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Erica Cho @ericach0 New York City!

Korean-American actor from the South. Loves: NYC, travel, Frenchies & laughing until it hurts. http://t.co/AV1gp7QO

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@caitlinskybound Haha. Amazing pic! Glad you're having fun on set. Happy holidays! πŸŽ„πŸŽβ„β›„Elevator conversations = awkward. Either cut short by getting to your floor. Or door keeps closing on someone trying to finish talking.πŸ‘"Win a trip to #Vegas and party with @KhloeKardashian 12/30 & @Macklemore New Year's Eve @1OAKLV! Enter: http://t.co/O5BQqOTSJP #1OAKNYE"
@oneupmanshipman Nice GQ pic of you!! And I dont know the answer. I'll just steal one when you're not looking. Watch out Dec 24!.@oneupmanshipman Dresser drawers! Barbie never wore underwear. She was scandalous like that.Someone just told me that was the OG Tamagotchi πŸ˜‚. I had one of those, too.As a kid, I used to play with my egg yolk friends. Tried not to break them. Stored them in water in Barbie's drawers. Yes, weird + gross.Those weird abstinence projects for students probably backfire. Thinking having a child is as easy as taking care of a sack of flour. Cmon.
.@chrissyteigen Can't wait for your cookbook! But honestly, am I a lost cause? Signed, The Rice Killer http://t.co/1e3Ot0NlA6
@oneupmanshipman How about...."It's CHO Time!"Check out snowdaytruck! The shot of maple syrup + maple grilled cheese with maple pulled pork on the… http://t.co/tEjAHiJevbJam packed! "A Supercut Of The 233 Biggest Viral Videos Of 2014 http://t.co/qbF4HHEepf via @Digg"Free! "@amNewYork: Celebrate National Maple Syrup Day- maple grilled cheese at @SnowdayTruck http://t.co/h4ptX7aVWM http://t.co/SPEwuZHg6K"@FuckABag @CollegeHumor Ahaha. Plum's mama needs to get with Cartman (when he's of age, of course)@chrissyteigen @jessetyler Lucas Papaw and Tim Tams for everyone!@DoubleSixx I remember you like 🍝. Next time, it's a carb party. French fries too.Should give a consolation prize. Sweatshirt? "Johns Hopkins mistakenly tells 294 they are admitted http://t.co/5nWO1S6Fte @washingtonpost"
@DoubleSixx can you eat pizza?? Omg I hope so@ndmann55 @Rubirosa_NYC Both halvesThe heart wants what it wants. PIZZA. @Rubirosa_NYC http://t.co/bEO4gixSTY
Oh no. Poor little guy doesn't know what's coming. http://t.co/o0YjJOaJaG
I wonder how disgusting that pic looked to some vegetarians. Lotsa bone + jelly!Oxtail soup for the soul. http://t.co/QeTm5LBO76
Just saw a casualty of Santa Con getting on a stretcher surrounded by her puke and urine. It's not even 5:30.
