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There are many takeaways from the great seasonal classic A Christmas Story, one of which is that Ralphie is an incredibly shitty friend.Also, I have never properly given @Pat_Healy credit for what is one of my ALL-TIME favorite scenes: https://t.co/ALv3G9uY21
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@mrbeaks @devincf I'm close to top of that list. Something to aim for next year.@BilgeEbiri @leeunkrich Thought the makeup award didn't exist until the early 80s when Rick Baker won for American Werewolf?Just finished @stephenking's Revival. Meant to sleep hours ago, but couldn't stop reading. Begins as gentle drama, ends full-on Lovecraft.
Is it wrong that I got more verklempt at the Colbert sendoff than I did at any Oscar bait awards movie this year? Naw, didn't think so.Hey, look. I found the generic Santa decoration that's in literally every '80s Christmas horror movie: http://t.co/x1bnMKiMyH@mikeklimo Humans lose their eyesight when they age, but Wookies lose their eyes period.Chewbacca roars a thank you from the set of JJ Abrams' Star Wars: The Force Awakens! http://t.co/eBMoV2Ft6c@Aaron_Morgan @DustinKH many steps to take and contract stipulations to settle@Aaron_Morgan @DustinKH I posited this yesterday and was immediately told one cannot simply "just throw it on VOD."At least Sony can point the finger at skittish exhibitors. Paramount has no excuse not to let willing theaters show Team America.Due to to circumstances beyond our control, the TEAM AMERICA 12/27 screening has been cancelled. We apologize & will provide refunds today.
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@_RyanTurek @scottderrickson When I write anything like that I don't limit it to 10 and I feature movies that I know I will revisit@TheGMcConnachie @scottderrickson Like any art you can make better arguments in support of something well-crafted.@scottderrickson There's also a difference between "Best" and "Favorite". Figuring out which is which is the toughest part of those lists@jeffheimbuch However I do hear that there is a desire within Lucasfilm to do just that. Lots of home video rights issues, though.@jeffheimbuch Check the date on that article. Was debunked back then, sadly.@paulrich1138 With $4 billion invested, I'd bet you'd see a crater where Pyongyang was before see a Star Wars movie shelved.@sakura_59 I'm stupid when it comes to podcasts and how you listen to them. No spoilers for us slowpokes!@sakura_59 @serial Is it? Not showing up on my iTunes as up yet.@iamchoppah bravo, if so. And they'll have a massive, massive hit on their hands. Everyone will want to see this "dangerous" movie.In exactly one year's time from right this second Star Wars nerds (in CST) will either be giggling from excitement or bitterly angry.@ASamanthaRae Why on earth would you want to listen to Ryan Adams eat some Oreos? Ooooohhhhhhh...
The Interview = a deft and nuanced BBQ'ing of a murderous totalitarian despot, with butt jokes. I can't wait for everyone to somehow see it.
Retweeted by Eric VespeIn an already risk-averse business, it’ll now be even more difficult to realize even vaguely risky projects. Expect lots of safe movies!
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@MovieElijahWood That's a guess. It's probably closer to $60-$80. $40m budget and the rest is P&A.@MovieElijahWood It would be amazing if they did, but Sony's chickening out and hoping for theatrical to recoup their investment.@jhoffman I did because I have a cupboard filled with movie cups I never use.Here's my fun, frank Hobbity chat with Martin Freeman. No fish exchanged hands this time, sadly. http://t.co/vBJVxzduB1@jhoffman I felt so shitty about it, but I had the exact same thought. I didn't take mine.@joellorens @drafthouse Yep, but one that wouldn't have been too scared to show a dick and fart movie.@slder78 The world is right again.@lyndseyhewittt It'd be one thing if ISIS threatened this, but it's just an anonymous threat. Could be reddit trolls for all we know@lyndseyhewittt @firstshowing do you think if someone threatened to blow up a Wal-Mart on Black Friday Wal-Marts should have closed down?@lyndseyhewittt @firstshowing anonymous death threats that Homeland Security has deemed not a legitimate threat?@theYahzee @firstshowing Sony's piece of cowardice is not taking the financial hit and hoping for theatrical after this dies down.@debonbon I think if they did an immediate VOD option (if that is even possible) it'd be massive.@debonbon Sony's still holding out for theatrical to make its money back. VOD numbers (usually) couldn't come close to recouping their costs@lyndseyhewittt @firstshowing Still a cowardly call from the exhibitors, even if Sony did pass the buck.@lyndseyhewittt @firstshowing Thanks for the instant dismissal. Been a whole 5 mins since someone called me stupid on the internet@debonbon Sony pulled the movie after the top 5 exhibitors dropped it from their screens.@mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson Depends on the interview. If it was a standard thing with no real news value, I'd shelve it.@jettek I know, easy decision for Austinites. Not so easy for folks that don't have an option.@GWBiscuit @mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson Star Wars could get away with it. The Potters back in the day. Don't know if Bond could.@aaronsagers we definitely have more queso, which is better than a big stupid tree any day of the week.@mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson Theater owners made a dickless, cowardly move and Sony didn't strongarm them.@mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson No question Sony played this poorly, but at the end of the day they still invested in this film.@CaptainMarv Who's the president? Ronald Reagan? The actor!?!?!@DustinKH And a lot of the country doesn't have an alt option. Still, you can bitch or do something about it despite the consequences.@mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson Do you think Sony's really cool with having some $60-$80m tied up in a movie it can't release?@actionanderson not sure that's how it'd go down. Plus I've seen it and it's not shitty. Raunchy and silly and fucked up, but not shitty.@mtgilchrist @FuMikechu @EvanDickson it was absolutely a cop out to put the decision with them, but exhibitors still made the decision@FuMikechu @EvanDickson True enough. And if Sony doesn't wait too long this could be the best publicity in the world for them.Fellow critics: if you're upset about this Interview situation, band together & as a group refuse to attend press screening at these chains@StephenKing Their hand was forced by the big chain theaters (AMC, Cinemark, etc) dropping out. Sony lost the majority of their screens..@SonyPictures don’t cave, fight: release @TheInterview free online globally. Ask viewers for voluntary $5 contribution to fight #Ebola.
