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My style is unorthodox, but of course it rocks.

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@chelsea http://t.co/Vh1yFckOCO s/o @DJSpacecampWaiting on sandwiches from @norbertc http://t.co/ODATNepC3xi am the stupidest thing alive, its as simple as that
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeOnly tolerance and patience can protect us from the destructive effects of anger and hatred.
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@freeformz the cheesy roll thing though.@kcshearon @bugsnag Wow, congrats! 🎉
@hellodukesy the same reason people have loud personal phone calls on the bus/train, little respect for the people around them.@lstoll https://t.co/VYdCq77BwK Remember Merb?
(btw now i know literally everything abut perl after this debug session)
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeCurrent status: @thedaniel’s birthday http://t.co/v8NLclQAwS
@hellodukesy @lstoll @sr it’s broken in chrome currently. :(
YADPTP: Yet another dick pic think piece
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@argv0 I’ll see how I’m feeling later on in the day. Helping out a friend who’s having a rough day atm.@argv0 happy birthday manhttp://t.co/oJfg7RIHMq was hacked and it's a work of freaking art right now http://t.co/zbGw14WhJW
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@henrymodis nope, not today.@thedaniel @mdo #unofficialclients4lyfeSince the teams are small to mid-sized, you'll have to acclimate to psychotic life eventually.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@kevinsawicki 😞@mperham not sure why people pay attention to anything outside of their hometown. It's not relevant to 99% of their lives. 😜
@paulcbetts does it do incremental release upgrades or something?@Telematica there’s always url-hunter https://t.co/MKT6c4qEcU@davystevenson welcome to sf, it's sad sometimes.@wfarr @charliesomedog i’m keeping my fingers crossed that she’ll adopt it eventually.@tekkub I was trying to help manage the semi-circle of hair that’s left around my desk daily. I guess I should just give up.Cindy really doesn’t give a shit about the dog bed we got her for the office. http://t.co/2l6bHLki4p“Deployment is Unix” - in which I write down some thoughts about deployment system design for a website http://t.co/Ke5wGZr05E
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It was then that I carried you. http://t.co/tmNbc30lSg
Retweeted by Corey DonohoeI never knew Marlon Brando declined the Oscar he won for best actor in The Godfather. https://t.co/hS4vMr4ral
@tenderlove buy a used one.@technomancy is that really common where you live now?@josephruscio holy shit.@annalunoe orenchi beyond on Valencia st. Relatively new but good food.
@joshowens yeah, no clue. that’s just a discussion you have among friends when you help them succeed.@joshowens amazon has some new shit around shortly lived keys and exchanging them regularly, but it’s a bit different.@joshowens https://t.co/dGJUCJ6m6J ?😕@jfryman You’re gonna be fine. I know that feeling though.@hellodukesy 2 of everything please
@luckiestmonkey @mdo You know that’s completely false.@hellodukesy the part where he confessed to “pissing in every bottle” almost had me in tears.Just gonna leave this here. http://t.co/G9Avvg82wv@bascule :fu: works on github/slack, fwiwi.@rachelmyers Throw your computer in the ocean.@mitchellh @ctshryock Congrats to you both!@gaustin thanks. Same with the one that got sprayed. Isn't her first time but she REALLY wants to befriend them.Everyone is talking about superfish and I'm just trying to deal with a dog that got sprayed by a skunk.
