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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Toronto Ontario Canada

Work: Impact philanthropy Mission: Support the passionate to reach their potential. My oxygen is networking, LinkedIn my lungs. Opinions are my own.

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And Batz Maru is not a penguin. Whatever. RT @CBCNews: Hello Kitty is not a cat, according to Sanrio http://t.co/68RLniw8k250 NEW rules of work http://t.co/H3CoSGGHgS @_robin_sharma via @TheArtOfDid you know @canadahelps is on LinkedIn? Follow here http://t.co/4dSzMWsUq7 and keep in touch!Even at #CNE2014 food drive vote, @johntoryTO is first, Ford second http://t.co/3U1sQS7VFUSeriously summer? Pouring rain at the CNE.
@reporterdonpeat are you talking about the same Councillor who was absent all week from work?Thanks for your kind card @JaniceCunning ! Janice is a coach for fundraisers across North America, an inspiration! http://t.co/eXJkIVSDv2Seen this @susancain ? Via http://t.co/uYwaJPcwTj http://t.co/hlsfkPrK2zFascinating story about Canada's last cigar maker http://t.co/0BSp51Eg06 via @StarBizClubI follow @techsoupcanada but not on LinkedIn?! Corrected that mistake right now http://t.co/3x8uVYy0oU #FFThat's right! @OpenStreetsTO is this Sunday again! http://t.co/XFunj7jg3P #OpenStreetsTOTo do this weekend: amble down the middle of Bloor Street without getting run over http://t.co/7VYZMlCXhD
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@colludos @johnlepp sweet baby jesus is also in the pizza. You cut into that thing with a lightsaber. Like a Ton-Ton!Getting started on #Pinterest? Check out our top 12 Pinterest 101 resources: http://t.co/SoGILGyTbJ http://t.co/OtSAdUM0zH
Retweeted by Paul NazarethX2 RT @brockwarner: PUMPKIN SPICE?! Too soon.A different way for brands to look at YouTube http://t.co/QercOPBOkR via @mitchjoelI told you @JasonShim is a Canadian fundraising superstar, follow him #FF here's why http://t.co/U8yGKAe8Or via @techsoupcanada#FF people who are catalysts for the careers of others @riscario @alankay1 @HutchNetwork @changepaths @GratiaCaritas @Globe_Careers@COBWEBproject and the great bard Vanilla Ice wrote them a theme song!Hey, did you see this? --> http://t.co/lDxn841g4T Netwalking with the incomparable @RoryJMGreen and @UinvitedU for #YVR folks...
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAre the worlds of business can charity totally disconnected? No says @MarinaGlogovac http://t.co/XVz6SxNyUg - your thoughts?@CKXdotorg was awesome indeed, thanks for good wishes.Social-profit tip, don't just 'touch base' with donors http://t.co/fSm6FTbPiC via @starbizclub of @TorontoStar #FFThanks for sharing @maggieleithead ! Hope you can make it to #netwalkVAN http://t.co/eR5zrxRRboLooks like @AFPGolden has put together another awesome educational offering on Sep 17 with @frasergreen ! http://t.co/yTLagtLlszCheck out my guest post on the @canadagives #GivingLifeBlog: Three Essential Tips for Donating Strategically http://t.co/VjUb4G4wUF
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth"A lifetime of giving is a life worth living" #WisdomWednesday Visit our Pinterest board for more inspiring quotes http://t.co/sQweHSymOu
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow @EmmaLewzey how fascinating! @afptoronto has put together a serious speaker skill course! http://t.co/U0dlXEDsvwGreat @ClaireSMBB ! Look forward to seeing you and more KW peers on Sept 16 at @WFREdotORG AGM! http://t.co/JGO6viKoH3Actually @JeffGignac our CEO @MarinaGlogovac wrote http://t.co/n7Eq1TG4ER today and I was citing you as a strong example of charity + bizWhat if CEO's Tweeted more and Better? Great LinkedIn read http://t.co/FXs5pJcGa9 cc @TwitterCanada @Globe_Careers @PeterAcetoIndeed @JeffGignac great article http://t.co/FXs5pJcGa9 ( although my CEO @MarinaGlogovac rocks Twitter! )@B_meaningful I netwalk almost daily one on one. But my bigger events are sporadic. Looking into a regular netwalk soon though!Work in Canadian charity? Follow @CharityVillage @Hilborninfo @canadahelps @o_n_n @enpCAN @AFPFoundationCA @CAGP_ACPDP #FFCharity Annual Reporting in a Social Media World http://t.co/EcLHCUAnwB free Sep 5 webinar @VSRAwards w/ Anita Ferrari of @GrantThorntonCAOk @RoryJMGreen we're set for #NetwalkVAN on Sep 10! What is netwalking? Read http://t.co/kryNfJGhRG http://t.co/b76zYcBfT6Charity Annual Reporting in a Social Media World http://t.co/EcLHCUAnwB free Sep 5 webinar from @VSRAwards w/ @joachimscholz of @queensuLooking forward to some discussion and insight on Sep 5 http://t.co/BI4noB7pfx @VSRAwards free Webinar! http://t.co/r8gFHjYXBzGet on the @CKXdotorg news list for speaker announcements, discounts, and partnership opportunities! http://t.co/WOsTfxX2dp #CKXCharity Annual Reporting in a Social Media World http://t.co/EcLHCUAnwB free webinar from @VSRAwards w/ @CathyBarr of @ImagineCanada@RoryJMGreen it's the new politician look. 99% in North American have adopted it. Allows them to say things like "look folks.."Are you coming to #AFPCongress this fall? @tonyelischer is keynoting! http://t.co/VzXcD0JCRW via @afptoronto cc @AFPFoundationCA @AFPGolden@stephenf84 thanks! Looking forward to working with your team to help the many charities we serve together!@GratiaCaritas nice LinkedIn post, new format for LI blogs eh?What fundraisers can learn from Tolleson http://t.co/SQ3V6Kwdjp of @BlueJays via @GratiaCaritasI just love what @CanRevAgency is doing with video! Check out their YouTube channel http://t.co/8Y3F7wkFnF & follow them on Twitter #FFFollow @LinaDuqueMBA writer for @Forbes @Globe_Careers and new instructor at @ChangSchool on digital leadership http://t.co/cXyMIzSTmQ #FFTime is the new money - consider that when you network http://t.co/MeGEcTcFFR @HarvardBiz featuring master networker @ferrazzi #FFDifficult management situations http://t.co/5OokldOEbA free Sep 25 webinar from @CharityVillage w/ @EngagedHRDear network - So many kind notes about new job http://t.co/Xpi4rTZbaX but if you're looking for my coordinates, they're always on LinkedINSome of the best minds in fundraising have jumped in on the #CFRE debate. Check it out and add your 2 cents. http://t.co/FzGleVNpC1
Retweeted by Paul NazarethImportant to note @metromorning that @CityPlanTO has negotiated more development plans than the rest of Canada combined! cc @jen_keesmaatWonderful to hear @jen_keesmaat of @CityPlanTO on @metromorning today. Good to hear infrastructure is on the docket.Windowpane sir, yes @mattgallowaycbc http://t.co/jtFZyIfSW8 #suitUP
Ninja Turtles, then and now. http://t.co/5qkz2QanQAPremiers, then and now. http://t.co/kgj9uw2p6zHoly smokes who walks into @Cirque #kurios opening but @Jeanne_Beker looking fabulous. The shoes! http://t.co/y7naBSfQWe@reporterdonpeat so Mammolitti isn't there all week and it's his job, Vaughan is there however. Hmm.The TTC shows off some of the bells and whistles of its hotly anticipated new streetcar. http://t.co/Pq8SskIpV5 http://t.co/9vN3aZoTEo
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@indeedemma *deletes tweet, scurries into darkness*New #DoctorWho says he's crafted persona on Bowie's 'Thin White Duke' http://t.co/kuirI8hf2o #nerdswoon cc @jianghomeshi #WhovianToronto #VoteTO Twitter review http://t.co/PvbYoIiuLa by @blogTO - Ford has 169k, Sarah T has 25k followers, no mention of @AriGoldkind ?!This is like screaming GODZILLA!! @tonyelischer is coming to @afptoronto #AFPCongress http://t.co/VzXcD0JCRW - be there. cc @AFPFoundationCAPotato salad, reading rainbow, Neil Young & Ice buckets http://t.co/BEoC5VVqzr via @YYCPhilanthropyBe the boss people want to work for http://t.co/8PISGNqLhO @vickyoliver in @globebusinessWow, what a cool visual #sketchnote visual introduction @socks88 ! Meet @mlapasa http://t.co/u6aAkqkm2v cc @DevTOAre you following @canadahelps on Pinterest? Follow here http://t.co/E6ZsjaOCgK - share your page so they can follow your charity too!Love it, how to get that prospect meeting (hint, don't ask to meet for lunch) http://t.co/MeGEcTcFFR @HarvardBiz featuring @ferrazziI love the @CanRevAgency twitter account. Warm and fuzzy at times, authoritative at others. Like having a buddy who is also a cop.We have over 100 early birds registered for @APRACanada #aprac14. Early bird deadline tomorrow - join us! http://t.co/rhrGDa7kS2