Retweeted by Eric VespeWhoa! Did Mitt Romney really just tweet in favor of a Seth Rogen dick and ass joke comedy? What fucking world are we living in right now?@EvanDickson @FuMikechu Agree 100%. What if the KKK threatens to bomb theaters playing Selma?@vossjz They opened the door saying they could if they wanted to, which is passing the buck. But still, the choice was with exhibitors@FuMikechu There's always enough ire to go around.@EvanDickson @drafthouse Sony's hand was forced, but then again they let the theater owners dictate the scenario in the first place, so...@EvanDickson @drafthouse They pulled from the others when the vast majority of their screens disappeared.In Austin we have a choice of avoiding the big chains and going to a @drafthouse. Most of the country doesn't. Yet. Get on that, Drafthouse.Redirect your ire from Sony to AMC, Cinemark, Regal, Carmike and the other big chain theaters. They're the ones who bowed.@aaronsagers Ain't nothin' like Christmastime in NYC.@coyotekanye I do know that Homeland Security said blowing up theaters was "not a credible threat."In other news, Obama's finally easing relations with Cuba. Great news for millions of impoverished Cubans and US cigar aficionados.@wafw1971 Anger towards the studio is justified... still, they forked over $40m to make the damn thing in the first place, so...@BenjaminEck The terrorists or the studios (or both)? Don't know, but I do know that better VOD understanding/numbers helps indies@Mimekiller average joe mall movie goer aren't the pirates and aren't the type to ever use this service, but might seek it out on this oneOr, you know, they could all just nut up and release the film as originally planned.It could also be the next step to legitimizing VOD as a current release platform for the masses, not just the "indie rental place."I hate that Sony & theater owners caved on The Interview, but if they did an immediate (and I mean right now) VOD release it'd break records@williambgoss @TheOnion oh yeah. Ooohhhh yyyeeeAaaaahHi @EricVespe my A L I E N prints are available now! Exclusively at the Hero Complex Gallery http://t.co/to1zf9wRAi http://t.co/prAra8E0yi
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@drcandland Got to him tonight for the first time. Best we got was getting him halfway down. Sooooooooon...
@JasonMarkG @devincf Good call. Although I have an urge to scratch my fingernails over it...
@devincf @Aaron_Morgan I was able to change my PDF and sent that...@mrmarkmillar What's amazing is that he's making his name a brand that average movie goers will trust for brainy big budget stuff.@keithcalder as one who enjoys them, I tend to agree. Would rather studios spend money to set up screenings in the non-LA/NY areas.My favorite comedy of all time, Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein opened 40 years ago today. http://t.co/hHoKZRDvXZ
Retweeted by Eric VespeIt's not Christmas for me until Mele Kalikimaka comes on the radio. I blame Christmas Vacation.@Rick_Bullard If you do Franklins, make sure to get the ribs and brisket. Brisket melts in your mouth and ribs literally fall off the bone@Rick_Bullard Just outside of Austin is Lockhart. There hit up Blacks and Smitty's. Or there's Driftwood for The Salt Lick. All choice BBQ.@Rick_Bullard If you're willing to wait in line, Franklins. You have to be at 9:30 (they open at 11) if you want some, though.@larryfong so many possibilities! All these meats go well with eggs!@TheRagingCelt it was great company and some really choice flicks. First half was spectacular. Some rough stuff in 2nd, but always fun.@jasoneisener I'll file that one away for later. I'm like Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, except I actually use the BBQ instead of politicsI awoke from my 14 hour post-BNAT coma to the happy remembrance that I have left over Salt Lick BBQ in the fridge.@atxstoryboards https://t.co/QOYvUBZVYd
Here's the line delivered only as Sam Jackson can: https://t.co/KvfqPUlSrWI was gonna go with "Who the fuck is this assssssshole?!?"I almost shouted out one of his Coming to America lines when he said he's always excited when someone is the first to quote one of his linesAt BNAT @SamuelLJackson said he gets people repeating his movie lines back at him all the time and actually loves it.This was probably my favorite BNAT surprise. Enjoy yourself and make sure you get to the musical number: https://t.co/hkKtdTPEL0@mumbles3k PJ wanted it 3D 48fps, but the BNAT theater wasn't 3D capable this year, so he requested we at least keep the 48.@E_Harz1138 I get that effect, too.@splunge2000 Curious how that actually looked projected on film vs digital 48.@headgeek666 @devincf I merely pointed out that it was funny that you just tweeted your disapproval of this film. I twisted no arms!
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