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Andrew Zimmern @andrewzimmern Minneapolis, St. Paul MN

Chef, Writer, Traveler, TV Host // Watch @BizarreFoods Mon @ 9pm E/P on @TravelChannel // Order my latest book here: http://t.co/RHsN9TXQ32

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eyebobs is rolling out a new Zimm in 2015 and it's gonna be big. @beardfoundation scholarship too http://t.co/uyfurAs6jyBest shot w/@andrewzimmern at Music City Food and Wine in #Nashville. http://t.co/LmVpQGms80
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernTalking #grilled bat wings w @AndrewZimmern in an interview you won't want to miss http://t.co/Hymgdi4Dvj
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern#Recipe: Veal Tongue Sliders with Tonnato Sauce http://t.co/dZ4WfM8iuH http://t.co/97KzvTgF47My #recipes from last weekend's @musiccityfw. Hint: hot chicken http://t.co/fHayNNGJ8LAmazing work @eater ! The new site is amazing and the editorial work today is inspiring, smart and necessary. Bravo!Thx to @chef_aaron @chefjohnbesh .... The kid loves it http://t.co/SSvIXwIqlp@mrshederman End of October or beginning of November in US,Holy crap, this granola looks crazy good. http://t.co/5zcBi6TJG2 #recipeWhy buying antibiotic-free protein is important. http://t.co/0dbqjdNmq87 Ways to Use Eggplant http://t.co/HldCmQpPCE http://t.co/0JUr1lyPaE
Thx @nickkokonas for turning me on to this... Simply brilliant http://t.co/GisTsp7nLVBye bye Nashville. Morimoto says be there next year http://t.co/H2JR2O0Z5GBig blade. Bad ass brisket from @pitmasterpat http://t.co/FaYZrzjiuD@Dave_Schwartz C'mon pal....Peche? August? Luke? A thousand other places???@Dave_Schwartz Where are you D?@CristinaCooks @alexthomopulos Cristina, parent to parent, you did good work! 😉Why eating chicken pumped full of antibiotics should scare the s#!t out of you. http://t.co/0dbqjdNmq8 @GFYPodcastBoom. Love the new knives! RT @ShunCutlery: Here's @chef_aaron and chefaz doing the demo for Hot Chicken! http://t.co/8MjfV3QaSW@poolesdiner You get around AC! Great to see you as always... You're like good salt, you make everything betterSorry buddy RT @cshepherd13: @andrewzimmern Giants.....BooThe best!!! I need more! RT @thesutler: @andrewzimmern! glad you liked the @YazooBrew boiled peanuts. http://t.co/EjEfpLuVRY@Chef_Aaron @musiccityf You mean "making it better"... Love you manWith @chef_aaron and everyone's favorite uncle. These two are a beyond fun to be with @ Music City http://t.co/bcuuqlwLVn@nakedcivics is speaking at Minneapolis Idea Exchange (MiX) is on Thursday, Oct. 2nd. get on it. http://t.co/CbQLjQMtn6alexthomopoulos and I at Pinewood Social. One of best parts of #musiccityfw was hanging with this… http://t.co/NizjLwmJQI#Recipe: Apple Cake with Porter Fudge Caramel & Hazelnut Granola http://t.co/5zcBi6TJG2 #iceland http://t.co/GQWypOq5aLBest part of my weekend .... The incomparable Holly Williams explaining why Whites Mercantile is… http://t.co/dV181RC7fnLevon Wallace and Tandy Wilson at Pat Martins BBQ world #musiccityfw @ Music City http://t.co/A9lyy6x4OxCoolest Airstream ever. Rene at Pinewood Social making Cubanos http://t.co/uyD7Tr134Ytylerflorence is in love with his blackberry ... I need one. Great seeing you T @ Music City http://t.co/MjHdnF7AmEWhen @Pitmasterpat goes for lamb, so do i @ Music City http://t.co/FF3eQNf0yyJosh Habiger is owning Nashville these days. Great to see.... Pinewood Social is amazing @ The City of… http://t.co/iOmz9Vvmkl@andrewzimmern #cheers http://t.co/AKyfwEOydp
