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Moderator of @meetthepress and @nbcnews political director; Covering politics since '92; And, yes, I tweet about sports too.

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How to connect Cuba with today's Green Bay-Tampa Bay game? Google the late great Pete Axthelm. Tho, I used to hate moniker! Cc @richeisenFinally, our #MTP panel: @sarafagen2, @GovRichardson, @hardball_chris, and @NolteNC talk North Korea, Cuba and 2016.#NerdScreen: A third President Bush or second President Clinton? Our latest polling shows the parties are ready for Jeb and Hillary. #MTPSen. @marcorubio will respond to the President's plan for Cuba. And, as the 2016 race begins, we'll ask about his feud with @SenRandPaul.Michael Leiter, fmr. Sec. Michael Chertoff & @ambchrishill on the response to North Korea & how vulnerable are we to future cyber attacks?Actor @kalpenn will also weigh in on Sony's decision and President Obama’s comments. #MTPI talk to David Boies, the lawyer for Sony, to talk about what comes next for the company after cancelling #TheInterview. #MTPOn @meetthepress this morning, we’ll have the latest from New York on the two NYPD officers that were murdered yesterday.
BREAKING: U.S. troops returned 4 captives to Afghanistan overnight at request of President Ashraf Ghani. #Guantanamo prison census now 132.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddShare your top grievances from 2014 on #Festivus >> http://t.co/cuJLHVpCCf #Seinfeld http://t.co/Eg2MFjabi0
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Lawmakers Push for Longer Workweek, Remote Votes in New Congress http://t.co/2j7oV5uyN7 via @business
Retweeted by Chuck ToddHere are the Democrats' “talking points” on me. It’s a pretty tired playbook. https://t.co/tss9viMliW.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@JuliaSweig well played!Be sure to #ff @JuliaSweig one of DC's foremost LatAm experts. Thanks again for coming on #tweetthepress.@JuliaSweig last question but I'm guessing u might need multiple tweets to reply. Impact on US-LatAm relations. #tweetthepress@JuliaSweig @lavueltablog underground capitalism.@JuliaSweig How will some in Congress try and slow this down beyond denying funding for an embassy? #tweetthepress.@JuliaSweig what;s the "trust but verify" part on expanded internet, for instance? #tweetthepress.@JuliaSweig so what did Cuba agree to do besides release two prisoners to US custody and some other political prisoners. #tweetthepress.@JuliaSweig You brought up ambassadors... that has to go through Congress, no? #tweetthepress.@juliasweig Let's start with what will actually change in 2015 re: Cuba. What changes regardless of Congress? #tweetthepressIf it's Friday, it's #TweetThePress w/ @juliasweig from @cfr_org on all things Cuba. Let's get startedThis already exists https://t.co/fvYX0clWpL
Retweeted by Chuck Todd#ff women journos of the WH presser: @cbudoffbrown @cherylbolen @jpaceDC @lesleyclark @robertarampton @ColleenMNelson @eilperin
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOne other thing to note about Obama in this presser: Much more concise than usual in his answers.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPOTUS pretty declarative that North Korea didn't have help from another country.POTUS not being subtle at all on the Sony decision. Notes Boston still holds marathons.#sony did not consult White House
Retweeted by Chuck ToddPOTUS is going all in on this. "It is not what America is about." #SonyHackThere's your lead: POTUS says Sony made a mistake pulling the movie.Some Dem activists are probably wondering why Dems on the ballot in 2014 didn't try and run on the message POTUS is pushing today.SOON: @ChuckTodd anchors a @NBCNews Special Report as President Obama holds his end of year news conference. Watch: http://t.co/ejfC9XJJla.
Retweeted by Chuck ToddYou read my mind. Almost tweeted that initially. denver travelers were 1st Coors exporters RT @andybaum: @chucktodd Coors beer in the '70s.So, will we now find out definitively if Cuban cigars are actually better than Dominican cigars? What's hard to get always "seems" betterAs Ohio goes, so goes marijuana in the heartland? http://t.co/CFcz5B0LK2 // could find out Nov. 2015
A MUST READ FROM @NolteNC: In Defense of Sony's Decision to Pull 'The Interview' - http://t.co/9SyEydgiK7 #tcot
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In Miami for the night. Looking forward to tomorrow's #theU winter commencement. Congrats to the grads.@trowaman I've seen on ppv.@ThePlumLineGS I believe 2016 has potential to be a heavy foreign policy election. But more for Middle East mess than anything else@ThePlumLineGS pardon. Then I misinterpreted@ThePlumLineGS then u misinterpreted your tweet. Not sure it is a big issue come 2016@ThePlumLineGS disagree. Don't think Cuba will be reason FL goes either Dem or GOPMy last in theater movie was the Lego Movie (with my kids). Looking forward to seeing #TheInterview IN theater. Hope theaters aren't shyUnsolicited advice: I'd be careful about using my credit card in Cuba.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@TheDixieDove you had a better memory than me.@chucktodd Chuck Todd and I Predicted Cuba Normalization to the month on Twitter a Year Ago...here is the exchange. http://t.co/e1Z1lLhOAa
Retweeted by Chuck ToddCuba policy = White House would probably prefer to deal with Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Corker. Not Menendez.
