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Sensibility is cheap. Reporting is expensive. http://t.co/ralPYfT6kF

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My last day as Guardian editor. Which, after 20+ yrs, is a bit emotional. @pressgazette summary here http://t.co/qNTkI39bJf
Retweeted by Edmund LeeUnwinding from a stellar #codecon. Can't wait for what's next with @bankoffAmazing in-depth look at Google products by the killers @verge and @VoxProduct https://t.co/zWFVaIkVpG
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
Solve tech’s diversity problem? #codecon attendees weigh in. (video) http://t.co/ZvIFSrvp6e by @KatieBoehret http://t.co/ELdVacG4QY
Retweeted by Edmund LeeQuick guys, let's unfollow: https://t.co/GDHUvJu3N7For your day’s entertainment, @TerrenceHoward's Guide to the Galaxy (Video) at #CodeCon http://t.co/QVcsKIq1kv http://t.co/cZwoewbMsy
Jason let's talk about this. https://t.co/XUP8oDjiRMhappening now http://t.co/1LM2CYE33bRichard Plepler of the West. (h/t @edmundlee ) https://t.co/BHsVj5Z6lR
Retweeted by Edmund Leecan I drink yet?If you love #EmpireFOX, tonight @Recode conference we will be talking all about it! http://t.co/uszj89tXbX @EmpireFOX
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Senator Elizabeth Warren is mad as hell (video) #codecon http://t.co/DFLZMkYaQH by @amy_schatz http://t.co/0Twk1OGZjE
Retweeted by Edmund LeeThe @voxmediainc + @Recode deal, explained in plain english by CEO Jim @Bankoff http://t.co/UgqtR5ZoAg#codecon isn't livestreamed, but you can catch up with our posts here: http://t.co/nROXExur6FCommitment. #manofhisword https://t.co/rnjNZAmBITSo excited to welcome @karaswisher @waltmossberg and the @recode team to @voxmediainc ... amazing talent to extend our leadership in tech.
Retweeted by Edmund LeeAbout to go on stage at #codecon to share the news! http://t.co/mul2yusmA5
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@verge http://t.co/okHNVJpYlJ
Retweeted by Edmund LeeYes we make news at #codecon http://t.co/JfVGm59qvPVox Media acquires Re/code owner Revere Digital http://t.co/nzq3WHZ2xE via @waltmossberg http://t.co/bRKDLRDKV5Congrats @BuzzFeed @mat on nabbing @nitashatiku http://t.co/e2LziNDcNgWe even have @pkafka working the check-in desk at #codecon this year. http://t.co/KQ2ZdpT4xtMEDIA PEOPLE and others: I am interviewing @peretti and @BuzzFeedBen at #codecon. What would you like to ask them? @ me and I will do best.
Retweeted by Edmund Lee3 other companies approached AOL looking to buy. AOL also considered selling off "brand assets" aka its websites @edmundleeFor you m&a geeks, the official tick-tock to $AOL $VZ https://t.co/JB247FRyCF
@nkulw @DelRey @kenli729 Noah this is the best thing you've done all year@DelRey @kenli729 more like "how does he get his hair to do that?" Also fuck offTwitter has been in talks to buy Flipboard in a $1 billion plus deal. But talks are stalled. http://t.co/1JKAaEneph via @karaswisher@sherman4949 @EdHammondNY he ought to double his rate ;)I remember when Charter was originally trying to buy TWC and Comcast jumped in one banker said, "It's not over!" https://t.co/pCoMgf61u1
Finally caught "Boyhood" -- a restrained masterpiece. Should've won best picture.
Sony-Spotify contract Verge posted, then removed now available at @digitalmusicnws via @paulresnikoff http://t.co/2iCpAGyHfx
Retweeted by Edmund LeeNew study—from the very smart @owasow—shows riots turn Americans conservative: http://t.co/0ZEgzSPG5o#Codecon: @twitter's Dick Costolo and @periscopeco's Kayvon Beykpour will be on stage! http://t.co/jsnmHjMiql http://t.co/TAvKTq94hz
Retweeted by Edmund LeeLikely, since @KathViner got the top job. https://t.co/MKERysRAtS@kenli729 @ampressman @jbrod @learmonth you missed the air quotes dude@kenli729 @fmanjoo @Recode @pkafka he means Peter's power is the glitch@fmanjoo @Recode @pkafka he wants to make sure they get it right…you don’t want bad Apple TV, bec then everyone will blame Peter@fmanjoo @Recode @pkafka Peter has a lot of pull within the TV industryApple wants local TV in its #AppleTV service, which means Apple TV could be delayed http://t.co/0tXS6rGF9i by @pkafka http://t.co/T7XLsDxivj
Meet Twitter's activist investor, @sacca: http://t.co/05VgYGf6Mu by @KurtWagner8Google's ads boss: We are not a retailer and don't intend to be one. By @mhbergen http://t.co/YdYt2mzozm http://t.co/uLqLYYy32R
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@MikeIsaac @fmanjoo (hey Mike http://t.co/OyUO52TFy9 does have a comments section)
Dear millennials / philistines, you have Internet. We had Dave Letterman. We won.Yup. @jeffweiner? https://t.co/i9jSKp6Q3zThis is how we thatch roofs in Brooklyn http://t.co/448GT69TC8Ex-Gawker editor @AJDaulerio fires entire editorial staff of new site http://t.co/W5mV8D6rbY scoop from @nkulwWould seriously like to see this go up against Bloomberg's speed desk: http://t.co/7JSIi9j2gNMajor minor media move @alexia leaves TechCrunch: http://t.co/QmLPTcPTQa http://t.co/gwzpt9urafThe economy looks like it's picking up, which might not be so great for startups: http://t.co/l7ePkWLcJb by @mhbergen http://t.co/PBr6w9MDUB
