X3OSbxRAjC@CultureInst “@GabelDou: feeling quite YELLOW tonight...longing to be more AQUA... #SIMNJ http://t.co/R2qZT0PEQh@charlesaraujo @jpalinkas you guys rock!Gorgeous, continued. http://t.co/G1YXjC3v4XArrived to give a talk about leadership in the Imagination Age. Didn't expect the Madison Hotel to be this gorgeous. http://t.co/U3rpZIrLyp@InsideTheBlock @pmarca @mollygreenberg my brother's niece Christina Morris is missing and they also searched with drones. So sad.
@renatazipporah @Tim_OConnell did you get *another* cat?@Tim_OConnell she doesn't even look realFresh off the @ibmwatson launch, @cetesse of Flatworld and his Cognitive Cooking with Chef Watson cookbook! http://t.co/R8xzsCKqxhWonderful “@pmarca: This morning my wife Laura (@LAAF) and I are tickled pink to announce: http://t.co/kJq2a65qzmMy Treasure of the Sirens amphorae necklaces are available for order today from @luvswoonstyle! http://t.co/TC6HpoqdFl 571-223-3231.
Pumpkins on a stoop. http://t.co/vdOQIXt9j9@JenniferPreston @knightfdn Congratulations!@neilhimself and yet the reader was compelled to read until the end...Exactly right. "Gone Girl" is about a sociopath, not a feminist. Via @salon: http://t.co/TFexUVYieFWho *wouldn't*? “Would you pay $20 million for this all-white Ryman painting? http://t.co/DwT2NNX2v6 http://t.co/SSiA95Hh41@tsummersmith mmmmm-hmmmmm@impossible @lilycole There's an "impossible" lunar eclipse happening! http://t.co/BYqVqEkuR5
@GalxyzLab love love love thisRead how @GalxyzLab is leveraging the power of story to teach science. http://t.co/KGHhXy0SZQ #globalSTEMalliance #scichat@Influxpress @Oniropolis I will help with promotion. What a completely fantastic project!@mikearauz @AntDeRosa I want my garmonbozia back!!!@undercurrent in motion!@AnthonyBaker @mathowie @hellbox please let me know when you remember the name of the best Thai place ever.@NinjaRAWLegend that is the truth!@W7VOA are we allowed to say his name now? Thought it was verboten!
@lisaliuguitar it was lots of fun to have you!@rachsyme "...sometimes when you're doing simple things around the house..."@Summer_Ash what is that, exactly?"Writing is part of the design process... empower your team to "design" the text content alongside the visuals." http://t.co/RgdQV8n8ta
Retweeted by Rita J. King@sciencegoddess you must be extremely proud!! That is quite a statement.@AnnaHolmes if it's not what she thinks then what *is* it?Sunday: James is very curious about the identity of the person who outbid him for processing speed on the world's fastest chess engine.@kordelia The Prophet.@firasd I really feel for Joan.I found this book years ago at a library sale and the inscription and stamp still get me every time. http://t.co/eZ4zuJyW6S@johnmaeda good way to trigger a freakout on an otherwise peaceful Sunday :) http://t.co/8mKoQJjyit@undercurrent + @GE: I made the season's last bouquet from the roof @ScienceHouse to inspire you tomorrow :) http://t.co/GaRCFTpFij
Dreamy bride @yatwriter and groom wordsbymat. I married them! http://t.co/ji5bNRtBK0And it sounds better than it smells! http://t.co/HFi6JKTxl0About to officiate my first wedding at Science House (customized right down to the scent of the air)!@markwallace same here! When I'm mad you can tell *exactly* where I'm from."My understanding is that men can't have babies even with a womb," said my husband, when I proposed the idea. "I will look into it," I said.@WIRED I had to lose my Brooklyn accent. Seriously.@jtotheizzoe @AMNH wow!A baby was born to a woman with a transplanted womb. Does this mean men can carry babies?! http://t.co/MXKEOD13Ff http://t.co/iMN291buMgEver seen a $2.5 million dollar Rubik's cube? Well you can @LibertySciCtr! #BeyondRubiksCube http://t.co/Ze5C28Vkk5
Retweeted by Rita J. King@cetesse “@mathowie: It's only been two weeks but already i can't remember what parenting was like before Minecraft”@Summer_Ash thought of you: http://t.co/IgipaEQim1I just wrote the ceremony for two wonderful people who will be married tomorrow at Science House, our cathedral of imagination.
Taking down the @IBM THINK sign @sciencehouse. I will miss it! http://t.co/9AynRVrUPo@undercurrent looking forward to seeing you!
@italymondo I'm ready to talk about my Italian citizenship :) can you DM me info about how to get in touch?
@pickover Yes. Me too. Thanks to @hoffmanpaul who turned me on to Ramanujan.@deadredfred I love it@feltron how much time is there between the acceptance period and delivery of pieces?@feltron soon as I saw the call for submissions I got an idea. Looks like a great project!
@CynthVonBuhler and Italian royalty.@CynthVonBuhler Our baby would also be a mermaid.:) “@CynthVonBuhler: If @RitaJKing and I had a child together it would look like George Clooney's new wife.”Smitten with these rain boots with crayfish jewelry at the office of a new client in Memphis. http://t.co/xUBeq9RJvQ
Memphis sunset. http://t.co/h1FQYJKXab
The #Mangalyaan picture that spoke a thousand words and women behind #marsorbitor http://t.co/WRPWCK1SCJ @BBCWorld #MarsMission @BBCNewsAsia
Retweeted by Rita J. KingCheck out the Star Wars Pez dispensers! http://t.co/b959vjftC5A garage sale with ancient Roman coins, geodes, and a vintage Yoda Pez dispenser. #SoBrooklyn
Science says writing does a mind & body good http://t.co/IBqx2MnvSv.
So true. “@johnmaeda: Knowing no limits (audacity), isn't as good as knowing your limits and working to exceed them (courage).”@pmarca did somebody say @Grady_Booch and parties in the same sentence? How much sea urchin should I order on Seamless?Derek Jeter is making me nostalgic for my days as a cub reporter in Cooperstown.I can't get enough of David Bowie as Tilda Swinton, with Tilda Swinton as David Bowie by Jeff Cronenweth. http://t.co/SfE8uB8DL2@brendanjcahill @mashable and that was true even before the Internet.@brendanjcahill @mashable memetic slang makes me want to #nomnomnom my own face because cloying.I love this...The Shape of Ideas! via @chrisharwood http://t.co/uTcfW2SD6J
@rachsyme drakkar!@rachsyme whew. For a minute I thought I lost my ability to judge great love affairs.@rachsyme are you out of love with the city?@davidmackkabuki share a picture of yours!Speaking of art, I love, love love this @JRart Ellis Island project: http://t.co/XsmyyytPZq@davidmackkabuki @CynthVonBuhler thanks! I'm so excited and happy for the Countess :)I am so thrilled to have these two pieces in @cynthvonbuhler's exhibit, opening tonight in Milan! http://t.co/SW6BTcivGV"We consider the microbiome a neglected organ." - Eran Elinav http://t.co/UsNq5kMKGY
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