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@OrmanForSenate Save SEKS and you will win. Amazon is leaving and it will destroy the economy there: http://t.co/6Hlk6BJFeu@OrmanForSenate @SenPatRoberts Whoever prevents Amazon from leaving SEKS will win the election: http://t.co/6Hlk6BJFeu #seks #jobs #kssen@SenPatRoberts @govsambrownback @OrmanForSenate Help save Southeast Kansas jobs! Amazon closing in SEKS! http://t.co/6Hlk6BJFeu #tcot #gop@govsambrownback @SenPatRoberts Amazon closing HUGE distribution facility in SE Kansas Please help prevent this! #jobs #gop #tcot #teaparty
Obama's air strikes in Syria kill innocent children #infowars #tcot #syria #isis #Khorasan #teaparty http://t.co/qeQhC1skT9
@kevinrose Had @Digg not become an Obama worshipping site it would have succeeded. Too much censorship and closed mindedness killed it.
Silicon Valley so deserves to get flattened by an earthquake #elitists #snobs #infowars
@vtlen @onafi @ACLU @joerobertson How is disarming the U.S. government immature? #disarmthefeds
@onafi @ACLU @joerobertson Ferguson riots prove Obummer's government cannot be trusted with guns #DisarmTheFeds #noagenda #FergusonFerguson riots prove Obummer's government cannot be trusted with guns #DisarmtheFeds #tcot #teaparty #infowars@ACLU @joerobertson Ferguson Riots = Obummer's fault #obummerliedblackpeopledied #infowars #ferguson@pam_mangas @Everytown @kroger Ferguson Riots = Obama's fault #thanksobama #obamasucks #fergusonFerguson Shooting = Obummer's Fault #tcot #infowars #teaparty@VegasLilith @DickMorrisTweet Ferguson shooting is 100% Obama's fault #thanksobama #tcot #infowars #ferguson@krysti034 @SaraWilhelmGarb Ferguson shooting is Obama's fault #thanksobama #ferguson #tcot@katbeewhite @BBCDanielS Ferguson shooting = Obummer's fault #ferguson #obamasfault #thanksobama@Vicnogal @CNNCALA Awesome... I wish they could bomb them with Napalm. Mike Brown gang photo http://t.co/SaLf2ycVpw@PDopeflow @LePandaDeDaomey Just trying to fight the lies from Democrats exploiting black people for political gain and $$$ #Ferguson@DOJisComing4GZ @mohiclaire @sandylkoch @GOPGrizzette @Re_Newsit Michael Brown was a drug dealing gangster #ferguson http://t.co/uaSe2ChNCM@VegasLilith @RealAlexJones Michael Brown was a drug dealing gangster. Glad he's dead. http://t.co/hp1QmPE6yB@iTaughtYUH because it is a lame movement... boring boring boring@trevorjbrown I like the idea of completely disarming the entire U.S. Government #DisarmUncleSam@RESISTtheEMPIRE Because Obummer has killed thousands of innocent people... and you guys are going nuts over one dude killed by a gun@SaraWilhelmGarb @krysti034 Do they act civilized or do they act like monkeys?@SaraWilhelmGarb @krysti034 everything is racist. Are blacks the only race that can be victims of racism? Can a white person be a victim?@Marrrrrrr46 @SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE @DickMorrisTweet I feel for you guys... hope you open your eyes someday@SaraWilhelmGarb @krysti034 What is racist?@GJBALDACCHINO @ainsleyearhardt @CurtisHebert @ProudGrayback Same idiots that paid for Occupy Wall Street more than likely #ferguson@PDopeflow @LePandaDeDaomey I meant yo mamma@SaraWilhelmGarb @Marrrrrrr46 @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE What if it is proven the officer is 100% innocent? No heavy heart for him?@DmantheDesigner Idiot. These protesters are a bunch of PANSIES sitting behind Facebook and Twitter. #ferguson@RealAlexJones These protests are boring as hell@PDopeflow @LePandaDeDaomey Yeah, it's cuz I got 12" your sister likes a lot@Marrrrrrr46 LOL oh, someday I'll learn to spread the love like you do... LOL@SaraWilhelmGarb @Marrrrrrr46 @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE You don't even know him. What if he was 100% guilty of violent crime?@Marrrrrrr46 Why are Democraps like you so unhappy all of the time?@PDopeflow @LePandaDeDaomey These protests are boring as hellYou protesters in #Ferguson are a bunch of PUSSIES. Lamest protest ever. #FergusonShooting@prosperchikomo LOL right... protesters are a bunch of pansies@AlexNaraCara Mike Brown was a criminal. Glad he's dead http://t.co/Tfqa0NmEG7@LePandaDeDaomey @PDopeflow nobody cares@SaraWilhelmGarb @Marrrrrrr46 @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE I never knew him... so no. Do you grieve a cop being falsely accused?BREAKING: New photo of Michael Brown holding GUN #tcot #infowars #teaparty #ferguson http://t.co/UaOtO20SzE@SaraWilhelmGarb @Marrrrrrr46 @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE Can you not grieve that Obama has killed innocent children with drones?@Marrrrrrr46 @SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE Here's another photo of Michael Brown with guns #tcot http://t.co/LFWxE5WOwN@Marrrrrrr46 @SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE There are likely facts on both sides... why not let the courts decide?@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Why not start a movement to simply Disarm the U.S. Government completely? #DisarmtheFeds@SaraWilhelmGarb So let's start the hashtag #DisarmtheGovernment@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Because, like idiot Michael Brown, they are all breaking the law and are criminals.@Marrrrrrr46 @SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE How do you know he wasn't threatened? Were you there? Show me your evidence@SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE What evidence do you have that racism was involved?@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Very boring protests. I give them a 3.7 out of 10 stars. I'd like to see lots of fire.@SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Why not make this proposal: I propose the U.S. Government COMPLETELY DISARM. Let only citizens have weapons.