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Shan @TNRLM Heading West

TV Aficionado. Dawg Alum. Geek. Dionysus of coffee and whiskey. Does not believe in Santa.

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Winning is cool though http://t.co/DP0M4tYUsMFirst Sanford experience in 2014: better cell signal, better seats, sound still sucks, video board still sucks, concessions questionableAgain, ouch! RT @jeffdantzlertv: @RyanScates @Mark_Schlabach Believe 94 Dogs only college team ever with 2 super bowl mvp's. 6-4-1. Ditto
Retweeted by ShanOuch! RT @Mark_Schlabach: Probably the longest Terrell Davis was ever on Sanford Stadium field #Goffed
Retweeted by ShanBack where I belong #GoDawgs http://t.co/oRYlepxy4E
Staying with friends who have changed from Direct to Dish. Confused at first but now all season passes are programmed. Whew. #TVJunkieShould I tell the neighbors that I’m with HYDRA? http://t.co/3pAC27Xn8MGood morning Georgia. http://t.co/EIofQ7VeLJVery nice! Garret Dillahunt & Sam Elliott to recur on #Justified in its final season. Terrific actors, can't wait to see them on the show.
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I approve of this scoreboard http://t.co/Mc9jtpaMubObviously I have brought great success to the South. #RiseUpBeat Down in the ATL! http://t.co/vRvnZKCDKW
Retweeted by ShanDirty Birds decided to show up tonight. #RiseUp http://t.co/RgDol9G2WP@artincircles YESGo Falcons http://t.co/O6yybUCrUZYou know what I had forgotten? Humidity. Fuck that noise.#TBT office edition http://t.co/8B7prBjsMR@HistoryofMatt yep! And going to the Falcons game tonight@HistoryofMatt I will be. The next three in factIt’s 3:30 local time 12:30 body time and I’ve been up since 3:00 AM. I have no idea what’s going onHello, motherland. Cue Ray Charles
@DerfelMacklin it’s gotten a lot better. Kinda fun nowAll ios8 updates went smoothly. Rejoice!@sarahherring it told me 6.9 on my ipad air
O’s win AL East after I move. You’re welcome crab land.When I die I'm having 2 Georgia players, 2 Falcon players, and 2 Braves players lower me in the ground so they can let me down one last time
Retweeted by ShanWas that Jell-O shot pic strangely sexual? Maybe so. I’m in a weird mood.They’re also cheering fucking soccer at this bar so it’s a mixed bag.Random stranger at bar buys everyone Jell-O shots. Thanks anonymous dude. http://t.co/9RQMSHwnL3@EaTmy_CupCaKKe mmmm. where is that from?@HistoryofMatt Lovable douchebag is hard to pull off, but it works#PlayItAgainDick episode 1! http://t.co/REcyQHD1fJBecause every day is Rex Manning Day http://t.co/IsYX2CrnIc@HollyAnderson @Vol_Football @CFL Jon Snow?@moryan LOVE her. She plays American, I assume? How's her accent?
@DerfelMacklin the first was a 70s film but the sequels felt like 80s movies and very of that era. So 80s probably.Noon kickoffs are the leading cause of sobriety.
Retweeted by Shan@stephsmith If anyone makes fun of you just...shake it off. :)@artincircles Michael Sheen is on the next episode, and he's similarly fascinating/@artincircles She's a delightful interview, too.@artincircles Ha! I'm listening to her on the Nerdist podcast right now and heard that about 5 seconds ago. She's great.People who live-tweet anything without using hashtags should get sent to gulags. Related: please donate to my Kickstarter to build a gulag.
Retweeted by ShanIf your belief system is not founded in an objective reality, you should not be making decisions that affect other people.
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Thanks Braves for making it a PERFECT fucking weekend! // pours another bourbon@artincircles the sixth was last nights right? That was stellar. Menzies was chillingUgh! Apple just added a U2 Map app to my iPhone without my permission. None of the streets even have names on them.