@tenderlove Basically, yeah. 😞Just saw a dude ride by on a bike and his t-shirt said SUDO HACK In big block letters.@carllerche know if it’ll be streaming anywhere?There’s a disturbance in the Bay Area. Like @lstoll’s beard is back in town or something.@mislav http://t.co/WJ8LMnbsub
@jrecursive https://t.co/cGvsg3wMzQ@em_csquared anti-corruption layer?@Mobute Real Housewives of Beverly BlimpI may need to get Cindy a bed for the office. http://t.co/ivr8mLGqnT@ohhoe Try to relax and just do your best. This image always comes to mind when I’m feeling that way too. http://t.co/A9NVtRFffT@jeffrafter @quellhorst I’ve had problems with customers using amex with certain payment gateways before that still worked after expiry. :\@quellhorst @jeffrafter I call and request a card with new numbers. They’ll do it if you ask. Lost/stolen often keeps the same number, sadly@jeffrafter Yeah, I’ve been doing it every 6-12 months. It’s a great way to clean out those recurring things that add up but you don’t use.@markimbriaco @yann_ck Yup, I’ve been trying to explain this to friends for years now. So many smart people miss the point unfortunately.
@jakeboxer cindy easily spends 5-10 minutes a day telling me what she’s thinking. i have no fucking clue what she’s saying though.
@dannygreg follow up for @stolt45 and @girlinpursuit http://t.co/eHf4d9EmUI@tenderlove One of the few books that I haven’t been able to part with over the years.@homakov Sadly, it’s kinda laughable these days because it’s become so common to hear about btc places getting owned.@roidrage It’s from @frenchbutchery. Even jokingly cooked them in the sous vide to keep the eggs company before finishing them in a pan.Bacon and pancakes kind of morning. http://t.co/qgfKvrmoSE@capotej we were just talking about those movies at breakfast. You may have guided this afternoons movie choices.@themcgruff 👏👍👌Sometime it's the work that no one notices is the best work you can do.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@Jamiegirl1 😠
@coin I submitted a support request last night about being unable to pair after a reset. Any ideas on how to start over?
@cieluxis @fabrahamlincoln http://t.co/JQrZNrFHu2
@thereaIbanksy http://t.co/aGH6NSo9h5@blakegentry whoa, that’s crazy. For some reason I didn’t think that kinda of info would be available. Sad if it’s true. :\@thedaniel and how do you discover it? @MagicRecs lol@jina Yeah, I have a computer hooked up to it though. People still have cable tv though, for real.@stolt45 C, she woke me up a few times trying to get let out. I should've listened to her 😕Up most of the night with a sick dog. Times like this always leave me in awe of parents, who I feel deal with this shit way more often.
@wordnuvola #wordcloud@pengwynn pretty sure i know what codebase you’re in. 😎@hellodukesy Gonna be in LA that weekend. 😢 Maybe we can find a day or two before to grab drinks or 🍜
@shiftkey @rodjek i think we just used to have the non-diecut ones back then.@shiftkey pretty sure @rodjek has been around longer than every sticker on that table. 😃@cloudypianos give them some time and it’ll be obvious. i’ve had that happen twice and both times i hung out worried but they were fine
"There is no cloud, just other people's computers" ;D http://t.co/jmGuekG2vj
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Owners of Samsung's Smart TV are asked to not mention any personal information in their living room. Via @netzpolitik http://t.co/xgoFQLwWAZ
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@samkottler @lstoll oh man, we found those when i moved to nashville. we’d get em by the case.
Any of my SF friends wanna go with me to this Tycho show? My friend can no longer make it.
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe
Giving @chewofficial a try while goofing off in the garage with @DJSpacecamp http://t.co/UnzeGF4qKUI can't stop, won't stop the music - House of Bass 01-15 https://t.co/Y1CQDeqaHX #house #techhouse #ghouse #futurehouse #dance #zerofucks
Retweeted by Corey Donohoe@rhyselsmore it’s only gonna get worse@tenderlove more like, ugh.If you use hipchat and github please roll your tokens. https://t.co/slpJW7mxQZ
@JeremyZahner @digitalocean nope, I run it on heroku right now. Pull requests with docs are always welcome though.@mrmrs_ please don’t ever stop making things. :D@rhyselsmore always down to help if I can, and if I can't then I just ask someone else. 😉
@willduncanphoto beautiful@kdaigle #homeownership@alloy @janaboruta @YogaZenter I'd love to make that happen. You guys have been. Trying to get that since we met. Congrats. 😃
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