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@scottpoythress @NationalKato I don't, but any friend of Scotty P (that's what I call you) is a friend of mine.@unklerupert damn! Should have ordered 2!@unklerupert The second it was available as a pre-order. Good thing, too. Hear they've run out.Is it November 10th yet? http://t.co/d50uoGBC1a@steveagee @Aaron_Morgan @JamesGunn @lynnsheltonfilm @TheAdamGoldberg https://t.co/fgytO51uLO@Michael_Calia I'll DM you if you want to know.I reviewed Terminator Genisys! Warning some spoilers if you haven't seen a poster/trailer for it. http://t.co/4fE7AYf5sbIt's impossible to pick, but @EricVespe demands my 4 "favorite" movies. I nominate @DrewAtHitFix @steveagee http://t.co/3YdxeGhCb2
Retweeted by Eric VespeThis cannot come fast enough. https://t.co/XPPH2PXx7u@burnie brag brag brag brag@mikeryan Here's the rub: I can't stand raw tomato, but cooked in a stew or mashed up into a sauce and I'm fine with it.@mikeryan Jesus, we think way too much alike.@Stonejackit a "most watched" version of top 4 would be Jaws, Temple, Aliens and Big Lebowski, probably.@Stonejackit @burnie @Aaron_Morgan @woodelijah I adore Temple and probably watch it more often, but Raiders is a perfect movie.Thanks, @burnie. My 4 favorite movies (at the moment). I nominate @Aaron_Morgan and @woodelijah. http://t.co/WIu1Jw6XNT
@jettek I might need an extension. I can't email out anything right now. I guess I can start up a gmail account or something temporary.@jettek I shoulda been following you anyway, so done.@GermainLussier @HollywoodBowl http://t.co/aYF5QdS4vyMy AICN email account has been down for three days, so if you've tried to reach me and couldn't I'm not being a dick and ignoring you.Greece misses 1.7 billion dollar loan payment. Italy threatens to break both of Greece's legs.
Retweeted by Eric VespeWow, that Creed trailer totally hooked me. I mean, damn... Rocky giving off a strong Mickey vibe. So perfect.@mattkward @keithcalder @FakeRobHunter ha!@mattkward @keithcalder @FakeRobHunter I guess the assumption is they'll hone their work, but why take those who are already successful?@mattkward @keithcalder @FakeRobHunter It's more than vague, it explicitly shows them picking out the actual difference makers!@keithcalder @FakeRobHunter total mixed message at the end.@keithcalder @FakeRobHunter And they seem to take people who are actually actively making the real world society a better place!@MyNameIsMurph Sure, to a degree. You shouldn't have to settle for crap, but labeling this one as the worst of the worst is just silly.@atxstoryboards Probably blocked it out because I was too depressed I couldn't afford it.@atxstoryboards sounds like something on Profiles in History.@ChrisHewitt I see what you did there!@atxstoryboards "WHY????? WHHHHHHHYYYYYY?????"
@CaponeAicn @NavyPierIMAX oh, it's the worst. The worst.@mrbeaks @EvanDickson not claiming they're an indicator of quality or success on a grand scale, just that they adored it.@mrbeaks @EvanDickson not here, unless it's a targeted drafthouse crowd. This was regular multiplex folks.@AshleyBank that happens with time travel stuff. :)@devincf @mrbeaks I feel like I'm defending a movie I only wasn't disappointed by after thinking I was going to hate it.@devincf @mrbeaks But it didn't, though. It just showed us an aspect of the cyclical timeline only hinted at.@mrbeaks @EvanDickson She's fuckin' crazy, but at least my crowd seemed to adore it.@mrbeaks @EvanDickson I heard one lady afterwards say that she thinks this one does for Terminator what Fury Road did for Mad Max.@mrbeaks @EvanDickson Could be. My very full (turned dozens away) audience applauded at the end.@AshleyBank they pull a Star Trek reboot. Alternate timeline.@MGenuineBaker if you're paying attention you'll see that this doesn't affect the first couple movies.@devincf @mrbeaks I wouldn't disagree with you there. At least this one tries to break free of the mold. Saying more gets spoilery...@EvanDickson @mrbeaks and I'd never say "just accept big dumb fun." Just saying it's not like this is a new problem with the industry.@mrbeaks agreed, but big tentpole pictures were never the sharpest so it's not like they're suddenly just now skimping on plot/characters@MGenuineBaker Also, let me clarify: the good ideas in Genisys is what T3 should have been. The movie itself is still much lesser than 1st 2@MGenuineBaker I mean, if you're like me you'd let your curiosity get you in the theater at some point anyway, so...@MGenuineBaker I adore T1 and T2. This is what T3 should have been. Without spoiling it, I'd say give it a shot at a matinee.@mrbeaks totally fair. I contend there's bits of great ideas and characters in both that aren't executed well.@CaponeAicn it's fair. There's awful stuff in both.Both movies have similar strengths/weaknesses. Neither's as shitty as the extreme negative comments or as great as extreme positive onesI get hating Terminator Genisys for all its many faults, but I will not accept someone gushing over Jurassic World and shitting on Genisys.@raganewing @RandyOfAFTimes That's very deep third act stuff, but I will say it's not a fake out. Unless they ret-con it.@BrianWCollins @ckbuttermann @LimitedPaper SHE'S ON VACATION!@LimitedPaper @BrianWCollins @ckbuttermann didn't say it was great, but I liked it more than I expected.@RandyOfAFTimes I'd say so@RandyOfAFTimes if you've seen any trailer or TV spot past the first one the best and biggest new idea in the movie was spoiled.And whoever at Paramount marketing decided to reveal the mid-movie twist needs to be fired and never allowed back into Hollywood.Some pretty big miscalculations in humor aside, I liked the new Terminator movie. Granted my expectations were super low, but still.Let's see what you got Genisys... I'm not going to double check if I spelled that right. Nope.Thank you all for the happy birthday wishes. I can't believe I'm 89. I don't feel a day over 88!