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernPeter Nappi in Nashville RT @LBBinz: @andrewzimmern I'm loving those blue sneakers. who makes those?@andrewzimmern the melt family was star struck last night. #deadbabycow was the hit of the night. http://t.co/ATeNQqEUlY
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmernpeternappi My new favorite shoes! Nashville artisan boot maker and coolest sneakers ever #musiccityfwhttp://t.co/dW10wA9Qsf@lilyaldridge @Qsound21 hosted a beautiful event last night. #musiccityfw @ Broadway, Nashville Tn http://t.co/KRUZmaHUb6My amazing team! Thank you all @ Broadway, Nashville Tn http://t.co/vHpOf1sE0T@amitaliancooks sliced 200 pounds of this next to me last night. Happy. @ Broadway, Nashville Tn http://t.co/ZtssKCdjZdWhat up JG? RT @chefsymon: @JimmyGriffin @Mariobatali @andrewzimmern what up.@chefsymon, @chef_morimoto & @andrewzimmern having ultimate Iron Chef Revenge debrief @musiccityfw @visitmusiccity http://t.co/oESuzIoQHt
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernThis fennel salad with cottage cheese & spiced nuts is a stunner. http://t.co/p2XZQjlTZp #recipe http://t.co/4Jv3eCmpMzA stunning cookbook from @jodyeddy & @GunnarKarlG. Love this. http://t.co/JF16U2eKX2 #iceland
Lurkers at the Pat Martin BBQ hutch... Wtf?? @ Ryman Auditorium http://t.co/ttd0Zc5fBAMichael McDonald sound check...this shit just got real Music City Food & Wine @ Music City Walk of… http://t.co/IS9gMfe7CyOn this wk's @GFYPodcast: The Dangers of Antibiotics http://t.co/0dbqjdNmq8A chef's guide to #Nashville. http://t.co/ibiVj33l4d http://t.co/HZNWdP4e6JPerfect fall #recipe: Rigatoni w/ Veal Bolognese & Butternut Squash http://t.co/uR77xsY4kj#Recipe: Tangy & Sweet pickled cherries. Perfect w/ pork, poultry, salumi, lamb, you name it. http://t.co/aIEoppfaO1Coffee Cream Soda Cake at City House... Sweet mother of brown butter baby Jesus. Lighting courtesy of… http://t.co/XKAHV0E6WNBizarre Foods' @andrewzimmern on culture and food, the Faroes and his 'Trojan Horse' http://t.co/84r1NGboR0 http://t.co/EU1fK3oeS1
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@Quarterly It's a SMOKE theme! Even better!!Chef @andrewzimmern has a question on Trippy! Can you answer it? http://t.co/JVjRa84XFQ #TrippyTravel #GoForkYourself http://t.co/k1b03sffrB
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern
Just a few hrs left to enter to win this amazing grill ($3K value). Enter here: http://t.co/IHjDlzhOLv http://t.co/6iH2XYlbYp7 Ways to Use Eggplant http://t.co/HldCmQpPCEOn this week's @GFYPodcast: The Dangers of Antibiotics http://t.co/0dbqjdNmq8 http://t.co/amHJBn2A09@jordanarothman Are you here!??!! I just landed in Music City#Recipe: Apple Cake with Porter Fudge Caramel & Hazelnut Granola http://t.co/5zcBi6TJG2#Recipe: Scalloped Potatoes with Blue Cheese & Roasted Garlic... total comfort food. http://t.co/sWJkUcjz9c http://t.co/Ak4TbcHWDi@RoOnDemand @wguidara Where are the Necco wafers?@MarianelaTV Love the neckerchiefs!!!@TessRafferty @guybranum You're amazing@andrewzimmern Please see this episode of my new series The Unhappy Hour w/@guybranum. It's on Offal RT if you enjoy https://t.co/KmisBoqipn
