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on my journey to the moon, i trip, spill stuff, pretend im a fairy, and eat a lot of bananas.

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@NiallOfficial yay!!!!!!! i had such a lovely time. see you soon xx πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»@Harry_Styles @NiallOfficial @Real_Liam_Payne @Louis_Tomlinson AH didn't get to say bye but the show sounded amazing tonight!!!! SMASHED IT.
@jacobkasher this is definitely my favorite thingβ€œI am a successful songwriter” by @jacobkasher
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@xavimartinez xavi!!! no tienes idea cuanta ilusion tengo de finalmente ir a españa y conocerte a ti y a Los harmonizers ❀ lots of lovei hope you remember, i hope i forgetALIENS WEAR SPACE BUNS u so much @teenvogue for this shoot!!!!!!! lovely time as always
There is only two things in the world. Love, and everything else
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@billboard @brianfriedman THIS IS SO SICKKKKKKKK. pls teach me to dance like that
growing up- @macklemore @RyanLewis ft. @edsheeran is one of the only songs that has ever made me cry of happiness-everything about it is artVMA's!!!! like all things in life, i really wanted to feel like a fairy princess. hope it all wrks out't try to change the world. find somethin that u love and do it everyday. do that the rest of your life. eventually the world will changegive me my name? @shawnmendes my name x give me love
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo
GUYS DONT BE SAD BECAUSE THE BEST PRIZE WE COULD HAVE IS HAVING FANS AS LOVELY AND DEDICATED AND AS LOYAL AS U GUYS. TAKE MY HEART. TAKE ITguys!!!!!!!!!!! no award that we lose will ever change how magical you guys are to us. thank you for voting as much as you did, i love youcongrats to @5SOS and the 5sosfam on winning a VMA!!!!!! ps, jet black heart is sick and can't wait for your albumFREEDOM
i'm especially excited to see @twentyonepilots perform tonight- they're so sick#WorthItVMA !!!ok guys. we're on our way to the carpet- i think voting ends in a few hours.... gonna be off the phone but keep goin!!!!! #WorthItVMA#WorthItVMA imagine if gravity made my hair like this all the time lets help our Harmonizer friends out! Just tweet/retweet anything with #WorthItVMA πŸ’«
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoWE'RE IN THE LEAD KEEP GOING #WorthItVMA#WorthItVMA we are IN ACTUALITY SUPER CLOSE you're happy and you know it tweet #WorthItVMA. if you're sad and you know it you should tweet it too@bracketclifford AINT NOTHIN WRONG WITH A LIL FRIENDLY COMPETITIONso apparently we are not close at all #WorthItVMA#WorthItVMA !!!! we're so close!!!!
Use your voice ! #NotesFromShawn with @camilacabello97 & @DoSomething .. Post your notes to @BlendApp 😊
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoSo @DavidHenrie has this theory about @camilacabello97...
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo
HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY @Savan_Kotecha !!!!! some years ago today you were born a genius baby. now u have genius babies of ur own. HAVE A GOOD ONEπŸ’•@MTV *hug received* *koala hug reciprocated* πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•a bouquet of clumsy words... tour was hard for me emotionally.. and if I hugged you tighter than usual, it was cause i needed it. thank you for keeping me strong@camilashug :( coming soon love- and the wait will make it even more special when we meet. i promisethank you so much to @BeaMiller @commonkings @DebbyRyan @thenvrndng and @natalielarose for sharing their RIDICULOUS talent with us- ilysm πŸ˜©πŸ’—and so.... 'tis the end of an era. last show of the reflection tour last night. thank you to every sunshine that came out. and yes sunshine@LOrealParisUSA YES!!!! thank you so much for coming tonight. see you soon πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
@DavidHenrie i am currently filling out an application to be her long lost daughter but don't tell my mom@camilacabello97 CAMILA!!!! fun fact: i got my job because of raps i used to make about teen wolf. including one to this song. miss u. bye.