@SaraWilhelmGarb @LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE The cop didn't deserve to get his life threatened either. Do the facts matter anymore?@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Go do your pansy "riot", you dumbass. Lamest riot ever. No fires, nothing. Boring.@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews How do you know stinky black moron didn't pull a gun on the cop?@LagourmandeHH @RESISTtheEMPIRE @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews It's a black person being exploited by Democraps for $$$ and political gain@0pidgein0 You see what you want to see... but it is Michael Brown, the racist scumbag drug dealing violent criminal@SaraWilhelmGarb @skozik13 @ksdknews How do you know he didn't try to pull a gun on the cop? Were you there?@Helldamnguy Doesn't really matter... this is a scam perpetrated by Democraps to exploit blacks for political gain and $$$. #Ferguson #tcot@Marrrrrrr46 @skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews All journalism is shoddy - especially state run media such as CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, etc.@skozik13 @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Read it and weep http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b@ksdknews http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b@RESISTtheEMPIRE @SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews It IS MICHAEL BROWN http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b #ferguson #fergusonshooting #infowars #tcot@RebaCullars It is him, and it is him with booze and a gun http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b@SaraWilhelmGarb Yes, that is true. Democrats only care about getting more votes to Missouri... and getting more money #tcot #infowars@Helldamnguy http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b@Wingnutte You idiots in Ferguson are so lame and weak. This is the most boring protest ever. You think there'd at least be one fire@0pidgein0 http://t.co/hMCiVWek0b@SaraWilhelmGarb Maybe there should be a grieving process FIRST before Democrats put up a tent to try to raise money and get votes?@TheRevAl @RevJJackson Keep Racism Alive photo of Jesse Jackson #Ferguson #fergusonscanner #tcot http://t.co/0SiQQiJYXo#FergusonRiots #FergusonShooting #EricHolder #SuperiorGang Will fix everything! 😂 http://t.co/ooiSmNfASc
Retweeted by Dick MorrisGentle Giant Michael Brown photo with loaded gun, drugs, etc. #Ferguson #FergusonRiots http://t.co/IuByAK79nW@SaraWilhelmGarb @ksdknews Yeah, Michael Brown sure looks like a nice "kid"! #ferguson #tcot #infowars http://t.co/yaE2WhnvLAI wish at least ONE IDIOT in Ferguson would light something on fire. Your all a bunch of pussies. #Ferguson #tcot@TheRealNolanK Ferguson "riots" (boring by the way) are a scam by Democraps to increase voter registration and get more $$$ #Ferguson #tcot@MatthewTCR @ksdknews Bunch of idiots lol get a life losers #Ferguson@ksdknews It's all a scam run by the Democraps in order to get more votes and money for the Democrap party #exploitingblacks #ferguson
@katbeewhite @KennettDems Democrat scams are way too easy to deconstruct. More votes from exploiting blacks = $ #Ferguson #FergusonRiots@msunielsen @ChuckCJohnson Ferguson Protesters = ISIS #isis #FergusonShooting@CarolLeonnig @washingtonpost Why does everyone think Michael Brown looks so innocent? #FergusonShooting #tcot http://t.co/4ZQZDUzO70When you are 290 lbs & 6'4" your arms & fists are weapons loaded to kill. @Nvania @Bwl247_ @moss92g
Retweeted by Dick Morris@KennettDems Democraps - the party of division, hatred, racism, violence and unhappiness. Please go jump off a bridge losers #tcot #infowars@KennettDems You idiots only care about getting money and votes from African Americans so you can further enslave them. #Democraps #tcot@KennettDems How is it working? All I've heard are complaints about health care... and these are all from Democraps #ObamacareHey Ferguson pansies... can you guys at least burn something? Your "riots" are boring and putting me to sleep #Ferguson #FergusonShooting
Ferguson "riots" are boring. Wake me up when the shithole catches on fire. #ferguson #fergusonshooting #fergusonriots #tcot #infowars@RevJJackson @olivia_lang @BBCWorld Martin Luther King Jr. is rolling over in his grave in disgust at hateful Jesse Jackson #tcot #infowars@RevJJackson She is a paid actress. Stop scamming people Jesse Jackson you are trying to incite violence and hatred for political gain #tcotAny time @TheRevAl or @RevJJackson is involved in anything, you can be assured it is a scam #Ferguson #FergusonShooting #tcot #infowars
the missing pic @BAMAPERRY @fubaglady @Wake_up_service @iResistAll @PatDollard @FredZeppelin12 @HeidiL_RN http://t.co/Cji4tIvyXE
Retweeted by Dick MorrisSt. Louis is a shithole #FergusonShooting #fergusonriotLooters & Thugs ... that's what these people are ... & there is nothing that condones their behavior ... PERIOD ‼️ http://t.co/xOazsGW7M6
Retweeted by Dick Morris@charlesjaco1 @PresReed Don't let these people fool you. They are using you as a political pawn. After November election, nobody will care@chriskingstl @PresReed Politicians using blacks as political pawns in order to get out the black vote in Missouri. Evil #tcot #teaparty@chriskingstl @PresReed Using blacks as political pawns is pretty evil. Why don't you protest shootings in California? Hmm.. #infowars@club_reid @nyblossom @PresReed Truth hurts, don't it? Using blacks as political pawns is pretty evil. #tcot #infowars@nyblossom @PresReed @club_reid Truth hurts, doesn't it? You sound like someone exploiting African Americans for political gain of whites
@PresReed Peace? You guys don't want peace. You want riots for political gain in Missouri because you're all out of ideas #tcot #infowars@AntonioFrench @PresReed Looks like a bunch of idiots to me
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