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Stuart Elmore @digitalgravy Peterborough, UK

Software Engineer with a passion for JavaScript, HTML and CSS. (in)Famous for fixing your code problems! Worked for @Skype. Views are my own blah blah

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Tea and cake at Castle Cottage https://t.co/D6HSLQxuyy
Leonard Nimoy has died at 83 years of age. What a brilliant man. RIP.
@version7 one guy said to me "nope you've gotta go over there" and I'm like "but they're open and I clearly have a ticket!". Genius.@version7 also the ones around the side were all open making the whole exercise pointless!@version7 yeah I noticed this, but isn't it out old buddies East Coast? :-/@liz_e When in Rome@liz_e BOOM. Now you're cooking on gas.Hey everyone! The company I've been working for didn't get further funding so I'm now looking for a new front-end role, if you need someone?@liz_e *whistles*@liz_e Wait, I don't think I've got the hang of this.@liz_e Oh you're such an Edam.@andyreedman oh hell yes.Seriously, has noone made JUST a touch / click normaliser? A JS library that translates touch to click to drag etc?It's a real shame @soyjavi's QuoJS's documentation is pitiful. It looks like it has potential but there's not even an API doc page.[At Starbucks] Guy: "What name?" Me: "Stuart." Guy: "Joe?" Me: "No, Stuart." Guy: "Okay." http://t.co/BKnQW4m5Dd@studioromeo @Joffff @jamesckemp @DavidDarnes \o/@Joffff @DavidDarnes @studioromeo @jamesckemp I see Jesus in my burrito. http://t.co/omda8RSwGWHas ANYONE ever managed to get Airdrop to work?@Joffff I'd like it geofenced to any Prêt a Manger pls.Coño West. http://t.co/TE4CiGPD98Ugh. Remind me to never have a Prêt 'Sausage and egg roll' ever again.AHAHAAAAHAAAA! #boom https://t.co/G1RldagzQQ poor old Madonna. I hear there's still spaces at that old people's home...When you pull your parachute too early and it catches an up draft https://t.co/uZsz5aKy3N
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreMade a fan art for @YogscastLewis and @SimonHoneydew's new Minecraft video "A whole new game" https://t.co/epPK3B1hrI http://t.co/N4kcRS2CxK
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Alright Twitter, any ideas what this is about? A302 nr Buckingham Palace ~1pm http://t.co/AgZufCpngK@crowdhuntco :)@crowdhuntco You do know that it's already on your site from yesterday, right? http://t.co/zmiV7blrHW@crowdhuntco I'm sorry, what project?Pebble Time - Oh man I'm tempted... http://t.co/TagfV38dn2
Victim sets fire to her rapist. Tumblr users reply with how people reply to rape cases. http://t.co/fVhqKn86qt
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View from the St. Ives Tea Room over the harbour http://t.co/EqA0oycrl4
I think this perfectly sums up my views on American Sniper (and its Oscar nomination). http://t.co/0FA485Og6r
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreEveryone enjoys trolling JavaScript for it's weirdness but everyone has something. Here's Java http://t.co/SszNlbefLP
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreWhoever is running the @Microsoft Twitter account is genius. http://t.co/WsCRx2es3b
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@AdamBuxton saw this and thought of you (check the linked comment) https://t.co/qBagooS0lJ <3
@fabfabfab84 @Andrew_Bucknell @GNRailUK did you get off at St. Neots?@fabfabfab84 @GNRailUK dude you should pull it at the next stop if you can't get off - if the doors won't open its an emergency!@GNRailUK the same as everyone else is complaining about 1810 KGX->PBO. I'll be claiming for delay repay AGAIN tonight. Why do I pay £6k/yr?The God Who Peter Molyneux Forgot http://t.co/xLZCLNUyAP (cmts http://t.co/fhjNJI08m4)
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore.@GNRailUK now 4 out of the last 5 trains (in 3 days) have been delayed. Good job guys!Left: Samsung SmartTV privacy policy, warning users not to discuss personal info in front of their TV Right: 1984 http://t.co/osywjYKV3W
Retweeted by Stuart Elmorevery subtle advert from last minute dot com, very subtle indeed. http://t.co/jGCuEbehv8
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@TheTrainClaim Sweet! Let me know if you want some extra testing :) Happy to help out a fellow engineer!@TheTrainClaim pre-populating (maybe seeing the post action for each form) it would be great since @GNRailUK's for example is super buggy.@TheTrainClaim ... that's not the case, but there's no user response. Also, if there's a way to auto post to the service, rather than...@TheTrainClaim I like it! The only issues I've got is the webview doesn't indicate any activity, so appears to 'hang'. As a dev I know...@TheTrainClaim Awesome! Thanks :) Downloading now...@version7 @GNRailUK Dat service tho. I mean come on seriously this is crazy. £6500 a year? Good job!@jamienewman aw :) I'm glad! We're good thanks! Yeah we definitely should. Would be great to see you all again :)@jamienewman yeah I'm back! Down in Victoria. How are you and the family?@jamienewman @GNRailUK hahahahaha! Good one! :p@jamienewman @GNRailUK yep, for one. The other three? This was last night: http://t.co/vNGY1Q0rPUHilarious service from @GNRailUK - 3 out of the last 4 train journeys I've taken have been delayed > 20 mins or cancelled.
