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Sinnamon Love @SinnamonLove House of Love, Brooklyn, NY

Retired PornStar. AVN & Urban X Hall of Fame Inductee. Published Writer. Radio Personality. Educator. Mother. Grandmother. AutismActivist. Hip Hop Head. HIS.

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Art is missing all the Labor Day fun! http://t.co/cpU4yjt9IpI had the most amazing time last night at the @taintedlovebk BBQ yesterday. SUCH a wonderful experience. Thank you!
@uzzaih I'm only interested in taking girls with me. ^_^Happy Sunday!!!! Planning on going to a BBQ in Brooklyn. Any pretty girls want to come with me?
Strawberry Avocado Salad with a Blush Wine Vinaigrette. #whilethecatsaway #canelaskitchen #glutenfreehttp://t.co/6crmRvaxzD@cedricklamar Otherwise she will likely major in computer animation or illustration then minor in creative writing.@cedricklamar I hear you. She is considering a major in graphic novels at her 1st choice which is a 4 year that specializes in anime & manga@cedricklamar She is. She wants to create graphic novels. I think creative writing would be an excellent minor for her.I can't believe my babygirl is starting her senior year of high school next week. She wants to dye her hair purple this weekend. ^_^She is still so torn about what to major in. She is a brilliant cartoonist. I hope she decides to pursue her art.@HonestPornGuy No, sorry...
Omigod, delish. #babyfood #foodie http://t.co/YsCknsVpcC@HonestPornGuy Yes, She's great. She's a personal trainer and managers a gym in LA.
Sitting in the ER with my daughter. The doctor treated my grandson recently. They were surprised we… http://t.co/ecjvuvHqcF@Iamderriii lol! Awesome.
@rzanumba1 omigod no.
@mrwhiteacre ha! Yes!@bkzflyygirl oh! Tricolor or spinach pasta can fix that!@bkzflyygirl The color of what?@bkzflyygirl Omigod are you serious??? Its a baked casserole with a cream sauce and peas. lol You CAN add cheese, but I usually don't.I can not believe @JarobiWhite has never made a tuna casserole. My country, Midwestern ass feelings are hurt. lolBuckwheat flour pancakes on deck. #brunch #workingfromhome #houseoflove #canelaskitchen #glutenfree http://t.co/2u3jyB0w8LGoodnight everyone. Stress less. Live longer. Take two of these and call your loved ones in the… http://t.co/ctk1lGhQmA
Family CuddleMania 3: Watching Clone Wars with Art & Papa Bear. #toes #baby #babytoes #starwarshttp://t.co/PWjQ6Va8Ql@Kharr32 Yes. :)No one pops bottles like Art does. ^_^ #houseoflove #brooklynboys #grandson http://t.co/KnmL9Odzj7Honey Sriracha Ribs with Fried Brown Rice. Not pictured: Broccoli with Garlic Sauce. #homemadehttp://t.co/nRQPS3T8Pr@TheSexToyKing50 Not going with any wine tonight. Just a simple sun brewed iced tea I made earlier today.Making sesame oil... FML. lol@TheSexToyKing50 Neither. I am doing Asian ribs with a honey sriracha sauce, broccoli with garlic sauce and fried brown rice.Ribs in the oven... and now, back to work. #email #houseoflove #workingfromhomeNow booking for interviews, workshops/ classes, non-nude photography & FemDom sessions. DM for contact… http://t.co/eu3zZ1HXEXIn the thick of the work day. Happy Monday #TeamLove! http://t.co/3tJFuLop6g#NowPlaying La Vie En Rose by Grace Jones on @Rdio: http://t.co/N9c5GpRlQw <3"We matter...our stories deserve to be told." Autism and Race anthology, http://t.co/zrY1tid8V4 maybe of interest @Colorlines @SinnamonLove
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@GerhardTimothy I prefer to make it myself. You don't need to buy mixes. Its very easy to make sauces from scratch.Mmm.... Making a white wine cream sauce. Experimenting with a #Glutenfree flour to get it just right. ^_^ #canelaskitchen #houseofloveWelp, The Ice Bucket Challenge Is Officially Over Thanks To Patrick Stewart http://t.co/npwIL1wpwY via @LoganRhoades @buzzfeed@Fahadb_gago Thanks!@EdwardHLadson He's still half sleeping. I didn't go into all that.Me: "Honey, Suge Knight got shot 6 times." Bae: "Shut up." Me: "No really." Bae: "Wow." lol
