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Aunkur Arya @aunkurarya san francisco, ca

general manager, mobile @braintree. ex-google, ex-admob. lesser half to @tinab.

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My new favorite beer. Picked a few of these bad boys up today. http://t.co/lnwZvlqtPj@toddmaclean unroll his cuffs.@benemills well done, on both counts!.@Maynard asks whether too many startups are overvalued, and rightly anoints AdMob a unicorn :) http://t.co/mk5Ldqk3Tz@omarh @Speroman @waynep @thomasschiavone @mikefyall @jasonzmorse Sotheby's auction!
@williamready @braintree eye of the tiger!In my 25 yrs in Valley/SF, social community was the core. W/ some economics as an extra. Now it feels like a social veneer masking greed.
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@georgezachary I feel the same way. But great to have a successful VC say so publicly.Mobile commerce is exploding in Australia. We're more than happy to help. // @KlasBack .@braintree http://t.co/26sVS1bvXB
@adambain jakarta rocks!Is there an ethical issue with putting up your first pick in the fantasy draft up for sale? Or do normal free market rules pertain?Recently discovered .@mysummerheart // pretty awesome. thanks for your work.
Curious to see how much you're obsessing over your Twitter analytics report .@mdudas and whether you've started whiteboarding already :)Love this clever cross-promo from the .@GametimeSF crew. http://t.co/zqYCbTMp6hWow, http://t.co/d04CZrGNNL is beautiful.Get PayPal via the .@braintree v.zero SDK in Australia, France, Germany, Sweden and the UK. Well done team! https://t.co/lruidma2Ob@mdudas not sure but apparently you can get a mean burger thereIf this sad story doesn't crystallize the absurdity of American gun culture, then I just don't know. http://t.co/4C6XecMivz
Jackass CA state senator trying to thwart Uber and Lyft gets busted for DUI hours later. The Internet thanks you. http://t.co/tuAZZzsdh4@loganlahive 'the internets own boy'. It's awesome.
@mattcharris in case you're in one of these cities -- https://t.co/k0Au1j7MlvHaven't had one of those in a while. 6.1 is no joke.
Big congrats to our friends .@WillCall on their acquisition by @ticketfly // nice job dudes // http://t.co/ysimXL9OpULast minute booking apps compared. Is this contest even fair? Can't beat HT. .@samshank http://t.co/wvs87GF5sR@annbordetsky so much funnier if it weren't so damn true :)@elonmusk @pmarca great news. If I could add 'seat upgrades with more lateral support', that would make many of us very happy :)
The .@coin approach to getting your product is the Rube Goldberg machine of all signup processes.
@satyap @EncoreLasVegas all truffled up.@urxtech solving big problems in mobile. New app search API lets developers link their apps to actions in other apps. http://t.co/DPXkEdgRBbA great reminder of how important(and amazing) our jobs are. #twizzles http://t.co/Zi8OFBNJdh
Retweeted by Aunkur Arya@eartothenoise @venmo so good. love the lone @braintree shirt there :)UberX driver told me he loves Uber but hopes they implement 2 things: driver participation in future IPO and retirement plans. Savvy.
I wonder how the marketing team at ISIS is doing these days. https://t.co/rgeKPPVYSLA dodgy restaurant in MN actually charged its own servers a 2% cc fee. http://t.co/5ou43Fxw7GVote for the 'What You Want, When You Want it' panel at #SXSW2015 with me, @samshank, @anthonyha http://t.co/emUgevz2dM // cc @braintree.@Uber API is the first step towards complementary services 'sharing demand' using technology instead of marketing // http://t.co/zdPQOVcdPk
@mikepilat what about the crappy acting?@mdudas you can't push-for-pizza to me?Millions of mobile users paying w/ One Touch, the 1st time they use your app. Big effort @braintree + @PayPal teams! https://t.co/J8qSrqch13End of an era for the Indian auto industry. The 'Ambassador' is no more // http://t.co/QA6AuraoZR
Agreed .@sacca. You know it's bad when the media gets it too - "a few thoughts on race, america, and our president" http://t.co/oQUqkihdyb
@mdudas that's like having pizza for the first time with pineapple on it.