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYogoing to regret this in about 5 seconds. my rap alter ego is Camilli-camilli. #WorthItVMA is my behind the scenes video for @TeenVogue - i talk about things that mean a lot to me so this was cool πŸ’• RIAA HQ: CONGRATS to Multi-Platinum @FifthHarmony on 4 Mill Awards! #WorthIt #BO$$ & #Sledgehammer @Epic_Records
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoAND IT'S OUT!!! hope you guys rly sink your teeth into this. GET IT BAHA. love you !!!! MUAHAHAHHAH @Sony @HotelT show on the reflection tour tonight!!!!!!!!! NEW YORK, I MISSED YOU. ARE YOU READY FOR TONIGHT? IF U ARE. GET HYPE. IF UR NOT. GET HYPEi know i promised the rapping video for #WorthItVMA - i will post it tomorrow I PROMISE. it took me about 3 yrs and i was literally sweating@kyle_newman @okainotrlyz dude i love YOU, how've you been?! and i agree with my friend over here- Kyle is sickkkkk at what he does
@AmiraSaid i can't believe this is a reality for some people :( it's so unfair πŸ’”πŸ˜©@SimplySFans FRIEND!!!!! it was so nice to get to meet you tonight, thank you for being so sweet πŸ’— keep me updated on what we talked about#ShawnIsALatinoAtHeart @ShawnMendes
@camilacabello97 haha shes not kidding, she can actually do it πŸ˜‚
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@coffeefororion AND THAT IS EXACTLY WHY IT IS A GREAT IDEAif we get 100,000 votes by tomorrow i will post a video of me doing the ENTIRE BUSTA RHYMES RAP IN LOOK AT ME NOW #WorthItVMA@BuzzFeeders LOVE YOU15 reasons @camilacabello97 should always be your WCW @FifthHarmony
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYothank u so much for 2m!!! retweet this or tweet #WorthItVMA and i'll follow you. and share my pet dragon with you.@CapitalOfficial πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•.@FifthHarmony's @camilacabello97 visted Michael Jackson's childhood home and burst into tears 😒
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoAKWKEUUFIS I HIT TWO MILLION. thank you so much guys!!!! that's nuts, i'll try to keep the bad jokes to a minimum, but no promises.@FifthHarmony moves up to #3 with β€œWorth It” – the biggest hit for a girl group since The Pussycat Dolls hit #1 with β€œButtons” in 2006
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@tyleroakley PETITION TO STOP GROWINGi can't believe one of my best friends is going to COLLEGE. COLLEGE. i'm so oldthe first time i saw snow was in Buffalo. THANK YOU FOR TONIGHT LOVELY ONES. TWAS MAGIC. also, shout out to all of u who came from Canada eh@camilas_aussie i got your sunflowers today!!!!!! they're my favorite kind of flowers!!! you make me so happy, i love you
if you don't fight against the evil, you're a part of the evil@billboard πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’• lotsa love.@FifthHarmony's @camilacabello97 visited Michael Jackson's childhood home & was inspired to write this to her fans:
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoJust posted a photo you come from Havana, Cuba, or Miami, or Texas, or LA, or Gary, indiana, you can be who you want to be if you work hard enoughi know because i came from a completely different country and i thought i didn't have a shot- no money, no connections, no hope, nothingmade me think of so many talented kids in small towns that don't think they have a real shot at their dreams because of the circumstancesyesterday in Indiana we got to walk inside the same house Michael Jackson grew up in. needless to say i burst into tears@KISS985BUFFALO @JanetSnyderKISS WERE ON PERISCOPE@ShawnMendes don't worry, you'll learn fast because you have an INCREDIBLE Spanish teacher whose name rhymes with Vamila Carmello
i remember back when i didn't like guacamole. i was so young. so naive.THANK U MILWAUKEE!!!!! WE ARE SO CLOSE TO CATCHING UP. BOMBS AWAY #WorthItVMA is 4:36 am. am i going to watch friends reruns all night? yes i am. is this a good idea? no it's not.forgot to say a huge welcome to @commonkings. such BEASTLY performers, thank u for joining us on the reflection tour!!!! show em lots of luvsomebody had a sign in the audience tonight that said "camila, why aren't your jokes as good as your spotify" ........SPILL THAT TEA GIRLGUYS APPARENTLY WE ARE SO CLOSE. BOMBS AWAY. #WorthItVMA@Willbtouring they don't want your opening credit...... it's already a FULL HOUSE. HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA WHY DONT I HAVE FRIENDS
@zquadlmj COME ONNNN i'm on a two month tour about to play a show in Milwaukee. i'm not kissing anyone, but a girl can dream can't she?@natalielarose and it shall miss you. A because you've been smashinggggggg itmy favorite parts of life so far: making out + laughing so hard ur stomach hurts + creating something ur proud of + making out + playlisting@IISuperwomanII HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA thank you. it's hard work being an interview-bomber but i do my bestCAMILA'S STRUT GAME IS SO STRONG
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoi used to live in every word you said, always hanging by a threadFOR NARNIAAAAAAAAA #WorthItVMATHANK U KANSAS CITY. had so much fun tonight!!!!!!! i love venues like that, i could see all your magical faces. love you LOADZZZZZ
Tumblr Camila is my favorite Camila
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo.@camilacabello97 just revealed her most embarrassing moment & we can't stop LOLing!
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@OkaiNotRlyz @LunchMoneyLewis YES LUNCH WHEN ARE WE GONNNA HEAR ITTTTT πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»πŸ’ƒπŸ»@jacobkasher @Wallpapercalling the front desk back to ask someone to come up and help me open my ketchup is the most embarrassing thing i've ever done@Spotify thank u for having us on your 25 under 25 list!!!! you're awesome πŸ’—
WHY HELLO THERE. you can insta comment or tweet #WorthItVMA up to 12 times a day for us to win a VMA… u dont like where you are, move. if a relationship with a lover or friend is causing you more pain than joy, leave. heal. reinvent. live.@MTV FOUND IT i don't know how to gif thru Twitter but insert the one where the baby is in the car and is FREAKING OUT ALL CUTE N STUFF
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