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Erin Faulk @erinscafe somewhere in Oregon

Sometimes known as Anne or Ingrid. Not sure why. I grok Twitter. Director of #ffthefilm. http://t.co/k8rutNPKfM

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@spladow @eigenseide @omw2innisfree OMG@7im @fbihop I spent so long picking out that outfit and straightening my hair.@GlennF GLENN@eigenseide RIGHT. Also, we should get coffee this week.@stefdelev I was furious.@stefdelev I was as a forward, but they switched me to goalie. I only let one ball get by me in 3 years. The kid broke my finger and scored.@omw2innisfree no worries. Everyone goes through that stage with @erinscafe. It passes.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@stefdelev they told everyone they had to cross their hands in front of their crotch during kickoff and I said nah I'm good.@RatedGiana my mom in the bottom right@Ms_Eight @LSUcaligrl will do. I told him he had to eat his dinner tonight and he yelled "you're fired!"@RatedGiana I think it's dust. Maybe.@stefdelev I did! Never again after 2nd grade though. All boys league. My parents had to throw a fit to get me in.@LSUcaligrl this week will blow your mind.@r_wolfcastle 1959 actually. I mean my mom was. Bottom right.@LSUcaligrl yup@FrazierSuzanne nope. :) My mom is bottom right.@omw2innisfree @forktweets iluOkay last one. This is for @darth. http://t.co/b03os1Ksbrhttp://t.co/ZyjmV3YYLshttp://t.co/mgPBSNopLB@omw2innisfree @forktweets it's complicated@GlennF oh god@robertecrump ugh yes@erinscafe P.S. For the longest time I thought your handle was "Erin's Cafe."
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@FrazierSuzanne 76? I think.Number one. Obvs. http://t.co/K2jIRYVRoFhttp://t.co/WnOy38N8b4Me irl. http://t.co/wyA9nTyDkumy god http://t.co/wpXabofAZUhttp://t.co/7lXhHguqotDon't think I can top the chihuahuas though.I'm being told I have to make up for the lack of Scafe tweets so I'm just gonna keep tweeting those pictures I found.@stevenEchambers well, I got my phone back today and you beat the Mariners. So. Yeah. I'll try to be more responsible.@sc_evans ok@IamErikRussel yes about 30 minutes ago from my friend Rachel who had to walk to my parents' house to tell me because I had no phone.@kyliesparks fair@IamErikRussel me too@LSUcaligrl I'm going to think about this all night now.@erinscafe why do their eyes look so sad like they have seen the worst of humanity :(
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@darth I'm totally stealing that when I go home@IamErikRussel I said you need better security then and I bought him boxer briefs.@erinscafe Sometimes I think you're really a CIA operative with very strange missions.
Retweeted by Erin FaulkOkay that's all for now bye going.10. My grandmother, who has Alzheimer's, tried to shave her nose. Look for some great Nana tweets in the next week.9. I ate at an Old Country Buffet. You guys.8. The transmission went out on my mom's van, leaving me, my mom, my 4 y/o brother, and my senile grandmother stranded in Ellensburg, WA.@WazzusJobu you don't even want to know@marciw10 yup7. My little brother told me "Sometimes my penis is in prison. And sometimes it escapes from prison. And prison is my underwear."6. And this one. http://t.co/Rba4WjTAjx5. I found a whole stash of pictures from my childhood. Like this one. http://t.co/dEYvHJn31d4. I channeled my inner Mormon woman and made these goodie bags. http://t.co/gEM6UHuB8J@adamsteinbaugh close3. I had to build a Ninja Turtle Sewer play set without your help and it was the worst. http://t.co/tzsbtsuYVJ@PDeXpat fair2. My little brother had a Ninja Turtle birthday party and I was almost killed by a 5-year-old wielding a piñata stick.(I took that pic right before I lost my phone.)1. http://t.co/2G85iHRjgV@erinscafe I was almost sure you were a) tracked down by fans of a teen pop star or b) arrested on snake video-related charges. welcome back
Retweeted by Erin FaulkBefore I go sort out the mess that is my life, I'm going to tweet a list. Things I Wanted to Tweet But Couldn't Because My Phone Was Goneps I missed you guys so much@harej tyAttention Twitter: I found my phone. Please be patient while I try to sort out the past week of communications. Thank you.
@AnnaTSchlegel HI ANNAIs rejoining twitter like AA?? Hello, my name is Anna and I am bad at life.. Cc: @erinscafe
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@rowast I mixed up Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato@kyliesparks channel?Oops I took all of @robertecrump's keepers in the fantasy draft."you just have to speak less" - the @erinscafe school of parenting
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@vmcny almost all accidentally@feliciaday @JensenAckles Welcome to Twitter!! http://t.co/eXptCZRzs0
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@GumpB absolutely@dmon2112 eastern WAAlmost done driving. Definitely back in familiar territory. http://t.co/qsdk2cN2h4@LegallyErin omg yes@grahamular @IamErikRussel @robertecrump PERFECTI do what I want.@erinscafe never mention one direction on twitter erin never
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@grahamular @IamErikRussel @robertecrump shit. I'm free all afternoon/evening. About to drive. Meant to be back last night but got tired.Good to see so many teens interested in activism. Unfortunate that activism is related to defending teen pop stars from jokes though.@conorsen it started with a Frozen sing along so@erinscafe Trying to piece together what happened on your twitter last night, feeling like Gil Grissom right now.
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@BenThornes @Dodgers @BoltonTerrier you guys should move to LA I need regular drinking buddies@erinscafe Those MIGHT be teens. They also MIGHT be 40 year old dudes.
Retweeted by Erin Faulkso @erinscafe leaves California and the state is hit by an earthquake that destroys a bunch of booze
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@kathleenicanrah @ogybuns headed home in a minute. Finally.@BenThornes @Dodgers @BoltonTerrier YES IT WAS YOUR FAULT@erinscafe Great entertainment scrolling and searching for Tweet Zero on your feed. Hope you survive the tweenpocalypse. #Demelena
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@jesseberney @grisuy I like itJust remembered I made #teens angry last night and they are the worst. https://t.co/izsarhHIED@StinkinBadger gave up and stayed in Portland for the night. I should sleep.本日の暇カプチーノ、『月山さん@東京喰種』。 http://t.co/ZhKFt1yOR9
Retweeted by Erin Faulk@tjmpb vs creed?@MaisonDeSnark that would be a lie@iD4rkAngel if she wins I want creditEveryone hate loves Tay. RT @renae_jones: @erinscafe You didn't cover Taylor Swift.@jnmcrms I took a picture of her kissing some boy band member at the VMAs last year. Mentions went crazy.That's my last one I promise good night.Ariana Grande is just okay.@BoltonTerrier good job
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