Retweeted by Eric VespeThis Week In Star Wars sees friction on the set of The Empire Strikes Back! Oh, and Porkins!!! http://t.co/lGd0HGLIr7 http://t.co/dbItPqoVuW@atxstoryboards never!@andycouch d'oh! Next time!Brakes were squeaky, took car in. Goodbye $700, I didn't want you anyway!@BrianWCollins ha! It was the button of a Twitter joke, albeit a not very funny one.@valfarly I wasn't tormented or anything, but certainly not hanging out with the cool kids. heh.On a related note, I wasn't very popular in high school...True story: on August 29th, 1997 I held a Judgment Day Special Edition on VHS party at my house. Printed up fliers and everything.@RChappellJr Killbots, please. :)@scottEweinberg @RadiusTWC They'regonnacomeinherethey'regonnacomeinhereandthey'regonnakillus!@scottEweinberg @RadiusTWC well, 4 excellent guests and me.So @CaponeAicn showed me this and all is right in the world. I won't even get all Jaws nerdy and correct the quote! http://t.co/eSrU4bvMHd@daliadime Dick Miller's the best!@Luceobrien Oscars, Weddings and funerals only.@Luceobrien And that someone's gonna be me!When I first watched Terminator I thought Sarah Connor looked like a mom. Now when I watch I feel guilty for crushing on someone so young."Phased plasma rifle with a 40 watt range." "Hey, just what ya' see, pal." Dick Miller is my spirit animal. http://t.co/73akPz9vGX@davidlowery Really did feel like I was people watching the whole the time.@davidlowery I adored the way it made me feel consciously voyeuristic.@susi079 Doing okay. Not heading to Comic-Con this year, sadly. :(@mattkward did you follow Blue Tongue Films? Someone said they were hacked and account changed.@twitter @support the account actually showed I was following, but I never willingly followed. Was someone hacked?@CharlieSke he did!@CusSmith @sakura_59 You're right. Don't know what the hell that was about.
@twitter @Support This account is sending out graphic images of dead children. Why is it in my feed? I don't follow. http://t.co/ARjdWoRZ5wYou're right, I shouldn't have put the image in the tweet. I wanted to make sure @twitter saw it, so will @ them directly with the image.@sakura_59 I wasn't following them... usually with the promoted stuff you can dismiss, so yeah. I think you're right, something funky is up.Just what I want when I sign onto @twitter: dismembered children! I don't follow that account, so why is it in my feed?@filmpunk86 a little bit more, yeah. Things are clearer as the case becomes the focus.@craigkoenewho JW Rinzler's Making of The Empire Strikes Back.That's a bit un-PC of you, Irvin Kershner! Goddamn! http://t.co/xTnzJi67tGStill not 100% on board with S.2, but at least this episode of True Detective didn't bore me to tears.I'm so jealous of @EricVespe's ringtone. Custom Vincent Price message by @steveagee ... it's unreal good.
Retweeted by Eric VespeA little Sunday morning mash-up... http://t.co/fSwcWCGBKb
Retweeted by Eric Vespe@garywhitta I need likable when interesting is too much to ask for.@BBW_BFF but I was gonna make espresso...@BBW_BFF http://t.co/PnGgOOsbch@BBW_BFF http://t.co/V4IfuNxH80Cast T-shirt, gotta Love It!! Christmas Day Yall!!! https://t.co/bghZY7ZDp2
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