Well, you gotta stop licking your toes, Otto. Aww, don't give me that look. #DogsofInstagram… http://t.co/4tUfzcPUtT
@oneupmanshipman Yay! So happy to see you guys soon. Loved the pics of my niece + nephew at Evergreen! Growing up quickly 😨@chrissyteigen @johnlegend On πŸ”₯! Actually an amazing time for both of you. Minus the Puddy πŸ’© incident. Poor Pippa.Caught a guy peeing on the side of our building. Stay classy, NYC. http://t.co/0AM4OOdpio
@DoubleSixx I love myth busters and I can still love chicken McNuggets!@DoubleSixx Yes and yes. Definitely see someone! Thank you. πŸ˜„@Kris561_ Get better soon! My issue is so much better.Never mind. I just had a flashback. As I'm getting up from the operating table, I yelled WHERE IS THE CLOSEST SEPHORA???@Kris561_ @DoubleSixx Nothing major. I messed up my neck so steroid injections.This time I did so well. I didn't demand candy while I was under (they gave me some after) Epidural for bulging disc. http://t.co/HHXgacJHphGetting off anesthesia.Fun times.I want Sephora.Also,IπŸ’™ Jessica Biel.But don't like rooms full of children.Did I mention I'm an ex teacher?Jessica Biel is opening up an exclusive restaurant for children of the elite. A Soho House for kids. Sounds like upscale hell.So Psy did/didn't break YouTube. Popularity of that song = less men creepily cooing "Ni Hao" + more yelling "Gangnam Style!!" at me.@DoubleSixx Thanks for the pics + 20 McNuggget heaven!Olivia's makeup+outfit tonight 😍"@Letterman: Tonight Ben Stiller (@RedHourBen), @oliviamunn (#TheNewsroom) LaLa Brooks on at 11:35|10:35c."Callback, agent meetingπŸ‘,hanging w/ @DoubleSixx after seeing sweet+gorgeous @oliviamunn #TodayWasAGoodDay #MyFaceHuge http://t.co/34Z7Yg4GpX
Just saw a girl's fries fall through her wet McDonald's bag. She just stood in the rain + stared at her fries. I understood her pain.@NinjaEconomics OHH. I was thinking bland people with babies? Forgot about the Jewish contingent. And I'm a doubly unwelcome UWS Asian.@NinjaEconomics You get rated. Now I can't stop thinking about the factors that would influence your rating.@TheSHIFlick Hi Andre! Congrats on your script. We do some weird shit, but I'd love to know how they thought we were "special".You guys. I saw Meryl Streep in person tonight. And she is just radiant! She just oozes of ridiculous talent.Omg that shirt is badass.And hunger inducing.And I wanna be shirt twins with @chrissyteigen"@kfc: @ericach0 we can get you one too. DM us."@chrissyteigen OK,not only do you crack me up but this happens from interacting w/u. YOU ARE MAGIC "@kfc: @ericach0 we can get you one too."
@Flywheel love it when @johnnydfly teaches! His playlist is always amazing. And those dance moves. Good Lawd!@chrissyteigen @johnlegend pls wear the shirtRenewing my library books for the 6th time. And I've told my Mac to remind me to update tomorrow..for over a year. Selective procrastination@Dan2335 don't worry. I'll call in a few favors. πŸ‘ΏπŸ‘»πŸ‘Ή@Dan2335 Too late. #TweetBeyondtheGrave 😱@CricketFlours never made it to that recipe. Passed out from stuffing overload. Next time!πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ "@VanityFair: .@johnlegend and @chrissyteigen hire food trucks to feed hungry protestors in New York. http://t.co/Dkm6qFHp8i"
Jerky, jerky, jerky! (And champagne) #FieldTrip http://t.co/oEU4GwEk1kNYC Brooklyn Fare gave inferior meat scraps to Asians aka "shitheads" + suspected Upper West Siders? What gives away someone from UWS?
Also Pierre Korkie. Terrible. "Luke Somers, American Hostage, Is Killed During Rescue Attempt in Yemen" http://t.co/zqAxg0xF7i@evilhag stop it? I'm building a time machine to fast forward to that date!@karenmbb I want your job! πŸ’‹@chrissyteigen @johnlegend omg. πŸ˜‚ Seriously, what would he do without your smart mouth? #loveMan to woman: "I like petting you like you're my cat." Then in sing-song voice: "What are youuu thiiiinking?" You guys, SHOULD I SAVE HER???
HA! 5 years ago on Today Show. Loved meeting @jeanniemai! So warm+positive. And yes, REAL! #TheReal #ThemRufflesTho http://t.co/KpgZUmOrlo@Kris561_ You're confusing me with Sofia Vergara. It happens a lot.@Dan2335 Cold sores! GaaaaahThat awkward moment when someone you don't really know asks to use your ChapStick.