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernEvery year!!! Epcot and WDW are where I choose to spend a lot of time RT @zooshoveller: @andrewzimmern excited about Epcot F&W Festival?So proud of my whole team. Congrats to all as well. http://t.co/ZrANHRhgmX #hardwork#Recipe: Lasagne al Forno - http://t.co/nmeCMNyI8cLast day to enter to win an amazing grill ($3K value) in our @memphisgrills giveaway. Enter here: http://t.co/IHjDlzhOLvPDX must-try: Lincoln Restaurant http://t.co/VgvdJQBNc8 http://t.co/9VpGey7STJWhere to eat, drink & listen to live music in #nashville. http://t.co/ibiVj33l4d http://t.co/d9AIZju2sM
Bizarrrrrrgh Foods with @andrewzimmern #PirateTVShows @midnight
Retweeted by Andrew Zimmern@BrandonBaltzley DM me your adresss. I sent you something and it came back ....Crispy Hong Kong style soy sauce noodles with bean sprouts http://t.co/zd5VShaTmxBlack bean ribs... Perfection thx to my new wok coming via Chefs Catalog http://t.co/LAvGfYnSgZHome style velvet chicken with asparagus. http://t.co/J9tv8QHiIrFocus. Madeleine Hill hard at work ... http://t.co/NYCHMYEVTYThe velvet chicken is the star. Photo shoot for Chefs Catalog http://t.co/IMNqSaH0fnWayzata nights #mnlife http://t.co/Azh36cAuIG@buzzbrainard OMG.... I arrive tomorrow night for music city f and w. Come find me Saturday at the Fest! Great to hear from u@Ali_Rosen @nyc_media @BeautiqueDining @pigandegg Thx Ali!How beautiful is this fennel salad, with cottage cheese & spiced nuts?! http://t.co/p2XZQjlTZp#Recipe: Tangy & Sweet pickled cherries. http://t.co/aIEoppfaO1New @GameOfThrones eps don't air until spring. Til then, I'm getting my Iceland fix here: http://t.co/JF16U2eKX2 http://t.co/5ZMkK4AKLo@Mariobatali Happy Birthday!!! Hope the day is sweet... Wheeeeee!Foodie? The 4th Annual Babson Food Day is on Oct 23 w/ @andrewzimmern and @gailsimmons http://t.co/8Q4S6C9oqK #Babson @businessforfood
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernBest of Nashville with Tandy Wilson http://t.co/ibiVj33l4d @cityhouse #nashville http://t.co/eNTYZ00ZCMOur @memphisgrills giveaway ends tomorrow! We’re giving away a grill package & a ton of cool Zimmern merch! http://t.co/IHjDlzhOLvCan't wait for this amazing @beardfoundation dinner on 10/29. Tickets here: http://t.co/2hTg6xhiaZ
Artificial sweeteners may be link to diabetes, researchers report. One says we should "reassess our extensive use” http://t.co/rJP7EPUUX2
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernMy cute dog and @andrewzimmern's megahotty wife. http://t.co/khOe5UQ32w
Retweeted by Andrew ZimmernFaroe islands, egos and mayo on this week's @gfypodcast. http://t.co/9wD7sWmAzZCan't wait for this wknd's @musiccityfw. http://t.co/PJzhpRZmQRVote for @Mysticknotwork for the @AmericanMadeMSL Awards. I wear one everyday! #AmericanMade http://t.co/lnRUjTf4sHBe a traveller, not a tourist... my free eguide. Get it here: http://t.co/NmjMd55snY#Recipe: Roast Chicken with Ratatouille http://t.co/tH71flLFub
@jamiebiss new book. Oder here right now http://t.co/IkCWX1e92E Brilliant foreword...@jamiebiss and his new book. They both "dropped" today. 😎.… http://t.co/jqHHWespU6@chefshack1 @Heritage_Radio @celinatio I would do whatever Celina says! And give her a BIG hug for me.@the_ironsheik I buy you the fuul, the m'jadarrah, moutabal...still you complain! I break your face if I didn't love you so much...Watch what happens when @mollymogren & @BethKGibbs hijack the podcast. http://t.co/9wD7sWmAzZ
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