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That's it, I'm off twitter for the night@getwired do you really have to make this worse?@Cuff_S thanks :)My Twitter feed just turned in to one big ****storm@edbott I now have the urge to add that to my profileThis is what I'm looking for! RT @Cuff_S @Shmuelie Men's Shed in Australia give safe place for men to share & connect, not anti-feminism.@cyclerunner that could be, hmmm@Cuff_S @marypcbuk this is what I've been looking for/wanting. THANK YOU@marypcbuk I suspect you're the only answer I'm getting but I'll delete and retry to be safe@marypcbuk I concede my wording may not have been the best. I still ask the core question though@marypcbuk I completely agree@marypcbuk I agree that making things better for women helps menIt is a BLATANT BREACH of journalistic ethics to out someone who is transgender. It costs lives. Do not do it, period.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@marypcbuk I'm all for that then, but why call it feminism, a name that focuses and gives the control (even for men's issues) to women?@marypcbuk I agree, and fixing men's the kinds of men's issues I'm thinking of helps women.@marypcbuk they do status quo men's issues first. Thing's like allowing men to show emotion they don't@marypcbuk I agree to movements isn't the greatest but we have the same issue with feminism@marypcbuk true, but why does that mean a group that's for men by men can't exist?@marypcbuk @getwired @RealDarrenCohen dear lord@marypcbuk @getwired @RealDarrenCohen My issues is that this is a geeky and well informed friend who when I asked had no idea herself!Where the beep did my friend get the idea that laptops come with #Office for free from?!?!
@explanoit can't wait to read that when it comes out@explanoit like you and meMy goal is to simply have a technology industry where women have the same chance to succeed that men do. It's worth fighting for.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal @RebeccaSlatkin I kind of want that@Spacekatgal No kidding. Nobody expected Jobs to cooperate, the man was a force of nature. Female geniuses should get the same leniency.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@brianfagioli @Spacekatgal http://t.co/EKDq5H52zTEvery now and then I see a tweet that I soooooo want to fav but I know that it be a bad idea #SocialIssues@realgonzoid sadly true @Spacekatgal @nbirkholz@kenjisalk oh dear lord @nbirkholz @SpacekatgalLine's the prove I'm insane: I envy @explanoit@nbirkholz that is true @kenjisalk @Spacekatgal@kenjisalk and that changes what how? @Spacekatgal @nbirkholz@Spacekatgal has Sony decided to go into porn? @nbirkholzUnderstanding the College Rape Crisis by Mandy Van Deven — Beacon http://t.co/i79APV7oWP
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal personally the ad actually creeps me out a bit. Would make me less likely to by a Vita@Spacekatgal And the Sony's PR team gave it the OK O_oI just entered the @Teefury Tardis Giveaway Contest! #teefuryblue Enter: http://t.co/lwjsBtOAn1#IntelAndroid & #DevFieldGuide are donating $1/RT to support @GirlsWhoCode! Please Retweet! http://t.co/99DsXZEHl4
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
“Innocent until proven guilty” is becoming much more difficult in the era of social media but we have a responsibility to keep It relevant.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardWell played Google autocomplete. Well-played. http://t.co/Vz4qWbFbQV
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal ah yea if that's what you're doing I understand and then some@Spacekatgal oh well. Was worth a shot. Thanks@Spacekatgal would you take a remote assistant? Have a friend looking for such a job but here in Jersey@PatKernanQuinn last time I check a $200k check does not instantly turning success @SpacekatgalHaving advantages, coming from financial privilege doesn't make you bad person. Having a lack of compassion and empathy, or wasting it does.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@brannonol and you could do far more good learning how to treat others @Spacekatgal @freebsdgirl @BoingBoing @femfreq @leighalexanderMy current speaking policy is to talk to women CS students for a little over travel expenses. I think we need role models badly.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
Interception RT @SwiftOnSecurity http://t.co/D4JJmWy7MMFor anyone wondering, the current fee to browse websites without any Google ads is $0.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardIf you're mobile dev who uses GitHub issues regularly, I'd love to talk to you! Hit me up here. (Please RT)
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardPeople say at $60 game is "Unfair" or "Ridiculous." Well, guess what. That's the reason games look the same as they did on the last gen.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardI'm still trying to figure out how to respond to this RT @explanoit: http://t.co/wj1plcopbc