@lm_GrumpyCat omg, grumpy cat! You're a New Yorker?!@susana_vp my Spanish game...no fuerte@susana_vp omg....it's cycle. 😯I should know by now to always be prepared to show your hands at castings. Oops. #TheClaw@susana_vp Oooo the circle that doesn't end. I'll look for deals!I'm like Elmyra around sea turtles. They're the cutest even though they look so grumpy. #Akumal #Mexico http://t.co/gP44GnaUxN@bobbyleelive @brian_tee @AnneHeche Damn, he gets the white girl AND he can grow facial hair. Your move, @steveyeun@tyrabanks Um yes. And also, do you have Benjamin Button disease? Because you are reverse aging.@DwayneDavidPaul @jennyslate Outrage. Sadness. Frustration.Lil Mama's Lip Gloss song is a thing now with kids. Which confused me because it's from 2007. I feel so old. I had to google "on fleek".@susana_vp I want to love musicals so badly. But I just...don't. I think Lion King is gonna be the one that gets my heart. πŸ™Œ to Friday!@chrissyteigen *stroking chin* Hmmm, why, yes it is. #truth@chrissyteigen Other fun way of asking is if it's slanted.πŸ‘²I don't even think a slanted vag would be bad! I'd take it over a concave butt.@chrissyteigen I walked around with my Asian eyes and got, "Is your vagina sideways?" More than once.
@chrissyteigen Yup, the hair is the lovechild of DVF + YoncΓ©. You look good!πŸ‘@DoubleSixx hahaha@DoubleSixx Yes. That and she's very naked in Interview magazine.
When I first got to NYC, I made extra $ by letting people dye my hair + do Asian Barbie rocker makeup on me. http://t.co/nqu8z8EK6yDamn, Madonna.Mariah Carey goes on her balcony enjoying the cool air, the sound of "All I Want For Christmas" plays in her head. "Soon," she whispers.
Retweeted by Erica Cho@AspireAmerica My cousin Tyler at Slightly Nutty in SB made the cookies with your flour! They were delicious. Recipe unknown!
Yes, leave the kids out of it! "GOP Staffer Elizabeth Lauten Resigns Following Comments about Sasha, Malia Obama." http://t.co/ZrFNedSB7pSo excited,Caitlin!"@BEAUcasperSMART: Great rehearsal with @megamancliff @caitlinmcnyc @jamesmaslow #WildForTheNight http://t.co/ja4WBwasxQ"US couple Huangs cleared of child's death NOT allowed to leave Qatar. Suspicious of Asians adopting Africans. WHAT.http://t.co/nkFpgToqoj"@jonioh "@CuteEmergency: when you and your best friend say the same thing at the same time http://t.co/Ra1e3hiyDQ"
@Dan2335 Straight through 2015! πŸ‘ πŸΈπŸ’„πŸΊβŒšπŸ¨πŸ’²πŸ’…πŸ†Any time I feel guilty about a splurge/meal, I just think of the TREAT YO SELF episode of Parks and Rec. Thank you, Donna + Tom.@chrissyteigen Happy birthday, Chrissy! Wishing you lots of laughter, the perfect buzz, and delicious food.@dudeletseatt @julesuschrist I thought it was Easy Cheese swirls on top at first. I'd eat them either way.
Use #74 for a storage bin. This family loves mashed potatoes. http://t.co/AygsXl5iDMShapes could improve, but the chocolate chirps tasted great! Next up, crickerdoodles + peanut buggers. #CricketFlour http://t.co/LDQRvJWAQs@chrissyteigen Me when I saw the new follower notification! You're the main reason I even get on Twitter. Huge fan!😍 http://t.co/phHGydxM4t@Joan_Rivers Sweet photos! Hacked by daughter. Hope it was a fun password.@chrissyteigen That Insta pic your mom put up of you + her. So cute! http://t.co/H6Kkctjb1p
Head to @iTunesTrailers for the exclusive digital debut of the Star Wars: #TheForceAwakens teaser: http://t.co/fEORoL6QWg #StarWars
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