@Basti @Postmates need my Eliza's fix!@Basti @Postmates :).@Postmates is blitz pricing really working if I can never find a postmate? Tried about 10 times.Hmm..learning more about @renovomotors -- 5x cost of a P85+, less than half the range, half-second off 0-60. Beautiful car though :) #Tesla@mvboeke they really need to warranty the rear tires on the performance models. Crazy camber spec.@mvboeke @TeslaMotors I wouldn't call it hubris. Its a smart move. Def have been some motor issues. Replaced mine at 800 miles (minor noise)@elonmusk the right move. Please give us new/ better seat upgrade soon :)@funkstop @renovomotors just realized it's only 100 miles of range. Track rate mostly.@Speroman would have been happy if you bought it, but mad that I only found out on twitter ;)Shelby chassis with 2x the torque of a Tesla. Intrigued! @renovomotors http://t.co/yNWi1KUlXg@Speroman dude that yours!?! gorgeous!
@timschulz @pmarca @SteveKoss perhaps but mobile will be POS for both. 'In-store' will become pick up mostly. Best experience = convenience.One day with the app and love it .@peter_farago //@vipulsahai yep. Seen this beautiful pic many times :)
@acompli I'll just bug the heck out of @peter_farago if I have more questions :)@acompli nevermind :)@acompli I must be missing something, but how do you cancel meetings from the calendar?@ayanonagon oh no you left the office?@satyap drop in!Wrong to eat strawberry Nutella crepe for lunch? http://t.co/uceTxL17Qs
Back to my iPhone. Struggling.Dear @SpotifyUSA, I humbly ask for 3 things: save radio stream as a playlist, add radio to Sonos, add support for Tesla.Twitter ads don't feel like ads. How brilliant.
Retargeting is on-point. http://t.co/8c9QtmLVGdHey SF, we’re hosting another @venmo drink-up this Thursday. Come hang out so we can talk Swift and stuff. 😉 http://t.co/YIV7rNlum5
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaDead Poet's. Classic Williams genius. Still can't believe it. https://t.co/rAobXrTJDSDisbelief about Robin Williams. One of the best of all time.USPS stands to lose ~$8B annually. Just a frustrating institution with enough strong private sector alternatives. http://t.co/Ei6MAfCFa9
Nothing sweeter than seeing your 5-month old little princess tie rakhi on her 3-yr old and 9-mo old cousins. Happy Raksha Bandhan.@JordanMendell agreedWow, the other driver in the Tony Stewart incident died. No way in hell Stewart should race, and why not a criminal investigation?
@NathanCHubbard crazy. I prefer the behind-the-scenes deals and corruption of Formula 1 :) http://t.co/iZH2P5c2rM
AOL is only profitable because 2m people are paying for these services, whatever the heck they are <> http://t.co/UT8W3Jblrm@nunndn @braintree people bowl in London?!@adamnash will take a look. Thanks.
@adamnash do you guys publish how your equity and fixed income portfolios track against various indices?Impressed with. @SigFigInsights app and account aggregation.Respect to .@mschireson - 'Why I am leaving the best job I ever had'. Many of us, Dads + Moms, struggle with this. http://t.co/XBJCWRIwAT@satyap can't wait to read more about it on the food blog you promised me :)@mdudas @RobOswald you're starting to sound like another Twitter personality I know. Stop before it's too late :)
@williamready @comcast @XFINITY I got five on it too :)@tinab @SoniaDubya are you the two oldest people there? :)As expected, my Android device is starting to lose its mind at the 6-month mark. Back to my iPhone tomorrow.@williamready @comcast @XFINITY try Webpass.@Basti don't do it :)
Square buys Caviar. File under 'interesting'. // http://t.co/5Mucj2ihI1@jmilinovich @comcast terrible.Big congrats to .@gramkumar on the Apple deal. Remember talking about @SwellApp when still mostly in your head :) http://t.co/7xx67ex7wZ
@Speroman congrats to her! Looking great.Tesla geeks: many owners claiming 430+ hp at the wheels on a dyno (perf models). Backs into ~ 500hp 'at the crank' for an ICE car. Awesome.
@Stammy drone that shit :)@Stammy yep every two weeks, Saturday AM at that pier.
@Speroman @markfwal Hoteltonight experience is great comp. for these folks. Fully native one click checkout will increase share of mobile $.3 out of 4 'super unicorns' in the US ($10B+ val) run on @braintree. Even more excited to help the next class go big. http://t.co/lYqiZzJHwIProud that 3 of the 4 'super-unicorns' in the US run on @braintree "A look at the rarified air of the $10B club" http://t.co/sRDi7Eh4yH
Retweeted by Aunkur AryaWould love to see Congress put our tax dollars towards controlling Ebola, vs. funding bloodshed in the Middle East. http://t.co/CawIdBwQ4l
@MattieWhipple @TrunkClub Big congrats!'Soon, could your fridge do your groceries?' -- where mobile + payments are going, by @williamready @FortuneMagazine http://t.co/wy4w3SwXsR
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