Man, has Rupert gotten clubbed by his $5.6-billion trophy http://t.co/lUctB4pZHz / http://t.co/e6tBhv4ZfC @edmundlee @talkingbiznews
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@amandagutterman @DelRey not what it saysAmazon CEO Jeff Bezos names first woman exec to coveted top role. http://t.co/ZiLic2XDzF via @DelRey http://t.co/HFy9ynN40o@MikeIsaac @DelRey trueprotip: When assigning reporters for big conference, don't forget to include makeup time...that is, time to get makeup, because reporters.Thanks, nice hed. Will use for later tweet. https://t.co/YUiEDMnSPR
Turns out @POTUS @billclinton use Twitter like the rest of us: to talk trash. http://t.co/v8HZdsIpoA via @KurtWagner8 http://t.co/ZCLhtVVTiC
.@BrianLehrer's glowing praise for @SarahMaslinNir's piece on nail salon employees. http://t.co/fAam2qdg48 http://t.co/Nf9zN5GK2l
Retweeted by Edmund Lee
@MikeIsaac stop distracting him he's working on something important @DelReyGoogle plunges into ecommerce w/Buy buttons, becoming a marketplace biz (Amazon's marketplace acc for 40%+ of sales): http://t.co/WhwQoeNKFqI'd go with the first one: 17 People Who Should Write the New York Times’ Media Column | Observer http://t.co/w9T9QM22oh@M_C_Klein dunno dividends are on the minds of Lyft execsDoes Lyft not understand what the “icahn” name signifies? http://t.co/4Rvhumm408 http://t.co/1iTFAcZawESilicon Valley Fashion Week -- four words that don't belong together: http://t.co/Kfqmc4ZMkq via @carmeldea http://t.co/RMTzij3OigListen to @onthemedia's tense and contentious interview with Seymour Hersh on his account of the bin Laden raid. http://t.co/ILBke0qhLY
Retweeted by Edmund LeeGoogle's homemade self-driving cars will hit public roads this summer. http://t.co/3DACetiSgs by @mhbergen http://t.co/I3tH7npWD2
@DavidClinchNews same thing@pkafka yupsaw the usual saw of media folks at NY event tonight and the delusion is as clear as everEditor in Chief @kenli729 vs Editor in Chief @jledbetter (they're still just media reporters deep down) http://t.co/WYDMLUljxWA lot of readers didn't pick up on this nuance and considered it Times corroboration. https://t.co/eToTBZlEWvAmazon relents on key merchant policy so Prime members can get better selection. http://t.co/i8HYg3Lwf3 By @DelRey http://t.co/pN5Ea0LLWXStatement from Sumner Redstone: not able to make the CBS shareholder meeting after all. #nyp
Retweeted by Edmund Lee@fmanjoo https://t.co/Bjl6UFGKbJ...is really the point on Facebook's benevolence to publishers. @jwherrman http://t.co/Ww2GVW2V2t http://t.co/BxIXPxNkHz
@MattZeitlin you should...but seriously, a pets Shouts and Murmurs would make sense for Buzzfeed@HeyHeyESJ @pkafka @kenli729 @karaswisher prepping homepage link to your periscope@sherman4949 @crayton_h @pkafka so glad WSJ explained the whole “You’ve Got Mail” reference because that movie suckedSo good: https://t.co/DD6eK0yeDN
Retweeted by Edmund Lee"If Everything Was Bundled Like Cable," everything would probably suck (Video) http://t.co/5VKFmtpnpB via @nkulw http://t.co/dp4IZ3r35VPlouffe is poof. https://t.co/8wH8gTdAqqNYTimes' content on Facebook reads/looks better than web or apps. Journos, we're all going to work for Facebook now. http://t.co/Ay0FbkyT4iFacebook starts hosting content today including @nytimes whose CEO sounds off here http://t.co/MfYbtFhVM7 by @pkafka http://t.co/3A8y2EVAah
Lots of stories quoting the wrong exec about what's going to happen to HuffPo and TechCrunch. It's not up to AOL anymore.This 1992 @waltmossberg review of $AOL & Prodigy is classic, including his reference to a 'mouse-pointing device' http://t.co/TL8UrLBaOd
Retweeted by Edmund LeeBasically, AOL's Tim and Arianna now work for the phone company http://t.co/rJyBCE66iN by @karaswisher http://t.co/cCR9TDoN08@sherman4949 @pkafka dare you. cc @jcmccracken@sherman4949 @pkafka calling moratorium on ALL tick-tocks going forward@mathewi eh@mathewi sometimes it’s “PR” when news sites write it tooIt’s only a $4.4B deal, but no tick-tock?$VZ $AOLAOL has been in talks to spin off HuffPo as part of the Verizon deal http://t.co/1NNq5gOAUa by @karaswisher http://t.co/aEZvB9nNSN@BGrueskin @KellyGilblom um http://t.co/1mOoLR6LBl@fmanjoo been that way a loooong time. notable exceptions: @rupertmurdoch, Barry Diller, Sumner Redstone, John MaloneHow about this: Verizon buys ad tech company for $4.4 billion. http://t.co/x6tNI7cBG6
Retweeted by Edmund Lee(btw, Verizon-AOL first reported in Jan by @sherman4949 http://t.co/1mOoLR6LBl)Verizon wants AOL for its ad-tech, not its content. It's part of VZ's effort to offer ad-supported video on phones: http://t.co/mOq2F3qTUvVerizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion to help get its over-the-top TV business going: http://t.co/mOq2F3qTUv via @pkafka
Great stories exhibit the friction of the text—@tadfriend—trying to outdo the subject—@pmarca—so a lot of that here: http://t.co/okdpSPjB11@nitashatiku @DelRey @kenli729 my case always
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