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on my journey to the moon, i trip, spill stuff, pretend im a fairy, and eat a lot of bananas.

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i live by this https://t.co/02inHbcnBv
PETITION FOR ADULTS TO HAVE STROLLERS AND WE TAKE TURNS PUSHING EACH OTHER AROUND BC HOMEGIRL COULD USE A NAP@MILAGILINSKY you guys are so cute i'm melting@holygrunged not good at the nae nae but a girl can dream@woke_up_realer3 proud of you Kenz!!!!!!!!! words heal- and you are spreading light by writing about things like that :) WOOP WOOP@fantasticabeyo OK SO IF YOU HAVENT SEEN INSIDE OUT PLS DO YOUR HEART A FAVOR. ITS LIKE A CUDDLE TO YOUR HEART@harmonysmusique BEAUTIFUL RUINS!!! I FINISHED IT!!!!! it is so beautiful. also read love and misadventure- book of poetry- really good too@lovatoswish work song by hozier is KILLIN THE VIBE GAME. (in a good way) (not sure if that expression makes sense) (i make it up as I go)@looking4cabello i reblogged a buncha quotes and thought it was ironic that one was in a language i don't understand and internally giggled@cabelloprecious what a sweet thing to say to someone!!we all could use more of those messages from time to time. you're CUTE AND I LOVE YOU
remember that one time @shawnmendes and @stephenschloss decided to turn me into a fruit basket while… https://t.co/ZcJ1nstBXTHERSHEY!!! YOU WERE MAGICAL. sincerely one of the most beautiful shows we've ever done. and how cute were those little girls at the end? 💗😩you will never own me. i will never fear you.@ShawnMendes YOU AND YOUR CANADIAN WAYS#PHOTOS Camila quittant un restaurant, hier soir. || Hollywood http://t.co/0CQVZZHqtZ
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoHAPPY 19TH LAUREN!! i remember the day you auditioned for X factor seeing a beautiful green eyed girl… https://t.co/CHiNGvdCq0@CabeYofeels I LITERALLY JUST SHRIEKED A THOUSAND SHRIEKS IS SHE ALIVE @dinahjane97
HAPPY BIRTHDAY WIFE @ArianaGrande 💗 22!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. KEEP SPREADING THE LIGHT EVERYWHERE YOU GO YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN. THE KIDS MISS Ui only told the moon. https://t.co/MlftIioFSwWe are nothing without equality. We are nothing without love and freedom. Thank you for making the right decision, Supreme Court. #LoveWins
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYotoday same sex marriage is legal nationwide AND IT IS A HUGE DEAL, AMERICA. what a huge step towards equality/human rights. #LoveWins alwaysToday is a big step in our march toward equality. Gay and lesbian couples now have the right to marry, just like anyone else. #LoveWins
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i'm pretty sure they play a live stream of @edsheeran 's concerts in the gates of heaven and if they don't they need to sort their stuff outi saw @edsheeran play for the first time tonight and im still crying about it. one voice and one instrument and it was genius- blew my mindtonight was one of the best nights of MY WHOLE LIFE
listening to @ToriKelly 's album unbreakable smile: DAT VOICE GURL. my ears are so happy. so happy for you !!! you deserve all your success@julianbulian dude ur so deep i can't even see u anymore@julianbulian i knew you would catch the indirect@ThisIsMax koala hugs are one of my favorite parts of the human experience. miss you 💗OK PARENTS i'm going to stop tweeting song lyrics now and go to sleep. love you all a lot, and thank you San Diego for a wonderful night 💗@LaurenE_5H4Life i know mom 😔i love you more than songs can sayyyy
"the only ones who interest me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be… https://t.co/1osOkcRitDyou guys seriously make me so happy. woke up today to see u trended #WeLoveYoucamEElacabeYo and it made my whole week. i love you so much 😩YAYYYYY so excited to announce our partnership with @candiesbrand :) here are our Candies ad's :)… https://t.co/8ySKaoGb1RCHINA JANE, let me just come right out and say that everybody and their mother knows im obsessed with… https://t.co/IsCWYQfxoN
.@camilacabello97's #FathersDay message to her dad had us tearing up. See what she said: http://t.co/7Xz13SQCcM http://t.co/LojEyCK3dP
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoHAPPY BIRTHDAY CHINA JANE!!!!!!!!!!! @dinahjane97 NOW WE CAN GO ON ADULT ADVENTURES UNTIL WE GET LOST AND HAVE TO CALL BIG ROB FOR HELPguys !!!!!!!!!! thank you SO MUCH for your support on our single worth it. still on iTunes top 10- so… https://t.co/w9QpMYsKiEi saw inside out today and it literally changed my life. IT WAS SO GENIUS. a movie all about emotions and i sobbed like a babyHow @taylorswift13 convinced one of the world's biggest companies to change its course http://t.co/7CLzv8pVAi
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYocame to the conclusion that @taylorswift13 should be president of everything. just shaped history for so many future artists. you inspire me