@radicalbytes where these numbers coming from?Violent toxic forms of masculinity permeate our media landscape and that severely restricts the emotional possibilities men are allowed.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardToxic masculinity is tied directly to misogyny, it means that the worst thing a man can call another man is a woman. http://t.co/FKqfGm4eqY
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardOpen thought: Consumer technology is no longer technology per se. Instead, most consumer technology is now fashion.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@robertmclaws I think it's in response to something trump said@getwired @richcampbell I'm pretty sure my brother knows what one isEvery single day I have found a bug in iOS 8 or Mac OS 10.10. Scathing post tomorrow. This has become ridiculous.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired It's cool. I'm so behind on stuff myselfLet's talk about Diversity among Software Developers "The Ethics of Unpaid Labor and the OSS Community" http://t.co/vpWwYob8OJ
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard13YO just called Thanksgiving "Black Thursday". It's true. Nauseating.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@getwired you're late :)@Spacekatgal I see no issueI believe dads love their children as much as moms do, and I hate when society paints dads as inept. Being a stay-at-home dad is honorable.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardHow to fix a computer http://t.co/0MDYG60BLa@gmelika @getwired @IrisClasson I wasing off comment in recent tweets but I could be wrong@bdsams That explains a lotHopefully I'll be able to keep up with @IrisClasson in ways that don't require her subjecting herself to such thingsSo the internet will soon loose another great human because of its sexism, hate, and misogyny. I for one will miss @IrisClasson greatlyMy timeline over the past two days has been mostly @Spacekatgal and @AndrewGetraer. Makes for very interesting readingAs long as I'm complaining, the biggest mistake the industry ever made was not making patches auto-install for normal people.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@Spacekatgal that's actually nicer than what popped into my head @mashableFIRST! Happy birthday to @WithinRafael.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard
@Rickkymane and the fact that you're male makes me embarrassed to be male but I'll live and so will you @Spacekatgal@Spacekatgal depends how mobile you want to be as a dev@PusiFarmer I believe you meant @Spacekatgal is making peoples lives betterThe Nonsense of 10X developers and GitHub as a CV http://t.co/0Ez5Payqfx
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardWould better appreciate @moziilla blog explain about switching to Yahoo search if it covered whether $ was involved in decision.
Retweeted by Shmueli EnglardTo be totally clear? @pamelaribon is the person that wrote the original blog about the Barbie book, and correctly deserves the most praise.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@explanoit personality I think you're the ultimate Ts fan. You've become her@explanoit I'd do it@explanoit I think you may have a new job...
@nytimesbusiness @SwiftOnSecurity Me doth think it's a bit too late for that worry. They've already turned them off@robertmclaws It does typing by analyzing the code and guessing what things should be. Admittedly looks like it does a better job than VS@robertmclaws It's meant to do what VS intellisense does for those who don't use VS in a nutshell@robertmclaws I think the difference is that flow is more of a static analyzer than a language actually.@robertmclaws reading their difference from typescript and not getting, you?@robertmclaws context?Looking for a way to synchronize #TFS work items and @Github issues, hmmmmI stink at writing READMEs for projects I want to open source@Spacekatgal conveniently the service can also be used to check if you don't want to hire someone@Spacekatgal I know I just recently "found you" but that's possible?!?I have finally caught up on my tweets today. Interestingly most were by @Spacekatgal@Spacekatgal @sarahcuda @Uber Add "and all men who support women in tech" and you've got a deal.
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@IrisClasson if you still need someone I'm freeI'm not agreeing w much in this article. A lot of bifurcation, faulty generalizations and non sequitur http://t.co/CCDMephx4t
Retweeted by Shmueli Englard@IrisClasson block and then mind bleach@Spacekatgal I do as well (or at least think I do) problem is, they're never looking for jobs when I or work need people
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