@kersley yeah mine was dead on what they said :)https://t.co/cc5gxyWDI6 Yep, that's how I play GTAV.The last twenty years building the web no-one asked for in two wireframes http://t.co/dwO97ZADN0
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Taps are faster than clicks http://t.co/l26rIWDGI4 http://t.co/3H9e8I9oj9
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreEnjoying our @YOSushi! #yobluemondays! http://t.co/dvPosPeHkp
For a moment, I was so excited. #confluence #Atlassian http://t.co/kP86jSpmITHoly shit smoothmouse where have you been all my OSX life?! http://t.co/aAdQGXAqsR get it - your brain will thank you for it.Smoothmouse is an experimental project to improve mouse & trackpad usability. http://t.co/48J5sgP8Rp p.s check the favicon
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreBBC News - GCHQ internet surveillance 'was unlawful', tribunal rules http://t.co/ryOcNUF37p
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@kersley hahaha :P anyway, iPhone 6: takes a little while to get used to, then you'll wonder how the hell you coped with such a tiny screen!@kersley hahahaha! Check back through my tweets and you'll see I've watched every Apple presentation for the last 6 years or so!@kersley Nah man! I've got an iPhone 6 (had 3G / 3GS / 4S), I'm on my second MBP, have an iPad, Air and Mini and my desktop is a Hackintosh!@kersley I do, but it's out of battery and in my drawer at home... You know I've not worked for MS for 2 years right? :P@kersley surprisingly loving it at the moment. Picked up my old 4S the other day and couldn't believe how small it is!
@HazelLCottrell @richardkendall @DPiPboro what the hell did I miss?!
@HazelLCottrell @Joffff @whoatemycrayons @andyreedman me toooo :( :( x@Joffff @whoatemycrayons @andyreedman I'm really sick guys :( :( Sorry I won't be able to make it :( :(@kersley no, no like ad-hoc group chats. In Skype you just start talking to one person and add more and more, then you can name the group@kersley @BenjaminReid That really does look gorgeous! Might have to give it a download...@kersley Sorry, in FlowDock you get channels, and you can't make ad-hoc with selected members. I'm coming from using Skype...@kersley Slack looks a lot like Flowdock that we're using, however I can't get my head around the lack of casual messaging and ad-hoc chats@kersley default? Not found one i really like...
I'm just going to leave this here... http://t.co/9vVOFJuyXJ@Joffff @DavidDarnes My colleague Craig had his written as "Greige" (which Diego ensures me is Spanish)Yeah, nope. http://t.co/wQngtb8hrN
JSON Statham http://t.co/AFZkKtRJBb
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@Joffff Even the original Surface (not Pro) was at 1.3GHz and 2GB RAM, just sayin'...@Joffff Yeah, but it will be horrible. 1GB / 900MHz will NOT cope!!Time flies when your Clock.app crashes.My script just finished. Took 76,159 seconds, or 21 hours. My poor Mac Book /cries@mesirii What sort of details would be useful / interesting?@PboroCORE @whoatemycrayons Do you know if there any decent colocation / hosting specialists in the area now?
@version7 my poor little Mac Book Pro! :(So I've just initiated a script to parse 510,000 records into a relationship database (neo4j). It's taken 10 mins to do 20,000. Balls.
@benjaminhollway @DavidDarnes This functionality seems to change weekly. Last week it wasn't in, this week it is. The week before it was etc@version7 just seen the tips of the blades of a wind farm peeking beneath the fog :)@version7 it's gorgeous isn't it?!Black lines this morning. http://t.co/PZmH0aO3Qv
Pretty sure OkCupid is just lifting questions from the Voight-Kampff test at this point http://t.co/h6di6aeshF
Retweeted by Stuart Elmore@version7 yeah I'd heard that Three do that too, but was pretty surprised when I picked up the phone!@version7 just seen this... http://t.co/rKF9WvFQnN@version7 no, directly over a call, mobile to mobile native. Quality was incredible, with a couple of distortions that gave it away.I think I just took a phonecall on @EE over a data connection..? Is this a thing now? #ripSkypeToday's recipe is for a high protein smoothie. http://t.co/AXAE98FtBL
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@HazelLCottrell @Twenty8Design @instantprint wow! That's a huge amount of @seanuk's Hand of Sean!!
Best shit ive seen all night 😂 http://t.co/aFyCYmpnHf
Retweeted by Stuart ElmoreSuper sleepy today after being in A&E with Mum until 3:30am!
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