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Dan Moren @dmoren Somerville, MA

Storyteller, rocketeer. Slamming evil since MCMLXXX. Co-host of Not Playing (@notplayingcast), Clockwise (@clockwisepod), and The Rebound (@reboundcast).

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@hotdogsladies Did not see that coming.@hotdogsladies I am so so so excited now. Not that I wasn’t before, but that just fired on all cylinders. Mark Hamill!That was an excellent episode of The Flash.@kelly_heather You’re a jazzy lady.@porchdragon Ha. I’ve been waiting to see you put that into action!Need a button for when I run out of Amazon Dash Buttons and have to order more.@JasonT http://t.co/PIsGgWeykJ@JasonT In that case, I assume you’re better at editing than I am. TAKE THAT.@JasonT I just assume you, like everybody else, are cleverer, funnier, and more insightful than I am.@JasonT Next stage: Typing in tweets and deciding not to send them because they’re boring. I do this all the time.@jsnell I look forward to starting my betting pool for what people think @siracusa will say.Man Thinking About Just Packing Up And Making Exact Same Mistakes Someplace Far Away http://t.co/RLEkQ6F8r8 http://t.co/YQ0td1Dg4k
Retweeted by Dan Moren@turrean How ever are you going to eat all of those?@laurenalexg I just enjoy the conflicting responses. http://t.co/4hphRijoC1@MykeCole You are saved from the fact that I could not figure out how to make a “That’s your Praguerogative” joke work.@MykeCole Be sure to let them know the Czech version is in the mail.@thejessbeast Ah. Post-12am was Hot Truck territory for us.@thejessbeast Was it still good? Kind of went downhill after my first two years there. Or maybe I got old.@will_wagner I think that’s happened to all of us at some point or another, right? Right?@calzone @DanJosef OR WAS IT."it's simple. We kill the Batman." #TIDALforALL http://t.co/sHiRzwrBJQ
Retweeted by Dan Moren@adamengst Okay, you win.@flargh I’ll be right over, thanks.What if you could, for one day, switch jobs with someone that has the same name as you? I’d pick this guy: https://t.co/5kcRCS6j3G@blankbaby All of them.@PVBrett Congrats, dude. And that was before I even bought my copy!The Atom/Canary Power Hour, as we’ve dubbed it, keeps sounding better and better: http://t.co/uMmx4GptW1@jmgold Arthur Darvill, though! (And I totally agree The Question should be on there.)
@shehaal @1Password @LastPass That’s cool. We can all celebrate password managers!@siracusa Sorry about that.@RoboTony That is a very animé-meets-Frank-Miller aesthetic. (I think I watched a clip from this.)@johnaugust @CiaraRenee8 @BigFishBroadway Nice! Very excited.Now this is how you write a "What is a Roleplaying Game" section of a rulebook. #rpg #thelaundry http://t.co/rLiwaM4fEt
Retweeted by Dan Moren@cschrader @netflix I think the Fire TV app does list it at the bottom of the screen.@rmogull It gets a big thumbs up. Really enjoyed what I’d seen, though it was a shame it had gotten cancelled ahead of its time.@davextreme It’s quite good! Sad that it was cancelled before its time.Pretty annoyed that the Green Lantern animated series disappeared off Netflix with six episodes still left for me to watch. :|@heymermaid @will_wagner You guys have taken me down a dark—but EPIC—path.@dloehr @jamesthomson @siracusa I believe you mean the Erata Conference.@heymermaid I see that, and raise you: https://t.co/fqrC9p5jILTime for an upgrade, @mr_jiggs? http://t.co/8y57Ukhdl1@siracusa @jamesthomson *drags John away from keyboard*.@dmoren Last one for now: Doctor Hodor #DoctorWhoMeetsGameOfThones
Retweeted by Dan Moren.@dmoren The Rains of Trenzalore #DoctorWhoMeetsGameOfThones
Retweeted by Dan MorenBad Dire Wolf. #doctorwhomeetsgameofthrones.@siracusa The Mad King Aerys With a Box.If I worked in an office, this would pretty much be me. http://t.co/6K8LxQ8xOMReally hope that the Game of Thrones show diverges far enough from the books that at the end the Doctor just shows up and fixes everything.You got Game of Thrones in my Doctor Who! https://t.co/gnwQLKtvIr@aelscha *head desk*@angelheartscake Just pretend to use your Force powers to crush the heads of other commuters.@lexfri Snow way!