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWant your C-Suite to get social? Head to @ChangSchool with @LinaDuqueMBA http://t.co/cXyMIzSTmQ ! cc @RyersonU @humanehr @RyersonCareerAttention Cofficers: The Coffice (#beta) is live & waiting for you. More Cofficer feedback = better Coffice site. http://t.co/FPbQmbuuNf
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAre @StarBizClub tips just for small business? No way! Social-profit tip, don't just 'touch base' with donors http://t.co/fSm6FTbPiCWow, this is a tough topic @CharityVillage - Difficult management situations http://t.co/5OokldOEbA free Sep 25 webinar w/ @EngagedHRWe are very pleased to announce the NEW CanadaHelps website is now live! Take a look! https://t.co/kARwTGKzlw
Retweeted by Paul NazarethNice to e-meet you @joachimscholz looked up your work with @academiPad - pretty fascinating stuff! Tablet teaching is the future indeed.@UInvitedU Hi Paul! A heads up we have a free webinar coming up on Sept 25 - any help sharing is most appreciated! http://t.co/4SPs5okUwq
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks @adriansalmon it's with an organization that has inspired me for years and has reach to impact giving and charities that I dream of!That's why we have CRM's Master @FundraisingYoda - Manage moves, we must.@nimbyist thanks! Here's the new role http://t.co/yXN7vZunZy allowing me to be the servant to the sector I've always wanted.Which CRA online service is right for you? http://t.co/1kvJzroqUl
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@MayhewIngenuity thanks for sharing! @WFREdotORG & I appreciate it! Hope to see you at event?RT @UinvitedU: Looking forward to #kwawesome when visiting @WFREdotORG Sep 16 for keynote on social-profit business http://t.co/NtCPZ8obYK
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLooking forward to our @VSRAwards webinar next week @cathybarr @joachimscholz @johnsuart !Very good question @RAdamStewart - what will ALS do post #IceBucketChallenge ? http://t.co/PGyilSKYIS on @LinkedInLooking forward to some #kwawesome when visiting @WFREdotORG Sep 16 for keynote on social-profit business http://t.co/tGc63kx3PRDid you know @canadahelps is on LinkedIn? Follow here http://t.co/4dSzMWsUq7 and keep in touch!
I hoped this Peter McKay shot would hit meme status. Dreams do come true. #canpoli http://t.co/1i54YkmEcvI am officially addicted to @BuzzFeed "Americans eat foreign food" videos. Too much cursing to tweet them, but they are hilarious.Top @twitter handles by state http://t.co/mkCOs7KFWV hmmm @TwitterCanada would love to see this by province!Can't wait for finale #CNE2014 visit this weekend! The hat trick http://t.co/TbJrr0RP4e cc @LetsGoToTheEXLove this brand discussion about @TangerineBank http://t.co/QZeumGIe37 featuring @PeterAceto via @FinancialBrandDear network - So many kind notes about new job http://t.co/Xpi4rTZbaX but if you're looking for my coordinates, they're always on LinkedINHope you enjoy @nikki_pett 's book on building profit through networking strategy @ManCaveTO ! So grateful for your collaboration!I've had some folks ask "how did this job move happen Paul?' - @riscario filmed the answer on video http://t.co/PQ2rcKPRHp@SpeakersDotCa I've just started new job ( http://t.co/yXN7vZunZy ) and work in the same building as your office! Excited to be neighbours!Thanks for well wishes on new gig @TaraLepp I'm sure you know your guy @johnlepp has played such a big part in my life & career developmentAre you following @canadahelps on Pinterest? Follow here http://t.co/E6ZsjaOCgK - share your page so they can follow your charity too!@CathyJMann thanks so much. More networking, helping charities & fundraisers with a well known, highly respected team. Heaven.@MeredithMeads thanks for @canadahelps congrats. Here's more on the role http://t.co/yXN7vZunZy !
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