@Starscreams77 totally forgot the bread. Lol@TheMandingoClub I made it, didn't I? :)@ErickaSimone @lenubienne gut instincts are good. :)@ErickaSimone see you soon. ;)Asopao de pollo. Made #glutenfree with brown rice. #houseoflove #canelaskitchen http://t.co/OWPF953gt1@ErickaSimone @lenubienne And if it doesn't work out, at least you tried. Stagnation is a lifefuck. Live to the fullest. Muah!#NowPlaying "Hip Hop" by Dead Prez (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza@ErickaSimone @lenubienne Just remember every fairytale has its plot twist. Do what makes you happy. Fuck the ever after... just enjoy.#NowPlaying "Chicken Grease" by D'Angelo (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza#NowPlaying "Nights (Feel Like Gettin' Down)" by Billy Ocean (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza#NowPlaying "Peg" by Steely Dan (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza#NowPlaying "Fortune Teller" by Eddie Kendricks (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza#NowPlaying "Vibes And Stuff" by A Tribe Called Quest (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza@BR3ADGANGSHAWTY Lobster Lasagna.@lenubienne @ErickaSimone For sure.#NowPlaying "Girls Dem Sugar" by Beenie Man (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songzaI love late night cooking, good music and good vibes. The only thing missing is a bottle of wine. lol#NowPlaying "Holdin' It Down" by Big L (on Radical Magical Summer Vibes) http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB via @songza@lenubienne @ErickaSimone I've watched her build from the ground up. I know what she can do. Fuck the Hollywood bullshit.@ErickaSimone Your marketing skills are proven. You are not obligated to stay just because they can't afford the contract previously offered@ErickaSimone You are dope. Don't let someone's budget make you think you are any less than you are. Go where you are appreciated.#NP "Radical Magical Summer Vibes" playlist on @Songza curated by @AsherRoth. #HouseofLove http://t.co/LAdV7yq9KB@ErickaSimone Girl you are dope. Why do you think I called you for this project. ;)@JAGnLA @dmoore2004 I know. Told him that too. How are you holding up doll?@EugeneDAZ lol! I'm familiar with that. We call it something else here.@EugeneDAZ That sounds scary.This guy ---> @dmoore2004 <--- doesn't realize his negativity is so annoying. Or that he's been blocked. Poor guy. lol!@EugeneDAZ Good old barbacao. ;-) I use mojo crillo for marinading chicken when I want a Mexican style asada.@dmoore2004 I wasn't being an asshole. You were. Get a life.@EugeneDAZ You too!@dmoore2004 EXCEPT for getting attention. Does it get you off to have someone like me tell you what a miserable louse you are?@dmoore2004 Count your reasons to be happy instead of trying so damn hard to be unhappy. There is zero reason for your instigation.@dmoore2004 Why do you follow people just to talk shit? Are you that miserable? Find a therapist, take a chill pill, get laid. SOMETHING.@dmoore2004 Like I said, negative, negative, negative. No one has time for your bullshit. There are REAL problems in the world.@EugeneDAZ Its a Puerto Rican or Dominican chicken and rice stew similar to a gumbo.@dmoore2004 @41gryph You are a complete asshat to everyone you follow. Why? I warned you last time I would block you. Happy to do so now.@dmoore2004 @41gryph Why don't you stay out of others' conversations. You are a lifeless troll with nothing positive to say.@dmoore2004 @41gryph I don't need to apologize. He knew where his head was and responded in kind. He clearly wasn't as offended as you.@EugeneDAZ Nope. That would be BBQ. I said what I meant. Asopao de pollo.@dmoore2004 @41gryph You bring nothing of value to the world. Your presence is a plague on society w/ your negativity. Keep it to yourself@dmoore2004 @41gryph @Dmoore2004 No one is talking to you. EVER. Your comments to everyone on your timeline are always negative. Go AWAY.@41gryph Apparently not you...@ErickaSimone Calling back nowMaking Asopao de Pollo. Perfect night for a stew...@IniTheComposer HI! :)@therealest007 Thanks beautiful!@41gryph Yeah... Not everything porn stars tweet has to do with sex.[OMIGOD WANT!!!!!] Personalized Cutting Board: RedEnvelope https://t.co/G7bkRrwYn1 via @LivingSocialHi #TeamLove! http://t.co/Vl7GwFGPbMCuddleMania was a success!! I feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Time to find food & do laundry. ^_^ #houseoflove
@Madamecaramel That is always so annoying!What are we going to tell the babies? Seriously? http://t.co/JJle8KeMRC
Retweeted by Sinnamon Love@41gryph There were no metaphors there.
@jperiodBK is going IN at @brooklynbowl! He's been on a straight Cali vibe for about a half hour. #happygirl! #westside #caligirlDear Black girl on the train wearing a weave, you do not get to give the Asian girl with individuals the gas face. #fairexchangenorobberyThis is a cold life & death juxtaposition of White Privileged Killers and unprovoked Black Civilian Death. http://t.co/WkYdl3Ao6D #Ferguson
Retweeted by Sinnamon LoveGovernor orders National Guard out of Ferguson. They should have never been there
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'Suicide tourism' to Switzerland has doubled - http://t.co/SngvSaBPRlFAQ: 'Down there' after menopause - http://t.co/jH2M1h7rXP
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