FELIZ DIA DE LOS PADRES PAPA!!!!!!!! @alejandrocabe12 i love you because when you hug me i feel like… https://t.co/QFtTnwzCre@FifthHarmonyCZ my grandma used to live there for a bit :) i wanna go and explore !!!!!! show me around@ritaftcabello yes please butterfly chicken rice and corn on the cob@camilasafe (it doesn't work by the way)@camilasafe i only say that because when i was in 7th grade i googled how to get bigger boobs and someone on yahoo ask said chicken and milk@camilasafe lots of chicken and milk@useyourmeIody that's so lovely!!!!!! i love your photography :) it makes me want to roam around a city im a stranger to like the movies@camila_5hWorld there could not be a picture that is more me@cabeyosgrande i am going to be emo enough for everyone@5Hvato omg !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! are the butterflies in your stomach straight up RAGINGIIIIIIIT'S CHINA JANE'S BIRTHDAY TOMORROW
throw your hands up and embrace the madnessthank you for having us @B96Chicago !!!! Chicago is always loud and crazy and fun. i'm gonna order some chicken soup and get not sickJune 20 is World Refugee Day, I could never imagine the strength it takes to leave home, the only place you've known: http://t.co/XctSJqnphs
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoi feel. so sick. woke up with a fever and my throat is killing me 😩 @B96Chicago bare with me and sing as loud as you can please 😩😰😰😰😰now THIS is an honest view on our society. we've got to open our eyes. horrifying  http://t.co/JPFR5GMB3y #CharlestonShooting@selenagomez OK. I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS I JUST SCREAMED. nobody is ready for how good this song is 😩 YEEEEES SELENAin honor of #nationalkissingday !!!!!! because sometimes if you're lucky a kiss is so lovely there… https://t.co/ocv8znSCF8@HaileeSteinfeld BALLS WELCOME TO THE STORY OF MY LIFE
Staying up late to watch @FifthHarmony on @JimmyKimmelLive was so #WorthIt / Watch Here: http://t.co/ANV7jbL8bJ http://t.co/stJHOigxIr
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoA sincronia da coreografia ta demais 👏🏻👏🏻 https://t.co/vgCnGBZ0qQ
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@camilasmonkey HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHQHAHAHHA@CapitalOfficial we are ridiculous. LOL@camilacabello97 WOOOOO http://t.co/LlIzFcEcBC
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoThere’s a @FifthHarmony #GoingNowhere @Vine for every beat-drop in your life: http://t.co/PX8qNQTcXj 👏
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYois it socially acceptable to wear this around everywhere and run away and become a warrior princess? https://t.co/vTwPeCLIpaWE PERFORMED ON @jimmykimmel TONIGHT !!!!! thank you for having us !!!! u know that I'm WIDDIT. WIDDIT. WIDDIT@camilacabello97 I'm so watching you girls on Kimmel tonight. I love you guys sick! X
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impromptu beach jam session with willbtouring 💗 by the way the song is coming over by James hersey… https://t.co/lWiF7oC93WIf you ever need a pick me up, just turn to @camilacabello97. See her words of wisdom HERE: http://t.co/x5kgbed9dV http://t.co/6lQCTVwhfu
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my heart is so tired@poetrycabello restos de Abril - @CamilaMX , me encanta 💗@voquezee OH MY GOD INREAD THAt booK AND IT WAS SO BRILLIANT IT WASTHE FIRST SEMI- SCARY BOOK IVEVEVER READ I HAD NIGHTMARES@CAMZBELIKE i seriously have ONE MORE CHAPTER left of beautiful ruins by Jess Walters and then i'm feelin historical fiction/ romance novel@laurinahsgirl @HaileeSteinfeld i luh dat song and i luh emily junkz@LeslieBelieber3 leslita te amo masover 1 million views!!!!!! thanks guys!! https://t.co/kuUZBy6W1j thanks @CapitalOfficial 💕 UK, preorder worth it here http://t.co/6Enf3btpmt@mentallycamila @camilasmind i LOVE ANAIS NIN SHE IS MY FAVORITE. God she is so brilliantrun run run, catch your breath"I wanna take a nap!" 😭😴 https://t.co/w0i8XLVebK
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@PerezHilton @dinahonfire awhhhh thanks love :)putting down other women and saying you're better than them does not make you "confident"- when you love yourself you don't feel the need toalso there was a sign in the crowd that said "Camila give me a koala hug" so here it is. *hugs you* *wraps leg around you* *koala hugs you*gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, straight, and anything in between- you are you. and you are not alone. we welcome you. we love you. 💗thank you @LAPRIDE for having us headline tonight!!!!!!!!!! no surprise that it was seriously one of my favorite crowds EVER- love you soi am so proud of @FrankieJGrande . he is literally a human shaped firework/ sunshine. you inspired me today. you are pride :) I love you 💕@littlelizziev this is the sweetest thing in the world :') YES PLEASE LETS BE FRIENDS YOU MAGICAL HUMANHAPPY PRIDE!!!! 💚❤️💗💛💙💜 see you soon @lapride@SabrinaAnnLynn I AM!!!!! that's the jam. Happy birthday beautiful!!!! hope you had an amazing one, see you soon xx 💕💕💕
With over 80.8 million streams, "Worth It" is now the most streamed song by a girl group on Spotify!
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYoHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. i am no longer camila, i am big rob's hair stylist. it's a difficult job. https://t.co/NEQYYGgGWdtodavía me ves en tus sueños? http://t.co/DLWx1mUOQX@Y100MIAMI i miss you !!!!!!!!! i can't wait to come home and see you guys😩💕😩💕😩We ❤️❤️ you! RT @camilacabello97: @Y100MIAMI 😖😖 tell me about it
Retweeted by camEEla cabeYo@JoeyKingActress joey, if there's any consolation in bruising my behind it is that i made you laugh@Y100MIAMI 😖😖 tell me about it
reality: http://t.co/KgFiHYMUKi
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