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Stairwell inside #PinkHouses still pretty dark even after NYCHA fixed light. Shot today, 12pm. (Photo: @aymanndotcom) http://t.co/ruZFkBnC8M
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoCan we please offer up @govmikehuckabee or #RudyGiuliani as human sacrifices? http://t.co/0o04SzsyveA decision has been reached for news organizations to keep repeating the same Ferguson news for hours before a decision is announced.
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@moneyries I've been there. That place opened up day before Mike Brown incident. They have great catfish nuggets.Darren Wilson grand jury announcement will come from the "prosecuting attorneys office," says press liaison Sgt. Brian Schellman. #FergusonAP seeking to confirm media reports that Ferguson grand jury has reached decision in Michael Brown shooting: http://t.co/3JYFWuY5bE
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoI'm surprised @donlemon, other anchors, didn't ask to officiate. http://t.co/83w4mPctBPMy condolences to the person on Crosby Street in Soho smoking dirt weed.Utah police have killed more people than gang members, drug dealers or child abuse since 2010 http://t.co/oX39b62Ko0 http://t.co/Z8cT0NLaaI
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoYa know, why wait? Here's our first story written by @sharrocker who's super great so off we go. Enjoy. http://t.co/iQrcfJ5yp8
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoWho lights up a dark hallway with a Glock instead of a flashlight? It's beyond a few bad apples, the orchard is spoiled. Retrain the NYPD!@harrysiegel @joshgreenman Send it in! http://t.co/Uo5A7dfvkoFoggy cloud shelf enveloping Lower Manhattan. http://t.co/qYp6JCdFzY
Retweeted by Bucky Turco
“@felixpotvin: The Odell Beckham catch was certainly pretty… http://t.co/xXZMNpEhAS” #sportsnutI thought it was a skit at first @RichJuz http://t.co/7mFzPPPHKPDid we just see the nation's first android? #AMAs #KatyPerryFirst Macklemore, now Iggy Azalea. Gimme a fuckin' break hip hop. (Your streams are about to cross)Okay this award show sucks.Why is a young Jeff Goldblum singing reggae on my TV right now?NYC represent!“@WILL_MOY: @buckyturco what did u have for dinner now ask leah too please” Falling pizza, see my Instagram. @LeahMcSweeney?Only hours later did I realize that I had captured the moment the pizza dropped. See last post for… http://t.co/0VFEFJ6StO.@MostOfficialMob x @clotcrew x Peanuts Capsule Collection http://t.co/IhVo9ZilaP http://t.co/84cJW3SUCK
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoTo paraphrase #RudyGiuliani's comments today: Black on black violence causes white police violence against blacks. How colonial of him.After stealing a slice of pizza from smaller birds, this bird took its meal to the power lines, where… http://t.co/4Qi0Ccv7pCNY Times Falls for Fake News Story about Kim Kardashian's Ass http://t.co/Alxmy8t6mk
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoOn @CNNReliable next hour: an exclusive report about the TV anchors who have met with Darren Wilson...
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@Aqua174 Most legit thing to ever happen to Iggy's career. I'm not sure why Eminem would elevate such a terrible rapper to that status.Stay classy TMZ. "Marion Barry ... Crack Mayor Dead ... Dies at 78" http://t.co/6gW1QVkIwN@commentisfree @dotunadebayo That is quite possibly the dumbest argument ever.
29 Luftballons. http://t.co/a3x8qyWhEo
@buckyturco "A Housing Bureau officer in a stairwell of the Pink Houses during a patrol in December 2013" http://t.co/Xtx7gIlNRe
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoDG tribute show is open till Sunday at @POWERHOUSEArena. Show some love. http://t.co/5tPZP6sQod http://t.co/o8FAUDIXRA
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@newyorkyearzero Where is this photo from?! /@ForeignPolicy’s email subject line today: "Editors' Picks: The UN covers up of mass rape in Darfur; and James Franco occupies Hong Kong”
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoToday the Internet failed. http://t.co/P6MODQvpFN So called live drug deal isn't a drug deal and is old.Again, I ask. How does one conduct a drug deal with a one-way exchange? Does.not.compute. http://t.co/FqYogp0Hyl@alanket Thanks for the heads up KET. http://t.co/1C52PL3rhn I also see it getting pickup elsewhere.@alanket @ANIMALNewYork Emailing SKUFF now.How is it a drug deal if there's only a one-way exchange? https://t.co/j1Qzs55tNw I'm calling BS on media claims of a live drug deal on TV.@soit_goes @NYDailyNews @nytimes That's incorrect. "The man was not armed, according to witnesses."Sorry, dog. I wish I could help ya. (M train) http://t.co/AWrCac6IAC
Bill O'Reilly (sorry, can't help it): "One of the most secular presidents we ever had, and yet he invoked scripture in his speech."