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@seanmdav @conncarroll important to note that the Cuban people aren't free. Question is whether old policy was workingMore than 25 years after the Berlin Wall fell, this feels like the last brick to disappear from the relic of the Cold War wall@HotRodBlago30 don't tell Brazil thatChanging policy toward Cuba could accelerate improved relations with the rest of hemisphere, something that's languishedVery little chance Pres Obama speaks for longer than Raul Castro. What will take POTUS 10 mins could take a Castro brother 3 hours20 years ago, the president exclusively could have lifted the embargo. But Congress codified it in the 90sNBC News/WSJ poll: Hillary Clinton the early 2016 frontrunner, but barely http://t.co/XGtwTpq9Ty http://t.co/ofjjMWhRqO
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOr: Three Republicans met at a pizzeria in 2009 to promote Republican policy reforms. Only one is left standing: Jeb. http://t.co/viSNRGnNfc
Retweeted by Chuck ToddNew NBC/WSJ poll: Majority now says race relations in the US are bad, matching post-O.J. verdict numbers in 1995. http://t.co/WIiziVrDax
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@TVietor08 @SavannahGuthrie and it doubles as an "interrogation" device
Note from @DeborahTurness: "I’m thrilled to let you know that Brian Williams has renewed his commitment to NBC News" http://t.co/1oASc6RZMf
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Robert Caro recalls the a-ha moment when he knew he had his last line to The Power Broker http://t.co/Lj2LUUg5ty
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@LukeRussert doneThis is why ---> RT @drs116 Is this the reason for the fumble rule? @MikePereira #HolyRoller https://t.co/FGkSG98xhQ
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@CpyburnDC touché and true@mikecgrimes of course! Sneaky strategyAs I tweeted earlier, this Buffalo game had "trap game" written all over it. Ugh. #GoPackGo btw, still a dumb rule re: fumble under 2minsAbout the dumbest rule in the NFL. Whatever just happened to screw the Packers, it does not make sense@zurichrich I didOk @LukeRussert, jersey for jersey today? #GoPackGo@riggsbeem @meetthepress welcome to Twitter circa 2014.If you're looking for @chucktodd's full intv with fmr VP Dick Cheney, you can watch it here: http://t.co/2qFxgAQxzp http://t.co/QI3IsYoTZ9
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@riggsbeem @meetthepress social media can contribute to idea we are only polarized@outofideas4anam @meetthepress no consensus on the criticism. Today I'm either a terrorist or someone who condones torture. #twitterCongrats to @lauhaim, WH Correspondent for Canal Plus, named woman journalist of the year award in France! Your @WHCA colleagues are proud
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@Rose_Marie_Holt I didn't highlight the FBI specifically. But that the CIA indicated the info didnt come from so called eit@_R_S_S_ @dandrezner @meetthepress correct.@FoundingFodder @meetthepress I block folks who are using nasty rhetoric. Period.@Rose_Marie_Holt um, I sure did note that@mkop62 ha. I know. Lots of faith in young Joc@FilsonAndrew @meetthepress @SenFeinstein that's a messier dispute than you might thinkThanks for watching @meetthepress today. passionate responses. Thanks to those being civil. More twitter yelling doesn't elicit info.@jdcookiii @BrandonTWebb just followed him. Thanks for the tipI always think it’s funny that the big annual Pennsylvania political event happens in … New York. http://t.co/uVaTfxEKGb
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@MarkLeibovich #thistownDrive on Tim Russert Highway, #Packers Tweet from Chuck. #MeetThePress RT @chucktodd: this has trap game written all over it. Very nervous
Retweeted by Chuck Todd@tonykoch asking questions in America doesn't make someone a "terrorist sympathizer". Way over the top@_tregun I do. Everyone watches with their own political glasses at least on Twitter. Trust me, look at the Twitter left and right on this@jasonjwilde this has trap game written all over it. Very very nervous@mikesbadtweets the folks responding on Twitter already have an opinion regardless of what is said. Makes Twitter less usefulRead up on interrogation techniques that were allowed, are allowed now & ones that weren't on any official lists: http://t.co/9cDqw8ZZJDOur @meetthepress panel: @davidaxelrod, @helenecooper, @mitchellreports, and @dansenor.Will we end up debating the U.S. drone policy in a decade the way we’re debating enhanced interrogation now? @richardengel reports. #MTPWe’ll ask Intel Committee member Sen. @RonWyden to respond to fmr. VP Cheney and take us further inside the so-called torture report. #MTPThis morning on @meetthepress: a network exclusive with fmr. Vice Pres. Dick Cheney on, what some have dubbed, the torture report.
Very excited for @BillyCorben tonight. Congrats. #TheUPart2 But I will admit the past glory makes me depressed about the now.
@LukeRussert there has always been a collective view that a Congress is a necessary evil. An obligation. Who enjoys dealing w/obligations?@LukeRussert WH almost learned the hard way how badly they bungled their Cong relations in early years. #tweetthepress #thanksforbookplug. @chucktodd U wrote book called "The Stranger" re Obama. Many House Ds said lst night 1st time they heard frm WH. 6 yrs in! #tweetthepress
Retweeted by Chuck ToddOf course RT @LukeRussert: . @chucktodd Can I ask you a question? #TweetThePress.@LukeRussert last question, bigger issue in 2015, progressive Dems v Obama or tea party GOPers v Boehner/McConnell? #tweetthepress.@LukeRussert Boehner can pass more unsignable Legis without Dems if Conference cmte becomes norm. Then it gets watered down #tweetthepress.@LukeRussert With GOP in charge of both House and Senate, does that mean the return of the Conference Committee? #tweetthepress
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