Retweeted by Shan@artincircles yes she is. What a great protagonist.Can someone somewhere do something for Georgia sports this weekend, please? Is Bill Elliott still driving? #ThingsAreNotPeachyDoes the new Lincoln come with a bag of what McConaughey is smoking?Being a Dawgs/Braves/Falcons fan is like being slowly waterboarded from the time you understand the concept of sports.Sports crushed me yesterday, but both DOCTOR WHO & OUTLANDER had very, very good episodes last night. So there's that.Moreno and Green hurt today. Ugh! Not a good football weeks for me and my Dawgs. :-/
Retweeted by ShanThat was a REALLY good #DoctorWho
@NoelMu I guess it suits hoops, but I'm more of the Summerall school. (Or Munson, obvs, if you want a homer)@NoelMu 2/3 of that is accurate. Johnson is the worst. He would scream at a second down timeout.If the Falcons lose tomorrow someone should make a welfare check on the state of Georgia.
Retweeted by Shan@Brassafrass excellentI don't even know what to say. DOWN. DOWN. DOWN. UP. HOPEFUL. DOWN. FUCK. #GoDawgsI'm having a party Sunday & there's a good chance they'll just find me in the garage with 6 cases of beer #GoDawgsThere's not a good angle on this. Dammit #GoDawgsoh shit #GoDawgsHugging total strangers and shit.
Retweeted by ShanYES MOTHERFUCKER #GoDawgs@NoelMu @moryan Oh yes, one of my favorites ever.@ThinkingBulldog EssEeeSee!@artincircles haven't read em. It's the opposite of Game of Thrones for me@artincircles I'm really digging the show, even though I didn't expect toHunker down one more time (or just a second time, please!!). #Dawgs
Retweeted by ShanThe moment of truth for Georgia's defense. Excuse the cliche', but no better way to put it.
Retweeted by ShanBottle of bourbon number two. #GoDawgs@ThinkingBulldog Whew. And SPOILER@Brassafrass although I will say if you have to have uuughrange that's the best versionHye, what happened in that Iron Bowl they were showing earlier?Now time for some Junkyard D #GoDawgsYES! now within a FG #GoDawgsTOUCHDOWN GEORGIA #GoDawgs@Jen_eration_x TD and a stop and I might be off suicide watch.:)CHUBBY BADGER DON'T CARE.
Retweeted by Shan@Jen_eration_x we're driving and in the red zone. AMAZING 3rd & 16 reverse field by who else. End of Q3Chubby time #GoDawgsThat's a fucking MAN #GoDawgsUnder Grantham, third and 24 was almost always a first down. Improvement? #GoDawgsThird downs are a white panel van offering candy bars #GoDawgsJosh Dawson might like an explanation on some of the non-calls. http://t.co/rQ4FB3J6wM
Retweeted by Shan@Jen_eration_x They have booze! It's just in little bottles so you have to double up!@Jen_eration_x My advice to you is start drinking heavily.(TM Bluto)@Jen_eration_x yesWhen is the last time we had a D that didn't make you want to slit your wrists? #GoDawgsBobo walks up to a chalkboard at halftime, writes "GURLEY" on it, takes sip of bourbon, sits down #GoDawgsYeah, when you have a Heisman candidate you go for it on fourth down and hand it to him. Richt didn't hesitate there.
Retweeted by ShanBEEEEEEAST #GoDawgsthird down conversion? what is this sorcery? #GoDawgsAhh the life of a #Dawgs fan: two weeks on cloud 9 only to get kicked in the balls by a smirking assholeThis first half was a flaming bag of shit. Let's fix that why don't we? #GoDawgsWe can't cover the middle nor run into the middle. Basically, avoid the middle. #GoDawgsSo. About that tertiary...are they available? Because the secondary, umm, isn't. #Dawgs
Retweeted by ShanTime for another drink #GoDawgsThese passes over the middle are absolutely Grantham like.
Retweeted by Shan@ugajovigirl Eh, kids love potato chips.Open a bag.Oh my. Catch that! right in the breadbasket. #GoDawgs
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