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@ExodusMovie Soooo dumb.If you're an American and your job is being threatened by an illegal immigrant, let's just say that you're doing it wrong.Just found an abandoned Citi Bike and am having fun rolling around on it. Does this mean I get to keep it? http://t.co/5VcFCqY1N9According to @DEAnews, the weed smoking grandmas have already moved on to crack and heroin. #gatewaydrug@krucoff @brianvan Occupy SantaCon!@krucoff @brianvan Remember Krucoff. First they come for the drunken Santas, then they come for the Jews.@brianvan @krucoff Sadly, 4/20.@brianvan @krucoff And Rangers games and virtually any other public event. Also, ban commuters. You ever walk past MSG at 8:30am?? Crazy.@krucoff @brianvan Bah humbug. You should ban St. Patrick's Day and New Year's Eve too Krucoff.@brianvan @santacon SantaCon; the new ISIS.@brianvan @santacon I so agree. It's a testament to people's lack of tolerance. Ironically, I also think its mostly transplants complaining.Despite all the "puke" headlines, I can't find 1 - not 1 - YouTube video of a NYC SantaCon participant vomiting. Media hyping this shit hard@AdrianChen @mattdpearce They heard SantiCon is coming to Ferguson.Every reporter in the universe just got a test email from the St. Louis County prosecutor's office. Read into that what you will.
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoScrew Bushwick @santacon. Go to East New York. They could use the patronage and would probably be happy to have you!Here's an interview w/the Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time director http://t.co/Pdwgmke7CG He even dished on the strain they smoked.Watch Fred Armisen Improvise New York Accents For Nearly Five Minutes http://t.co/EfkpCtB7in
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoToday's Google Doodle looks like “a ridiculous clusterfuck of totally uncool jokers.” http://t.co/W8DAAWjd0q@lippemfg Thanks.It's not wonder the rape allegations against Bill Cosby keep getting swept under the rug when even the @AP holds back http://t.co/7gU5ISU1aT
Funny money. #hollywood http://t.co/1lV14YhYzuSpeaking of weed and grandmas, here's mine reacting to the stash tin I showed her. (RIP Nan) http://t.co/p8lLTHezvhNOT LAWLESS OR IMPEACHED: Five Republican Presidents Issued 18 Executive Orders On Immigration http://t.co/mC1K5Ejpcg http://t.co/IZhTQKCbBZ
Retweeted by Bucky Turco@dope_move @krucoff Fuck Uber and their mom-and-pop-shop killing Silicon Valley VC money.Don Le-mon, what’s wrong with you mon? Ya cyant ask dat question on television. Don Le-mon… (must recite with patois accent) @donlemonFinally, street art being used for good http://t.co/bvdC71zDS1 (cc @audubonsociety)"Bob Marley's CANNABIS lotion: can it get you HIGH?" The rhetorical NO hed paired w/unbridled ignorance about hemp. Nice twofer @dailymirror@SalenaZitoTrib So the IRS isn't pursuing Sharpton like they do conservatives, but they could be, but you're not sure. Interesting position.@SalenaZitoTrib I'm confused then what are you saying? 'Cause it sounds like ur pushing the neocon narrative of IRS only targeting the right@SalenaZitoTrib How do you know they don't have an open case against him right now?@ChrisLInoa Of course you do. Eat a granola bar. Have a fruit cup. Maybe even eat a toasted bagel. Just avoid fart smelling foodRoberta's isn't even in Bushwick. http://t.co/E403WuvQko@dorseyshaw Messenger bag full of egg sandwiches!While I don't support banning backpacks on the subway, I'm fully behind banning the eating of egg sandwiches on the train.Back in 1901, #urbex was a seemingly lavish affair: http://t.co/2qbScDiUwAPunitive home demolitions are racist — and just plain wrong http://t.co/GTXS3W39es
Lots of Reefer Madness callers on @NY1thecall tonight.@ELv8scott I can definitely review it. Is the work up yet?@patcartelli Here's what Twitter thought: http://t.co/zqFAXGBdfH@patcartelli No. It was an insane proposal by a MTA board memberWhat will be subject to random search by police if the MTA bans backpacks?@1035KTU People who wear backpacks do kinda suck, but a ban is not the answer. It never is.How many DMCA notices can I possibly send to @WORLDSTAR in my lifetime. Shit gets exhausting.
My favorite interview in Banksy doc is @BKStreetArt's Jaime Rojo. It's perfect.“@CBSNews: Check out 1st glow-in-the-dark bike path http://t.co/IenGMYUvKo http://t.co/taZBXhs9Dc” To @nypost it's a glowing strip of deathShout out to @CLAWmoney, the only graffiti writer - "street artist" interviewed in Banksy doc.@ArtSlant sanctioned street art is the death oh street art.Sign of life at 190 Bowery, the first I've ever seen. @ 190 Bowery - Germania Bank Building http://t.co/sYnLJ5sxYhMy former protege, @JLaPuma, stays killing it. Read this now. http://t.co/cZpE6uFk91@the_blueprint Word. It's definitely an interesting doc. Was done well. But I do think they interviewed some people who didn't deserve to be@jakedobkin Ha.@the_blueprint This one. http://t.co/ebjcdwJtsW. @ANIMALNewYork reported it first & better than virtually any of the people interviewed. How was @aymanndotcom, for example, not included?1 thing I didn't touch on in my review of Banksy doc: How filmmakers didn't interview the team who reported his work first 90% of the time.“Even if we get caught, the cops can’t take the view away.” Climbing the Williamsburg Bridge http://t.co/NQymE9zuwt http://t.co/ZQ0ZUqvgmF
Retweeted by Bucky TurcoThis driver in Newark reenacts iconic @LilKim lyric to a T: http://t.co/M7srg3JJoy@JuliaAlvidrez A soup that cost too much for a line that long.
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