@GlennF Look at this guy.@SheckyX @MykeCole I was going to but didn’t quite get my shit together in time. Next year! (He promises himself in vain.)I don’t think it’s being a freelancer that makes taxes suck so much as the transition from being salaried to freelance.@heymermaid Oh man, second person. That is a tough nut to crack. Maybe we need a writing support group.@heymermaid “He went to the place, and did the thing. It looked bad. It *was* bad!”@heymermaid See, I have the opposite problem. If I could write the whole thing in dialogue, that’d be great. Description/action are my bane.@heymermaid Isn’t it? I just finished reworking the same chapter that I think I’ve now read a hojillion times.
“I never say no to challah.” It’s possible I have never uttered a more concise statement of my being.@turrean Wooooo! (Speaking of which, heard a trip might be in the offing soon. No pressure. :)Tested a bunch of @incon_ceivable questions on my parents. Went about as well as I feared.@panzer @siracusa Jesus. And I was impressed earlier today when @JasonT told me he has almost every exotic.@siracusa I await it. Eagerly.@turrean How do they travel? Say, via mail. About three hundred miles?@tinyasterisms @will_wagner We’ve had some good times on those stairs.The Speedy Arrowcast rides again! @gte, @Moltz, and I discuss delightful villains, Diggle, and the Supersuit. https://t.co/7MrsHnAHG7@danielpunkass “Break glass in case of child boredom emergency."Yes, I went back in time and replaced @moze on the Flashcast this week. (Not that he is truly replaceable.) https://t.co/7wjBdFbBf8Alternate universe with @dmoren TeeVee 54: The Flash S1E16 Review: “Rogue Time” http://t.co/n7wS8JhwAU
Retweeted by Dan Moren@curtisbridges Two out of three ain’t bad. ;)@Sauce_ I’ve talked about a little in a few places, but it’s a sci-fi space opera/spy story. That I’ve been working on for several years. ;)@PhilipMichaels If you could push yourself to have a couple of those delivered to the east coast, that’d be great. Thanks!@lvdjgarcia That’s a cafe for you.MacBooks all the way down. http://t.co/1k1Lz8BjVAJust finished another read-through of the book, though there are still plenty of tweaks left to make. Getting ever closer.@jamesthomson @jsnell I assume he didn’t fit in the overhead compartment.@gte @Moltz Two days is too long to live with that.
@turrean @porchdragon What are cousins for!@caseyliss This, but for whisky.@will_wagner @RoboTony @JasonT I feel like it might evince the same reaction in me that The Prisoner did.I really needed @Moltz and @lexfri to walk me through Meerkat on the latest @reboundcast. http://t.co/C3aB6n5Qii@heymermaid Feeding the hungry maw of news since 5000 BC.@heymermaid Idea: Tech Shark companion account, The Myth Shark.@ccgus Why, Gus? WHY? WHY AM I NOT WORTHY?@ccgus Still waiting on Gjallarhorn. SOME DAY.@lschmeiser @TSindelar @moze I smell a season two guest star. Mirror Master maybe?@mntylr Had it on hand already. I made it for a talk I gave a few years ago. (So it actually took me 9 minutes to find on my drive. ;)Think of all the useful things a novel debugger could tell you. http://t.co/B3RMu3iBH3@MacNN_Mike Yeah, somehow I don’t think it does, you know, plot details, characters, etc. ;)@TSindelar @moze @lschmeiser Also, this is my favorite secret identity scene. https://t.co/52D37gUWnl@TSindelar @moze @lschmeiser I love that Michael Rosenbaum does the voice of Flash (and played Lex Luthor on Smallville).Not for the first time I wish there were a debugger for novels.@gknauss Those roving gangs establishing people’s nerd cred are no joke.Well thus just put a smile on my face 😃 http://t.co/DQ1TkySYlS
Retweeted by Dan Moren@westwardview http://t.co/zmnSlayetq@gknauss It’s the only way he’ll learn.@porchdragon Hmm. Check RSS feeds? I always check a direct feed.@porchdragon On your computer or phone?
@caseyliss @siracusa @hotdogsladies And haven’t watched it?!
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