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Paul Nazareth @UinvitedU Canadian Nomad

Helping charities fundraise, donors give, advisors with client philanthropy. Networking & digital business enthusiast. Opinions, are my own especially #VoteTO

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Canada's dapper Jazz man @RPorterJAZZFM91 featured in style blog http://t.co/fyJLpsH7Yi @TheHogtownRake cc @JAZZFM91Send this to your charity marketing folks, how to rock #GivingTuesdayCA 2014! http://t.co/6PxWmJnh8x via @canadahelps cc @GivingTuesdayCa20 questions NFP Directors should ask about social enterprise http://t.co/pAbN5C8ZwB by @avalent79 of @MTCharity via @CPAcanada
Put it down. http://t.co/FJEeS2OoLdFinally got to visit @FRANKrestoAGO after being an @agotoronto member for so long. Today it was indeed #artastherapy http://t.co/vx0QGjc9VX@MYurukova Well put, Mariya! It's hard not to be inspired when heroes like @frasergreen & @UinvitedU are speaking to you! #AGCongress14
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhat's the best way for your charity to engage @GivingTuesdayCa ? We've rounded up the best tips at http://t.co/P5edY3qcwD #GivingTuesdayCA
Retweeted by Paul NazarethI love leaving a @zipcar clean and gassed up for another Zipster on a Friday. Ready to roll at @ZipcarToronto ! http://t.co/MZnD7xZ4cJWonderful to see @malburrs and @AqueductFndtn team at @agotoronto last night! A celebration of personal philanthropy http://t.co/DcHiAFxEuzReally enjoyed discussion with #TOpoli Knights @lizchurchto @reporterdonpeat @cbcjamiestrachan on @metromorning cc @CBCTorontoJust last week @nishapatel Michael @CBCSunday spoke with @nilofer about walking meetings http://t.co/kryNfJGhRG cc @metromorningThe chair is out to kill us. Loved that report @nishapatel @metromorning I'm a fan of walking meetings http://t.co/kryNfJGhRG cc @CBC
@plateauliz was wonderful to focus on one topic on one sector for a change! Would love to do it again.Telling the story of Canada's unsung nonprofit heroes! http://t.co/UGmWcmQlzc via @CharityVillage cc @MyGivingMomentYou've got my vote! Tweeps help @MissionMusings and her team in Halifax!! http://t.co/0Mp8f1dvTi vote & RT!@UinvitedU We need your help #Canada to stay at the top and win a #newkitchen! Vote daily! http://t.co/hUdMWZMglZ
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThanks for having me #AGCongress14 ! Our @canadahelps team excited to help with alumni giving! Annual giving Leads to better donors!Wonderful to see great peers at #agcongress14 including #GivingTuesdayCa @GuelphGives star @BrittneyDudar ! Let's rock @GivingTuesdayCa !What an absolute treat to see @CAGP_ACPDP royalty @LornaSomers at #AGCongress14 ! She has inspired a generation http://t.co/anKPyn2W8dIt's the legacy marketing kings! @frasergreen of @_GoodWorks_ & @DavidKravinchuk of @FundraisingRx at #AGCongress14 http://t.co/usteEiLOzDPlanned giving is not tax sorcery. @UinvitedU #AGCongress14
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHere's more on the TD report on Women in Philanthropy @UinvitedU mentioned in his session #AGCongress14 http://t.co/JC1JNsYEL5
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAnyone at #AGCongress14 interested in joining the young alumni networking group mentioned by @ryanbrejak, check us out at @youngalumniNG!
Retweeted by Paul NazarethShout out to #AGCongress14 tweeps @plateauliz @MissusLeaver @fundraisermaeve @BrittneyDudar @DavidKravinchuk see you soon!Want to learn more about higher education annual giving strategy? Follow #AGCongress14 hashtag today! Bright minds from across CanadaJoel Faflak of @SASAHWestern at #AGCongress14: "I want to prepare students for the long haul, and the long haul isn't the job, it's life."
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMake the most of the networking breaks to meet your peers from across Canada. #AGCongress14 http://t.co/tjJ598JVvX
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@mbornstein "people don't hate telemarketing calls. They hate terrible phone calls where people read to them" #AGCongress14 #phonathon
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou can't make apple pie without apples. Most planned gift relationships are found in annual giving! See you this afternoon #AGCongress14 !
The Ottawa shooting, by the numbers: http://t.co/htgMmqhl4G http://t.co/fG41Njk4Nn
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWow @CityNews put up a Twitter map tracking #OttawaShooting hashtag. That's new. cc @TwitterCanada @sparkcbc http://t.co/0zK1C55sEVThank you @WoundWarriorCA for being there for our protectors. Today, tomorrow, when they need you. https://t.co/T7wwzttdC6Welcome new followers, we are the charity service, news, education arm of @canadahelps ! Please help us reach new peers in the sector!
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWe are at once strong and weak. A tangled ball of stories both beautiful and weep-worthy, covered in buttons that no one knows what they do#Karma won't get you that raise because meritocracy is a myth @leaheichler http://t.co/vrYF7z5mHO via @Inc
Retweeted by Paul NazarethReady to go for #turnoutTO @csiTO @csiannex for @oliviachow #TOpoli http://t.co/8I9rK4tTff
Retweeted by Paul NazarethA sad medical issue on flight tonight. Staff acted with grace, dignity, respect, tact. I could not love you more right now @porterairlinesA treat to run into @sharewellpatel on the @porterairlines ferry, friend to @canadahelps and Canadian philanthropy! http://t.co/cUi7W4pHOsBe sure to check out @MarinaGlogovac from @CanadaHelps talking about #GivingTuesdayCA Sunday morning on @globalnews
Retweeted by Paul NazarethVideo insights with @tedhart http://t.co/q1V3dIYlsf on @CAFAmerica cc @pamgignac - Wealth Management + Philanthropy!Do you know @Energized ? He is an accountant who helps fundraising teams http://t.co/Zze0t3ZgNQ via @Hilborninfo20 questions NFP Directors should ask about social enterprise http://t.co/pAbN5C8ZwB by @avalent79 of @MTCharity via @CPAcanadaAgree 100% @CAREEREALISM - this is the worst LinkedIn summary ever http://t.co/NErCHNfQpjHey you, the one reading blogs and books in your basement. This is WORK, stop calling yourself a "geek" http://t.co/bTfwUpdWAK @colludosJeff Edmondson, Managing Director of StriveTogether, on why he's marching in the Charity Defense March: http://t.co/ipsuxYg767
Retweeted by Paul NazarethOkaaaay, how fascinating is @myteabot ?! Via @MaRSDD ( and fellow @ZipcarToronto users!)Are you registered to vote as a Catholic separate school supporter? More info at http://t.co/RkrAlqkW4X #topoli
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWhy you have LinkedIn Endorsements all wrong: http://t.co/GHV8Jq8EyV http://t.co/kOKLzzDaEb
Retweeted by Paul NazarethNeed a speaker on #SocialMedia for your next event? Clare has the best Scottish accent as well as the knowledge! http://t.co/40XIsWJckN
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFind out how to safeguard your business from the next generation of cyber security threats. https://t.co/doxpksu8w7
Retweeted by Paul NazarethMen’s Designer Suit Warehouse Sale Oct 22-26—Best Deals! Don’t miss it!... http://t.co/SPDDLlAMfy
Retweeted by Paul NazarethAs always, @Richardradclif has a way with words ! RT @JulieLHowlett neither , parenthood makes you scream with delight and exhaustionHappiness, Habits, and Major Gift Fundraising: Strategies to Help You Survive and Thrive http://t.co/428jKsg0Ow
Retweeted by Paul NazarethPreach digital! MT @PhilanthropyCDA - @p2173 closing #PFC2014 with interactive plenary on digital civil society http://t.co/kIG81oQSDeWonderful to hear @p2173 is at #PFC2014 with @PhilanthropyCDA talking about digital skills! https://t.co/QNyPjSLzE5 http://t.co/71GqWINn6CLester Salamon tells @PhilanthropyCDA #PFC2014 that "Chinese wall" between foundation investments & programs is crumbling #philanthropy
Retweeted by Paul Nazareth@p2173 tells us to exchange phones #PFC2014
Retweeted by Paul NazarethLucy Bernholz of Stanford talking philanthropy in digital civil society @PhilanthropyCDA #PFC2014 http://t.co/yTWMGuWMG1
Retweeted by Paul NazarethDid you know you can follow me on Instagram?
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSelf-Promotion for Introverts® tip: Catch your breath at conferences by carving out some down time and not attempting to attend everything.
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFundraising peers at @AFPEdmonton ! Learn expert @terryoinfluence with @AdClubEdm on Oct 30! http://t.co/oxK4uLYbIO cc @deboinfluence#Edmonton ! Learn from Canada's Dean of Influence, @terryoinfluence with @AdClubEdm on Oct 30! https://t.co/SiLKMMX34w cc @deboinfluenceGreat item in @IE_Canada on how @LinkedIn could aid advisors in Canada http://t.co/L3DaGDm8xr featuring @gfearnall cc @globebusinessHow Successful People Handle Toxic People http://t.co/QTRTnOKQFw via @Forbes
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHilarious, but unlikely. Get out there and connect with people! #networking cc @Globe_Careers @ShepaLearning http://t.co/kszaS2DOQWJoin @EndeavourVCN tomorrow at noon for global pro-bono chat including service to the NFP sector! http://t.co/WO8T6mQyhp #ppbchat #pbw14Anyone managing social media accounts, could you help @GregAllbright and fill out survey on social media burnout? https://t.co/RvCv1VpPO0Here's an interesting social experiment http://t.co/0iZIfHgHgd #Toronto @nowtoronto @torontolife @globetoronto @metromorning @CBCTorontoWonderful tribute to Oscar De La Renta @globeandmail http://t.co/xPsJpd1F8d cc @GlobeStyle @GentlemensExpo @gotstyle http://t.co/5Zydg3ERpJA new ecosystem of philanthropy says Lester Salamon #PFC2014 @PhilanthropyCDA http://t.co/UUiJsrcFEW
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe #PFC2014 hashtag is up and running again! Tweeps follow it for @PhilanthropyCDA insight. Trends on Foundations & Funders!Happy birthday @mattgallowaycbc you look great for 70! Must be all the bike riding. Tuned into @metromorning in Montreal via @cbcradio app!
Great gratitude @GIV3_Canada for time invested tonight. Your mission is inspirational your team a blessing to @canadahelps & me personally!Another Ontario find on my Montreal visit is rediscovering Mitsou! cc @CBCRadioQ @jianghomeshi http://t.co/2YK3vBajYVI'm in Montreal, spotted @sthubert car with rooster feathers @EstatesLaw @GPtekkie ! *giggles uncontrollably* http://t.co/0gZUcCldftIs the digital economy still a capitalist one? http://t.co/Q8HI8H3bWl @dtapscott of @GlobalSN via @LinkedInKids helping kids, a moving story of how hair can help a sick child http://t.co/UmjcM3WC82 @angelhair4kids via @canadahelpsThe power of the "Elder" by David Suzuki. This is important for all generations to watch, profound truth http://t.co/3w8XQxlLKJ [video]Great item in @IE_Canada on how @LinkedIn could aid advisors in Canada http://t.co/e2oy4t3PGL featuring @gfearnallIs being a parent a career killer or booster? http://t.co/L6fnSkiDSa from @LinkedIn leader @JulieLHowlett“Need to change way we educate all about Aboriginal ppl & let go of myths, tell balanced story - Justice Sinclair Amazing talk at #PFC2014
Retweeted by Paul NazarethYou have a professional Foundation team @HopitalChildren who serve donors so well to create powerful legacies! I am proud to know them.Happy to share power of philanthropy with @HopitalChildren at 2nd annual legacy lunch today! Great to see @canadahelps partners there too!#PFC2014 @AtkinsonCF A small targeted civic tech project can connect unlikely allies to sympathetic government ears
Retweeted by Paul NazarethSo Nonprofit specialist @EndeavourVCN is running a #ppbchat tomorrow at 1pm for "pro-bono week?" - any details I missed @PrachyMohan ?Missed this? See the recording: Social Media Strategies for GivingTuesday - @UinvitedU & @Socially_Good http://t.co/ULdG4lac0o
Retweeted by Paul NazarethThe Five Things Corporate Sponsors Want From Nonprofits http://t.co/MikeSA4iP4
Retweeted by Paul NazarethFollow #PFC2014 tweeters to learn about philanthropy via funders! @AndreaCBarrack @borealisadvisor @CSRjames @BradOffman @PhilanthropyCDAThe brilliant Zita Cobb @fogoislandinn raised by parents who couldn't read or write and in a house with no electricity or water #PFC2014
Retweeted by Paul NazarethHearing from Zita Cobb of ShoreFast Foundation. Engaging remarks that start but don't end at Fogo Island. #PFC2014 http://t.co/CwaiVVowBD
Retweeted by Paul NazarethInspiring presentation by Zita Cobb from Shorefast Foundation about community wealth building and resiliency at #pfc2014 @PhilanthropyCDA
Retweeted by Paul NazarethIt's all about philanthropy today with PFC @philanthropycda #pfc2014
Retweeted by Paul NazarethPFC President Hilary Pearson lays out the packed program that awaits participants on Day 1 of #PFC2014 Conference http://t.co/LjtdxdZ485
Retweeted by Paul NazarethWish I wasn't staying on business @placedarmes have to dash off but my thanks for a spectacular stay! - @tripadvisor do believe the hype!
@TheHogtownRake I love that @RPorterJAZZFM91 cited Jeff Goldblum as a style icon. His outfits in 'Life Aquatic' were perfection.What a treat to read @TheHogtownRake speak with dapper @RPorterJAZZFM91 http://t.co/XTYTkxjIsl cc @TomsPlaceTO @harryrosenincIt's uncanny @placedarmes you have not missed one single chance to go over and above. A business travellers dream! http://t.co/fGF30ydS7QThanks @colludos I'm nomadic still, out in Montreal tonight. Best liver of my life at 'Le Main' (with picked tomato) http://t.co/0xBUS61LGmGuide dogs change lives! Wonderful story http://t.co/pQo6WJw4Sj @bcguidedogs @ABGuideDogs via @canadahelpsSo @canadahelps digital makeover for charities was on an island http://t.co/QTKKdmJhsV no one got voted off :) cc @Timeraiser #GivingLife
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